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    “Please come in!”The Lion King motioned to the door to come in。

    I saw,The man at the door was blond,In a white suit,The noble temperament is always revealed between the eyebrows,Is the deputy captain of the Golden Lions、have“National Service First Sniper”Azure blue。
    And after the blue,Followed a young man。The golden rose looks over,I saw him with broken hair,Wearing a colorful limited edition suit,Taking the broad steps that the six relatives do not recognize,After entering the house,Took off the bright sunglasses,A rich second-generation dress。
    “This is the club’s second largest shareholder,Longlin Industrial Mr. Long’s son——Long Xiyue……”
    “know,The new star of the Golden Legion!”Mei opened her sharp eyes twice and said。
    “Hahaha,Own family!I just didn’t expect Master Long,So young,The future is limitless……Limitless!”The Lion King is polite。
    “Everyone call me‘Dragon fruit’Just fine!In the future, please seniors to cultivate!”Long Xiyue bowed to the lion king,Not because of humility,Just because Long Xiyue feels that the Lion King is the fifth strongest among the ten legendary players in the national service.!
    “this is?What do you mean?”The Lion King was taken aback,He is more straightforward,I don’t like the cumbersome and cumbersome aristocratic etiquette。
    “Is such that……”Azure Seeing the Lion King’s Reaction,Explained with a smile:“I watched the video you sent,It’s just a stuff that will make the next three abuses……But it just so happens,Young Master Long who came to me as a guest,Said he knew this person in this video……and so,I brought him here!”
    “Yo?Your news is pretty good!”The golden rose has thorns in the voice,Tie to the blue……
    Zhanlan immediately understood,Because I recently closed the training for the glory battle,Left out this wayward beauty。
    “Shirley,I am going to retreat,Not to disconnect……”
    “Oh?Not that no one sees?See him?!”The golden rose pointed at the dragon fruit。
    “Long Shao is different,He is already my apprentice!”Zhanlan explained。
    “That’s it……”The golden rose can’t attack again。
    Long Xiyue squinted at the opposite person wearing a golden leather jacket,Hot body,Korean girl with ponytail,Can’t help feeling,Amorous,Greedy。

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    Liu Ye has anger in his eyes,Shouted angrily:“Don’t——!!!”

    Several pools of blood ooze from the quagmire,Four shirtless teenagers,Including Liu Ye,Everybody got a shot。
    When Liu Ye woke up,The bullet wound is about to split,He sees himself in the mirror,The pupils are bloodshot,Can’t fade for a long time,It seems that a couple used to gag on the street together,The blood of the friends who are sleeping and sleeping is stored in their hateful eyes。
    Hear a cough,Liu Ye looked over,I saw someone in a wheelchair“master”Push open the door with a cane,Light words popped from the corners of his wrinkled mouth:
    “You kid can’t die here,Follow me from now on……remember,Live out the lives of your little brothers,Live a life!”
    Six hundred days later,Paris France,Sacred Heart Cathedral。
    Liu Ye covered his beard’s mouth,Fire four shots in a row with a pistol equipped with a silencer。
    “I returned you these four bullets!Say!Where is the lord hiding?!”

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    Xia Jian’s suddenly broke in,Surprised these people。But Xiong Yongqiang, who was playing positively, glared at Xia Jian and said:“Are you the fucking wrong door?!Tong Jie is on the second floor“

    When the others heard Xiong Yongqiang say this,So scared to wink him,But this guy just sticks his note,I don’t even look at the expressions of these people。It turns out that Xiong Yongqiang did not attend the welcome ceremony this morning,So he didn’t know Xia Jian at all。
    “Do you work like this?“Xia Jian’s voice is as cold as ice。These people are a little panicked,They look at me,I see you,No one dared to say a word。
    Xiong Yongqiang only tore off the strip of paper on his face,He looked at Xia Jian and laughed:“I said you are not beaten up?Why do we have to work?I can tell you,Even if the mayor is here,He dare not say a word。Have you heard of Ma Xiaofeng?!How good she is,But she still dare not control Laozi“
    Xiong Yongqiang gets more and more cowhide,I feel like he is the king of heaven,No one in Pingyang Town can control him。Which of his colleagues,Some people can’t stand it anymore,Whispered:“He is the new mayor“
    Xiong Yongqiang heard this from his colleagues,He was stunned,But then he laughed:“So you are the new Mayor Xia!I heard you are great,But I advise you,You just need to figure out how to develop your Pingyang Town,As for other things, you’d better ignore it,After all, you are still hired,They said they wouldn’t let you do it,Just one sentence“
    Which of Xiong Yongqiang’s colleagues heard Xiong Yongqiang talk nonsense,They were really frightened,But Xiong Yongqiang saw Xia Jianyue and didn’t speak,He thought Xia Jian was really scared,So what a bad word,All hello to Xia Jian。
    The offices are all connected together,Xiong Yongqiang made a noise like this,The whole office building heard almost everything,Some brave people even ran out of the office to watch the fun。
    I don’t know who told Secretary Wang,He and Tong Jie also ran over。
    “Xiong Yongqiang!shut up,Don’t talk nonsense here。Comrade Xia Jian is the mayor of Pingyang Town specially approved by the city,What right do you have to talk nonsense here“When Secretary Wang comes over,He shouted。
    Xiong Yongqiang saw that the trouble had reached this point,He simply said boldly:“Secretary Wang!Don’t scare me here,I’m just that,Whoever comes, I also have this working attitude“
    “Assistant Tong!Notify the family planning director,Immediately asked him to stop Xiong Yongqiang from me。And these few people,Let them write inspection and reflection“Xia Jian finally spoke,His words are like a*,Everyone is shocked。
    Xiong Yongqiang,Rushed over immediately,He deliberately waved his arm with the big black snake in front of Xia Jian’s eyes and roared:“you dare!“
    Xia Jian did not show weakness,He stepped forward,Whispered in Xiong Yongqiang’s ear:“Don’t do it,You are not my opponent at all,You should know about today noon。If not for my mercy,I’m afraid someone has been in the hospital by now“
    Xiong Yongqiang,I couldn’t help but take a step back,Yes!Seven or eight people are not Xia Jian’s opponents,Not to mention him。
    Everyone saw Xiong Yongqiang a little bit perplexed,This is his first defeat。Although this guy has only one or two years to come to Pingyang Town,But he relied on his tough backstage,In the town government of Pingyang, no one dares to control him。Unexpectedly, the new mayor would make him unable to get off stage the first day。
    “Tong Jie,Notify all personnel to have a meeting in the large conference room。If anyone can’t come,Then deduct the bonus for this month“Xia Jian finished,Turn around。
    Xiong Yongqiang snorted coldly:“Accessibility,The person who dares to compete with me is not born in Pingyang“
    Xia Jianyi returned to his office,Immediately called Qin Xiaomin,He told Qin Xiaomin all the things he had just seen at work from beginning to end。
    “What do you want me to do,You just say,I support you anyway“Qin Xiaomin made a statement if he didn’t even want the result,This made Xia Jian confident。

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    Li Ming’s voice resounded within the formation。

    Bull Demon King Shows Like Heaven and Earth,It also consumes divine power,Divine power can’t be supplemented。And his mana can be supplemented by the elixir!What’s more, there are seven clones in the cave,The clones can also use the same source of mana。
    In the void,The hidden Holy Fire Dao Ancestor revealed a trace of doubt,Although he is Taoist,But the deep understanding is only a way of heaven,And the sword power of the fourth realm,Whether it’s Li Ming’s formation or the Bull Demon King’s Ping Tian Yi stick, he doesn’t really understand。
    But the situation is very clear,The clash of two gods and gods,Became a stalemate,Who will last longer,Whoever wins。
    On the surface,Palace Master Ming Dao, Zhongshan consumes faster mana,But mana can be quickly replenished with a pill,But the bull devil uses divine power but can’t supplement!
    Chapter Nineteen The perception of another avenue
    That guy definitely doesn’t last longer than me!”The bull demon even closed his eyes,Just the invisible dissemination of mind,The body shape has returned to the height of normal body shape。
    Once Li Ming shots,He will blast a stick。
    And it’s not just a stick,But relatively low in realm,A stick based on water and heaven。
    As long as it partially weakens Li Ming’s marksmanship,The remaining attacks can be completely resisted by the divine body,There will be no harm。
    “Even if it’s Chunyang True Immortal’s mana,But it takes time to replenish mana,It’s not that you can take a large amount of Pure Yang Ling Pill to support,I consume very little power,And this big formation did not isolate me from absorbing the power of stars from outside to restore my supernatural power。”
    “that’s it,I can support for three years!”Bull Demon King is extremely confident。
    “This old man thinks I am supporting,He didn’t know that I was enlightening!”
    “This old cow,Really a treasure boy,Cough!”

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    “Do you see the shape clearly?”

    “Long,Not the common flying saucer shape in imagination,Spear shape,Such a strange aircraft,Can actually stay in the air for a long time,The reason why I call it a flying machine,It’s because this thing has obvious startup speed and acceleration,Zhao and I saw it for days in a row,I made a report to the higher level,Ready to stay and observe。”
    “So why did you go abroad again?”
    “Hit the jackpot。”Inadvertent brilliance flashed in the eyes of the old man,Sounds very humorous,Actually has an unspeakable and dangerous experience,“In other words, it’s lost。The aircraft disappeared two days later and reappeared,Circle the sky several times,And landed in a col in front of us,Zhao Zhao and I can’t wait to support,Lack of corresponding equipment,Must rush over。
    “The car was given to the comrade who reported,We are on foot,Look close,Looking at the mountain,We walked for a long time and finally reached the mountain,Seeing there are still a few miles,Take a big bend along the mountain and enter the mountain col,But Zhao is sensitive,He found something wrong in that area,All wasteland,But the color of the ground is obviously different,Closer to the mountain,The darker the color,And he is dizzy,Reminded by him,I was a little dizzy,Still flustered,So we discussed,Pause。
    “Running out all year round,Is in this business again,Experience tells me and Zhao,The mountain not far away is likely to have a strong magnetic field,Let’s observe it first。”
    Chapter nine hundred and sixty nine Wilderness Adventure
    Ouyang Tianpeng tells an extremely legendary adventure story,Things are getting weird,The red flying machine appeared again soon,Soon after flying out, it fell back to the mountain col,Its trajectory seems to have a certain pattern,Flying out and falling back in opposite directions。
    such as,The aircraft flew out from true north,It was due south when it fell back,Fly out from northwest,Then I showed up to the southeast when I came back,Why is that?Old man Ouyang and his companions have no way of studying,Can only guess based on known conditions,For example, the time between each appearance of the aircraft,There is also the length of the interval from appearing to flying back again,Unfortunately, there are no rules。
    There is another possibility,The aircraft is spinning rapidly around the earth,Seems to be determining the direction,It seems to be about the circumference of the earth、Dimension、Comprehensive survey of landforms,But this speed is too fast?No more than an hour back and forth,This is a speed that human aircraft cannot reach anyway!30Maher?50Above Mach?
    Or the key to finding the answer lies in that col?
    After all, I can’t resist the temptation,The two decided to continue to march towards Shan Col,Because the support team will take a long time,But this aircraft may disappear at any time,Ouyang and his companions finally set foot in the depths of the black wasteland。
    Go further,Windy sand is smaller,But the temperature is dropping,The weeds on the ground like flakes are also sparse,Soon it turned into bare rocks and mud,The sky above has the kind of blue that I have never seen before,It’s like a distorted color,The feeling of dizziness between the two suddenly increased,Walk to the foot of the mountain,Like drunk,Know there is a big problem,But going back is a waste of all previous efforts,I can only clenched my teeth,Fortunately, the destination is right in front of you。
    There is a circle in the col.,Tall black rock,The short ones are several feet tall,Up to tens of feet high,If you look down on the earth,These rocks are like gunpoints shot from the center of the earth,Very spectacular,There is a small flat land in the middle,In the center of the flat ground is a very strange stone platform。
    Ouyang and his companions looked at Shitai and were surprised,The whole black quadrangular pyramid stone table is cut like the finest cutting machine,Smooth line、Smooth surface,Angular,Only computers and tool rulers can draw such geometric patterns,Not a natural creation,The diameter of the stone platform exceeds 20 meters,How does such a big guy polish and cut?
    Pyramid is not standard,Because there is no tip,Ouyang suddenly thought of the red flying machine he saw,Slender type like a spear,Isn’t it the tip of a quadrangular pyramid that falls down backwards??
    Obviously Lao Zhao also discovered this problem,The two looked at each other,Look up at the sky with unreal colors,The aircraft has not returned yet,Bold conjecture,This should be the base of an alien spacecraft,Maybe they discovered by accident,May shock the world。
    The two strongly suppressed their inner excitement and horror,Avoid the towering rocks carefully,Walk into the flat,A heavy bloody breath came,Make the physical condition of the two old men who were dizzy and dizzy even worse,Zhao couldn’t help opening his mouth and vomiting,From food to sour water,The last thing that came out turned out to be blood。
    In fact, the two of them already smelled this blood after entering the col,Just because of dizziness,Some sluggish thinking and perception,Old Zhao insisted that it was the smell of rust,Ouyang does not object,After all, there are black rocks everywhere,Some places also show dark red,It may be because the proportion of iron sulphur and magnet is too large.。
    But at the moment Ouyang knows that,This is an out-and-out strong magnetic field,Ordinary people can’t stay,Must evacuate immediately,However, he just raised his head,He found a cave behind the four-sided stone platform,About less than two meters in diameter,There was a seductive red light inside,It’s like Alibaba’s gate with countless treasures,He realized that the cave is probably the core of this base,My heart is like a cat scratching,Eager to go in and have a look,Otherwise, who knows if there will be such an opportunity in the future?

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    Liao Wenjie disadvantaged:“Home country is heavy,But not enemy chest,You are too disappointed.。”

    The people who are down-through are you!xN
    “uncle,Is this the reason you kill your mother and brother?,for……that power?”
    Mira princess muttered,Although I guess my mother and my brother killed the mother and my brother.,This is also the reason why she hates the queen.,But when the truth is spread,Blood is presented in front of the front,I can’t help but feel deeply stinging by the royal family.。
    “On the one hand, for power,at the very beginning,I personally don’t have this thought.……Ok,I admit,I have the idea of becoming the king,Main cause or the queen is too bad。”
    Liao Wenjie smiled:“You should know the power of Visbanian ore,Sufficient to break the world military balance,It is a treasure that everyone is very long.,But the Queen prohibits mining it.,Reason is……Protect the natural environment。”
    “Just because this?!”Miramis is incredible。
    “certainly,No ambition,Unable to make the country’s strong king,Can’t fight for the king of interest,No known king qualifications。”Liao Wenjie ruthlessly。
    “excuse me,I am inserting a mouth.。”
    Lu Bang II kneades Conan’s small head:“I think the Queen is correct.,Weak national strength with the Kingdom of Visbania,Even military weapons import from friendly country,Is not a way to hold ore,Since this,Sorry does not exploit,Continue to maintain neutral gestures。”
    “Yes,National strength of Visbania,Dreaming, can’t stand the ore,The fate of this country is only divided by big national melons.,Military base,Become a battlefield for international interests。”
    Liao Wenjie nodded,Follow:“So have you heard a sentence?,When the one who doubts that your home has a wide range of killer weapons,You’d better have。”
    “This is the sorrow of the small country,Queen is decided to wait for death,My decision is to fight back,She presses me for half a year.,This country is really can’t wait.。”
    Liao Wenjie stood up,Pull out of the waist M92F,Pointing to the unbearable Mira Princess,Domineering side drain:“Kius、Kyle,last chance,For me……”
    A gun coming in the distance,M92FPistol is blown,Liao Wenjie,Uncomfortable look at the roof:“hateful,I dare to bother me to find fun.,You’re dead。”
    at this time,Putting the maid’s peaks, no two sons launched,With the ball hit people holding Liao Wenjie’s hand holding a bomb remote,A force……
    Liao Wenjie entered his arms。
    “Why do you hit me??”
    “Ah this year……”
    The peak is not a smile,Hold the arm of Liao Wenjie,And press the palm of his remote control,Blinking:“Uh,Suddenly I felt that the Boker is good and handsome.,I am in love with you.,Can this reason??”
    “Be a child,Beautiful。”
    Luzhou three times,Step-by-step charge,Side slender table,A slider kicks the Liao Wenjie waist position,Self-confidence makes it coma。
    Liao Wenjie let it open,The moment after the Treatment and Luzhou III,One foot will fall into the ground。
    Three all do not work together with their faces,Liao Wenjie is gave up,Lubang III for the failure of slippery,Indifferent road:“monkey,What do you want to do?”
    “Oops,Dirty the Earl’s shoes are dirty?,I will help you wipe it.。”
    Luzhou III forehead,Smile and scratched,Then he took the sleeve in Liao Wenjie’s whiteboard shoes.。
    Be very selling。
    “啵 啵 啵 啵~”
    what,Whiteboard shoes……
    Why is a white board?,Shoes?
    watch carefully,The color of the pants is not,Only handmade custom suit jackets are tasteful,Solitrate the identity of the Earl。

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    Four people leaving the family,Rui Rui took out eight hundred dollars in your pocket,Give Zhao Ji and Song Xiaofan one person two,Give the six brothers four:“Six brother!These money to buy smoke!”

    “Small nine!What are you doing?!?”
    “Six brother!Hold!This is my filial piety.!Buy a few good smoke!”Rui Rui put the money to the six brother pocket,
    At this time, Zhao Ji and Song Xiaofen discovered that rumor gave them two hundred yuan.,This is almost five hundred oceans.,The two are silly looking at the six brothers Zheng Yao first,That means that the six brothers are we want.!Still!Still!
    Chapter 47 The ingredient must put!
    Zheng Yao first saw Zhao Ji and Song Xiaofen this virtue grinned:“Hey you two this start!Two hundred laws will make you like this!?”
    “Six brother!Not a French!Be a US banknote!”Song Xiaofan gave money to Zheng Yao first swayed,
    “What!?”Zheng Yao first saw it clearly after the US dollar.:“Since it is a little bit of a little bit,Then we’re welcome.!Still don’t hurry, thank you for your nine brothers.!”
    “Thank you nine brother!”Two people laughing and putting money,Such a sea, the nine brothers, please come!
    “Do well!In the future, the brothers make a fortune.!”Laughter,
    Zhao Ji and Song Xiaofeng are only stupid.。
    Zheng Yao first took a letter from Huizhong to him.:“Small nine!Gemini plans to have some eyebrows,This is the information I have sorted out.,We continue to investigate here,If you have a chance, there is a chance?,This plan is definitely what they plan to be implemented.。”
    “Row!I want way!gone!”Rui Rui received the envelope in the mouth and the high happiness and three people bid farewell。
    “FinishdLevel task,Reward skill package one!”System prompt audio,
    Qi Rui’s mind, get a primary gambling skill:“Trough!Primary skills!ThisdThe rewards given by the level difficulty task are too bad.!”
    Anyway, it is also a skill,Just just plan to go to Zhang Xiaolin181Number gambling to see,After the Qi Rui Society, I found that this collar is not so bad.,At least let yourself be familiar with almost all gaming types and gameplay,The previous rumor can be a poker only to fight the landlord.,Playing mahjong is old fried。
    Going back to the Far East Hotel Rui Rui and saw the message of Yi and Yanyang Kaiwei and American 佬,Seeing their meaning is quite urgent,So Qi Rui decided to see Kaywei tomorrow morning.。
    War carefully before going to bed, Zheng Yao first gave him a double-child plan survey.,According to the Six Brother,Seven children in the country in line with the twins loss of twins,These children are indeed funding,However, there are four anonymous,The person who secretly subsidized Qiaoyu has been found,Is a businessman named Feng Zixiong。
    Look at this name, I feel very familiar.,It seems that the traitor is in the spy battle drama,I thought about it, I would like to think that this person should be the father of the big blue carp in the spy battle drama.,He is a big traitor,Holding a spy newspaper in your hand!Many special skills!
    Six brothers Zheng Yao first doubtful strange thing is that this Feng Zixiong only funded Qiao Yu.,According to the previous inferior,Double child plan should be not a case,So Zheng Yao first inferred,Sustains this is for safety,Each funder in the Double Sub-plan is only responsible for a child,How to fund specific,How to let two children interact with the exchange need further investigation。
    East Asia Tongye Academy!Rui Rui thinks this spyware brow is tight,Because until now, I have not contacted their intelligence personnel.,I didn’t listen to the person who said.。
    Early next morning,Rui Rui, John·Li’s looks to see Kayiwei。
    “Mr. Li!You finally came!”
    “Mr. Kayiwei!Do you have anything to find me??”
    “Mr. Li!Through the channels, we have confirmed the Japanese military to launch a large-scale military action in the near future.!So our specialty department confirms that your information is true and credible.!”Kaisiwei said,
    “This is not very good!Besides, I don’t have to lie to you.!Because I am interested in your Oriental plan!”
    “Mr. Li!I will follow the promise,As long as the event is true, I will immediately let you participate in oriental plans.,Like you said,We do what we want to implement this plan is indeed requiring oriental cooperation.!but now!We want to know that the Japanese army will attack Shanghai while attacking Beiping.!This is important!Is there any information in this area??”Kayiwei said that she has already put a suitcase in front of it.,
    Kaisiwei has now fully believed John·Li’s intelligence ability,The British Specific Ministry is now very eager to know more more and more intelligence。
    Rui Rui and gently patted the box in front of the box,Some people think about it later.:“Mr. Kayiwei!It seems that you are sincere.!it is good!Since I have discovered our latest information about our latest and intelligence analysis experts to give you!”
    “Thank you Mr. Li!”Kai Ziwei said that he quickly picked up the pen and waited for the record.。
    “Is there a Chinese map?!?”
    “here!”Kai Youwei stood up to pull a cloth,A Chinese full map appears,Next to a world map。
    “Are it a devil!”In the heart, I went to the map to point out the map.:“With the strength of the Japanese, it will indeed attack at the same time.!According to our intelligence, the Japanese will be at home.、Tianjin and Hebei will only attack Shanghai,Because of Shanghai,Nanjing is their top priority,The Japanese that will be arrogant, believe that it can comprehensively occupy China in a short time.!Therefore, I will quickly build the North China Temple Army and Huazhong Dispredal North and South.!At the time!The Japanese Air Force will comply with combat!”
    Some words can still be said to these people,Because Soon Germany will stop assistance to China,In addition to the Soviet Union, China also needs assistance such as Yingmei and the United States.,When you remind, you should still remind it.。
    “Yes!According to the Japanese resources they can’t afford to fight!The strategy of their speed-war fast is correct!Mr. Li!Then do you think China resists a Japanese army??”
    “Although China is within a hundred years,But thin camel is bigger than horse,And the Chinese nation is a very toughness.!Japanese wants to quickly and comprehensively occupy China, it is an idiotic dream.!In addition, I want to remind you of the British!Japan is one of the members of the Axis Alliance!His ambition is absolutely more than China!It’s not just your colony.!Your local probably will also be greatly threatened!”
    “Since this,Why is the Japanese allies Germany strongly support China’s weapons and equipment?Because according to our intelligence you have just got,Germany has recently sold to China a large number of weapons and equipment,Equipped with two divisions!”
    “You should be more clear than me.!After a war, you have sanctions and block Germany.,Germany needs China’s resources,China needs German weapons,It’s that simple!”
    “Is there any other intelligence??”
    “Mr. Kayiwei!These intelligence should not be given to you.!This is to look at the money in this box, I violate the group discipline.!Single is the Japanese army to create the North China Assistance Army and Huazhong Distributable Army. This time you earn this.!goodbye!”Rui Rui said to leave the leather box。

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    First1141chapter Meeting

    Chen Haiping in the sun looks black and strong。
    Watching this middle-aged man look happy,Xia Jian hurriedly stepped forward and said:“This is the result of your village,This is Cangtian pays off,The good days in your village are coming soon”
    “You have a meeting today,What did you say at the meeting?”Chen Xiaolan asked a little concerned。
    Chen Haiping laughed and said:“It’s all praise to our village,I finally stopped being scolded in the meeting。I’ll tell you the specific details,Now let’s accompany Xia Jian to look around”
    A group of people talking and laughing,Walked forward。Watch all the way,Xia Jian was very happy。He did not expect,This thousand acres of wasteland,With the efforts of all villagers in Xiping Village, it has become a green ocean,If it comes to the benefit period,Looking at the pepper trees all over the mountains,I don’t know how spectacular the scene is。
    After watching the pepper trees in Xiping Village,Everyone went to the apple orchard in Xiping Village。These apple trees live up to the high expectations of the people of Xiping Village,Grows lush,Drew out many new branches。
    From Shuijing Village to Donggou Village,When I see Banpo Village,It’s more than four o’clock。Looked down at the three villages,Well managed apple trees are the best,This made Xia Jian very puzzled。
    Village committee in Banpo Village,The main leaders of several villages are already sitting there waiting for Xia Jian and the others。They saw Xia Jian walk in,Then stood up,Eleven and Xia Jian shook hands。
    Don’t wait for Xia Jian to sit down,Tong Shaohua, the head of Liuling Village, said to Xia Jian with a smile:“President Xia!Our Liuling Village has failed your high expectations,These apple trees are not growing very well”
    “Don’t rush to admit your mistakes,To analyze where the problem is? You neglect management,Or other principles。Mr. Xia came today to find a problem”Guo Meili said loudly,Tong Shaohua’s mouth moved,No more words。
    Xia Jian glanced at the people in charge from several villages,Frowned slightly and said:“I have visited three villages,The best growing apple tree is in Shuijing Village,What i want to ask is,The land in Shuijing Village is fertile than the land in your other villages?The apple trees sent to their village are better than those in your other villages?”
    Although Xia Jian’s tone is very plain,But the talk is full of accountability。Several village leaders bowed their heads a little embarrassed。Guo Meili glanced at Tong Shaohua and said:“Village Chief Tong,Let me talk about why this happened in Liuling Village?What do you say”
    “Hey!Our Liuling Village is artificial。everybody knows,Liu Gui, the old immortal, is always making ghosts behind,The workers in our fruit industry base changed several batches,Just trained mature hands,They just found an excuse to quit,So the fruit tree management in our village can be said to be very bad”Tong Shaohua said,Keep shaking his head。
    Xia Jianzheng wants to talk,Unexpectedly, Guo Meili rushed to say:“Village Chief Tong,We seem to have told you,The workers in your village are not only responsible for the management of fruit trees,And also shoulder the role of patrol and tree protection。If you find someone messing with it,Knock me down first,Let’s take care of something”
    Guo Meili’s voice is loud,Seems to be deliberately told to some people。Tong Shaohua,Said with a smile:“With Mr. Guo’s words,I can let go of my hands and feet“
    “Irrigation in Liuling Village is not in place,Many saplings are seriously lacking water。Such as east23-654,The whole land lacks water,You have to arrange someone to do this right away“Lin Wei opens the logbook,Speak loudly。
    Tong Shaohua,Flushed and said:“I know about it,I will do it myself”
    Lin Wei seems to be prepared,She not only talked about the problem of Liuling Village,And also pointed out the problems in Donggou Village and Zhangbao Village,She remembers very specific,All these individuals bowed their heads。

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    Xia Jian is not stupid,I quickly understood Hu Huiru’s true intentions。Her circle is a bit big,Xia Jian almost didn’t understand what she meant。

    But in front of so many people,Xia Jian is not easy to refuse,I nodded and said:“it is good!”
    In order not to cause misunderstanding, Xia Jian,Xia Jian said to Yan again:“Mayor Ma!You accompany Mr. Hu on a trip,You two go home for dinner!it’s getting dark”
    “OK!Then let’s go”Ma Yan reacts faster。Xia Jian talks out,She rushed to say。
    Hu Huiru doesn’t want Ma Yan to follow them,But Xia Jian and Ma Yan both said it,She was too embarrassed to directly refuse,Otherwise her intention is too obvious。
    When the three people walked into the door of Xia Jian’s store,,Sun Yuejuan is busy making lunch,And Xia Zecheng didn’t know where he went,The entire compound is extremely quiet。
    “mom!President Hu is here”Xia Jian deliberately shouted in a high voice。Sun Yuejuan walked out of the kitchen after hearing the sound。She saw that Xia Jian brought back a woman she didn’t know,The brows frowned involuntarily。
    “Hello auntie!My name is Hu Huiru。Is your friend of Xia Jian。Come to Xiping Village this time and take a look,I came here to visit you”Hu Huiru is really exquisite。Xia Jian could not introduce her well,She came by herself。This is a strong woman。
    Sun Yuejuan listened to a general idea,She smiled busy and said:“Hurry in,A bit cold outside”Sun Yuejuan said,Wiped his hands on the apron,He called Hu Huiru into the house。
    In the main hall,Zhengwang。The whole room is like heating,Makes people very comfortable。Hu Huiru changed the norm,It’s almost like a different person,She let go of the boss,Sit in front of the stove without restraint。
    “Xia Jian!Your house is really nice,Feel warm as soon as you enter the door”Hu Huiru directly called Xia Jian’s name,Even changed my name。
    Xia Jian laughed and said:“What warm,Compare with the high-rise villa you live in,I don’t know how bad it is”When Xia Jian said this,,Thinking about what this woman wants to do?
    Sun Yuejuan made a cup of tea and brought it over,She handed it to Hu Huiru,Then I looked at Hu Huiru from head to toe。Only then smiled slightly:“Looks really good,Like on TV”
    “Thanks auntie!I am here in a hurry,I didn’t even bring a gift to Auntie,But next time I come,I will remember”Hu Huiru smiled calmly,Very nice。
    Xia Jian panicked,He just about to speak。Sun Yuejuan rushed to say:“I can see Auntie,What gift to bring,Auntie is not such a snob”
    Ma Yan pulled Xia Jian quietly and said:“You come outside,I have something to ask you”
    Xia Jian hesitated,But still followed Ma Yan out。In the main hall,Hu Huiru deliberately asked to talk to Sun Yuejuan。Sun Yuejuan is also happy,The two said a happy moment。
    “Hey!what do you mean?Bring one today,Bring one tomorrow,Do you want to tell the people of Xiping Village,How good is my Xia Jianpao woman??”Ma Yan hit Xia Jian,Asked in a low voice very unhappy。
    Xia Jian snorted coldly:“Don’t talk about it。She is the boss of Dongsheng Group,I am the consultant hired by their company,She came to Xiping Village to check her work”
    “Check a ghost,She just came the day before yesterday,Come again today,Isn’t there a lice on this bald head??All right,Your business has nothing to do with me,Whatever you like。Just remind you,Play with fire**”Ma Yan finished,Turn around。

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