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    Hear the car,Ali opened the door and ran out。She asked with a smile:“Miss, this pick up time is a bit long!”

    Luo Yi didn’t say a word,A little embarrassed bowed his head,Quickly walked into the big iron gate。Ali stretched out her hand to Xia Jian and said:“I go to park,What’s wrong with you?”Ali finished,And laughed loudly。
    Xia Jian hurriedly gave the car key to Ali,Rushed into the living room,Look in the mirror,My days,It turns out that on his mouth,All lipstick。
    “Not hurry up”Luo Yi pulled Xia Jian,Pushed Xia Jian into her bedroom。
    Xia Jian ran into Luo Yi’s bathroom and washed his face,When coming out,She was a little surprised by Luo Yi’s room。Rich people’s lives are different,He was shocked from the bottom of his heart。
    Xia Jian is thinking of taking a good look,I didn’t expect Luo Yi to run in,Took him to the restaurant。So Ali has already started serving。
    There is also a bunch of beautiful flowers on the table,It makes people feel that this meal is even more different。Ali looked at the closeness of Luo Yi and Xia Jian。
    She said with a smile:“As soon as the lady heard that you were coming,So I bought this bunch of flowers myself,And all the food on this table,The lady took me to buy it”
    “Thanks two!”Xia Jian was laughing,Pick up chopsticks and eat。He’s really hungry,Had a bowl of ramen at the airport,His appetite,A bowl of ramen is not full。
    Ali is really a ghost,She laughed and said:“All become a family,Thank you,Isn’t it a bit out of touch??”
    Luo one by one,Pink face slightly red,You drank the soup in her bowl。Xia Jian glanced at her,Almost laughed again。
    Eat for a while,After I settle down my stomach,Only then smiled and asked Luo Yi,When shall we go,Otherwise it will snow,The airport will cancel the flight。
    “Not in a hurry,I watch the weather forecast every day。I still have some work on hand for a day or two,Let’s go when we are done”Luo Yi said very softly。She can no longer see which face she used to be cold。
    Seeing Luo Yi so happy,Ali is also happy。This meal,It was the happiest time Xia Jianlai’s family ate。
    Finished talking,Luo Yi looked at Xia Jian affectionately and said:“I want to return a few emails to the United States,You wash and go to bed early!Don’t forget,You have to send me to work tomorrow”
    Luo Yi finished,Laughed and went back to the room。Ali glanced at Xia Jian,Took a breath and said:“Grandma under Jiuquan,I can catch my eyes too。I really admire my wife,She is a god,This is impossible for me,did not expect…”
    Ali is a little excited,She talked and stopped talking。
    Xia Jian helped Ali put the dishes in the kitchen,Then smiled and asked Ali:“Did grandma tell you something??You have to keep it secret?”
    “Confidentiality。Because I found out that your heart is not here at all,But grandma said good things are too much trouble,She just likes you。did not expect,You really changed your mind,It’s so happy。Wait till tomorrow,I will tell Uncle Luo about this”Ali said happily。

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    There is no other discovery,Li Tianzhi just thought and acted,He has gradually mastered the law of action in the secret realm,Actually it’s no different from other places,Normal actions are not restricted,There is no bonus,The reason for the teleport effect,That’s because of the mind of the cultivator,Free mind first、Clear destination,Teleport,Ordinary people can’t do it,Li Tianzhen was not clear at the time。

    And teleport is also conditional,Mainly distance limitation,Several feet,Even dozens of feet away,Depends on the level of cultivation,Whether it can continuously teleport is also based on the level of cultivation.,Most junior monks can’t teleport continuously,Li Tianzhen can’t,It’s just that the owner of the secret realm played a small trick,Take a shot‘Shangxian’Flattering,No trace,Sophisticated and sleek。
    Teleport has so many restrictions,Naturally cannot cross the rivers and rivers,It’s impossible to fly,So Li Tianzhen can only use his energy to climb to the top of the cliff,Now I walked along the corridor to the pavilion step by step。
    Pavilion is not big,Nothing to see,Just standing on the pavilion,The big river in front of you has another style,Near by,Mountains in the distance,Magnificent,I don’t know what the scenery is at the end of the river?Li Tianzhi secretly marveled,Just a secret place,How can there be such a big handwriting?
    “Silly!”‘senior’Abruptly and expressed his opinion。
    Li Tianzhen shook his head and smiled bitterly,Had to move on,In a blink of an eye I came to the gatehouse with red walls and yellow bricks,This kind of building is very similar to the gate tower seen in the middle school history book,It’s just one size smaller,Two to three-story structure layout,Below is the fence and the wall,Middle main entrance,Small arches on both sides。
    The upper gate is divided into upper and lower floors,Small and exquisite,Red painted column,Left four roots,Right four,Middle hall,A black plaque hangs above the upper door lintel,Four gilded seal characters ambilight,The most distinctive is the top of the gatehouse,Actually up and down,Cascade into three layers,Towering cornice,Very Huizhou architectural features。
    Although Li Tianzhen only graduated from high school,,But have acquired learning experience,Plus two years in Liuyunguan,I have read a lot of books,But the seal characters on the plaque didn’t even recognize any,Feeling hot,Hesitate,‘senior’Speak again,“Stupefied?Come in!The owner here is too narcissistic,Compared to these four words are made up,My old man doesn’t know it,Are you dumbfounded and useful?”
    Li Tianzhi helpless,Pace to the door,I’m going to reach out to knock the door,The lacquered red door, which was more than two feet high, opened by itself,A breeze,Refreshing,The scene inside the door is even more enlightening,The square in front of you is too wide to imagine,It is hard to believe that there will be such a large area of flat land in this deep mountain,The buildings on both sides should be side halls or wing rooms,It appears very low and small。
    The square is all square with Zhang Xu、Large cream-white brick paved,Can’t see what material it is,But round as jade,No mixed impurities,It’s a bit like white marble,How much manpower and material resources should such a large area consume?
    “Just blindfold!”
    “senior,You seem to know very well here。”
    “Never been,Even a place like a mouse hole dare to call a secret realm,Don’t smear my old man’s eyes。”‘senior’Extremely arrogant,Looks very contemptuous of the old man,I don’t know how that bad old man messed with him。
    “senior,The kid dares to ask,What is the secret realm,So magical and fascinating,Except here,I have only seen Ziyuan,Can be compared,Ziyuan is much smaller。”

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    At this time, the Chu Deirers are single by its own strength.,It is also enough to post it to the side of the first-class master.,especially“Small return”Under condition,Don’t encounter real big 佬,Basically, 55。

    Dream state,Because the fire is more fierce,More aggressive、More comprehensive means,Can be said in a first-class master,Can also mix into the middle。
    Once you have enlighten the enemy,More first-class first,only……Consumption。
    Even in the big rivers and lakes,The strength of the Chu Deirers is already in the room.,But absolutely not sweeping everything、Ignore rules,Be called“First-class”、That is, simple consideration strength,Ability to qualify for the same day,Evil two、Tooth,I am afraid that there is one or two hundred people.。
    Like the Chu Deirers when I am ambulous dream,Ability to ignore prestige、Influence,Purely kills the heaven,Temporative first-class first、Superior,Also there must be three or five。
    Never say next to,Northern Shandhe,First-class master is definitely not lacking,There are three spending、Hidden role in sweeping……
    So in the face of this“Dog Assembly”,Also need plan。
    However, there is an idea as Huang Rong……
    “Ride my little red horse!”
    Use Huang Rong’s words,I have a life of Guo Jing.,It is not to look down on him.?
    “Wudang is definitely no shortcomings,As long as you can rush to Wudang within twenty days,Zhang Men is still willing,It is always coming back.。”Huang Rong added。
    “But the Lin brothers are in the middle of Henan,I am afraid……”Chu Deirers still have some hesitation,Worried yourself,Lin Ping in Lushan“Base camp”Can’t live in the scene。
    “What are you afraid??Juxianzhuang is also near Kaifeng,Nowadays, there are sure to gather in the rivers and lakes of all parties.,Behind there is Shaolin and,Does Lushan can’t stay here??Really worry,Can stay in the city in the city,Let Huashan people directly to Zhen Xianzhuang,。”Huang Rong spotted the situation at this time。
    Chu Deiren heard some words,The more I feel that this is reliable。
    at this time,Mu Yuqing suddenly pushed the door to ask:“What are you talking about two big evening??”
    Chu Deirers thought about it.,Afterwards:“We have the impact of Shaolin and Wudang on the situation in the rivers and lakes,Exchange views。”
    Woody Qingqing:???
    “It’s not early.,I’m leaving。”Chu Demen got up。
    “kindness?Set off?”Mu Yuqing Question mark,Don’t you take a break??Where is the start??
    Chu Deirens explained a few words——Since you have to catch the time,That is not a waste of one night.!
    So the Chu Deirers specially interrupted Lin Ping, still in the middle of the night.,Telling your own analysis to him,In the worship of Lin Ping,Take the small red horse……
    Forehead,Huang Rong came to a little red horse.,Chu Deirers feel this horse is really very people,After the essay, I still obey the ordinary horse.。
    Chu Deirers day and night,And it is also dangerous to encounter the danger of chasers.,Directly taken the Nanyang government to rush!
    Wudang is in the north of Fuyang,Theoretically, the control area of Yunyuan,But because of the distance from Xiangfan border,Usually, Yuan Meng will not come to the military。
    But this location is very embarrassing——Usually in the border,However, once the Yongyuan is determined,Want to start from Xiangyang,Affirmation will first sweep the strange factor!
    At this time、Smoke,Nonstigrants,only……Measures that the Mongolian Dynasty can think of,Only one side of the rebel army、Side continues to expand,Also alleviated internal pressure,Therefore, aggressive is still very strong。
    Chu Deirers rushed to Nanyang House for half a month.,However, on the road, I heard some about Wudang.“Not good”Rumor。
    Seeing another half a month,Wushe Sanqing Festival,But Wutang has already released the news——This year, this year,Zhang Zhen people have been critical because of closed customs,Not appear。
    Nothing is nothing on others,Can Zhang Sanfeng has been almost a hundred and ten this year.,Suddenly don’t appear,Inevitable“Will not be the first thing for the day.”Illusion。
    After all, many people know,Zhang Sanfeng usually is a closed door for about eight months.,Other time to teach disciples,But I didn’t go on time last year.,Now that the three-clear festival does not appear,Will not……
    Will not——Chu Deirers know very well,Will not。
    Lao Nu,A little dead,It is estimated that the problem is not big.,Also support for yourself and Murong。
    As for why there is no custom……
    Chu Deirers are also confused,Will not really have a major breakthrough??Make a reason《Pure Yang Polancence》At a hundred years old,It has already been created,Taijiquan swords have already been eyebrows in the past few years.,Many external disciples are taught。
    This is the Taiji concept ahead?Or else other breakthroughs?

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    “Forehead,no,Boss Li is also our shareholder,So more than a little bit doesn’t matter,Mainly you are the guests of Li Boss,So I have to feel our sincerity for the first time.。”

    Ye Shuangzhou heard this,I can’t help but smash。
    “Is it necessary to have a big sheep soup in a bowl??”
    “Forehead,This is not so much,But plus sheep blood and small intestines,How can I have to have more pounds?。”
    This weight is to make the leaves of the leaves.,I feel that it is too conscience.。
    He is drinking lamb soup outside,A bowl If you add half a pound of lamb, you want to start。
    And this is just one-third of the price.。
    “Row,Then you are busy first.,Let’s eat first。”
    Say,He is also a salt and good chili oil.,By the way, you have already cut fresh green onion and parsley。
    Gently stir,The fragrance of the mutton soup with the smell of onion flowers and parsley Feng family。
    Let him not help but drink a small mouth。
    A fragrant fragrance directly all the way to the stomach,Let the early morning feel that some cold body,Take the horse warm up。
    The whole person is even more spirited.。
    “Drink,Sure enough is one,This tastes that I have rarely eat so pure outside.。”
    Although the mutton soup has a white milk,But just a taste,Ye Shuangzhou knows that this mutton soup is definitely pure,No adulteration。
    At first, when Li Hui’s face,He is still embarrassed to ask 20 yuan to eat so much meat,Is it a lamb?。
    But the taste of this mutton soup has now explained everything。
    “Hey-hey,I drink more, drink more.,By the way, taste the big cake,This big cake I heard that it is,Especially put in mutton soup and eat better.。”
    Hand put it in?”
    Ye Shuangzhou has some doubts。
    “Yup,Don’t you let others??
    Twenty dollars, what you still want to?”
    In the face of Li Hui’s vomiting, the double court is also laughing.。
    “Who is this vomiting?,I found that it is getting better and more network.。”
    Say,Ye Shuangzhou is also directly putting the big cake of the plate and then put a piece of mutton soup.。
    Bite a lamb and then equipped with a bubble big cake,That taste is no longer used in language, it can express it.。
    On the weekdays, the leaves of the breakfast are basically doing breakfast.,The first time I ate a bowl of mutton.,I also ate a minimum of half a catty.。
    The most critical is that he has to have a bowl of soup.。
    Go back to the way,He is walking。
    “Lee brother,Every time you come here, you have new discovery.,This morning, this mutton soup,I feel that I don’t even have a greags in eating a week.,It is really。”

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    She is brid old,When I was young,All good is given by my mother.,Yourself,Always grow in my brother,Now,She has to be responsible for supporting the family,Sometimes I think about it.,Life is really worthless。
    But that is your mother,Can’t you。
    I looked at Blue Xin to lying on the bed for a few months.,She finally understands,I don’t know which one will come first tomorrow and unexpected.,It is very important to pay attention to your own heart.。
    “hehe……”Blue Xin laughs,Looking at her thin face,Five officials are more exquisite,Fifi’s skin is also very good,Although there is no maintenance,Young has a great advantage。
    “Fifi,How is your mother’s illness??”
    Ning Feifei is bitter:“It’s already stable now.,but,I am estimated to be angry with my big brother.。My brother is always gambling outside.,During this time, I don’t want to go home.,Always fell again and sorrow。”
    Blue Xinyi,Fright,“Ten gambling,Still have to find a job in the work.。”
    Ning Feifei helpless:“Blue Director,My mother is alive.,My big brother is used to him.。”
    Ning Feifei said here,Some of the eyes,It is even more bitter in my heart.:“My mother from a small male light woman,He looks more important than anything.,I have given my brother.,I still don’t worry about my brother when I am small.。
    If my family has a good beef and shrimp,So,Basically all, give me my brother.。but me,Can only eat one or two,I have to watch my mother’s face.。”
    Blue Xin listen this,Is there such a mother in this era??
    She remembers living in the village when she is small.,Those old people often say,keep10Son is better to raise a daughter。
    Only the old talents experienced will say this.。
    The son is said to be famous.,But you can’t kill a stick.,The world is still filial。
    But the daughter is different.,Daughter even bitterly,Will also care about my parents’ death,Never ask no matter what。
    Lan Xin also smiled.:“I have a bitterness from a small,Because I am not their own biological daughter,I am from my father’s mother.,Just like a timing bomb。But I am different from you.,You are your mother’s biological daughter.。”
    Ning Feifei mentioned past,A thick sadness is rising from the bottom of the heart,She blinked blinking,Emotion of the eye,Strong laugh,“Blue Director,So I am the most unlucky in my own daughter.。My mother is a rural woman in a local road.,When you are young, come to Jiangyou.,Always live here,It is very strong,When I was young, my brother Xiao Bao Xiao Bao was short.。Now my brother is like this.,She still protects my brother,I am afraid that I will suddenly disaster.,I can’t deal with it.。”
    “He went back before heaven,Suddenly cleaved something left,Say what he has money now.,Don’t want to stay in this home,Gave my mother 10,000 pieces,Let my mother buy clothes,I haven’t come back.,I don’t care too much.,Anyway, he can’t say a truth in his mouth.。”
    Her brother does not go home,There are many people in the family.。
    She overtime every day,I am very tired when I return home.,I have to face my hidden brothers in my home.。
    Blue Xin is not talking,Every family has a difficult experience。
    Their Gu Jia is also like this。
    She once experienced,For her now is grace,He thanked the experience that once made her grew faster.。
    Blue Xin laughs:“Fifi,You don’t have it too sad.,God is fair,It let us come in this world,Give us a happy doors and windows,The time will open another happy doors and windows for us.,Let us get happiness。”
    “Um!”Ning Feifei laughs,“I also look forward to such good luck.。”
    Blue Xin:“That work,Yang Jie was touched,New manager business is not familiar,We have two efforts,Can you get off work earlier。”
    “Um!”Ning Feifei laughs,Work down。
    And Lu Hao Cheng’s office,Ou Jing, holding a stack of information,Match the slender legs,Lu Haozheng is watching the information on your computer。
    Looking at Lu Hao Cheng,he asks:“Check the identity of the waiter??”

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    Xia Jian suddenly realized,Almost got the way。

    Wang Lin snorted:“They are so beautiful,I’ll go back soon,Use all relations,Thoroughly investigate what happened last night,Which Zhao Na must be found first,As soon as I find this woman,It’s clear,Let’s let the police station,Restore our reputation to President Xia“
    “Ha ha!No need for this,That woman must have been in Bucheon long ago,Since they don’t want Xia Jian to stay in business,Why don’t we let the boat go“Old Xiao said,A triumphant smile appeared on his face。
    Xia Jian was taken aback,Asked quickly:“Release the ship along the water?How to put it?“
    “Look at,At noon,Xia Jian’s romance last night will spread all over the streets,They intend to destroy Xia Jian,Really attacking entrepreneurship,under these circumstances,Up the wind,Will make things worse,Why don’t we let Xia Jian go to Xiping Village overnight,Where to calm down,Specializing in rural investment development,When the time is right,It’s not too late for Xia Jian to kill another carbine“Old Xiao couldn’t help but laughed。
    This is indeed a good way,Xia Jian and Wang Lin,Nodded unanimously。
    “Ok!That’s it,Secretary Wang called Jin Yimei,Let her come to me right away,The four of us have a small meeting,Arrange the next work“Old Xiao finished,Leaning on the sofa and closed his eyes。
    Xia Jian stood in the yard,Straight eyes,Wang Lin came over gently,Whisper:“never mind,Such a small matter,What kind of,Just as the free publicity they gave to our startup group“
    Xia Jian smiled awkwardly,No sound,What can he say?This made him feel no mood at all,Really can’t tell,The person who framed him is high enough。
    Wang Lin looked at Xia Jian,Suddenly asked:“President Xia,Don’t you want to learn english?Have been talking for so long,No action at all?“
    “Also,Why not wait for me to come back from Xiping Village this time,I will formally worship you as a teacher”Learn english,Xia Jian suddenly came to the spirit,Two people talk more and more。
    Not much time,Zhang Sangui has sent Jin Yimei here,After everyone is seated,Lao Xiao just opened his eyes,He nodded to Jin Yimei first,Then asked:“Miss Jin should already know what happened last night, right?”
    Jin Yimei sighed and said:“Who are these people?Get out of these boring things,Don’t feel the price drop”Jin Yimei finished,Took out a few tabloids from the bag,Put it on the coffee table。
    Xia Jian took a look,The lungs almost exploded。See the bright red headline is very eye-catching“Venture Group CEO Xia was arrested for prostitution,Anger reporter,Hitting。The original beauty boss is unknown,Who is at the helm of the startup group?”
    “Bastard!”Xia Jian shouted,Dropped the newspaper on the coffee table。

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    once Upon a time,Zhao Min laughed at himself for being useless too many times,Can’t afford a house for a lifetime。

    While being ironic,After Zhao Min left, it seemed like the time had come。
    It is less than half a year after graduation,I already have my first house。
    I don’t know that Zhao Min now knows he has a house,What would she think?
    “Young man,Bought a house?Good to buy a house,The house is the most appreciated。”
    “master,how do you know?”
    “Haha……As soon as you get in the car, you hold your new house key tightly,From the real estate agency again,I guessed it as soon as I guessed it。Okay,Bought a house at a young age,amazing。”
    65 Gambling Square
    This taxi driver can still talk about the mountains,Chen Xiu is also happy to buy a house now,And chatted with him in a mess。
    At this time, you came to the radio about“Betting on rocks”News reports。
    “Pooh,The radio station now is really less and less ethical,Is it good to bet on rocks?,I don’t know how many people were killed,Actually even screaming loudly on the radio。”
    “master,Listen to your tone,You know well about betting on rocks?”
    “I don’t understand betting on rocks,But I don’t have too few customers who bet on stone。”
    “Listen to your point. There are many people in Ansan who bet on rocks?I thought there was a gambling market in Myanmar。”
    “This lucrative industry,As long as you can make money, no one will do it……We in Anshan have a semi-public gambling market。
    but,Little brother,I advise you,You just bought a house now,It’s time for a bright future,Never indulge in this kind of gambling。”
    The taxi driver said he was like someone coming,Listening is also a person with a story。

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    Qiao Feng saw Duan Yu also failed.? Can’t help but sigh,Just in my heart? I look forward to the three brothers to get the inheritance of Xiaoyao.!

    There is a cliff to see the worry of Qiaofeng.? At the same time, some cases are special,So I mentioned a sentence:“Your brother……It is a person who has Hui Hui,Not limited。”
    “The third brother is indeed very intelligent,Unfortunately, I still can’t complete the game.。”Qiao Feng sighs。
    “Do not? he……It seems to be a kind of heart? After that, it is growing,Although now with the help of chess bodies,Thoroughly examined a layer,Can you continue?,It is very dangerous? So under the speech,Organize other illusions? In turn naturally wake up。”Some silence。
    He also saw this“Aspect”s method,Very familiar……
    “Magic can still‘kind’of?”Qiao Feng surprised。
    Recently? Qiao Feng is also exposed to a lot of magical things.,I don’t doubt that there is no cliff.。
    According to the cliff? This so-called“kind”Heartman? In fact, it is simple and simple.? It is different from the ordinary attraction.,Is under the mood of others,Be introduced by the heart。
    Compared to the Magic Devils you have,Just like your own state,Entered“foreign body”。
    The more intelligent people,The more it is easy to“foreign body”Give a big,Just like it is jogged,Can be discharged from the pearl,Duan Yu is undoubtedly a peerless,Cut is already a colorful“Pearl”。
    Who is the heart magic,it is not important,Finally, can,Are Duan Yu own“Talent and effort”。
    Good in today’s Duan Yu,Already gradually exploiting,Especially just with the game,Preliminary investigation of the heart,But too much,I want to work hard,Inevitable,Soon“Brain”,Is an instinctive self-motion……
    If the Chu Deiren knows,I will understand,Why do you appear?——It must be because the third brother’s instinct,I feel very reliable.,So I am responsible for awakening the three brothers.,Is the most suitable!
    Duan Yu,There are a lot of don’t believe in evil.。
    Chu Deirers did not remember Wang Xiaofeng,A few more than a little more,Vomit blood,After that, the whole person is more sensitive.、Suspect……
    Yang Hao and Yin Zhiping have learned some rules.,I tried it first.,Because the chess is too weak,Sticking is not short,After failure, it is not bad.,Just some desolate。
    Self-adjustment,Recovery,Also encourage Master Yin Zhiping to try……Fade。
    Finally and Mo Sheng Valley、Song Qingshu with Yin Shi,Self-confidence is full of trial,Later……
    “Yin Shiting、Mo Sheng Valley!See the head,Why don’t you worship?!”
    Yin Shiting、Mo Sheng Valley:……
    Mo Sheng Valley took this halo,After the four sides:“Laugh、Laugh。”I remember my heart,After going back, you must let the master,Strictly manage the Qingshu,First go to the mountain to accompany the snake master、Tortoise March for 35,Grinding and grinding!
    I don’t know when to start,Everyone is getting angry, who can crack the chess game,Just expect someone to be ugly……Cough!wrong,Is it looking forward to someone else、As long as you don’t have ugly, it is successful.!
    Just getting the evil,At least a young young man,The rest is worried about ugly,Not very positive,Changed to the old generation of chess,Purpose……
    “Star old fairy,Borderless,Unity,French!”
    “Uncomfortable battle,Wen Chengwug,Xianfu Yongxiang,Shou and Tianqi!”
    “Ze was born,Hong Fu Qi Tian,Millennium,Unified rivers and lakes!”
    The Star Assist is not only sent a slap in the sky.,Also issued a copy of plagiarism……
    And listening to the name of the star,The people present in the field,Some nervous and alert——Martial arts,Present in the guest,The highest is definitely 智 智,But this is not the right way.,Secondly, Yin Shiting、Mo Sheng Valley……Not as good as Su Xinghe, the host。
    After all, it is a chess.,Not a hero meeting,Come with young people。
    Ding Chunqiu’s reputation is very poor,But the famous head is absolutely not small,Music in itself is very high,Especially there are many means——Can make the disabled cliff be bundled,I don’t expect myself to give my big disciple.,It also illustrates the strength of Ding Chunqiu。
    And this poisonous work,Some degree also“Good at group”!
    “Hahaha……Wonderful、Wonderful,Brother,You swear today,Disresparable,I want to have something to say to the teacher.?”Ding Chunqiu saw the Su Xing River,the first word,It will be shocked by everyone。
    Star Old Monsters and Clear,Actually a brother?It is true that Ding Chunqiu is very large.,But the teacher has not known……
    Just then,A blame blame sound——Many people are all gods,Followed by reaction……
    That man,Arrived?

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    soon,Liu Xiangqian also saw the tea tree in the door before Li Hui Feng.。

    After seeing this time,He feels more lush last year.。
    “OK,very nice,It’s better than last year.。”
    Liu said before,It’s also watching the tea tree.。
    “Xiao Li,This year, I can take a lot of things.,And you can also take a few times。”
    “Hey-hey,Liu Premium,This year this tea may not have the effect of restoration of youth.,I have to tell you in advance.,Of course there may be,But I feel that the big probability is gone.。”
    Li Hui’s words let Liu Xiangpei。
    He is still preparing to earn a big one this year.,I didn’t expect to have no effect.,That price is definitely a big discount。
    “Why not?
    How did you know?”
    “Hey-hey,You see my orchard no?
    Last year, my orchard bloomed in one night.,At this time, the apple is ripe.,But this year, these fruit trees have just sprouting the leaves.,Apple is like this,This is the same.,There is no effect you want.。”
    “fine,No, no,Any, the price of itself is not low.。”
    Finish,Liu always started to take out the tool to start picking up。
    Original Li Hui Feng wants to help,But after a mining, several tender buds,Also let Liu Xiang feel distracted directly to Li with the wind。
    This tea live,He can do itself completely。
    Li Hui Feng in this, he feels completely trouble.。
    no way,Li Hui Feng can only go to Zhaojia Village to see how the pig farm has。
    As for this,He is also completely handed over to Liu Xiangpea.。
    After the pig farm,Zhao Xiaoli also greeted Zhao Xiaoling。
    The two women look at Li Hui’s eyes are some observents.。
    Especially Zhao Xiaoli,Obviously Li Hui has agreed,The result is not fulfilling。
    “Scull,What is wrong with the pole black pig??”
    “no,And one is very long.,The scorpion takes you?”
    Looking at the obstacles in Zhao Xiaoli,Li Hui is smirk.,Put a non-informed sampleway:“Row,Take me to see it.。”
    Said that Zhao Xiaoli is also directly in front,Leading Li Hui Feng checkped。
    The breeding of polar black pigs is better than Li Hui Feng.。
    Go on this speed,Congratulations can have large large quantities in large-scale,I can even sell it.。
    “breeze,How come you?”
    “Forehead,Ride a motorcycle.?”
    “So, is you free to have a scorpion tonight??
    The scorpion hasn’t returned for a few days.。”
    I heard this,Li Hui Feng is also a bit difficult。
    He knows what is Zhao Xiaoli’s idea?。
    But he has never thought that。

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    “too busy,So many projects open now,I have to personally ask everywhere。You are doing well here,Basically don’t have to worry about me,So there are fewer“Xia Jian took a sip of tea,Said with a smile,What he said is true。

    Listen to it,Small mouth,Said coquettishly:“How can it not,Even if there is no farmer’s company,You have to come and see me too!Who told me to be your employee“Looking at Mu Rong Sisi a bit like a child,He couldn’t help but laugh。
    Just at this time,Wang Huimin came in,She glanced at Xia Jian,Asked quietly:“President Xia,Are you looking for me?“
    Xia Jian patted the sofa and said:“Sit down and talk,Don’t be so restrained,Everyone is acquaintance,Don’t need too much politeness“Xia Jian said,Motioned to Mu Rong Sisi,Murong Sisi immediately understood,Went out,Shut the office door easily。
    In the space of two people,Wang Huimin gradually became bolder,She glanced at Xia Jian,Asked softly:“Are you dry mouth recently,I still have a bit of pain in the morning?“
    “Ha ha!You are really a genius doctor,I asked you today to talk about this“Xia Jian said,He stretched out his hand。
    Wang Huimin stretched out two fingers,And pressed it on his wrist,After a while,Wang Huimin just raised his hand,She smiled and said:“The weather is getting colder,Your stomach is upset, eat cold things,Especially cold beer。You just need to remember,I prescribe Chinese medicine and you will be fine as soon as you take it“
    Xia Jian nodded,Smiled slightly:“Sister Huimin!I’m looking for you besides giving me a pulse,There is one more thing I want you to point me to“
    “Why are you so polite?Just say anything,I will tell you what I know“Wang Huimin said with a smile。For this woman,Xia Jian is really respectful,She saved her life,Otherwise now,How can he sit here and talk。
    Xia Jian thought for a while,So he told Wang Huimin about Bai Ruyu’s illness,And how he treated,He also told Wang Huimin without saying a word。
    Wang Huimin finished listening,Thought for a long time,She sighed and said:“I have almost never experienced this disease,When my husband was alive,He doesn’t seem to talk much,So I have no impression at all。As for your treatment,I see no problem“
    Xia Jian heard Wang Huimin say this,I couldn’t help but breathe out,It seems that Bai Ruyu’s illness is really hopeless,He couldn’t help but fell into thought。
    Wang Huimin looked down at Xia Jian,Whispered:“Your friend must be very painful,So you can cooperate with some massage techniques,Alleviate her illness,Needle again,Maybe the effect will be more ideal,But to cure,It depends on her good fortune“
    Wang Huimin finished,Lowered my head and thought for a while,And started making gestures on her chest,She called the name of the acupuncture point,While massaging her high chest。
    A woman,In front of a man,Massage her most sensitive part,How much courage it takes,It seems that Wang Huimin did not regard Xia Jianzhen as an outsider。
    Xia Jian held his breath,Whole body,There is no distraction in my heart,Staring at Wang Huimin’s technique,I remembered the name of the acupuncture point in her mouth。
    that’s it,Wang Huimin demonstrated it for about ten minutes,Xia Jian has it all in his mind。Wang Huimin also took a breath,This process looks simple,It’s actually very costly,Xia Jian has a deep understanding of this。
    Next,The two exchanged their experiences about needle sticking,Wang Huimin gave Xia Jian some guidance on some shortcomings,Just like this one afternoon passed。
    Mu Rong Sisi may be impatient outside waiting,She knocked on the door and walked in,Said with a smile:“I take something and leave,You guys continue“She said so,But he glanced at Xia Jian and Wang Huimin,She didn’t find anything wrong with these two people。

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