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    “You don’t inquire,Jiangcheng Jiangjia,I’m from the Jiang family。”Jiang Er said。

    “Why haven’t I heard of someone named Jiang Er。”Jiang Yan interrupted and said。
    “How could you little people have heard of my name Jiang Er。”Qin Feng laughed。
    Qin Feng next to him looks really hard to understand him,Kicked him out。
    “Yanyan forget it,People like this must be imposters,My foot has already abolished his fertility function,And he won’t live for a month at most,You can leave the world。”After Qin Feng finished speaking, others walked forward。
    “You are waiting,Jiang Rong will avenge me。”Jiang Er saw loudly,At this moment he was lying on the ground and wailing。
    “Jiang Rong……”Jiang Yan stopped when he heard this。
    “Jiang Rong is my Jiang Fang’s son。”Jiang Yan said。
    “I will call Jiang Fang now,Let him discipline his son。”Jiang Yan said angrily。
    Jiang Yan took out the phone and dialed Jiang Fang’s number。
    “Hey,Is there anything wrong with Miss?”Jiang Fang said in a very polite tone on the other end of the phone。
    “Uncle Jiang,You ask your son,A man named Jiang Er dare to be some tricks to me,Please investigate this matter for me。”Sweetheart hung up when she finished talking。
    “What’s the size?Can you make it clear?”This is the last sentence Jiang Fang said on the phone。
    Jiang Yan and Qin Feng after the phone call,Left together。
    “Qin Feng, my cousin will be back next month。”Jiang Yan said to Qin Feng。
    “Did he come back to attend the martial arts conference in Jiangcheng??”Qin Feng asked。

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    “of course,I didn’t help Daewoo Group for no reason,I also have a condition。”Lu Menglin said loudly。

    Hear this sentence,Everyone in Daewoo is dark in their hearts,I thought it really came,There really is no money-free lunch in the world,This guy finally showed his fangs。
    Actually many people
    understand,The reason why this little guy from China was able to stand here and talk freely,Among them is a very important country of origin,He got Kim So Yeon。
    If you don’t have the 20% stake in Kim So Yeon’s hand,,Everything is just a mirror image。
    Jin Soyan heard Lu Menglin’s request,Five flavors in the heart,Chaos,I don’t know who to trust。
    If Lu Menglin’s relationship with himself,Just for today’s shot,So does he really like himself??
    “Do not,He is not that kind of person!Everything he did,All want to protect me。”Kim So Yeon’s eyes gradually strengthened,Because she figured out many questions in an instant。
    Even according to Lu Menglin’s ideas,Daewoo Group cuts meat to survive,There may be many places that rely on the Chinese market in the future,But the shares are always in their own hands,Unless he is willing to marry himself,Otherwise, Daewoo Group won’t fall into his hands。
    Will he marry me?wrong!Even if he marries me,From the perspective of property distribution,He can’t get Daewoo Group!
    It turns out all this,He is fighting for me!Yes,He is for me!Kim Soyeon’s heart brightens as she thinks about it,The more I think about it, the more moved。
    “Then,My request is,Representing Legend Culture Group,Hire Ms. Jin Soyan as the group general manager,Go to China to work。”Lu Menglin said aloud what he was thinking。
    This remark,Everyone was shocked。
    No one thought,Is this guy crazy?He invested so much money,Bought Daewoo shares,at all costs,Even Che’s offended,Just to take Kim So Yeon away?
    To know,Even if he and Kim So-yeon hold more than 30% of Daewoo Group’s shares,But if both of them are not in Korea for a long time,,Then at most only dividends,The actual power control over the Daewoo Group is also in vain。
    Is he really not interested in mastering Daewoo Group?Spend billions of dollars,Just smile for the Pomeranian?
    I’m afraid it’s not a stupid man and more money?
    “Kim So Yeon,Will you go with me?”Lu Menglin finally turned his face with a smile,Smiled at President Kim。
    “what?it is good.Ok!I’m going with you!”Kim So Yeon laughed too,And laughed so happily。
    Compared to the investment of hundreds of millions,She is happier because of Lu Menglin’s attitude。

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    It’s no wonder that Jiang Jinghong will look like a big enemy。

    just,Lu Menglin would be a little confused,He admitted that he had been ambiguous with Jiang Jinghong once or twice,But he never felt that Miss Jiang would have sex with him,In other words, I would consider developing a relationship with myself。
    Although Jiang Jinghong is a beauty,Also a good girl with love and justice,It’s a pity that her identity and family background are too special,It’s hard to think in that direction。
    And Jiang Jinghong has always regarded himself as a good buddy of Lu Menglin,But now they come,He looked so angry。
    Over,Over!This time it’s big!It seems this is going to change!Lu’s secret way is bad。
    Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Eight Couplets
    “land.dream.Lin!”Jiang Jinghong squinted his eyes,A word,Jump out one word。
    Under normal circumstances,As long as she calls out her full name,Usually full of murderous intent,When preparing to break out。
    And say the name at such a slow speed,It’s the time when the lethality formed by this already full murderous aura is doubled and exploded.。
    Lu Menglin shuddered,I can’t help but shrink my neck。
    Although I know that I have nothing to do with Jiang Jinghong,I’m not stepping on two boats,But why did I feel a bit cold in my neck,I seem to have done something wrong?

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    but,Lu Menglin immediately thought of,wrong!There is still a barrier that can’t be bypassed。

    That is Shenmin Continent!If you enter the body of the ancient pan evil god,Replace it,Not to mention whether the ancient pan evil god has any tricks,Just the gods,I will definitely see myself as the enemy of life and death,And the dark race may not recognize its identity as an evil god,Think so,Strength is improved,But it turns dark to light,And also established two great enemies for mankind,Think about it but feel wrong。
    Besides,Want Lu Menglin to turn himself into a monster like the ancient disc evil god,The contrast in appearance is too big,It may not be acceptable psychologically。
    “It’s too ugly!I’m not interested in becoming this kind of thing!You two think about it!but,Just to be safe,No matter who of you enters the body of the evil god,I have to bury a few more thunders in this sea of knowledge。”
    Lu Menglin directly brightened his point of view,But didn’t explain too much。
    Once the destroyed king or clone one enters the body of the ancient pan evil god,The ghost knows whether the previous soul contract can maintain its effect,And I don’t know if the ancient pan evil god will leave behind,Burying Thunder in its sea of knowledge as a back door,This is the safest way。
    Neither Lord of Destruction nor Doppelganger One expressed disagreement,Because of what Lu Menglin did,It seems to them to be normal。
    “I have a way。How about using this body as my nourishment!Let me merge with it,But without its power,But the power that swallows it day and night,So you don’t have to worry about the real resurrection of the ancient pan evil god。”
    Clone One’s eyes narrowed,About to speak,But was gagged by the will of the Lord of Destruction。
    “Clone One,Your spiritual consciousness is too weak,May not be able to suppress it!In case it deprives the initiative,We will have big trouble in the future!Not as good as this,I extracted the most precious divine crystal in this body,One of us three,What do you guys think?”
    When I hear that there is a divine crystal,Clone One is immediately happy,Even the long tail flicked。
    “It has no consciousness,How can you condense divine crystals??”Lu Menglin frowned,Asked a little surprised。
    If the ancient pan evil god’s will hasn’t come to this plane at all,So where did the divine crystals come from??
    Only from gods and super beings near gods,In order to extract the divine crystal,to be honest,That game is the soul fragment of the gods,Very useful。
    The Destruction King Ah Chun was silent for two seconds,Then explained:“This body is the body of the evil god,Divine in itself,And it has collected a large number of soul fragments on the battlefield before,Huicheng Lake,That’s the soul of the six million human army,That’s why there will be divine crystals。”
    Lu Menglin understood right away,That’s it!This holy war to expel foreign races,It’s just a huge sacrifice。
    In the chess game of the woman in the inner circle,The body of the ancient pan evil god is just a tool,And the souls of those human warriors who died on the battlefield,Is her sacrifice。
    It’s just that she didn’t expect Wu Hao to be born,Successful break,Robbed her of the spoils。
    One thousand three hundred and twenty-five chapters Breakthrough
    “If you swallow the body of the evil god,What changes will you have?”Lu Menglin suddenly thought of this,Can’t help asking。

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    I can see that Mr. Fan really likes small rice cakes,Bai Chen feels embarrassed sometimes,I got used to it over time。

    Because Fan Lao really spoils the small rice cakes,Let him do everything,Bai Chen is worried that the small nian gao will be spoiled by everyone。
    I’m afraid he won’t be able to manage it,But Fan Lao said that the little rice cakes are talented,He has his own thoughts and ideas, he will not be foolish。
    Chapter four hundred and ninety six set off
    Xiao Fan knew,Gu Jin will definitely go with him,So on the day of departure, I saw Gu Jin came late,Go with them leisurely,Mixed into the walking team,Xiao Fan just smiled。
    It’s him,Gu Jin walked to the front and said to Xiao Fan:“When shall we leave。”
    Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Does it matter to you when you leave??”Gu Jin rolled her eyes,Then tell Xiao Fan:“Of course it matters,I’m going to help you this time,Can save you a lot of things,You just have fun。”
    Xiao Fan shook his head helplessly,Yiming on the side likes to joke too。Tell Gu Jin with a smile:“Our boss doesn’t plan to take you there,So please go back,We didn’t prepare anything for you。”
    Gu Jin smiled and patted Yiming on the shoulder,It looks like a light pat,In fact, it took a lot of effort,I can’t help but frown。
    Gu Jin said with a smile:“Your kid is getting more and more capable now,Dare to calculate me。”
    Xiao Fan smiled happily,With these good brothers by my side,Everything can be solved,Xiao Fan will never let Shen Lin’s incident happen a second time。
    He will protect everyone around him,Will make them stronger,Able to protect yourself。
    In fact, the reason why Xiao Fan was reluctant to let people at the base find his partner before,It’s because Xiao Fan is worried that they will have weakness,Once people have weakness,Easy to be threatened and exploited。

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    First247chapter “Euphemistic”Way of notification
    Although Wolfsburg is very domineering in warning Fernandez,But how to tell the Chinese government about Chen Geng’s failure to buy a car production line、At the same time, I also disentangle myself,Wolf Castle still took a lot of thought,Because Wolfsburg must do:
    First of all,Must be“Fernandez has been blocked by automotive production line providers worldwide,It is impossible for them to get any car production line”This information vaguely informs the Chinese government;
    Secondly,It must be known that it has something to do with Wolfsburg Motors,And in all likelihood, it’s made by Wolfsburg Motors.;
    At last,While letting the Chinese government know all this,,Can’t stimulate the Chinese government too much,Give the opponent the impression that the Wolfsburg car is too domineering。
    Want to do this at the same time,It really tests the brain cells of the public relations department of Wolfsburg Automobile……
    This is a very usual Tuesday,Comrade Li Dongmei, the third secretary of the Chinese Embassy in the Federal Republic of Germany, is sorting out today’s newspapers in different categories。
    So-called finishing,Is to preview the entire newspaper first,See if there are any major events published in today’s newspaper、Important news,If there is,Mark separately according to different importance levels、Recorded or sent directly to the counselor、The minister or ambassador。
    Ordinarily, sorting out newspapers is not the job of a third-class secretary like Li Dongmei,Usually in another country’s embassy abroad,Attachés do this kind of work,But not in China’s embassy abroad,The country’s funding is tight,Therefore, the number of diplomatic staff sent out is also compressed and then compressed,Usually one person does several people’s work,For example, Comrade Li Dongmei,Although she is the third secretary of the embassy,But the work of an attaché is also indispensable。
    “This is today《Frankfurt Report》,See if there are any major events today……”Li Dongmei, who has more than one year of work experience, is already familiar with doing such things.,She habitually whispered:“No front page,The second edition also……No,Nor in the third edition……Ok,It looks like nothing major……what?”
    When I saw the fifth edition,Li Dongmei’s hand stopped,Because she is not sure whether this content has the value of being flagged。Hesitated,Li Dongmei decided to read the full text of this newspaper first.。
    “As the world’s largest automotive production line provider……ABBMr. Mark said,Fernandez·Mr. Chen is him andABBCar design master,ABBThe company looks forward to cooperating with Fernandez,justABBThe production schedule for the next two years is full,He personally regrets this……”
    Car design master?

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    Patricia·Edith·Harris is back to America,China’s domestic affairs are almost busy,Chen Geng didn’t go back immediately,He and Jr. MacDonald went to Brunei。
    For the arrival of Chen Geng and Little Macdonald,Brunei government takes,Gave a very high standard of reception:King Bolkiah directly arranged his royal chief to greet him at the airport——We who are familiar with ancient history,Know in ancient times,The managers around the emperor are without exception the people the emperor trusts most,The royal chief Rahman who came to the airport to greet Chen Geng and Little Macdonald is no exception.,Has worked with King Bolkiah for more than30year,Won the trust of King Bolkiah。
    First1078chapter InstallXArtifact
    “Mr. Chen,Mr. MacDonald,I heard the news of the two coming,Your Majesty is very happy,I specifically told me to receive two distinguished guests,During your time in Brunei,Your Majesty specially arranged for you10Follower,Take care of all your matters during your stay in Brunei,You can leave them to do whatever you have,In addition, you can also contact me directly。”In the car,Rahman leaned sideways,Politely asked Chen Geng and Little MacDonald,Finished,He first nodded solemnly towards the palace,Then I continued:“He also welcomes you both to visit the palace at any time。”
    Never mind that Rahman is the most trusted person around King Bolkiah,Always give people a seriousness on weekdays、Ling but inviolable image,But when facing Chen Geng and Little Macdonald,I dare not put up a posture of being aloof,Be very polite。
    no way,On the one hand, Chen Geng and Little Macdonald are richer than their own king,on the other hand,These two people are on every level in the United States、There are deep connections in the political circles,Don’t think the king is rich,But compared to the U.S.,Brunei can only be regarded as a small country that is not worth mentioning,Putting the air in front of Chen Geng and Little MacDonald?
    His Rahman’s waist is not that hard。
    of course,the most important is,Rahman knows the purpose of Chen Geng and Jr. Macdonald’s visit to Brunei:Selling the new generation to Royal Brunei AirlinesMD-11airliner。
    “Thank you very much for your hospitality,”Of course Chen Geng would not be stupid enough to refuse King Bolkiah’s kindness,Nodded:“It is our honor to be able to visit your Majesty,As for the specific schedule,Also ask Mr. Rahman to help you arrange。”
    Although Little MacDonald didn’t speak,But after Chen Geng’s words, he nodded repeatedly。
    Got the promise of Chen Geng and Little MacDonald,Rahman is very happy,Lian Lian said that His Majesty the King would definitely arrange a grand welcome dinner for Chen Geng and Little MacDonald、There will be many Brunei politicians and foreign diplomats stationed in Brunei at the banquet.,In short, the specifications are super high……
    After a lot of greetings,Little MacDonald asked Rahman, seemingly intentionally or unintentionally:“Chief Rahman,If I remember correctly,His Majesty Bolkiah’s private jet is a Boeing767,right?”
    “Your Majesty has several exclusive airplanes,”Rahman nodded,Look quite proud:“Boeing767Just one of them。”
    What he didn’t mean to say is,King Bolkiah certainly has several private planes,But that Boeing767Is the largest of all the king’s planes。
    “of course,His Majesty Bolkiah is the richest of all royal families in the world,”Little MacDonald complimented,Homeopathy:“So Fernandez and I think,As the richest king,Your Majesty should also own the world’s largest and most luxurious private flying palace,And IMHO……”
    Little Macdonald shrugged:“Boeing767Obviously not enough to call it‘Flying Palace’,It is not big enough,At best, it can only be regarded as a mansion flying in the sky,Although it is luxurious enough,But obviously it is not enough to match the wealth and wealth of His Majesty Bolkiah。”
    “Flying Palace?”Rahman raised eyebrows。

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    Han Xue stuck out his tongue,From Xia Chenglong’s back。

    “Brother Xia,How did you come,And also brought a little bit?”Han Xue bent down,Randomly trampled on Xia Xiaolong’s face。
    In this world,Can do such an action to the magnificent real dragon!
    “What a little,I’m godfather’s godson,In the future, I will become an indomitable man!”
    Xia Xiaolong is very dissatisfied with women playing with her face wantonly,Pouting。
    Then it made three people laugh!
    “Entrusted by others,Take him back to the original place。”Xia Chenglong casually explained。
    Spent a long time at Han’s house,It can be considered to understand their situation,Met。
    Okay,After Xia Chenglong’s help last time,,The current Han family is led by Han Rui,I finally stood still in Seongdeok City。
    Later, because of Han Xue, he was accepted as a disciple by the instructor of the college,Makes the status of the Han family ascend to heaven here,Has undergone earth-shaking changes。
    Xia Chenglong is relieved!
    Next morning,Xia Chenglong and Han Xue left,Because Han Xue’s holiday is up,Just take advantage of it。
    Watching the back left,Han Rui understands,This may be their last meeting。
    Although there are many dissatisfaction,But what can I do!
    She knows very well,I don’t deserve such a good man,Or that this sky is not worthy of him。
    For these emotions,Xia Chenglong naturally didn’t know,In his eyes, the Han sisters,Just a good friend,Nothing else。

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    Chapter One Hundred Eighty Eight Qin FengVSQin Tiannan
    “Okay!But it’s better to pay attention。You should know,Father Oda Muisa and Lori went to the intensive care unit because he was blown up because he was drinking tea in a tea house.,It doesn’t seem to be out of danger until now。”Cen Wen was joking on the phone。
    “Ok,You choose a place,Wait for the location to be sent to me!”
    Qin Feng and Cen Wen hung up after discussing。After all, he was not sure whether their conversation could be tapped。
    After all they are in an island country,The Oda family and the Tokugawa family are the largest families。No one can guarantee that,Some of them can enter the telecommunications system and hear other people’s calls through certain technologies。
    of course,If they can even do this,Then it can only be said that they are a bit too powerful。It’s just that Qin Feng didn’t think much at first,So it’s impossible to have a satellite phone。
    A few hours later,Qin Feng and Cen Wen met in a private club。This place is not so easy to enter,Besides,In addition to accompanying items,Packages cannot be brought inside。This is a good way to prevent the emergence of blasting products。
    In a box,Cen Wen drank a drink and looked at Qin Feng,“Speak,What’s the matter?”
    “Straight to the point?That works!”Qin Feng smiles,“You said you and Zhang Qiang are not on the same road。Then one thing nowcāo)Very strong,Is likely to cause trouble to Zhang Qiang。”
    “Oh?”Cen Wen is not omnipotent,Even if there are news channels,But I can’t guess what Qin Feng wants to say。
    “Nine Heavens Chu Xiao,His target may be to blast the mercenary group。If possible,Can you make trouble until Zhang Qiang and Chu Xiao meet?”Qin Feng asked。
    Cen Wen was taken aback for a while,Then frowned and thought。As if thinking about the feasibility of this matter。
    “It’s not easy!Besides,Our leader Bai once said,Zhang Qiang is not only young and has enough mercenary team support。the most important is,His wisdom is not weaker than our seven sages。That is to say, weaker when setting the game,But if you are in the game,It may not be impossible to see through。and so.”
    Cen Wen’s meaning is already obvious,That means it is difficult to calculate Zhang Qiang。Maybe even the first step has been discovered by the other party。
    Cen Wen paused and continued:“You make me think.”
    Qin Feng naturally didn’t bother Cen Wen,Even he understands,If Cen Wen really has a plan to deal with Zhang Qiang,Won’t even tell Qin Feng this plan。Cen Wen will do it himself!
    of course,Qin Feng actually hopes that,Because in this way he is more like an outsider,It didn’t even have much to do with it from the beginning。Even if exposed,Maybe Zhang Qiang is just looking for trouble with Cen Wen!
    Ideas are wonderful,However, it’s not personally controllable how it will be implemented or carried out in the end.。

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    Han Zhili stood up from the viewing platform,The sentence in my heart‘Be a big white’Buried in his heart。

    The cheers and applause in the stadium have not been dissipated for a long time,Several hosts had to announce the end of the party in a noisy environment。
    Zheng Ziling in the audience smiled bitterly,It’s enough to have a Lingyun,I am afraid that thousands of Lingyun will stand in front of him right now!He just hopes that no one is cheap,Upload the video to the Internet。
    Turning his head and glanced at Fang Xincheng, who was clapping and giggling beside him,Zheng Ziling could only curse crow’s mouth secretly!
    “classmates!Don’t save money for the teacher at the celebration tonight!I’m at home and I’ve settled a position!”
    Xu Guoquan’s voice drew a lot of girls’ cheerful echoes,Other students and teachers not far away couldn’t help but look at Xu Guoquan and his students,But I can’t say much,After all, just ten minutes,No kind of celebration tonight seems excessive。
    “teacher,My boyfriend is still waiting for me……”
    In such a cheerful atmosphere,Bai Lu really doesn’t know how to speak disappointing words,But on the stage,She has seen Guo Enting’s figure,Don’t want the one you like to wait,But seeing everyone happy,Bai Lu hesitated when she spoke。
    “Call your boyfriend together!The teacher’s academic paper manuscript fee has arrived,Bringing the whole class is extravagant today!Monitor,Go call Zhu Shiyao and those boys,We are blessed to share!”
    Xu Guoquan can’t hide the excitement in his blood,Bai Lu is not good at rejecting this,I can only communicate with Guo Enting,I just don’t know if he will be embarrassed。
    “Xiangyang?Why not see our heroine?”
    Xu Guoquan looked around,No shadow of Xiangyang,Can’t help but be curious,Today’s performance Xiangyang can be regarded as a great contribution,How could she be missing from the celebration party?。
    “She went to her father!The few people standing in the audience!”
    “That’s her brother,And the two supervisors under her brother!Xiangyang should be back in a while!”
    Question by Xu Guoquan,There is an early answer to Xiangyang,Finally, Xiao Xiaoxiao checked the missing,Let Xu Guoquan understand the true identities of the three people standing in the center of the stage。
    Nodded,Show that I understand。Xu Guoquan silently turned off his mobile phone,He paid attention to the clothes of the three people under the stage,Those who sent themselves WeChat who want to Xiangyang WeChat,Afraid of hitting a wall,Still pretending to be too busy,Didn’t you notice your phone?!Xu Guoquan thought silently……
    After the high enthusiasm in the stadium finally returned to calm,The school leaders have withdrawn,The students also packed up and returned to their bedroom。
    Ling Yun stood in the second floor stand,There are no people on stage,But he seems to be able to see the smile from the moment before Xiangyang,Ambilight,Let people know what the beauty is。

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