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    “I’ll give you 25,000。”

    Hu Yang looked at him with a smile:“you sure?”
    All are Li Yuanhong’s statue to commemorate the founding of China,But a discerning person takes a look,You can see that the two are different。Since the one just now is real,This one is in everyone’s eyes,Must be fake。
    In this way,Do you dare to ask for 25,000?Isn’t this cheeky too thick??
    The stall owner is a bit embarrassed,Smile:“Cough!If you really want,Just give five hundred。This is made by silver after all,Absolutely can’t fake。”
    “Row!”Populus euphratica is not wordy。
    Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Six Wrong version
    Zhang Qingliang they doubt,Is it,Both are real?Since Brother Hu suggested Fang Ru buy,Won’t cheat her,But it’s even more impossible to pit yourself。
    After walking away,They can’t wait to ask。
    “different versions,What’s weird?There are several versions of RMB,Commemorative coins are of course the same。”Populus explained。
    Get!Everyone immediately understands,Poor stall owner,I thought I had two big deals,Already happy as if waking up,Squinted eyes finally widened。
    Everyone smiles and squints,He is just the opposite,Squinting when not smiling,Open your eyes when you laugh,Is it the so-called smiley eyes?

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    The situation outside the school,In fact, someone told Hui from the beginning。

    “How could Aniu introduce Xiaoyu?And brought butterflies and fish out?”Hui originally thought it was weird for Aniu to introduce beautiful women to Abao,I have to think a lot at this moment。
    “Maybe it was the butterfly who followed it out?Aniu’s gentle and kind character,Definitely not easy to refuse。He knows Butterflies have said several times that gold is cool,How could they take the initiative to introduce them?”The person who spread the word thinks that it is only possible,Because she thinks Aniu is very reliable。
    “Leave them alone,Let’s go back to school。”Hui went up the stairs with classmates,All the way back to the classroom。
    Not long,Hui saw Xiao Gao and Aniu outside the classroom,I guessed it was related to her and Chen Wenjin’s affairs,Not waiting for others to spread,She just came out。
    A Niu first talked about introducing Xiaoyu to Abao,Said again:“you know too,Little fish has a good relationship with butterflies,Butterfly got it and took the initiative to follow it today,I can’t refuse。Later I thought,Since the butterfly has an idea about gold,Just take the opportunity to try gold。”
    “What to try?We just want to concentrate on studying,I want to rely on my own strength to go to Pengzhong,I have no problem with Jin Jin!Don’t worry about it!”Hui’s relaxed tone made Xiao Gao couldn’t help but suspect that he was overreacting。
    Aniu looked embarrassed、Said hesitantly:“I don’t know what Xiao Gao thinks,I don’t think the state of gold is normal。”
    “What do you mean?”Hui looked at Xiao Gao,The latter was silent for a moment,Just said:“I think gold may be mad at you,He doesn’t look right today。”
    “It’s alright,We only used the phone when he came。”Hui’s tone is still very relaxed。
    “Why did you not go out?”Xiao Gao still points to the key。
    “Now the teacher is staring at me,I must avoid being known by my dad。”Hui said so,Xiao Gao immediately becomes nervous,As if he was Chen Wenjin。“Your father found out?”
    “Just doubt,After all, I used to go home late。”Hui explained,The tone is full of helplessness。
    “Does gold know?”Xiao Gao asked again。

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    “She’s in Ke Lan’s room。”Xie Lisu,The distorted expression on the face is extremely incompatible with the natural beauty,Can’t wait to find Tian Lu,She has something to ask about。

    Chen Limu didn’t expect Xie Lisu’s reaction to be so big,Haven’t reacted to the situation yet,Xie Lisu left the seat and walked to Ding Kelan’s room。Let Chen Limu call Xie Lisu’s name behind,Too little effort to stop her from going,Chen Limu himself yelled softly。
    Ding Kelan Room。Tian Lu by Xie Lisu“aggressive”I was shocked by the appearance。
    “You can,What means did Ke Lan and you get the certificate,do you know,Isn’t the relationship between me and Ke Lan for many years comparable to someone who has known Nianba??I can’t believe it,What extraordinary means did you use to get Ke Lan。Humph,Do not,Not called,Called possession。”Xie Lisu was dizzy,Condemn strongly。
    Tian Lu keeps shaking her head,Can’t imagine such a beautiful and talented Xie Lisu would say such unbearable words。“You have to say so,I don’t understand,I don’t want to say too much,I don’t know what the story is between you and Ke Lan,I am also very curious,If he just came to me for a while,I won’t agree,He said,He doesn’t hate me,At least in my heart~”
    “What’s wrong,Go on。”
    Tian Lu was planning to say that“Have me”,She was afraid that what she said would stimulate Xie Lisu again,Had to hold back。Xie Lisu is more and more like this,Tian Lu’s not afraid,But awe-inspiring,Thinking,Xie Lisu’s character has nothing to do with her appearance talent,No wonder Ke Lan stays away from Xie Lisu,Naturally has his reason。
    “I made Ke Lan feel empty,I got you to cushion my back。”Xie Lisu continues to poach。
    Tian Lu suddenly felt that the woman in front of him was pathetic and pathetic,I don’t want to talk to her any more,Stand still,Let Xie Lisu say something that hurts others and selfishly。
    After Xie Lisu vented,Leave a sentence:“I won’t be willing,Ke Lan is mine,I will let him come back。”
    Then left proudly,Xie Li Su Sapo’s words,Tian Lu guessed that Chen Limu should know somehow,It is estimated that Chen Limu also hopes that Ding Keran and Xie Lisu will become a pair,So avoid。
    Ridicule,Tian Lu’s mood was extremely bad for an instant。Feel bored,The air is full of black smoke,She doesn’t want to stay in the Mid-Levels apartment right now,Go out and breathe out by buying a change of home clothes。
    Out the door,There is a straight and rugged mountain road in front of the Mid-Levels Apartment。There is no bus,It’s basically a private car in and out。
    Didi software taxis will not be here,Because she has tried it。For private cars,She doesn’t know who to call to help drive out,I don’t know who can be moved,Ke Lan did not mention the travel link。

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    Watching active group members,Wu Xing just sent a message。

    Wu Xing:bubble。
    The members who were chatting,See the group leader,Say hello,As for his hurried offline yesterday,All selective amnesia。
    Wu Xing:Sect Master Yun is now on his way back to Yunlan Sect?
    Checked the chat history,Most people are talking about Yun Yun,As the group owner, Wu Xing naturally needs to care about the group members。
    Yun Yun:Yes,Your Excellency,Not long after Yun Yun left Utan City,The single-player task is successfully completed,Get the highest1000integral。
    Flower pity:Sister Yun Yun is amazing,Direct full points reward。
    Tony:1000integral,I am so envious。
    Tyrant:The old man is also very envious,1000I have enough points to improve my strength by three points。
    Wu Xing:Congratulations。
    See messages sent by many group members,Yun Yun on the way back to Yunlanzong couldn’t help but smile。
    “Master, what’s wrong?”Nalan Yanran watched Master along the way,Smile suddenly from time to time,Feel very strange。
    But she didn’t ask much,Master’s matter is not something she should be concerned about,In addition, the marriage that has been hanging in my heart is successfully resolved,She also relaxed a lot。
    Yun Yun:Your host is polite。
    Yun Yun who returned the message,After thinking about it,Decided to send a red envelope。
    Although group integration is important,Especially about his master colluding with the soul hall,Strengthening the top priority,Relatively speaking,These points do not make her jump。
    And she likes the atmosphere,Because the chat group makes her feel joy that she didn’t have before,Easy,Like a big family,What is different from Yunlanzong,You can speak freely here。
    Mission and live broadcast,Yun Yun earned a total of 1,300 points,In the end she took a five hundred number。

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    Qin Feng looked at these,Gray hair over half a hundred years,The vicissitudes and the old man,Frowned and said,“It doesn’t matter who i am,It doesn’t matter how I got here,The important thing is do you know what you are doing?”

    They didn’t expect that Qin Feng would suddenly ask these words inexplicably,All froze for a while,Staring at Qin Feng。
    Suddenly someone inside reacted,Said,“What do we do to you,You hurry out,Otherwise, something,You can’t keep your life。”
    The man pulled Qin Feng and was going to the door,I want Qin Feng to leave here quickly。
    Qin Feng listened to that person’s words,I really mean I probably know that these people are kind,Don’t want him to stay and be discovered by others,Otherwise, there must be no return,Can’t get out of this field。
    But who is Qin Feng?,He has always been the only one to let others go,No one else can hurt him
    At half a minute。
    So he broke away the man’s hand and said,“What are you doing for?I’m here to help the old fox do these utterly conscience。”
    “Don’t you know that these things you grow are poisonous??Thousands of people who can be harmed go bankrupt,Is home broken??”
    After those few people listened,There was also a moment of surprise,But after reacting, they all pushed Qin Feng impatiently and said,“Don’t toast or eat fine wine,If you keep staying,But I can’t get out of this place。”
    “You don’t care about what we do,Just don’t know anything。”
    After Qin Feng listened,Ha ha smiled twice and said,“If I’m Lao Tzu,What can you do?”
    The group of people didn’t expect Qin Feng to come to their site alone,How dare you be so aggressive,So angry,Said to Qin Feng,“I’m afraid you will explain here today,Made fertilizer for the big flower we planted。”

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    But at this moment,They are scared,Damn edward·Pilsen,This bastard is digging his roots!

    How to do?
    The eyes of everyone fell on Marion·Talbot’s body——You are the boss,It’s this time,You have to find a solution quickly。
    “Don’t worry about this,We still have time……”
    Under the anticipation and anxious gaze of everyone,Marion·Talbot speaks,Can sit firmly in the North American Auto Workers Association60More than ten thousand members、The chairmanship of one of the largest union organizations in the United States,Marion·Talbot is certainly not incompetent,Even Stewart·Symington、Oscar·Chapman、Thomas·Johnson and other incompetent idiots are able to occupy high positions,He can arrange:If a group of smart people come up,Can Laozi still be the chairman of the trade union??
    Stewart·Symington and several Marion·Talbot’s loyal subordinates suddenly felt relieved:The boss has a way,That’s great。
    Slightly,Marion·Talbot continued:“In the final analysis,Don’t those workers just want us to take a step back,Easy to say,On issues that are not related to our core interests,Then let’s take a step back,What a big deal?”
    Yes indeed!
    A group of union leaders suddenly reacted:Yes indeed,After all,Don’t the workers just ask us to take a step back?In that case,Then let’s take a step back,As the boss said,Where it is not related to the core interests of the union,Take a step back。
    What are the core interests?
    Supervision of union management is not allowed,This is the core interest,This core interest must not be touched,As for the others,For example, the union gives a portion of the money to subsidize workers’ lunch,Although it does make people feel distressed,But feel bad,As long as it does not harm the union……People like myself……Core interests,What can it be??As for the money,As long as you sit firmly on this chair,There will always be a way to earn in the future。
    I want to understand this layer,A group of people smiled suddenly,All kinds of flattery like a tide to Marion·Talbot Strikes。
    First1148chapter Fight back
    Marion·Talbot is a decisive man,Since I have already planned to give in,Then we must maximize the benefits of this concession。
    How can we maximize the benefits?Of course it was Edward·Bilson’s front told the workers the news,Shape this concession from being forced to a concession into a union taking the initiative to seek welfare for workers。
    “That is……”
    Watching the custom-made propaganda caravan from the union(Is modified with a semi-trailer、It’s a bit similar to the mobile advertising vehicle we are familiar with in the city)The person who walked up and down,Many workers rubbed their eyes:“I am not wrong, right?That’s Mr. Talbot?”

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    So she was seriously injured?

    “Can you always find her place?,After all, she still carries Lingzhu。”
    The old man dragon guard shook his head again。
    In this month,Actually he has been to several places,Just to find the woman who provoked him,But the other party is very cunning,Can actually erase the breath on the spirit orb。
    “Kid,About this,Old man, i still have to ask you,Hope to get those spirit beads back。”The old man dragon guard sighed,“Originally these are my own business,But I still have to stay here,Make sure those guys are completely wiped out before they can leave,and so……”
    “Do not worry,No matter where the other party is,I will bring it back。”Xia Chenglong must say。
    About Yu Zong Xueqin,That woman owes more than this。
    “Do you have any plans next??”
    Xia Chenglong thought for a moment,The most important thing right now is to take Brother Aquan home,This is his promise to him,The second is to get the first place in the North Sea Fighting Tournament,This is a promise to keep closed。
    Speaking of fighting games, it’s a bit embarrassing,Originally after the last event,The top six families are given a month’s rest in the middle,One month later for the final finals。
    The problem is that this incident involves almost the entire North Sea area.,And nearly two months have passed。
    All six forces applied to delay the game time,There is no way for the fight,Can only promise,of course,This will not have any impact on the National Fighting Tournament,Because the reporting time for the National Fighting Championship is one year later,This can give them plenty of time to prepare。
    Fighting tournament?
    The old man dragon guard has heard,And there is some friendship with the head of the fight,Didn’t say anything about it。
    What also made the old dragon guard notice the seal inside Xia Chenglong,He also knows a little about the seal,But it didn’t help。
    Follow the words of the old dragon guard,This is not bad,The trouble should end it,When I learned that I kept doing it“Good thing”Later, I didn’t mean to help。
    To this,Xia Chenglong doesn’t matter。
    He was never afraid,Since Feng endless wants to make him the champion of the fight,Then he did just that。

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    “Those brothers who died,Master will help you handle it properly,Send something to that little guy named Lu Cheng tomorrow,How to say it’s a chance he gave you,As for the people you saw tonight,And the cause of the matter,Ask Lu Cheng carefully,How to manage these relationships,Is it good or bad,It’s up to you!”

    Carry Han Genji into the car,Wu Yong slowly explained to Han Genji。
    “Alright master!I have said a lot of things that shouldn’t be said,I can only tell you in the end,If you seize this opportunity,Master Han is yours a hundred years later!”
    Wu Yong drove the car away slowly,As for those expensive locomotives and people lying on the ground,Naturally, someone in charge will take care of it。So far,Han Yuxiang never thought,The Speed Car Party that has troubled Wanghai City for many years,From this night,It just became a Che Youhui for locomotive lovers!
    At this time, the Korean Xiang is being held by Xiang Chen,Walking slowly thinking about the direction of the city。
    Xiang Chen regrets,Why did you drive the car so far,Go back this way now,Not even a taxi,And the Korean Xiang in his arms is still very important。
    Looking down at the Korean Xiang in his arms several times,Xiang Chen wonders that this woman has no meat on her breast,But the body is so heavy。
    Twisted his arm a few times,Also relieve the soreness,Over time,Xiang Chen’s breathing is getting heavier and heavier。
    I can’t help feeling that I am old,A few months ago,This one hundred kilograms of weight is nothing to me,But for me now,Just walked a few kilometers,I’m overwhelmed by my heart and lung functions!
    “Xiang Chen,Your friend faces those people by himself,Are you really okay??”
    Xiang Chen’s breathing is getting heavier,I couldn’t control my arms and started shaking,Just when Xiang Chen felt that he couldn’t hold on,Han Yuxiang’s soft voice suddenly rang in Xiang Chen’s ear。
    Xiang Chen was stunned,I couldn’t help but stopped。
    “Officer Han,Did you wake up long ago?”
    Xiang Chen stopped,The whole person is stiff。
    When I got Korean Xiang in the car,,Xiang Chen had doubts,This girl is already awake,The reason why I close my eyes is to listen to my reality。
    Now I have confirmed my guess,Xiang Chen is not angry that Korean Xiang is testing herself,What makes Xiang Chen angry is,I actually walked this far with a hundred kilograms of Korean Xiang!
    Directly throw Korean Xiang on the ground,Xiang Chen himself slumped on the ground,The sweat from the temples kept oozing out。
    “What are you doing?”
    Han Yuxiang, who was thrown to the ground, got up and went to Xiang Chen to settle accounts,But when she saw Xiang Chen’s excellent acting skills,I can only give up with the raised palm。

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    At that time the exotic animal tide broke out,Those alien monsters rushing out of the space channel,Just stop here。

    In the evergreen lake not far from the Valley of the Wind,Hiding a huge mutant creature,Extremely powerful,It is precisely because this mutant creature has dragged the footsteps of the exotic animal tide,Was blocked by the Chinese army from the rear.。
    That heroic mutant sacrificed heroically,Buried in the lake,In order to commemorate it, the Chinese soldiers on the front,A three-meter-high monster statue was piled up by the lake with cement,Remember this partner who fought side by side with humans。
    It is precisely because of the heroic performance of these powerful mutant creatures that have fought with exotic monsters.,To allow humans to re-examine the relationship between the red zone and human society,Although they are not fighting for humans,But they exist,Indeed played a role in protecting mankind,Willing to play an important role as a human barrier。
    When Lu Menglin and his party passed by this monster statue,When Cao Wen told the students the origin of this statue,The students took off their hats to pay tribute to the monster statue。
    The relationship between humans and mutants is very contradictory,On the one hand, they are a natural barrier for humans,These mutants native to the earth will defend the territory,Fight to the death with alien life,On the other hand,Human beings for their own strength,And hunting these mutant creatures in a planned way,Get powerful serum from them,To get the same mutation ability as them。
    can only say,Human beings have never given up the definition of being the master of the earth,They started as a ruler,Appear in front of other lives,Whether it’s a mutated creature native to the earth,Or those alien beings that drilled through space channels。
    Nausicaa of the Wind is ahead,Quiet all around,No sound。
    Everyone can see clearly,The other side of the Nausica? camp,In places that were originally human buildings,There are three huge honeycombs。
    Each of these beehives is three stories high,The tallest one,It’s already three or four meters taller than the human building that was surrounded by it,Like an alien visitor,Horror,Daunting,Can’t help but numb scalp。
    And the mutant wasps that go in and out of the hive,Densely packed,It makes people afraid to look directly。
    Each of these mutant wasps has the size of an adult fist,Flying in the air,Cover the sky。Look over,I’m afraid there are thousands of people。
    Facing this huge swarm of mutant wasps,I’m afraid evenSMutant creature,Will not provoke,It’s still light to be stung to a head,I’m afraid I will die on the spot。
    Everyone is watching,Wei Xiaoxing has the sharpest eyes,Suddenly cried out:“Look over there!”
    Everyone follow the prestige,I saw everyone behind,The direction of Wei Xiaoxing’s eyes,A group of mutant wasps buzzing over the lake。
    There are probably hundreds of these mutant wasps,Under the claws of every wasp,Are holding a prey firmly。
    These prey caught by the wasp colony,Big and small,All nearby
    Mutant creatures in the woods,Small to mutation,Big cats and dogs,Each prey is much larger than a single wasp。

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    Fortunately, Princess Huanhai and her entourage are no longer in the inn,Otherwise just these words,I don’t know how much trouble it will cause。

    Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“Hammer,Don’t be kidding!You come to me,Something?”
    Zhao Liehammer licked his lips,Actually put away the smile,Nodded seriously。
    “It’s such a thing。The Black Blood Cavalry is very troublesome,The army is in disarray,Many brothers don’t want to do it,All have to be disarmed,Return home。You also know,There are some things the three of us can’t do,Ass cock decides the mind。”
    Speaking of which,Zhao Liezhuo glanced at Wu Hao quite vainly。
    “Ok,Expected thing!You keep saying,I listen。”Lu Menglin calmly,Smiled faintly。
    Zhao Liezhu saw him smiling darkly,Simply stare,Anger:“Forget it,Forget it!I know,Lao Tzu is not suitable for these conspiracies。Just tell you the truth!The sixth prince wants to plant some spies to Bairimen,It just so happens that another group of Black Blood Cavalry Guards did not,I want to go to Bairimen to eat with you。You can’t accept it?”
    Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,I really didn’t expect it to be like this。
    “More than 300 people in the Black Blood Cavalry did not do it,All middle and lower rank officers,Can charge,Can also lead soldiers to fight。Of course there are a few spies,It’s the sixth prince who wants to find out about you。Anyway, that’s it,Leave it to my old Zhao。Please give me something!Not accept?”Zhao Lie hammered the urn。
    Lu Menglin thought for a while,Laughed。
    “Don’t just laugh!A nice word to Lao Tzu,I’ll go back for business!Anyway, loyalty cannot have both,I can’t lie to you,I can’t disturb the Sixth Prince,it depends on you!”Zhao Lie hammered a rogue face,Exasperated。
    Lu Menglin shook his head,The smile on my face is even brighter。
    “How about this,I’ll give you a word。Tell the Sixth Prince,These people of the Black Blood Guard,I accepted everything!But there is one condition。”
    “What conditions do you say?”Zhao Liehui has a play,Asked quickly。
    “This condition is,You follow!Otherwise, I don’t have time and energy to control them。”Lu Menglin smiled。
    Zhao Liehammer blinked,Smiled:“This is not good?Lao Tzu is the Three Masters of Black Blood!”

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