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    There is a simple and vigorous altar,The altar is surrounded by steps,Someone is on the top of the stepsPK。

    Lu Menglin stood at the upper left of the altar,Take a closer look,It turned out to be six on four。
    Here for six people,Consists of three methods and two battles,Three wizards are responsible for clearing monsters with hell thunder,Two warriors,Taoist priest is responsible for adding blood to the team。
    This is obviously a very reasonable team combination,The three professions of warfare are complete。
    Look at the two senior fighters headed by,Hand-held verdict,Wearing a dark green armor of the god of war,Come and go freely among monsters,Level and equipment are not weak。
    now,Three players are already lying on the floor,All names start with Lengyue。
    And the remaining two players named Leng Yue,Being chased by a soldier, I dare not stop,Keep walking in the outer circle,I don’t even have a chance to cast lightning。
    And the Taoist priest in the group of six is the most sinister and shameless,He just has to keep applying red and green poison to those two poor wizards,Then occasionally use the soul fire charm to consume the blood of the two magics.。
    And the three wizards in the six-man group,No need to fight at all,They just need to continue to cast hell thunder on the spot,It’s enough to blow up the monster that the warrior picked up。
    While Lu Menglin was observing them,They also saw this warrior named Tyrant God Aotian。
    This six-person team belongs to the same guild,Three occupations complete,So they are not afraid of any individual players,Even an advanced warrior like Tyrant God Aotian。
    And they might even find it a little weird,Because the map of the seventh floor,Mob spawning is very dense,Is recognized as a mage heaven,A bird warrior has no effect at all。
    warriorPKGreat,Mage is the strongest,TaoistBOSSNo solution,This is where the balance of the three legendary professions lies。
    A warrior like Bashen Aotian,Even if the equipment is not bad,Come to this map on the seventh floor of the Niu Devil,I can only fight monsters one by one,I can’t hold it if I attract more,And the speed of killing monsters is too slow,Too much durability of drugs and equipment。
    now,This six-person team has already started chatting in the guild channel。
    “note,Here comes a soldier!”

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    Lin Shaofen glanced at the price again,She looks at things,Seems to have the habit of looking at the price first。

    “Five thousand yuan a piece,Really expensive。”She couldn’t help saying。
    Fang Ru、Huazai and others also feel expensive。This stuff,They never want。
    Populus euphratica commented fairly:“The materials are not bad,Five thousand yuan each,People didn’t make much。”
    As soon as this word comes out,I immediately got the goodwill of the boss,Grin at Populus:“You still have a vision,I have to buy more than 4,000 copies of this tapestry。”
    Hu Yang listened,But disagree,The purchase is about three thousand five at most。
    Chinese website
    Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Two Flowers inside the wall, fragrance outside the wall
    Populus stopped,Turn over for a while。This surprised Huazi and the others slightly,In their view,Brother Hu shouldn’t be interested in this kind of goods, right?
    Audience familiar with Hu,I also feel that Brother Hu is going to do something。
    They see,Brother Hu took out one,Obviously different tapestry。Or,Isn’t this a blanket!Different painting styles,Just saw,Are basically Western religious paintings,And this one,Is Buddhist。

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    Xiao Fan looked at Tian Xingyao’s reaction,Already guessed what he was thinking of,after all,Almost the only thing everyone can think of when seeing him in the first face,That’s my own useless identity, right?。

    To this,Xiao Fan has long been used to it。
    but,Two people just stand at the door of the room,That’s not the case!
    and so,Xiao Fan reminded:“Mr. Tian, right?,Won’t you come in?”
    A word from Xiao Fan,Directly recalled Tian Xingyao’s mind。
    Tian Xing Yao smiled awkwardly,Then said:“Sorry,I will go in!Oh,correct,Mr. Tian is out,You call me Xingyao!”
    Xiao Fan smiled,No sound,Just made one“please”Gesture。
    Tian Xing Yao is not polite this time,Just walked in。
    Lin Yoona had already gotten out of bed at this time,Seeing Tian Xingyao walk in,Just said politely:“Hello there,Starshine,I’m Yoona Lin,the following few days,I’m going to trouble you!”
    Sky Star Frowns,I haven’t spoken yet?This is preempted?
    “How do you know my name?”Tian Xingyao asked suspiciously。
    Lin Yuner smiled and pointed to Xiao Fan behind Tian Xingyao,Then said:“When you were talking,I heard it all!”
    A word from Lin Yuner,It can be regarded as completely let Tian Xingyao feel that his IQ today is obviously offline。

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    Countless reporters flocked to Chen Geng with countless questions,Although Chen Geng understands why these reporters from major American media are so excited:We Americans finally made a product in the field of supercars that Europeans also envy.!Wa hahaha……See what else you Europeans are so proud of……

    Quite proud of her daughter-in-law becoming a wife,Give an unsuitable example,Just like those desperately persuading themselves8Fighters can shootF-22“Empress”(What else can I do??Raise your hand to surrender??But the problem is that there is no competition between big countries“Actively admit defeat by half”the rule of)Of military fans suddenly saw the J20Like the first flight,The excited one called tears in the eyes。
    First542chapter Every family has its cupboard
    ? American reporters are so excited,But it’s suffering Chen Geng。
    If you use“A woman top500Duck”To describe women“Combat effectiveness”if,Then in front of the reporter,Women can only bow down——A reporter should have at least ten women!
    Faced with so many turbulent problems,How do I answer?
    Fortunately, Jack·Welch’s reaction is fast enough,He quickly came out to stand in front of Chen Geng:“Gentlemen,Friends from the press,The press conference will start in half an hour,I will answer your questions at the press conference by then,Now please everyone……”
    But Jack·Welch thinks too much,The reporters who are already cheering don’t care about him at all:Asking questions while waiting for the press conference?The ghost knows whether the question he wants to ask has already been taken up by other media?
    No matter how much,Ask first before talking!
    So don’t wait for Jack·Welch finished,The reporters’ questions rushed to him in a more ferocious way than before.……
    Chen Geng took the opportunity to slip,He was really afraid of these reporters in the United States:Have time to deal with these damn reporters,Might as well go talk to Keith·Decovos talk about technical things。
    “Excuse me,You are case·Mr. Decobos,right?”
    Long legs、Big waist、Busty、Kelly with delicate and smooth skin·Hicks standing in case·In front of Dekovos,Keith·Decovos was flustered:“I……I’m kies·Decobos……”

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    “Chat over,Chat now,Who mixes well,Who doesn’t mix well,Do you remember Qian Panpan?,The one who liked you in school。”Talking about Zhang Dong looking at Qin Feng。

    “what?No impression。”Qin Feng thought for a while,I never remembered who Qian Panpan was。
    “You can see tomorrow,She said that after you suddenly disappeared from the boss for a long time,Never see you again,We were almost drinking at the time,Just say we saw,No one believes。”
    “This will be here,Then Wang Yongqiang said he would come to the class reunion,If I ask you out, I will know if it is true or not.,So i called you。”Zhang Dong said,While observing Qin Feng’s face。
    “okay,Go in first。”Looking at Zhang Dong,Qin Feng is not very angry,If not for so many years,Meet again,And they only met soon,Qin Feng had already slapped him with a big mouth。
    Thinking of this Qin Feng smiled,If it is Shangwu who dares to do so,,Qin Feng can’t spare him。
    “What’s wrong,Have you caught a cold?。”
    In the same car city,A man asked Shangwu。
    “No way,How can I catch a cold?,Ten have**My boss scolded me。”Sangmu rubbed his nose while talking,Didn’t care too much。
    “Your boss?Unexpectedly our famous Shangwu brother,And the boss,Don’t you kidding,You are pretty much the boss of others。”Men and martial arts joked。
    “I have been a martial artist all my life,Obey only one person,That’s my boss,The boss asked me to go up to the mountain, I will never go down to the fire。”Shangwu said in a very proud tone。
    Seems to mention his boss,Will make him extremely proud。
    “I didn’t expect it,I usually look at others
    Bowed to you,I didn’t expect you to have a boss。”The man looked incredulous。
    “Don’t hide,I am buying a car for my boss this time。”Shangwu does not shy away,I’m afraid someone doesn’t know that he has the same boss。
    “Then I have to give you a good introduction。”

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    Such a strong man has fallen,Equator and Robinson are both curious,Evincent how he was indifferent?

    Thought for a long time,In the end, I can only summarize Ivincent’s ideas into categories that I can’t understand.。
    “Why are you crying?Since it is a game,It’s fun to be evenly matched,Unilateral crush is unethical。”
    Ivincent looked at Robinson and the equator seriously,Raised a question,Also gave his own explanation。
    “As a comrade in arms,Even partners,Are you really indifferent to Mr. Lagon’s departure??”
    The equator looks at Evincent,Thinking that I may only be a poisonous man without the potential to become a hero,Otherwise face such gains and losses,Why can’t I be like Evincent?
    “How indifferent!Just can’t be angry,Can’t be afraid,Not to worry,Because extra emotions will affect judgment。”
    When Evincent was talking,I can basically keep my emotions intact,Not as melancholy as the equator,Not as panicked as Robinson。
    “and so,Gentlemen,Do you want to guess,Who killed our good friend,Mr. Lagon?”
    Evincent spread his hands and asked。
    about this issue,Everyone has their own answer,It’s just that Evincent didn’t speak first,Whether it’s the equator or Robinson,Neither of them mean to speak。
    Robinson took over his computer from Evincent,It’s another crackling operation,About a few minutes later,Another bunch of new materials appeared in front of Ivincent and the equator。

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    Qiao Tianyu was shocked,It seems that today the heads of the four major families have come prepared。

    “Listen to Uncle Lu’s orders。”
    Chen Honglie and Cui Laosan quickly sat back,Stop frolicking,And Qiao Dahua quickly greeted Qiao Tianyu and Xiao Pang face to find a seat and sat down。
    It seems that Master Lu has the longest standing among the heads of the four major families,Speaking is also the most important。
    “alright,Today, the four big families of Qiao Cui Chenlu are gathered together,Then talk about business!”Master Lu took a sip of tea,Then said。
    “the first thing,According to the agreement of the four major families when the Fuxing Society was established,After the four major families appeared,The heads of each family must hand over the position of head to the young within three years。”
    “Qiao’s、Cui’s successor has appeared,Dahua,Mi,You have to hurry up and start the concession procedure。”
    “Ok,no problem!”Lu Ye just finished,Qiao Dahua took the lead in expressing support。
    “I’m fine!”Cui Laosan is not far behind,Immediately stated。
    “Give way?”But I heard the word,Qiao Tianyu was still taken aback。
    I didn’t expect Fuxing Club to have this rule,Qiao Tianyu never“Usurp”heart of,Moreover,Now Geordahua and Cui Laosan are in their prime of life,Sitting on huge assets,If you can say yes, just let it?
    “Lu Ye,I’m afraid it’s not good.”
    Qiao Tianyu feels something wrong,He didn’t want Geodahua and others to think that they came to Dubai to fight for power.,So quickly stop Dao。
    “rude!Rules are rules,Not whether you want it or not!”
    But who knows what Qiao Tianyu hasn’t finished,Lu Ye suddenly changed his kind eyebrows just now,Screamed,I was so scared that Qiao Dahua quickly pulled Qiao Tianyu,Motioned not to let him speak。
    “Talk about the second thing,Cough.”Master Lu coughed slightly,Pick up the tea cup,And Qiao Dahua wins,Quickly took over。
    “Tianyu,That’s it。”Qiao Dahua said quickly,“Just on the way here,You saw it too,Such a large area of oil storage tanks,Are the properties of our four big families,Total reserves can be ranked among the top three in the world!”

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    Lin Yuna doesn’t believe that Lin Summit did such a thing,Get up and change clothes,Xiao Fan is also up,The two of them must hurry back to Lin’s house,Lin Yoona looks worried,Xiao Fan didn’t dare to delay。

    Didn’t say hello to Gu Jin and the others,Just drove back。Xiao Fan has been comforting Lin Yoona on the way back,Lin Yoona looks worried,I’m not worried that Lin Summit will really be sorry for Liu Chunlan。
    But worried about Liu Chunlan’s dispute with Lin Feng,After all, neither of them has a good temper。But Lin Yoona is afraid of Xiao Fan,So I didn’t be too worried,Are holding back。How could Xiao Fan not see it?。
    Xiao Fan speeded up the car secretly,Drive to Lin’s house,There must be some misunderstanding in this matter,Xiao Fan believes in his own judgment。Because you can’t pretend to love someone,Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng are not arranged marriages,Because of love and marriage。
    Xiao Fan’s 40-minute drive took only 20 minutes,Lin Yoona was a little surprised when she arrived at Lin’s house,She didn’t even notice Xiao Fan was driving fast,Can’t help but feel guilty。
    Xiao Fan took Lin Yun’er back to Lin’s house,Ma Li was waiting at the door。Seeing Lin Yoona coming back, hurried forward,Lin Yuner asked where Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng were。
    Li Ma answered Xiao Fan’s words:“Mrs. and Mr. are upstairs,
    The two of them seem to be arguing very hard,What happened?Miss,How come the two of them quarrel so hard?
    I have been in this house for a long time,Never met my wife and husband,Quarrel so much,
    What kind of event is it,What’s wrong with the two of them?”At this moment, Ma Li was still looking at Lin Yoona while she was talking。
    Lin Yuna,How can I answer Madam Li’s words at this moment?,She is in a hurry,
    Own parents,Because of this kind of quarrel, he naturally doesn’t want to see it,
    So she perfunctory Li Ma said:“Nothing big,I’ll go up and take a look,I’ll have time to explain to you then。”
    So Lin Yuner said to Xiao Fan:“Xiao Fan,Let’s go upstairs quickly,How could parents arguing so much??”
    Xiao Fan nodded,The two of them quickly went upstairs and came to Lin Feng’s room.,
    At this time, the two people outside the door heard the arguing inside,Liu Zhengchun didn’t let Lin Feng speak at all,
    Sentence after sentence,Xiao Fan could vaguely hear Liu Chunlan talking outside:
    “You have never done anything like this,How could i find out,What is your guilty conscience,Are you acting like a guilty conscience and being caught by me??Both of us have been so long,How can you treat me this way……”
    Liu Chunlan said a lot in one breath,But I can’t hear Lin Feng’s voice and don’t know what’s going on,

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    Wind blowing long hair,Hit Chen Wenjin’s face again and again,Lin Zonghui cast a sorry look,She pressed her hair very hard to avoid flying,But in the ups and downs,There is always some uncontrolled hair flying……

    The pirate ship is finally getting slower,Slower and slower……
    When Chen Wenjin and Lin met,There seems to be no more polite distance between the two.。
    Hui turned around and asked with a smile:“I fell in love with Chen Qian at first sight,I don’t care about you today。You are happy,Lin accompanied today!”
    “I’m glad you got along well。”Chen Wenjin wondered if Hui knew what the suspension bridge effect is,I don’t know if I will be so relieved。
    but,Chen Wenjin, Lin is also quite qualitative,This degree of effect just brings the distance closer,Accumulated a little friendship,Obviously doesn’t make her think too much。
    People who are lack of love are more likely to burn too much emotional flames quickly。
    So later time,Hui really doesn’t part with Chen Qian anymore,During the meal, the two of them discussed going back and made an appointment to go shopping,And without Chen Wenjin。
    Chen Wenjin thinks,This is a happy and fulfilling day。
    He likes playground,Chen Qian also likes,Grow up in the future,The family will bring their children。
    Chen Wenjin gave me benefits,Send Lin again,Then Di,Leopard。
    Played for a day,All tired,No other plans at night。
    Chen Wenjin wanted to send Chen Qian home first,Then drive to a farther place to stop,Chen Qian is not too tired,So we parked the car together,Push the bike and walk back。
    “Do you like Hui??”Chen Wenjin had already planned to change the trajectory of Genhui,Even so, I don’t know how long I can go in the future,But since it’s the second time I lived,Always have a different experience。
    “Like it!”Chen Qian answered without hesitation,Then said again:“But I think she is very good。”
    “Great?”Chen Wenjin asks。
    “Yes。I think,She likes me more than you like?”Chen Qian’s cutting angle is very interesting,Chen Wenjin understands,said laughingly:“Love House and Wu,And meet you for the first time,Hope to get acquainted with you soon,Pretty normal?”
    “Maybe,After all, I’m used to thinking about people bad first,Even if you see the bad of others, you are still used to think better。I think Lin is safe,Should be someone who is not aggressive and kind。”Chen Qian doesn’t argue habitually,As Chen Wenjin remembers,Their brothers and sisters will express their true thoughts,But never argue about right or wrong。
    If it was that year,Chen Wenjin will believe in judgment。
    but now,He actually knew,He back then,It will take some time to realize Hui’s‘Great’。

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    The biggest gain from buying medicine this time is this snow lotus,There are many others on the market。

    arrive home,Jiang Yan is going to cook,And Qin Feng went into his room,Take out the Tianfeng furnace,Last time this furnace made medicine for the ancestors of the Jiang family,But it is full,Its power。
    Now auto repair is used to make cold ice pills,After Qin Feng opened the pill furnace, a scent of medicine began to diffuse,Qin Feng’s magical force formed a barrier in his house,Is my own room becomes an independent space。
    Qin Feng showed that various adjuvants were put in,Start training with Spirit Fire,And I took out the main snow lotus,It is said that this kind of blood scab must be removed with the spiritual power of soil properties,And it’s not difficult for me to cultivate all my spiritual powers。
    Qin Feng used the technique of Yuntianxuan needle to remove the blood scab on it a little bit,Snow lotus is really beautiful at this time,Exudes a faint cold light,To be precise。
    Qin Feng put the petals of snow lotus in one by one,Then Qin Feng sealed the pill furnace,In your own little world。
    The soul inside is sitting cross-legged and practicing,Look
    Come in at Danlu,I watched this pill furnace,Add fire to the Dan furnace,This also saves,Qin Feng’s great strength。
    Qin Feng went out of his room,Because it will be two hours before Dancheng,After Qin Feng came out,Take a look in the kitchen,Jiang Yan is cutting vegetables。
    “Yan Yan,You cook,It looks like Kung Fu is good。”Qin Feng leaned on the door and said。
    “cut,Where can’t you come in and help me do it。”The kitchen knife in Jiang Yan’s hand rang loudly on the cutting board。
    “Ok。”Qin Feng walked in,Take over Jiang Yan’s kitchen knife,Chop up skillfully。
    “You go take a rest。”Qin Feng said。
    “Ok。”Jiang Yan left after speaking。
    Jiang Yan to the living room,Turned on the TV,Pick up the remote,Sitting on the sofa,Start jumping,found it,I watched a variety show。
    Just go by for a while,Qin Feng made the rice,Brought it out。
    The two sat opposite and started eating and pulling up。
    “Yan Yan,Wait for the meal,The pill will be out in a while,Then you can enter the release stage,Your origin will also increase,At that time you will have a better understanding of the cold attribute spiritual power。
    after eating,Qin Feng took the pill furnace out,Although it is a pill furnace,Just practiced with the Spirit Fire Sutra,But at this time the pill furnace can make people feel a biting cold。
    Qin Feng just in case,Use magic to seal the pill furnace,Then open the Dan furnace,Cold inside,Like a cold moon,This pill is transparent throughout,Exuding the sound of rumbling chanting,As if someone got the way。

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