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    Self-conditioning of constipation in stroke patients

    Self-conditioning of constipation in stroke patients

    Stroke patients are bedridden due to paralysis, and the regulating function of the transplanted tract is weakened, causing dry and firm stools and constipation.

    Patients should drink plenty of water to maintain sufficient moisture in the intestinal cavity to soften stools; eat more fruits and vegetables, because fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, which can promote bowel movements; avoid spicy spices such as pepper and pepper; morning and eveningTake honey, because honey is artificially anesthetized, morning and evening can be laxative.

    Patients can also add some traditional Chinese medicine that nourish qi, nourish yin and nourish blood, such as Runchang Pill, Danggui Buxue Decoction, Jinshuibao, Huangqi Decoction, etc.

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    Traditional Chinese medicine for treating low back pain 4 methods

    Traditional Chinese medicine for treating low back pain 4 methods

    Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the causes of low back pain can usually be divided into four types: First, cold and damp low back pain, patients feel waist pain at the beginning, unfavorable turning, and gradually increase, although the pain in lying is not reduced, the pain is even worse in rainy days; the second isKidney deficiency and low back pain, patients often have waist and knee weakness, pain when working, and reduced bed rest; third, waist strain, the disease is caused by chronic strain caused by long-term waist strain or skeletal deformity, may also be caused by sprain incomplete recovery or multiple sprains,Presented as persistent back pain.

    For lumbar muscle strain, the waist is often stiff due to muscle fractures, pain is mild and severe, and fatigue is aggravated, and it is related to climate change. Fourth, sprained waist, sudden onset, history of trauma, localObvious tenderness, often based on the tenderness point to determine the location of the twist injury.

      Here, we recommend several methods for treating low back pain with traditional Chinese medicine.

      (1) Wet application method: Take Evodia officinalis, black aconite, cinnamon powder, dried ginger, Chuanxiong, Atractylodes sibirica, pupa live, solitary living, weilingxian, soil yuan, whole worm, borneol 10g each, asarum 6g, safflower15 grams, 9 grams of soap, 30 grams of Sichuan pepper.

    The above medicine is dried, ground into fine powder, sieved, and ginger juice or wine is mixed into a paste and applied to the affected area.

    This prescription is good at treating joint pain caused by wind, cold and dampness.

      Fang Er take an appropriate amount of loofah seeds, grind into fine powder, adjust the vinegar to a paste, and apply to the Mingmen point (between the two kidneys on the back, under the spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra, opposite to the navel), with plastic film and gauze on itCover, tape fixed, dressing change once a day.

    This prescription applies to hot and humid low back pain.

      (B) Ironing method: Nepeta, phoenix, Qinhuang, clove, cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh and pepper are all taken in equal amounts.

    Spread the medicine powder on the skin of the affected area during treatment. Take a white cloth 2?
    Cover 3 pieces (soaked in vinegar) on the powder.

    Then use a 20 ml syringe to absorb 95% alcohol and spray it on a white cloth, then ignite, and continue spraying alcohol, blow out when the patient feels hot, and then ignite after a little cool (don’t be too hot during the first ironing.scald).

    Repeat 4?
    One treatment can be ended in 5 times, usually every other day and daily.

    One course of 10 days, stop for 5 days, and continue the next course of treatment.

    This prescription applies to acute and chronic lumbar sprains and chronic lumbar strain.

    Can also be used for joint sprains, muscular rheumatism, fractures and dislocation of the functional recovery stage.

      (3) Taping of medicinal wine, eucommia ulmoides, dog ridge, chuanchuan, white flower snake, sycamore flower, woody incense, angelica, yuanhu, frankincense and myrrh, dip in 45?
    In 70 degrees liquor, stir daily and use after half a month.

    Dip the affected area with medicated wine and pat the waist.

    1 daily?
    Two times, 15 minutes each time, this side has a better effect on improving low back pain caused by traumatic low back pain, lumbar muscle strain and wind cold dampness.

      (4) Plasters: Take the wet dampness analgesic cream, musk chase wind cream, etc. Before use, wash and dry the affected skin and stick it to the affected area.

    The area of the patch is slightly beyond the pain area.

    If it is a solid plaster, such as dog skin cream, Wanying cream, injury rheumatism cream, etc., bake it first, and then paste it on the affected area.

    Some ointments, such as Wenjingtongluo cream, Shujinghuoluo cream, stretching muscle cream and other pastes, are directly replaced on the skin when the pain is not visible, plus gauze and bandages, and replaced regularly according to the instructions for use or medical advice.
      Obviously, local skin has wounds, and patients with infection or skin disease are not allowed to apply plaster.

    Plasters containing drugs such as musk have an impact on pregnancy and should not be used by pregnant women.

    In addition, for some western medicine that has been diagnosed with low back pain, the treatment of the attending doctor should be the main method, and the above methods are only used as adjuvant treatment.

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    Married and Living: Finding Objects with the Impetus to Find a Job

    Married and Living: Finding Objects with the Impetus to Find a Job

    “Marriage” is a term proposed by the famous Japanese sociologist Yamada Masahiro, which is a general term for activities related to marriage.

    The so-called “married and living people” are a group of people who are looking for a marriage partner with an attitude and determination to find a job.

    They actively carry out actions, have plans, and plan. Once they find a target group that meets their set conditions, they must find ways to join the circle, apply for resumes, participate in interviews, and finally choose the best candidates based on ideal conditions.

      What is a living marriage: “Marriage” is a term put forward by the famous Japanese sociologist Yamada Masahiro, which is a general term for activities related to marriage.

    For example, actively equipping yourself internally, attending makeup, fitness or communication courses; actively dating each other externally, participating in dating dating and other activities.

    Most of the “married and living people” are women. As they get older, they become mad for marriage, and all operate around marriage.

      Are you married


    Getting married is your biggest dream.


    To get married, your life becomes colorful.


    You are willing to participate in various activities that will help you get married.


    Even if you see the opposite sex for the first time, your first reaction is: can he (she) develop further with you.


    Marriage is like looking for a job for you. There are many plans and plans.


    Marriage is the biggest mountain on your head. For it, you think hard and think about a way to make you more likely to succeed.

      As long as you meet some of them, you are a typical marriage live!

      ”Marriage” sister’s diamond ring game is beautiful Xiangzi. The method of “marriage” victory is different. Her ideal target is a male doctor, but her friend’s vision is too narrow, and she is introduced to second-class hospitalof.

    When she was depressed playing computer, her heart lightened up, so she clicked the mouse and searched the website of a hospital in Harbin. Isn’t this authoritative hospital rich in high-quality male doctors?

    You know they are well-known for their high salary and high education.

    Axiang is really brave and has all the strategies and tactics available. She first engaged in self-marketing at the hospital network, packaged herself into a versatile, graceful, gentle and cute best-selling beauty, and then cut in by email consultation.Effectively, Xiangzi actually found her admirer through the “Advertising Post”. Among them, a non-hospital bachelor also squeezed in to follow up: “Our salary is actually not lower than that of a doctor. MM, can you consider it?Consider me.

    “This is an unexpected harvest of Xiangzi Haixuan.

    After careful screening and interview, Xiangzi finally succeeded.

      It is said that in Chongqing there is a small circle called “upper society”, there are some bachelors who claim to be the oldest diamond king, and they want to know some of the opposite sex through this activity.

    Therefore, there is a strict screening process for MMs who enter this circle. They are required to send their resumes and photos to the group review. If most people pass, they can participate in the activities in the circle.

    Do n’t think that this pass is OK, it ‘s just a stepping stone. The next requirements are more stringent: the event requires you to wear an evening dress, but it ‘s not good to have a good figure. You will be asked to take some questions.If you find it is just a vase, then you will definitely be removed from the invitation list next time.

      ”Marriage” sister Adan said that she has participated in several “high society” activities, and every time she found a new face beside a diamond, I don’t see if they have enough sincerity to find a girlfriend.

    However, she is still preparing to go deep into the middle and long-term resistance of this group of diamonds, because she thinks that this is the same as finding a job, and makes every effort to prepare, in the end the olive branch may not beckon you.

    She said she was only 23 years old, but she also wanted to find her hometown. “Although I have a lot of market now and chased a lot of people, but I want to have a handsome, tall, and rich person while I am young and have capital.Boyfriend.

    “She doesn’t think it’s sugar daddy, or find her favorite person through effective means.

      The “marriage era” requires attitudes. Although love can never be found, can we just wait and wait silently for its arrival?

    “Marriage” is a positive attitude towards life, giving yourself the opportunity to approach love and actively recommending yourself.

    So those who are married are the ones who have heard the most authentic voice in their hearts and acted positively.

    Nothing will fall in the sky. If you want to find a good person to get married, you have to find it yourself.

    Give yourself a reasonable positioning, build your own brand image, and correctly find the right direction and path, otherwise, you are causing invalid activities.
    If you want to be a “marriage” family, you must first understand what kind of person you are looking for, and understand where you can meet such people. Only when you do this will your marriageTherefore, it saves both time and economic costs.
      It needs to be reminded that if you do not work hard, you ca n’t do it, but if your intentions are too serious, people with lofty goals often fail, and knowing that only 70% of everything is the best force.

    When a person’s life is rich and fulfilling, a magnetic field that attracts the opposite sex will naturally be generated. The attitude of life is the attitude of marriage. Only when marriage and life are combined properly is your most attractivetime.

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    To be a good figure for fattening

    To be a good figure for fattening

    At the 40th Asian Bodybuilding Championships in Busan, South Korea, Chinese fitness coach Fu Hui defeated the other countries and won the title of Miss Asian Fitness. This is the second time the player won the championship.

    This primitive nature is thin and thin, often relying on diet-controlled models, after 10 years of fitness and reasonable diet planning, with a beautiful shape, elegant talk, superior temperament and excellent athletic ability, realized himselfThe dream of 10 years ago.

      Fitness and bodybuilding are different. Fu Hui said that it is good for girls to practice fitness.

    When talking about fitness, many people may think of muscles, such as the amazing “horror” shape like Schwarzenegger.

    This is not the case.

    Fitness is a comprehensive program that examines both the proportion of the body, the lines of the muscles, and more importantly, the ability to exercise.

      Fu Hui said that through exercise, he has changed a lot, his character is peaceful, his mentality is mature, his willpower is improved, and his endurance is enhanced.

    “Before, my personality was introverted, but there was a desire to publicize, and I wanted to express my desire. Fitness just satisfied my wish.

    “Now, she has found a higher level of fun in life by helping others to exercise.”

    She said: “I saw everyone through my teaching and help, plus my own efforts, improved my body, improved self-confidence, both happy for them, and the value of their work.

    How do lean women practice a good figure? Fu Hui said that traditionally women have corrected the practice of aerobics, practicing softness and balance, and rarely practicing strength, for fear of practicing a stronger body.

    But in fact, strength training is the most effective method of local shaping. It not only improves the volume of local muscles, but also equalizes the proportions of various parts of the body and reshapes the beautiful body.

    She recommends that women pay attention to the exercises on the shoulders, upper chest, buttocks and abdomen.

      Shoulder exercises can be done on the side of the dumbbells. Long-term exercise can increase the volume of the deltoid muscles of the shoulders, widen the shoulders, and wear clothes into a shape.

    If the upper part of the chest is skinny, it will affect the appearance when wearing a low-necked top in summer, and you can do wide-lift push-ups.

    For women with hip muscles, the hip muscles can be exercised in a weight-reducing manner, and the contours can be improved over time.

      The coach introduced two simple ways to exercise the hip muscles: 1 standing posture, one-legged hip exercise: left-handed chair or other support, right-handed support, chest lift, left leg support, right leg from the ground to the backLift up, pay attention to keep the bones straight and straight, stabilize the pelvis, contract the buttocks muscles, straighten the knees, stretch the toes, for 20 times, then change the other legs for 20 times, and the left and right legs count 1 group, 4-6 groups every day.

      2 arrow steps: the length of the two legs into a bow, do the lifting action, the front leg should not be more than the toe in the process of squatting, so that the legs are interchanged when 12-15 times,, separated by 1 minute.

    Fu Hui said that this is a good way to exercise. In this way, she has greatly improved her hip shape that was previously aimed at falling.

      Abdominal exercises are also very important. The best way is to sit up. The specific method is: supine on the ground, bend your knees, and put your hands on both sides of your ears.

    The upper body is lifted, including the chest arch, the elbow joint abduction, and exhalation, focusing on the contraction of the abdominal muscles, so that a group of 4-6 is exhausted, and the group rests for 1 minute.

    In order to be safe, the effect of shaping is effectively achieved.

      Fu Hui suggested that women should be trained under the guidance of professional personal trainers, because personal trainers will develop appropriate fitness plans and methods for each person’s different physical conditions. For example, for women with reduced waist, the private church will help her to open her back.The muscles are firmer, so that the hips overlap a little wider, and at the same time, her waist and abdomen are made finer, and the buttocks are warped a little, so that the legs are long, and then the shoulders are stretched a little, and the figure looks perfect.
      Women practice more strength, and men’s multi-sports Fu Hui advises female friends to do more equipment exercises and practice.

    Strength exercises are not male patents. They are strong and have a benefit to women: they can enhance self-confidence!

    Male friends also need to enter the aerobics room. Nowadays, many aerobics suits for men are designed. Some aerobic boxing exercises can be used in the practice of males’ fighting and combined with rhythm. There are some aerobic barbell exercises.Integrate strength exercises into rhythm exercises; and yoga, a gentle, balanced, and coordinated exercise for men.

      She said: “There are many ways for women to relax. They can go to the beauty salon and go shopping, but there are very few places for men to go. It is a good choice to go to the gym.

    Through the practice of the gym, many people have changed bad habits, sleeping late, smoking, insomnia, etc. have been well controlled and improved.

    And everyone is more than practicing together, and the fitness is also strong. Many people feel that when they return to school, they become younger.

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    Ten good habits before bedtime

    Ten good habits before bedtime

    Introduction: With the increasing pressure of urban life, many people lose their energy during the day and cannot sleep at night.

    Over time, it will seriously endanger health and accelerate aging.

    So for you with insomnia, is it “counting sheep” when you can’t sleep or tossing and not sleeping?

    In fact, as long as you adhere to the ten good habits before going to bed, you can feel dawn.

    Hurry up and see with Xiaobian.

      Good sleep is the foundation of good health, especially for women.

    Insufficient sleep can affect normal life, study and work, and even endanger physical health in severe cases.

    So what are the ways to solve insomnia?

    Persist in developing ten small habits before going to bed, not only can solve various sleep problems, no longer worry about poor sleep, but also can help you delay aging.

      Soak your feet in hot water.

    The feet are the farthest part from the heart. It is not easy to get oxygen and blood. Soaking your feet with warm water before going to bed is good for promoting blood circulation and accelerating your metabolism.

      If you can develop the habit of washing your feet with warm water (40 ° C-50 ° C) and massaging your feet and toes every day before going to bed, you can promote blood circulation and relax your muscles.

    For the elderly, the effect of fitness is eliminated.

      Have a glass of milk with honey.

    The ancient folk circulated such a sentence: “Chao Chao Salt Soup, Twilight Honey.

    “That means drinking salt water early and honey water late.

    According to research by foreign medical experts, milk contains tryptophan that promotes sleep. Drinking a cup of milk with honey 1 hour before bed can help sleep.

      Honey helps keep your blood sugar balanced throughout the night, which prevents you from waking up early.

    Or eat a banana, which also contains tryptophan, which helps improve sleep quality.

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    Woman, should your man change?

    Woman, should your man change?

    The following 8 kinds of facts meet more than half of them. It is recommended that you make the same mistakes every time he makes a change. The more times he commits, the stronger your reversal reaction will be.

    His skills of lying (especially harmful lies) have improved significantly, but your ability to break through lies has improved significantly.

    Although he is a good man, when you were with him lately, you were thinking about others.

    You haven’t been very picky about him, but relatives and friends around you don’t seem to like him.

    He can’t read your mind, and when you need him to listen, he always doesn’t understand or is absent-minded.

    Recently, you have the feeling that he will leave you at any time, or repeatedly ask you to give him a little more freedom, but you really have a hard time doing it.

    He is afraid of losing you, and often makes you feel that you should not leave him by death or by hurting yourself.

    You love him, but when you are with him, you show less and less your own character.

      The following 8 kinds of facts meet more than half of them. It is recommended that you do not change him. He is not the type you like, but he chases you sincerely.

    And the type you like, no matter how much contact ends in failure.

    You have a premenstrual syndrome, and every time he has a way to survive your menstrual emotional storm and continue to cling to you.

    Although the sweetness of your love has faded away, he really cares more about you than your boss or parents. He always stands by you on key things.

    He does not have the advantages of your ex-boyfriend, but he does not have the disadvantages of your ex-boyfriend. He has unique advantages that few people can have.

    He doesn’t know how to take care of you, but he has the talents you admire, and you think his talents bring you endless fun.

    You are picky about him, but he can win the appreciation of your family, friends and supervisors.

    He asks you a lot, some are even harsh, but you feel very reasonable and not malicious.

    He is sticky, but not sweet.

    Or he is not sticky, but very loyal.

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    Eat healthy rice

    Eat healthy rice

    Pumpkin rice: Pumpkin has high nutritional value, especially the highest content of carotene in melon. The pectin in it can increase the viscosity of rice and make sugars absorbed slowly. Therefore, pumpkin rice is suitable for diabetics.

    In addition, mannitol in pumpkin has a laxative effect, which can reduce the harm of toxins in the stool to the human body and prevent colon cancer.

      Black fungus rice: first boil the rice, then add black fungus to cook rice or porridge.

    Black fungus is a edible and medicinal fungus with high nutritional value, rich in iron, and particularly high in lysine and leucine.

    In recent years, it has been found that it can reduce blood viscosity and have obvious preventive effects on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

      Taro rice: Add taro to the rice and steam it into rice.

    Taro granules are soft and easy to digest. It is suitable for people with urethral diseases and tuberculosis, as well as the elderly and children.

    In constipation or redness and swelling in summer, eating taro rice can especially make laxative and detoxify.

    However, taro contains starch and starch, and it is easy to swell gas if you eat more. Pay attention to the right amount when eating.

      Huaishan Yam Rice: Add Huaishan Yam to the rice and cook it similarly to rice or porridge.

    Huai yam is rich in nutrition and has always been regarded as an inexpensive and tonic product.

    Because it does not contain impurities itself, and the mucin contained in it can prevent trace deposition of the cardiovascular system and protect arterial blood vessels, it can prevent arteriosclerosis, and can reduce the aunt under the skin and avoid obesity.

      Sweet potato rice: It is a very good health product.

    Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrition, and have the effect of “tonicating deficiency, strengthening energy, strengthening spleen and stomach, and strengthening kidney deficiency”.

    It contains a large amount of starch and cellulose, which can prevent constipation and reduce the incidence of bowel cancer, but also help reduce the formation of cholesterol in the blood and prevent coronary heart disease.

    At the same time, it is an alkaline food that can neutralize the acidic substances produced in meat, eggs, rice, and noodles, and regulate the acid-base balance of the human body.

      Mung bean rice: It is the best product for refreshing summer heat.

    Mung beans are cool and sweet, and have the functions of clearing heat and relieving heat, diminishing water and swelling, soothing throat and thirst, and lowering blood pressure. It can prevent and treat fever, thirst, irritability, and poor urination caused by heat stroke.

    Rice is eaten together. The most important thing is to cook it thoroughly, and the brakes can better digest it.

    In particular, beans are hard in water, so they must be cooked first, and then cooked with the rice to avoid placing “cooked rice.”

      Oatmeal: Boil rice or sticky rice with oats to make porridge or rice, which is a good health food for the elderly.

    Oat contains crude fiber and unsaturated fatty acid content, which can lower cholesterol, regulate cholesterol triester, and reduce blood viscosity. It can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It can treat diabetes and constipation. You can lose weight by eating more.

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    Experience the cold happiness of winter swimming

    Experience the cold happiness of winter swimming

    The Zixia Lake at the foot of the Zijin Mountain in Nanjing has a beautiful environment and clear water.

    It has attracted a lot of winter swimming enthusiasts for a long time. Recently, I also joined this team.

      Speaking of winter swimming, you have to start climbing the Purple Mountain with friends in 2001. Whenever you pass the Zixia Lake after climbing on Sunday, you can always see the healthy figures of swimmers in the rippling lake water, especially in the coldIn the winter, there are even older and older couples swimming with each other, watching them stepping into the lake calmly, hitting water and breaking the waves in the Zixia Lake covered by snow-covered forests, and there is no chill after landing,Admiration for the winter swimmers was born in my heart.

    After the previous exchanges with my friends in Zixia Lake Winter Swimming, I decided to start winter swimming exercises in Zixia Lake based on my body and work situation. I insisted on running three times a week at 6am each morning, running from Houshan toBy the side of Zixia Lake, I went into the water to swim, and insisted on climbing after the swim on Sunday.

      When I was young, I used to swim in the swimming pool or river, river, lake, and sea in summer. When it is cool in autumn, I will not go into the water to exercise.

    But after making up my mind for winter swimming exercise, I experienced the change of seasons, and insisted on swimming from summer solstice to autumn, and then from autumn to winter. The feeling in the water began to change from cold to cold until the cold was biting.

    Indeed, Dong Yong faces a challenge, and a new test of will.

    In retrospect, the winter swimming is indeed seeking hardships, but there is joy in the pain. Every time the “cool” after the winter swimming, I can only have a deep feeling after being there. This is also my experience since I gradually went into the winter swimming.

      When someone asks what is the benefit of winter swimming, I think: life is exercise, exercise enhances physical fitness, any physical exercise that is good for the body is good, winter swimming is just one of my favorite exercise programs after experiencing practiceThat’s it.

    In the winter of 2004, I was able to swim in the ice water for about 1,000 meters in one breath. After landing, I had a clear mind, a comfortable mood, ample production, and improved work efficiency. I started to realize the positive and aggressive spirit when I was young.
      Winter swimming is a sport for the brave. Being brave means facing difficulties, overcoming difficulties, and overcoming difficulties.

    Participation in this sport really requires not only enthusiastic enthusiasm, strong will, but also a scientific and gradual attitude towards seeking truth from facts.

    Winter swimming is also a comprehensive physical exercise. It combines cold water, sunlight, and air as a “three baths”, which can strengthen the skin, promote blood circulation, strengthen physical strength, clear the mind, and increase endurance.

    Of course, insisting on winter swimming can not only strengthen the body, but also have obvious cure effects on some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, obesity and bronchitis, arthritis, hypertension, hyperglycemia, etc.This is some of the research done by experts and practiced by winter swimmers.

      Friends, let’s stick to the winter swimming exercise, exercise in the snow and ice, swim in the fierce lake water, and enjoy the victory over ourselves and the cold pleasure, so that we will always be refreshed and happy.

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    Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Pediatric Accumulation

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Pediatric Accumulation

    Margin is a pediatric period, especially 1?
    A common medical syndrome in children 5 years old.

    It refers to chronic diseases such as systemic weakness, weight loss, yellowing, and dryness caused by spleen and stomach damage due to improper metabolism or the effects of various diseases.

      Nowadays, people’s living standards have gradually improved, and the number of single children has increased recently. Parents lack awareness. Many parents are afraid that their children will not be full.

    As the saying goes, “Milk is expensive sometimes, food is expensive and seasonable.” It is by no means that the more you eat, the better you will grow.

    I do n’t know, feeding too early, eating too much fat, eating too much cold food, and blindly strengthening nutrition, on the contrary, it increases the load of the spleen, hurts the spleen and stomach, consumes qi and blood fluid, and stays in the coke, reducing appetite., Nutritional deficiencies, so the current accumulation is mostly caused by nutritional imbalances.

      Massage therapy: 1. Principles of treatment for those who suffer from stasis of milk and food, should be used to eliminate stasis, and to strengthen the spleen and stomach;

      2, commonly used acupuncture points spleen meridian, Banmen, four seams (four horizontal stripes), inner gossip, abdomen, umbilicus, Zusanli, spine and other points.

      3, commonly used methods of pushing, rubbing, rubbing, pinching, pinching, pressing and so on.

      4. Operation method (1), basic treatment method: take the supine position of the child, first operate on the upper limbs, push the spleen 500 times, push the door 300 times, push four horizontal stripes 200 times, and gossip 200 times within the transport;In the above position, the abdomen is rubbed with the umbilical cord for about 5 minutes, so that there is a kind of warmth in the abdomen, and then press and rub each side of Zusanli acupoint for 1 minute.

      The child took the prone position, food, and two middle fingers rubbing the spleen, stomach, and sanjiao respectively, each point for 1 minute; then apply pressure on the child’s spine point, starting from the Gumi point, up to largeVertebral points, about 3?
    5 times; in order to enhance the stimulation can be more pinch in the spleen, stomach, Sanjiao points.

      (2) Addition and subtraction with the certificate: For those who have stagnant milk, add 500 times to clear the spleen soil, 300 times to clear the spleen, 300 times to clear the large intestine, 100 times to clear the kidney water, and rub the middle simmer for 5 minutes;For those who suffer from blood loss, add the spleen meridian 500 times, push up the Sanguan 300 times, rub the horseshoes for 5 minutes, Modan field for 2 minutes, rub the blood sea 30 times, refer to rub the Shenshu, and ask the acupoints for 1 minute each.

      Note: 1. Massage is used to treat pediatric accumulation (malnutrition) once a day, and 7 days is a course of treatment.

      2. Accumulation of diseases should be early.

    The delay is long and other organs are involved, but it is difficult to heal.

      3. Reasonable and reasonable, eat regularly and quantitatively; prevent partial eclipse, picky eaters, and correct bad habits such as snacks; replace breast milk, add supplementary food in time, and pay attention to nutrition to protect children’s gastrointestinal function

      4. Those who are deficient in zinc, iron, calcium and other trace elements should be appropriately supplemented in advance.

      5. Pay attention to diet hygiene and prevent various infectious and parasitic diseases.

      6. Properly arrange outdoor activities and physical exercises for children to increase appetite and improve digestion.

      7, to ensure adequate sleep for children.

      Acupuncture treatment: the treatment of snoring is mainly based on spleen and stomach.

      Commonly used points: ① acupuncture at four slit points (odd points); ②, Jiji point (located under Dumai Jing Yaoshu point 0).

    5 inches) hanging line.

      Operation method: Four slit points, puncture with a triangular needle, squeeze out the yellow-white mucus.

    Accumulation of hanging holes: One spare embroidery needle No. 9 and a red silk thread (marked) on the pinhole. During operation, first wipe the skin and the needle with a 75% alcohol cotton ball.Use your left thumb and index finger to pinch the acupoint, and use your right hand to cross the superficial piercing surface for about 1?
    2 cm wide, tie and fasten the silk thread, and cut the remaining thread.

    This line is generally at 3?
    5 days automatic replacement.

    According to clinical practice observations, if there is no other comorbidity in children with congestion, only acupuncture of the four suture points and the concubine points will be cured with one treatment, and no internal medicine is required.

      Press: Four seams, the Jiji acupoint can eliminate pediatric milk food stasis, which is an effective acupoint for the treatment of rickets.

      Attention must be paid during the treatment: ① The area where the Jiji points are hanging can usually be washed with water, but after washing, wipe with a dry cloth. Do not grab with your fingers to avoid local skin infection.

      ② Don’t eat fragrant, fried, fried, dry snacks after treatment. If you suffer from enteritis, avoid oily soup.

      ③ If the disease is caused by intestinal worm disease or tuberculosis, the primary disease must be treated.

    In the later stages of the disease, patients with extreme weight loss should be treated with drugs or integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

      ④ Early treatment is important for the prevention of this disease. Breast milk replacement is encouraged, and nutrient-rich and easily digestible food is given during weaning.

    Regular diet should be quantified regularly to avoid partial eclipse.

      Diet: 1. The ingredients of the previous rice carrot porridge: about 250 grams of carrots, 50 grams of rice.
      Production: Wash and slice carrots and cook with rice for porridge.

      Usage: fasting, 2 times a day.

      Efficacy: wide middle and lower air, eliminate product stagnation.

    Suitable for pediatric stagnation, digestion does not occur.
      2, Poria boiled chicken liver raw materials: chicken liver 30 grams, Poria 10 grams Production: chicken liver, Poria co-boiled.

      Usage: Eat liver and drink soup for 10 days.

      Efficacy: Invigorate the spleen and blood, and nourish liver and kidney.

    Applicable to infantile accumulation, physical deficiency.

      3, malt fried composition: 20 grams of malt.

      Usage: Fry for 30 minutes, take 2 times daily.

      Efficacy: Eliminate milk.

      Indications: Injury (feeding) of infants.

      4. Barley porridge composition: 50 barley rice?
    100 g.

      Usage: ground barley, eat porridge often.

      Efficacy: tonicate the spleen and widen the intestine.

      Indications: Injuries caused by milk, diet, nausea and vomiting, abdominal distension and abdominal pain.

      5. Composition of plantain paste: plantain 100-200 grams.

      Usage: Plantain and water are ground into a paste, 2 times a day, 2 teaspoons each time.

      Effect: Laxative.

      Indications: food constipation, poor appetite, bloating.

      6, fragrant ginger milk composition: 2 cloves, 5 ml of ginger juice, 250 ml of milk.

      Usage: Boil in the same aluminum pot, remove cloves, season with a small amount of sugar, and serve twice a day.

      Efficacy: nourishing the spleen, reducing inversion, and stopping vomiting.

      Indications: The accumulation of emaciated skin is weak, and children with vomiting are vomiting.

      7, Xiaoshi porridge composition: lotus meat, yam, malt, lentils, hawthorn, etc.

      Usage: add pre-made rice porridge to eat.

      Efficacy: Jianpi Xiaoshi Huazhi.

      Indications: pediatric food product, body weight loss, poor appetite, who will be stingy.

      8. Hawthorn fried composition: 15 grams of hawthorn.

      Usage: decoction, 3 times a day.

      Efficacy: Eliminates greasiness and meat accumulation.

      Indications: stagnation of meat, abdominal distension, infantile trauma.

      9, radish seeds fried composition: 30 grams of radish seeds.

      Usage: slightly fried, decoction.

      Efficacy: Digestion.

      Indications: stagnation and fullness, abdominal pain, constipation or vomiting.

      10. Composition of steamed quail: 1 quail Usage: add a small amount of oil and salt, steam it, and take it in the morning and evening, and eat it for 1 week.

      Efficacy: Spleen and stomach, angry blood.

      Indications: Pediatric malnutrition, weight loss, poor appetite, constipation, disgrace.

      11, mutton porridge composition: 250 grams of mutton, 250 grams of yam, 150 grams of rice before.

      Usage: Lamb is rotten, yam is crushed, rice porridge is cooked in the broth.

      Efficacy: Spleen and stomach, nourishing qi and blood.

      Indications: Pediatric malnutrition or accumulation.
      12, Jianpi Xiaoshi custard composition: 3 grams of yam, 3 grams of malt, 3 grams of Poria, 4 grams of hawthorn, 3 grams of lotus seed meat, 6 grams of chicken internal gold, 3 grams of betel nut.

      Usage: Study the fine powder on the medicine, 5 grams each time, add 1 egg and mix and steam, then add the appropriate amount of salt or sugar, 1?
    2 times.

      Efficacy: nourishing the spleen and qi, digesting and appetizing.

      Indications: Weakness of the spleen and stomach, stoppage of the food product, difficulty in eliminating food, abdominal pain and swelling, diarrhea in the stool, weak pulse, etc .;

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