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    Get angry in the winter and distinguish between true and false

    Get angry in the winter and distinguish between true and false

    Traditional Chinese medicine divides “fire” into real fire and virtual fire. The treatment of real fire is to clear heat and reduce fire, and the fire is tonic.

      How do I know if I am a real or a false fire?

      Look at the color of urine, yellow urine, heavy smell, while the tongue is red, it is a real fire; the color of urine is light, clear, indicating that there is cold in the body, is a virtual fire.

      Look at the stool dry stool, red tongue is a real fire; dry stool, pale tongue, white tongue coating is a virtual fire; weak stool or diarrhea indicates that there is cold in the body, is a virtual fire.

      Look at fever If your body has fever symptoms, your body temperature exceeds 37.

    At 5 ° C, the whole body is hot and thirsty. This is a large internal heat, which is a real fire. When the fever is cold, the hands and feet are cold, the body is cold and hot, and you do not want to drink water.

      So no matter who you are, when you feel hot and dry in your body, press these sentences first to see if the “fire” is real or false.

      As long as it is a real fire, the most commonly used heat-clearing, detoxifying, and fire-reducing medicines in traditional Chinese medicine are sure to reduce fire even after three days of eating.

    At present, there are fewer and fewer people who are simply fire, most of them are virtual fire, and the method of nourishing yin and reducing fire is effective.

      Some people will cause “fire” because of the cold.

    When the body is cold, the direct consequence is kidney injury, which results in weakness of kidney qi, decreased function of various organs, and loss of qi and blood.

    Kidney is the main water. This water is used to irrigate the whole body. When the water is insufficient, the land will be dry like the ground is lacking.

      What kind of people fall in love with fire?

      As the saying goes, “The young man sleeps chillyly, all by fire.”

    If a person is not afraid of the cold and is physically strong, people often say that he is strong.

    But what exactly is “firepower” and what effect it has on health? Maybe many people don’t know.

      ”People often say that the fire is strong, in fact, it means that one’s yang is strong.

    Jiang Liangduo, chief physician of internal medicine at Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, told the Life Times reporter that Chinese medicine believes that life is driven by a real fire, namely yang, which is the body’s thermal energy and the driving force for promoting various physiological functions of the body.It is called “less fire” in Chinese medicine.

    For the human body, less fire is more prosperous, and all aspects of the body are more powerful and resistant.

    If the firepower is insufficient, it will be cold and cold, weak, and weak in resistance.

      First of all, young people are more powerful and powerful than older people, and men are more powerful than women.

      Most of the strong people are physically strong and are not easy to get sick, but if the fire is too high and exceeds the normal range, it will become a “evil fire”, which will cause discomfort such as redness, swelling, heat, and pain, and get angry.

    Jiang Liangduo said that people with high firepower are more prone to flushing, dry throat, pain, dry lips, nosebleeds, toothache, loss of appetite, and dry stool.

      Many children will also be strong, which is a manifestation of children’s “pure Yang”.

      Jiang Liangduo explained that during the growth and development of children, children are often vigorous and thriving. At this time, physical development, limb function, intellectual development and visceral function activities all increased rapidly, and they continued to improve and mature. Therefore, the yang in the body is relativelyBig flourish.

    “Simply put, a child’s fire is to build a long body. As long as he does not start, he does not need to lower the fire.

    “So how does a strong person need to nurse?

      ”Most powerful people are better physically. As long as they avoid mood swings, excessive stress, insufficient sleep, and bad habits such as smoking and drinking, eat less spicy food such as onions, ginger, garlic, pepper and lamb, dog meat., You can avoid getting angry.

    Jiang Liangduo said that if there is already a disease caused by excessive firepower, it is necessary to distinguish between truth and truth.

    The actual fire has the characteristics of rapid onset, sufficient duration and strong response.

      Generally manifested as red face, red eyes, thirst and cold drinks, swollen and sore gums, dry stools, can be treated with heat-reducing and purgative drugs such as Huanglian Shangqing pills, but do not take it continuously for a long time.

    If it is a false fire, it is manifested as fever in the hands, feet, heart shape, weight loss, dry throat, insomnia, and fatigue.

    Deficiency fire is the result of poor yin fluid. To nourish yin, you can use Buzhong Yiqi Pill.

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    Prevention and care of baby’s cold and fever and pneumonia

    Prevention and care of baby’s cold and fever and pneumonia

    Infants and young children are weakly resistant, and are very susceptible to colds, fever, and coughing in the autumn and winter seasons. At this time, parents need careful care. If they are not treated properly, they may develop pneumonia.

    What should parents do in this situation?

    I believe that everyone has many questions that need to be answered by experts.

    In this interview, Bu Wenjing, a pediatrician and Zhang Yongmei, a child safety expert, will take care of colds, fevers, pneumonia and other diseases that often occur in infants and young children during the autumn and winter seasons, and how to take protective measures to prevent their children when they are out at homeThe occurrence of various diseases, to provide practical advice to everyone.

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    Morning and night cup of mulberry parasitized tea can be implanted into hypertension

    Morning and night cup of mulberry parasitized tea can be implanted into hypertension

    Mulberry parasitism, also known as broad parasitism, is a plant that is parasitic on old mulberry trees.

    Clinical studies in TCM have shown that decoction of mulberry parasite decoction and tea can combat arrhythmia, increase coronary flow, improve coronary circulation, strengthen cardiac contractility, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, inhibit accumulation, prevent thrombosis, and improve microcirculationIt has obvious adjuvant effect on the treatment of hypertension.

    The method of making mulberry parasitized tea is to take 15 grams of dried mulberry parasitic products, cook them for 15 minutes, and place them once a day, morning and evening.

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    Season change should prevent psychological cold _1

    Season change should prevent “psychological cold”

    At the time of this season change, psychologists said that large changes in sunlight and temperature will easily affect people’s emotions. Some small things that were not noticeable, catching up with this season will induce emotional instability factors.
    According to statistics, 30% of people feel the changes in the weather and have various symptoms of discomfort. Therefore, it is recommended that the public should prevent “psychological cold” during seasonal changes, and pay special attention to the occurrence of seasonal affective disorders.
      Children get tired of seasonal affective disorder. “When some children get into the winter, their tempers become particularly bad. They talk back to their parents, teachers, classmates, and even quarrel. They don’t like socializing with others. They don’t bother to get up in the morning, and their academic performance declines.
    But in the spring, summer, and fall, he became completely like another person, his learning progressed, and his temper was much better.
    “Li Yan, director of the Department of Psychological Sleep, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that this is actually a child mental illness-seasonal affective disorder.
      Children with seasonal affective disorder usually start a series of depressive symptoms from October to December each year, which lasts from March to May the following year, and then disappear or relieve on their own.
    According to research, children with seasonal affective disorders are mainly caused by the effects of light on the body’s biochemicals.
    Experts say melatonin may be closely related to the disease.
    When there is less sunshine in winter and the night gradually becomes longer, the melatonin in the blood also lasts longer, resulting in excessive sleep, laziness and irritability.
      女人受影响是男人的4倍  季节性情感障碍可以说是一种季节病,用患者的话来讲,“对于自己来说,一年分两季,到冬天时爱睡觉,不爱出门,对什么No confidence, summer is the happiest time!
    “Because patients have depression symptoms with the arrival of winter and the reduction of sunlight, when spring comes and the day becomes longer, they will gradually get out of depression and return to normal mood and vitality.
      ”Not only do children suffer from seasonal affective disorders, but adults and adolescents are also spared.
    “Li Yan said that seasonal affective disorders usually start in adulthood (the average age of onset is 23 years), and women are four times that of men.
    About 11 million people are currently diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder.
      Why women are more susceptible to the disease, the study suggests, may be because they are more sensitive to the time of daylight.
    Therefore, doctors and patients’ families should pay attention to observe whether their life has changed, such as lethargy, lethargy, increased appetite (like eating rice, bread and other carbohydrates), difficulty concentrating, and not loving to associate with friends, etc.It helps to guide the treatment.
      The control is to establish a normal biological clock. If you realize that your emotions are due to changes in the weather season, you can make a plan and “include the expected changes in your life plan.”
      Experts suggest that after winter, do more outdoor sports or go for a walk and bask in the sun.
    If it is cloudy, you can try to extend the lighting time in the room as much as possible and keep the indoor lighting bright.
    Studies have found that when night comes, the melatonin secretion of the human pineal gland increases, which can affect people’s mood, and light can inhibit this hormone secretion.
      Secondly, sleep is a barometer of recurrence of mental disorders. If drowsy, family members should pay attention to these early signals at any time, and timely understand the patient’s abnormal performance and seek medical treatment.
    If there have been patients with mental illness who have recurred due to seasonal changes in the past, it is best to intensify the treatment appropriately under the guidance of a doctor before the seasonal changes, such as increasing the amount of drugs appropriately to avoid recurrence of chronic diseases.
      Self-regulation method (1) Once the weather is abnormal, take measures in time to avoid harm to the human body, such as “action to avoid cold, seclusion to avoid summer”, etc. Wear warm clothes and exercise more to increase human body heat to deal with cold.
      (2) Chinese medicine divides human emotions into seven aspects: joy, anger, worry, thought, sorrow, fear, and surprise, also called “seven emotions”.
    When people get angry, they will be emotionally disordered. Therefore, they should be cheerful in mood, open-minded, and show people in bright colors indoors or on clothing. This can also bring people a good mood.
      (3) Diet and medicated food are beneficial to human health. Generally, foods that are both medicines and foods should be eaten in the diet, such as jujube, yam, ginkgo, barley, lotus seeds, longan, walnut, black fungus, lilyWait, not only can replenish qi and blood, protect the spleen and stomach, but also have nutritional value.

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    Body sculpting and yoga

    Body sculpting and yoga

    I have always thought that the yoga instructors in the gym are very watery, thinking that they only understand yoga asana, but not the core of yoga-spiritual cultivation.

      Unexpectedly, a Chinese dance teacher I have always liked, but I have been practicing yoga for many years.
    I talked to her that day, and I simply learned about the eight-point yoga, also called “King Yoga”.
      The eight-point method is the principle followed by yogis. Through these yoga practices, practitioners can gain discernment, which allows us to get rid of the falsehood in life and gain the ability to relieve pain.
      Eight aspects of the Eight-point Yoga: 1) Yamas: refers to external control, the moral precepts of the universe.
    This includes observing the commandments, not killing, being honest, not stealing, acting cleanly, and not greed.
      2) Niyamas: Internal control, self-purification through self-discipline.
     Quietness, contentment, asceticism, chanting, and worship.
      3) Asanas: refers to yoga postures.
    Also called tune up.
    Keep your posture straight and keep your body stable. 4) Pranayama: refers to breathing rhythmically and controlling exhalation.
    Also called interest rate adjustment.
    Control breathing.
      5) Pratyahara: Spirit?
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    刂 Employment release 佟?
    / P> 6) Dharana: Concentrate and pay attention.
    Focus on one place.
      7) Dhyana: Meditation.
    The spirit continues to the object of meditation 想 8) Samadhi: The superconsciousness from meditation is all concentrated in the soul and unites with the universe.
    Into the setting, the so-called oneness of mind.
      Then she suggested that I start with the simplest and most core meditation practice, half an hour morning and evening.
    Came back and searched the relevant knowledge online.
      The essentials of yoga meditation need to be mastered; first of all, as soon as we are seated, we must adjust our body, then adjust our breath, and then adjust our heart.
    So how can we adjust our body, breath and heart?
      To readjust, you should first sit in your own sitting position. You can take different sitting positions according to your specific situation. For example, you can sit at random, sit loose, and sit in the lotus position with your left foot on your right foot and your thigh.The double lotus seat on the thigh, the supreme seat on the lower leg with the left foot under the right foot, and the golden steel seat are all acceptable.
    The two thumbs overlap with each other and the two thumbs gently touch each other, and can also be made into various fingerprints; the thumbs of both hands are against the forefinger, the other three fingers are opened, and they are gently placed on the plated Tenggai.
      At this time, the performance is sitting sideways, shoulders relaxed, neck relaxed vertically, using the top of the head as the reference point for posture adjustment, and felt that there is a line to pull up his head, and then use thisLine to adjust the midline of the body to support the neck and shoulders, not the neck and shoulders to support the head.
    And feel that the head is empty, the neck is empty, and the shoulders are loose, even in normal walking, standing, sitting, and so on.
    We want to meditate with a skeleton, not a muscle.
    The so-called meditation without muscles means that we don’t use muscle strength and let the center of gravity of the body form a triangle.
    That is, sitting on the bottom, shoulders, and then overhead.
    Attention; our skeleton is used for balance, not for support. In the sense, muscles are completely useless, such as sitting, standing, and walking.
    Yoga predicate is called the blue sky above the head.
      Then, adjust your breath. After adjusting your sitting posture, start to adjust your breath, take two natural breaths easily, then take a few deep breaths, then relax, and then breathe with your thoughts. Know when you exhale.I’m exhaling. I know that I’m inhaling when I inhale. During the entire exhalation process, my thoughts are only exhalation. During the entire inhalation process, my thoughts are only inhalation.If the speed of thoughts is properly controlled, the speed of breathing must follow the thoughts. If the breathing is like a human body, the thoughts are the shadows under the lamp or the night light. Let the thoughts follow the breathing, and follow the pace.

    Let your thoughts follow your breath step by step, and follow them easily and freely, but do n’t leave at all. When you follow your breath, you are inseparable. When you exhale, you know that the entire process of exhaling is exhaling.
      And then there’s aligning.

    This stage of reconciliation refers to the thoughts other than breathing, and this thought we call miscellaneous thoughts. Then, we have no resistance to miscellaneous thoughts, no unnecessary, any resistance to and disregarding miscellaneous thoughts.Come back to our own breath, come back to the breath of in and out.

    Know when you exhale and when you inhale.

    During the entire exhalation process, the only thought is exhalation, and during the entire inhalation process, the only thought is inhalation.

    No matter what the distraction comes, continue to[exhale, know exhalation, inhale, know inhalation], whether it is some kind of distraction, whether it is intentional or unintentional, let our physiology relax, do n’tTake care of it, don’t reject it, don’t don’t want it, but simply return to income and income. This is what we call tune-in.

      The first five branches of the eight branches of yoga are the outer branches, the last three branches are the internal branches, the first two branches are the moral respects, and the last six branches are the practice respects.

    Through the last six exercises, you can use various magical powers, such as insight into the inner activities of others, invisibility, knowing the predecessor, and so on.

    There are five sources of supernatural power: innate, herb, Sanskrit, asceticism, and shamisen.

      If the yogi later also causes magical power, that is, the elimination of all karma, troubles and impureness can produce Fa-rectification, and she can destroy everything and achieve liberation.

      The Eight Branch Method adheres to the concept of “a healthy body is properly contained in a healthy spirit.” It encompasses all aspects of life, it helps people to change wrong habits, establish a correct lifestyle, and thus avoid the harm of disease;Teach people how to look at the people and things around them, and actively adjust their mentality . In summary, the eight-branch method clearly divides yoga practice into steps. It is a major Indian way of promoting physical, mental, and spiritual system trainingYoga genre is the best yoga genre for Easterners to practice.

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    What to pay attention to when buying baby bath products

    What to pay attention to when buying baby bath products

    The delicate skin of babies needs to be taken care of, especially in severe air pollution and UV-burning environments.

    An important part of skin care is washing and bathing for babies. Different baby bath products have different formulas, but these formulas are mild, natural and can protect the tender skin of newborns.

      Precautions for purchasing bath products for infants and young children At present, the main choices are bath essence, bath milk, enzymes, and soaps. They are specially designed for infants and young children, which can better protect the baby’s skin.

    When buying cleaning bath products for your children, choose bath products without hindering your preferences.

    But first of all, you need to understand which products on the market are most suitable for your needs. Children of different ages have different needs for bath products. Newborns who have just been born have less activity and can be cleaned slightly.

    When you get a little bigger and have a slightly larger amount of activity, plus considerations such as perspiration and air pollution, you need to choose a bathing product with a cleaning effect.

      The following items should be paid attention to when choosing bath products. Manufacturers’ credibility: Generally speaking, choose bath products with a good brand and good reputation.

    Ask the experienced elders, relatives and friends in advance, and you can find more reliable brands from their recommendations.

      Second, the package is complete: Before purchasing bath products, you must carefully check whether the product package is complete and there is no damage or deterioration.

    As far as enzymes are concerned, be sure to ensure that the packaging container is intact when purchasing, because enzymes are most afraid of binding with the air, or they will deteriorate. For example, when the enzyme should be green but red, you cannot use it.

      3. Designed for infants and young children: Because the skin of an infant is different from that of an adult, never use adult bath products to clean the baby to avoid irritating the baby’s skin.

    Similarly, when purchasing baby bath products, be sure to identify products such as “designed for babies”, because these products are specifically tested for infant skin, and the quality is guaranteed.

      Fourth, clear labeling: The contents and cleaning of cleaning bath products must be clearly marked. For products with unclear labeling and vague descriptions, for the delicate skin of babies, it is not good to buy.

    Some products make their performance particularly clear.

      For example, there is a bath product labeled with the functions, ingredients and other natural ingredients of the product: · The function of the product 1, pure plant extraction to avoid allergies and erythema; 2, a plant-based formula that can maintain the baby’s innateNatural skin resistance; 3, containing plant moisturizing ingredients, soft and smooth after washing; 4, using pure plant formula of natural oils close to the human body, easy to decompose, environmental protection and no pollution; 5, no pigment, passed skin sensitivity testWith a slight fragrance.

      · Product 1, Coix Seed: Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, calming effect, can relieve heat, moisturize and dry skin.

      2, peony skin: anti-inflammatory, activate the skin, have anti-inflammatory, activating blood, treatment of skin diseases.

      3, Cork: convergence, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory effect.

      4, Poria: drying effect, make the skin dry and reduce sweating.

      5, aloe: high-quality moisturizing effect, to prevent rough and dry skin.

      6, Angelica: promote blood circulation and moisturizing, can nourish, promote blood circulation, treat skin diseases.

      7, Tao Ren: promoting blood circulation, nourishing and promoting blood circulation.

      8, jujube: activate cells and keep warm, nourish and prevent skin allergies.

      9, loquat leaf: anti-inflammatory effect, moist, can cure eczema.

      · Some other natural ingredients: 1, olive oil, honey: can inhibit eczema and prevent inflammation.

      2. Perilla: Natural medicinal material with the functions of inhibiting dermatitis, skin allergies, itching, etc., with long-lasting moisturizing effect.

      3. Natural propolis: antibacterial, cleansing, moisturizing the skin, and promoting the regeneration of sebum film.

    Suitable for eczema and dry itchy skin.

      4. Vitamin e: cleans and moisturizes the skin.

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    Rose aroma Q flavor jelly salad

    Rose aroma Q flavor jelly salad

    Ingredients: Wash and peel the strawberries, wash and peel the apples, and peel the pears, with the right amount of rose petals, soak in water for a while, remove and dry, jelly powder (green tea flavor), and the appropriate amount of condensed milk.

      Production: First put in easy water, add boiled water, add jelly powder, refrigerate, freeze and solidify, cut apples and pears into small cubes, soak them in salt water for a while, take out after the jelly is formed, place apples and pears on top, addAdd rose petals, jelly and strawberries, mix with condensed milk and sprinkle with fresh broad bean petals.

      Features: It is not uncommon for flowers to enter the garden. The reason why they can be accepted and loved by everyone is not only due to its unique aroma, but also its effectiveness is greatly favored. Roses have the ability to relieve depression, and blood stasis.The main reason is that the main body suffers from dysphoria and dysphoria caused by liver and stomach discord, and stomach pain, and can also regulate melancholic mood and increase vitality. After years of experience with roses, I can really calm down the mood.

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    Home beauty gymnastics

    Home beauty gymnastics

    The arms, waist, and thighs are the easiest places for adults to accumulate. Therefore, the coach specially recommends six targeted body shaping exercises, so that you can easily shape your body at home.

      Action 1 (skinny waist): Support the wall with your left hand, lift your right leg up, open your waist, try to approach the front with your knees, and return to the original position.

    Repeat 20 times and change to the other side.

    This action can reduce the aunt’s side waist.

      Action 2 (thin back waist): The slender face to the wall, the upper body is slightly inclined, do not shake the waist, tighten the abdomen, open the waist, raise the knees upward.

    Feel the pressure on the back of the chest and thighs and return to the original position. Repeat 20 times and change to the other side.

    This action can reduce the aunt behind the waist.

      Action 3 (belly abdomen): Cross your hands on your chest, choose the correct sitting position, let your hips slightly off the ground, and your waist sway naturally. Feel your shoulders like walking on the ground, and swing left and right.

    Repeat 50 times.

    This action can effectively reduce excess meat in the waist and abdomen.

      Action 4 (thin thighs): sit flat on a mat or bed with your palms behind you, supporting your body naturally, slowly lifting your legs perpendicular to the ground, then separating your legs, straightening them up, and finally returning to the vertical position, Repeat 20 times.

    This action helps tighten the thighs.

      Action 5 (thin arms): Sit flat on a mat or bed, put your palms behind you and use your arm strength to naturally support your body. Straighten your arms, lift them forward, and bend them to make your body parallel to the ground.

    Hold for about 3 seconds and slowly lower your hips back to their original position.

    Repeat 15 times.

    This action can effectively exercise the muscles of the arm.

      Action 6 (abdomen abdomen, thin thigh front side): sit flat on a cushion or bed, bend your arms naturally behind you, put your legs tightly and slowly retract, as far as possible, tighten your chest.

    Hold it for 3 seconds, then open it with your heels off the ground and keep your legs straight to the ground.

    Repeat 20 times.
    This action helps to train the muscles of the abdomen and the front side of the thigh.

      Coach reminds: The combination of exercise and diet is also very important. Do not exercise on an empty stomach before fitness. You should eat foods that are easily digested and absorbed 1-2 hours before exercise to replenish your energy and increase your metabolism.

    It is advisable to eat 1-2 hours after exercise, the food can be dissolved.

    Attention should be paid to controlling the intake of fats and oils. In the case of reasonable protein and substitution, some vitamins and cellulose should be increased.

      Thin waist and abdomen, thin arms, thin legs, make your woman charming!

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    Yuanyang 2008 Summer Yoga Wear

    Yuanyang 2008 Summer Yoga Wear

    Commodity: Yuanyang Summer 2008 (Caring for Yourself) Environmental Yoga Wear Market Price: 618 RMB RMB Brand: Yuanyang Yoga Specifications: S (about 155c), M (about 160cM), L (about 165cM), XL(Above 170cM), (small average size is mainly based on height) Material: Yuanyang yoga clothes are made of environmentally friendly fabrics (95% viscose, 5% spandex).
      Style characteristics: Since the development of yoga clothes, now it has slowly put aside the old fashioned style, single color style, simple and natural European and American fitness style, and the Chinese knot, dynamic side, sleeve flower collar flowers, fashion printing and other different popular factorsAlso integrated into more and more new styles, more in line with modern people’s personality, but do not want to go too far.

      Material characteristics: strong breathability and moisture absorption-the fabric uses high-tech perspiration treatment technology, fast sweat absorption, good breathability, and changes quickly between absorption.

      Refreshing and comfortable-Yuanyang Yoga’s high-grade eco-friendly cotton will not stick to the skin even when sweating.

      Soft and flexible——Because the fiber itself has a soft feeling, it has a significantly larger size than other materials when subjected to the same pressure ratio as other materials.

      Strong warmth and breathability —– Because it is a specially designed mesh weave that can effectively control the spread of body temperature, it has a very good warmth effect in winter wear; and because of its excellent breathability, it does not stick to the body and has no discomfortIt feels refreshing when wearing in summer; therefore, it will not be disturbed by daily activities and can be worn for a long time.

      Scope of application: It is mainly used for practicing yoga and also suitable for other non-head sports.

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    The chrysanthemum diffuses the wind and heats the heat with the Sydney moisturizing

    The chrysanthemum diffuses the wind and heats the heat with the Sydney moisturizing

    Chinese medicine believes that dryness is the mainstay of autumn.

    Dry gas is easy to hurt fluid, prone to symptoms such as dry mouth and nose, dry and itchy skin, so people often chrysanthemum tea in autumn, because chrysanthemum has a certain effect of alleviating autumn dryness.

    At the same time, pears have the functions of moistening the lungs, clearing dryness, relieving cough and reducing phlegm. The perfect combination of chrysanthemum and Sydney can moisturize and relieve cough and reduce phlegm.

    Today, old Chinese medicine introduces a Sydney chrysanthemum tea.

    Ingredients for Sydney Chrysanthemum Tea: 1 Sydney, 2 grams of chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, 5 grams of wolfberry, rock sugar, water amount. Method: 1. Soak the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum and wolfberry in warm water for about 5 minutes.Cut into chunks for later use; 2. Put half a pot of water in a small pot, put in the Sydney pieces, and add the appropriate amount of rock sugar to boil on high heat, stir while cooking. After the water is boiled, put the soaked wolfberry into the stew;After about 1 minute, add the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, and turn to low heat to continue to cook. After 2 minutes, you can eat it off the fire.

    First, chrysanthemums can be used to clear the heat in the dry and hot autumn. Chrysanthemum selection is not only an ornamental flower, but also an important presence in traditional traditional Chinese medicine.

    There are various types of chrysanthemums, and different chrysanthemums have different effects.

    The medical book “Yellow chrysanthemum is used as medicine, and white chrysanthemum is used as tea”. Its properties are slightly cold, sweet and bitter, can evacuate wind-heat, calm the liver and clear eyes, clear heat and detoxify. It is often used for exogenous wind-heat or early onset of fever, liver hyperactivity, liver fire.Treatment of diseases such as eye diseases, heat sore swelling, bathing with chrysanthemum soup, as well as antipruritic body refreshing, skin care and beauty functions, using Hangbaiju tea as a drink, slightly sweet and fragrant, is even better.

    According to modern medicine, it has the functions of antidiarrheal, anti-inflammatory, eyesight, hypotensive, lipid-lowering, and strengthening. It is often used to treat hypertension, migraine, and acute conjunctivitis.

    Coupled with wolfberry can also nourish the liver and eyesight, usually when using chrysanthemum chrysanthemum to make tea, plus a small handful of wolfberry can achieve the finishing health effect, computer families, students, and other people with frequent eyes can drink more.

    However, chrysanthemums are diverse and have similar functions.

    For example, although chrysanthemum chrysanthemum and wild chrysanthemum are very similar, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum is often used in daily food therapy. Because chrysanthemum chrysanthemum is more bitter and cold, it is generally compatible with other medicinal materials as a prescription. It is often not recommended to eat chrysanthemum to avoid cold and cold.Yang Qi.

    The function of evacuation and diarrhea is supplemented by yellow chrysanthemum, and white chrysanthemum can nourish the liver.

    Hang Bai Ju (Fetal Chrysanthemum) and Gong Ju are both clearing away the heat and clearing the fire, but Hang Ju is more focused on the liver and eyesight.

    Therefore, in general, Hangbai chrysanthemum is more used as medicine, and Hangbai chrysanthemum and Huangshan Gongju are more used as daily drinks.

    When you choose chrysanthemum tea, it is best to choose symptomatically, which can be more beneficial to health.

    Second, Sydney is cold, and steamed food can neutralize cold Sydney is one of the common fruits in autumn. According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Pears are good, and their sex is fluent.

    “It can cure wind and heat, moisturize the lungs, cool the heart, relieve phlegm, reduce fire, and detoxify.

    Medical research proves that pears have the functions of moistening the lungs, clearing dryness, relieving cough and phlegm, and nourishing blood and muscles.

    Therefore, for patients with acute bronchitis and upper respiratory tract infections, dry throat, itching, pain, dumbness, thick sputum, constipation, red urine, and expectorant are beneficial, especially suitable for autumn consumption.

    However, because of the cold sweetness of Sydney, people who suffer from chills due to the coldness of the spleen and stomach will easily hurt yang.

    Fortunately, Sydney has a variety of eating methods, which can be eaten raw or used as steamed food or boiled sugar. In addition, the autumn weather has gradually become cold, the spleen and stomach are cold, and the lungs are easy to cough.

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