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    The ultimate in lipid-lowering and heart-care-oats

    The ultimate in lipid-lowering and heart-care-oats

    Modern medical research has found that the soluble fiber contained in oats enters the intestine and forms a sponge-like gelatinous substance, which can absorb a large amount of bile acids, encapsulate cholesterol and cholesterol-like substances, and clear them out of the body. This will inevitably force the liver to take blood from the blood.Cholesterol is used as a raw material to “process” bile acids, which can reduce blood cholesterol levels.
      Oats, also known as brome and wild wheat, are annual herb crops in alpine regions.
      I made it in the Yangtze and Yellow River basins.
    Oat has twice the protein and fat content of rice, and is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and trace elements chromium, magnesium, manganese, zinc and a variety of amino acids, phytic acid, linoleic acid, and phospholipids. It is especially rich in the human body “Indispensable non-essential amino acid “glutamine.
    It is commendable that oat contains a large amount of porous soluble fiber, which is 10-15 times that of wheat. The beta-glucan contained in it has blood cholesterol lowering and laxative effects.
    The University of Kentucky School of Medicine observed 20 patients with hypercholesterolemia and consumed oat food every day, and found that the total blood cholesterol dropped by an average of 12.
    8%, and “bad” cholesterol low density lipoprotein (LDL-C) decreased by 12.
    A food and health statement approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that “using oats as part of a diet can lower blood cholesterol.”
      Modern medical research has found that the soluble fiber contained in oats enters the intestine and forms a sponge-like gelatinous substance, which can absorb a large amount of bile acids, encapsulate cholesterol and cholesterol-like substances, and clear them out of the body. This will inevitably force the liver to take blood from the blood.Cholesterol is used as a raw material to “process” bile acids, which can reduce blood cholesterol levels.
    This gelatinous substance can also delay the absorption of glucose by the intestinal mucosa and prevent a sudden increase in blood glucose concentration after a meal.
    Researchers at the University of Kentucky have found that oats can help maintain blood sugar balance in diabetic patients and help patients reduce their dependence on insulin.
    In addition, the chromium element contained in oats is a good food for people with impaired glucose tolerance; the magnesium element contained in oats has vasodilatory, anticoagulant, and anti-atherosclerotic effects; the manganese element can maintain the normal function of the islets;Zinc has an antioxidant effect.
    New evidence suggests that oats may also help lower blood pressure in people with hypertension.
    Oat rich in dietary fiber and protein, phospholipids, and linoleic acid can make people feel full, which can keep you away from foods that are easy to gain weight, and help you lose weight and control weight.
    The glutamine contained in oats plays a role in “building” the body’s main antioxidant glutathione, which is found in every cell.
    It can not only change the intestinal flora, reduce the growth of intestinal pathogens and bacterial translocation, but also be beneficial to strengthen the immune system, prevent muscle breakdown, and promote disease recovery.
    The phytic acid contained in oats can make synthetic hormones lose their effect and play a certain role in preventing cancer.
      Experts suggest that eating 50 grams (one bowl) of oatmeal or oatmeal powder for one to two consecutive months can reduce total blood cholesterol by 3% and reduce “bad” cholesterol LDL-C by 14%.
    If you want to lower blood cholesterol faster, you must eat 75 grams a day, and then reduce to 50 grams after a period of time.
    Oatmeal can be added slowly from a small amount to adapt the body to avoid causing flatulence and indigestion.
    It should be noted that because oat contains phytic acid, it will prevent the body from ingesting calcium, iron, and zinc in food, so do not eat too much each time.
    It is reminded that due to the different individual reactivity of oat fat reduction, not all consumers are effective.
    Buyers prefer wild oats with high soluble fiber content.
    As long-term consumption of oats can still raise the “good” cholesterol high-density lipoprotein (HDL-C) levels, it is no wonder that the famous American nutritionist Joseph Kenan said that “common oats can promote heart health”!
      Oat is warm and sweet. Chinese medicine believes that it has the functions of antiperspirant, smooth bowel, and oxytocin. Therefore, fasting during diarrhea and pregnant women.

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    [Source]Folk recipe[Raw materials]50 grams of walnuts and 500 grams of red sugar.


    Put the prize brown sugar in an aluminum pan, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it with martial arts heat, and toss it on a simmering fire until it is thick, add the fried black sesame seeds and walnut kernels, stir well and cease the fire.


    Pour the wufa sugar into an enamel plate coated with cooked vegetable oil, spread it out, let it cool, cut into small pieces with a knife, and put it in a sugar box for later use.

      [Usage]Eat three pieces each morning and night.

      [Efficacy]brain and kidney, black hair, suitable for dizziness, tinnitus, forgetfulness, hair loss, early white hair and other symptoms.

    Jiufu has the effect of preventing premature aging.

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    Fitness etiquette lets you go beyond grace

    Fitness etiquette lets you go beyond grace

    1 Returning weight lifting equipment At any time, when you are finished using dumbbells or barbells, kettlebells, you must carefully return these equipment to their original positions.

    Remember, other club members come here to exercise, not to “treasure hunt” here.

    Your temporary inattention will cause a lot of inconvenience to others.

      2. Don’t occupy any equipment. The gym is a public community and everything is shared.

    You can effectively perform group exercises according to the plan, exercise-rest-exercise, and repeat these three-point, one-line actions.

      It is necessary to explain what is the number of groups: the concept of the number of groups is defined by the sum of the number of operations and the basis of the length of rest, that is, the number of groups must be determined by the appearance of training.

    During training, how many moves should you do while exercising each body part?

    How many groups does each action army have?

      3 Wipe off the sweat from the equipment Imagine how you would react when you walked up to a certain equipment and prepared to show your strength, but found that it was covered with the sweat left by the previous athlete.

    A little disgusting!

    Either you wipe the sweat yourself, or you switch to another device.

    Of course, you don’t want to be this unfortunate guy.

      In order to make yourself and other people more comfortable to exercise, here is a suggestion for you: If you are sweating during exercise and your fitness equipment is covered with sweat, please wipe the sweat with the disinfectant provided by the gym.

    At the same time, before using, you can also put on your own towel to avoid direct contact between the body and the machine.

      But when you are doing your own super group (referring to continuous use of different movements to train different muscle groups, many studies have shown that this training method can make muscle groups get stronger stimulation), do you notice that other people also needUse the equipment you use.

      Is it a bit too much for you to occupy several devices by yourself?

    When you train another group of muscles, you may want to give equipment that is not in use to others, after all, this is not your own gym.

      4 Learn to limit yourself Considering the ability of the cardiovascular system, in general, a person is best to exercise for 20 to 30 minutes on one type of fitness equipment, and try not to exceed this time limit.

    Excessive exercise can cause muscle soreness and fatigue, enthusiasm for training, loss of appetite, and poor sleep.

    Therefore, after proper exercise, you should take a break, so that you can recover your body and allow others to benefit from the equipment you use.

      If no one is waiting around you, of course you can rest assured and continue to use it, just don’t exceed the physical limit.

    If possible, please fill in your name on the fitness equipment booking use list.

      5 Don’t fall weightlifting equipment Although the gym is not a church, you are also obliged to keep it quiet and don’t fall down from a height for no reason.

      Although general exercise can be done at home, if we can rely on professional fitness equipment, especially for certain body parts for more effective exercise, our goals will be easier to achieve.

    But do you know how to use all fitness equipment properly and politely?

      The first thing we go to the fitness club is to use those complicated equipment to exercise.

      You regulars may have been in the gym for several years, and you already know all about fitness techniques and procedures.

    However, fitness is not as simple as simple muscle exercise. It has more meaning than social etiquette and life.

    Do you understand the etiquette of the gym?

    How much do you know

      Or do you know about gym etiquette?

    If the answer is yes, then the following tips will greatly benefit you and become the “darling” of the gym.

      How to pay attention to the wait equipment?

    Mayakovsky, the most influential poet of the former Soviet Union, once said: “There is no more beautiful clothes in the world, like strong muscles and fresh skin.

    “As a new generation of men, how can you not know the essence of perfect body shape, and then you will catch the trend and fall in love with the gym and run as soon as you are free.

      The gym is the epitome of society, but everyone here has a common goal.

    Mastering the right fitness etiquette can greatly help your relationship.

    Once everyone has mastered these rules, going to the gym is more enjoyable, because there is no reason to be uncomfortable.

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    Company employees should be over 1,000 psychologists

    Company employees should be over 1,000 psychologists

    Yesterday, the Ministry of Health issued the “China Mental Health Work Plan (2012-2015)”.

    The draft for comments states that in the future, general hospitals at level 2 and above should set up psychiatry (clinical psychology).

    Local governments should establish special funds for the management and treatment of severe mental illness.

    The total number of employees in the company exceeds one thousand, and it is equipped with a full range of psychological counseling experts.

      The establishment of psychiatric departments at the second-level and higher hospitals has gradually reduced the incidence of common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders, and 16 million patients with severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia have been rescued. Service management issues have not been effectively resolved.

      The draft for comments states that in the next three years, more than 95% of counties (cities, districts) will establish a network for the management and treatment of severe mental illness; 90% of community health service centers and conditional township hospitals will be equipped with full-time part-time medical staff in the army for mental illnessCorrection work; more than 90% of provinces (cities, districts) and more than 60% of cities (prefectures, states) set up psychological crisis intervention teams; 100 city construction psychological assistance hotlines

      General hospitals of Grade II and above can establish psychiatric (clinical psychology) clinics, and institutions with conditions can set up wards.

      Local governments should establish special funds for treatment. Local governments should integrate the management of patients with severe mental illness into national basic public health services.

    At the same time, local governments are required to establish special funds for the management and treatment of severe mental illness, to support patient reporting, risk monitoring, emergency treatment, staff training, guidance of grassroots institutions, work assessment and evaluation;
      The government gives priority to supplementary policies for mental hospitals, grants special subsidies to public health tasks undertaken, and guarantees public health service fees designated by the government according to service costs.

      The consultation draft requires that companies provide service conditions for employees who need psychological counseling properly; companies with more than 1,000 employees (including) have a full range of psychological counseling experts.

      Grass-roots women’s organizations, aging organizations and other social groups should be equipped with qualified counseling experts.

    Sub-district and township governments and social groups are encouraged to establish public welfare psychological counseling agencies to provide the crowd with psychological support and counseling on issues such as work, study, marriage, and family.

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    Supplement health detox and drink constipation

    Supplement health detox and drink constipation

    Many white-collar workers are under a lot of work pressure. They often sit and sit for a day at work, rarely get up and move their bodies. Over time, they have slow movements and symptoms of constipation. The best way to alleviate constipation is to diet.

    Below, Xiaobian recommends 6 medicated porridge to relieve constipation for everyone.

    … 6 medicated porridges for detoxification and constipation. Mulberry sesame porridge takes 24 grams of mulberry and 15 grams of black sesame. Add boiled rice porridge, add a small amount of water and rock sugar, and cook into porridge with gentle fire. Take 1-2 times a day.
      The atractylodes porridge is decocted with 40 grams of atractylodes water, and 60 grams of rice is boiled for porridge. Take it sooner or later.

    The spleen and stomach can be transported healthily, stagnation and laxative can be carried out, and the effect on constipation caused by weak spleen and stomach and inability to transport can be very good.

       Shouwu porridge Shouwu decoction for 30 grams of water, add 60 grams of rice to cook porridge, take it sooner or later.

    It can nourish liver and kidney, nourish blood and intestine, and is suitable for those with blood deficiency constipation, deafness, tinnitus, hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis.

      Walnut porridge: 15 pieces of walnut kernels are mashed, and 60 grams of rice is added to make porridge, which can nourish kidneys and invigorate intestines and laxative. It is suitable for kidney deficiency, asthma, asthma, urinary stones, etc.

      Cassia porridge is made from cassia seeds 10 grams, boiled and boiled for juice, 60 grams of rice is cooked and served as gruel.

    It can nourish yin and brighten eyes, moisturize the bowels, lower blood pressure and lipids, and is suitable for constipation patients with hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

      Cistanche lamb congee takes 20 grams of Cistanche decoction to extract juice, add refined mutton, 60 grams of rice each boiled into thin porridge, seasoned and served.

    It can benefit liver and kidney, nourish essence and blood, moisturize intestines and laxative, and is suitable for those who suffer from constipation due to deficiency.

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    The health effects of radish from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine

    The health effects of radish from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine

    “Compendium of Materia Medica” praises radish, calling it “the most beneficial of vegetables”.

    There are many types of radishes in the market, such as carrots, green radishes, white radishes and water radishes. They each have their own “strengths”.

      Carrots, also called carrots, are rich in carotene, alanine and other amino acids, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.

    Carrots eat raw blood and nourish kidney, cooked kidney and kidney, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease can eat more.

    Carrots are fried with oil because carotene is a fat-soluble vitamin that can be absorbed by oil.

    Even if you eat carrots raw, you can absorb other fat-containing snacks later, which can promote absorption.

      White radish eats raw to promote digestion, its spicy can promote gastric secretion, adjust gastrointestinal function, and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

    Cooked, especially stewed with pork, mutton, etc., can nourish the qi.

    White radish stew is the most common practice of ordinary people.

    In winter, people are eating too much meat to protect themselves from the cold.

    Boil a pot of mutton white radish soup, one can remove the odor, the second can neutralize the warmth of the mutton, and three can break the gas, stagnation, and prevent indigestion.

      People with a lot of sputum and a bad appetite can drink radish tea.

    Wash and slice the white radish first, season with salt.

    Tea leaves are brewed with water for 5 minutes and then poured into radish juice.

    Drinking 2 times a day has the effect of clearing away heat and phlegm, regulating qi and appetizing.

      Green radish vitamin C and precipitated fiber have an excellent effect in clearing heat and relaxing the liver.

    If the spleen can be strengthened, more phlegm and thirst.

    Water radish is toxic in summer, and its diuretic and digestive effects are significant.

    Green radish and water radish are more suitable for cold dressing, crisp and refreshing.

      The folk saying “Eat radish and ginger early, doctors do not prescribe”.

    This shows that radish is suitable for eating at night.

    The radish is cool in nature, can defuse heat, and aerate.

    Eat radish for supper, which can relieve throat and digestion, and help sleep.

    And autumn and winter are more dry, eat more radish can also add moisture.

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    How to start sex education for babies?

    How to start sex education for babies?

    Why do many parents struggle with having sexual problems with their children?

    This is because many parents feel they have limited knowledge.

    There are also some parents who think about sexual issues. The less the child knows, the better. They worry that gradually gradualizing these problems will lead them to try sexual behaviors prematurely.

    Furthermore, many of us parents have never had sexual issues with their parents and they don’t know how to tell their children.

    Therefore, as a parent, you should learn some sexual knowledge to enrich yourself and understand some knowledge related to sex education.

    With enough knowledge, you can have confidence in your child’s sexual problems.

    Parental self-confidence is the key to easy and effective sex education.

    Here are some ideas on how to deal with suicidal issues with your child.

    (1) Teach the correct names to teach the correct names of various parts of the child’s body, such as the penis and vulva.

    This will help you communicate with your child about sexual issues more accurately and conveniently.

    The correct names of various parts of the body can also help you explain to your child what sexual assault is.

    Your child can also tell you clearly whether sexual assault has occurred.

    (2) Don’t wait to ask questions Sometimes parents feel that their children never ask questions.

    In fact, sometimes it is not necessary to wait until the child asks a question to start a period of time.

    Parents can use events happening around them or in society to discuss with their children.

    Prevent your child from thinking about some problems, and what precautions should be taken to avoid some problems, and what should be done after the incident.

    (3) When you do n’t know, admit that it sometimes faces the questions raised by your child, do n’t know how to answer, or do n’t know at all.

    It doesn’t matter.

    Admit to your child that you don’t know.

    A good way is to check the information with your child to find the answer.

    You can also use this to set an example of honesty and problem solving for your child.

    (4) What you do is as important as you say. Parents should pay attention to the non-verbal information that children get from adults.

    For example, mutual respect and loyalty between husband and wife, shared household chores, respect for the elderly, love for the young, help others, civilization and politeness, serious and responsible work, honesty and trustworthiness will be passed on to the child through the behavior of parents.

    (5) For your child, discuss three important influencing factors below. These factors will affect how your child deals with sexual problems in adolescents and later adults.

    These three factors are: self-esteem, personality, and how to make a decision.

    Helping children to establish self-esteem and self-esteem is a positive self-concept, a kind of respect and like for yourself.

    Good self-esteem is a very important part of mental health.

    Praise and support can promote children’s self-esteem, and blindly criticize them against their self-esteem.

    Parents seem to have a natural ability to help children build self-esteem. You see, parents give their children great encouragement when they first try to talk or learn to walk.

    Children’s self-confidence and self-esteem need encouragement from parents, and this need continues through adolescence.

    Studies abroad have shown that adolescents who have strong self-esteem and feel good about themselves feel that they are worthy of respect. Adolescents and other adolescents have very few sexual issues.

    Self-esteem adolescents start sex late, and do not begin until they are more mature.

    Therefore, we should pay attention to cultivate a healthy self-esteem of the child, which is also a very important part to make him mature.

    Respect for your child’s privacy. The exclusive concept should be instilled in your child from the start of sexual education.

    When a toddler learns that something is immovable to others, he has some initial concept of rejection.

    Tell your child that the genitals are the majority of a person’s place, and that others have no right to see or touch this place without our own permission.

    Tell your child not to touch other people’s genitals.

    When telling children that adults need civilization, it is also important to empower them.This means that children’s privacy aspirations are respected early, and their possibilities should be fully respected when they grow up.

    This means that when children go to school, do not search their rooms, do not peek at their diaries and letters, and do not monitor them behind the scenes.

    Allow children to have their own ideas and practices.

    When discussing certain issues with your child, pay attention to listening, don’t make too many comments, and let your child feel that parents are willing to listen to their ideas and can have an equal dialogue with their parents.

    This child is also willing to tell you anything.

    Parents can also clearly tell their children the criteria of their own assessments and judgments.

    Helping children learn how to make decisions Developing children’s ability to make decisions and self-judgment is also a very important part of sex education.

    Most of the sexual decisions our children make are made privately, in fact they are made without our presence and without guidance.

    As your child gets older, the circumstances and decisions they make become more complicated.

    Parents need to teach their children decision-making skills, tell them about information, value, self-confidence, how to do it will have the best results, and they have already given them the opportunity to practice their decision-making skills.

    Increase their sense of responsibility as they learn to make decisions.

    It is also important to support children in making decisions and respecting their choices.

    Before adolescence or adolescence, most children will face sexual-related situations and must make their decisions. He may need to know what a safe date or social outing is, and what situations lurk the risk of sexual assault.

    Making better decisions about situations will partially replace the skills and confidence they developed in early childhood.

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    These nine dietary treatments can treat presbyopia

    These nine dietary treatments can treat presbyopia

    In addition to presbyopic treatment, patients with presbyopia need to pay attention to eye hygiene and strengthen physical exercise, but also choose the following dietary treatments: First, compound cucumber juice raw materials: 150 grams of cucumber and tomato, 5 ml of lemon juice.

      System usage: chopped cucumber and tomatoes, add them to a juicer to squeeze into a mixed juice, add lemon juice to this mixed juice, and stir to serve.

    This drink can be taken in the morning and evening.

      Indications: Suitable for all types of presbyopia patients.

      Second, celery fresh coriander juice raw materials: celery, fresh coriander 150 grams, 100 grams of cucumber, 5 ml of lemon juice.

      System usage: chopped celery, fresh coriander and cucumber, add them into a juicer to squeeze into a mixed juice, and then add lemon juice to this mixed juice, stir and serve.

    This drink can be taken in the morning and evening.

      Indications: Suitable for all types of presbyopia patients.
      Three, apple egg milk ingredients: apple, citrus, egg 1 each, milk 200 ml, honey 10 ml.

      System usage: Cut apples and citrus into small pieces, add them into a juicer and squeeze into a mixed juice for later use.

    Beat the eggs into a bowl and stir well.

    Pour the milk into the pot, add the stir-fried eggs when it is boiling over medium heat, and boil off the heat. Then add the mixed juice and honey while hot, and stir well.

    This drink can be taken in the morning and evening.

      Indications: Suitable for all types of presbyopia patients.
      Fourth, carrot apple soy milk raw materials: carrots, apples 50 grams each, soy milk 200 ml, lemon juice 5 ml.

      System usage: chopped carrots and apples, add the juice to the juicer at the same time to squeeze the mixed juice, and then add lemon juice to this mixed juice, stir and serve.

    This drink can be taken in the morning and evening.

      Indications: Suitable for all types of presbyopia patients.
      V. Sesame peanut soy milk ingredients: 15 grams of black sesame, 25 grams of peanut kernels, and 50 grams of soy flour.

      System usage: first put the black sesame seeds and peanut kernels into the pan and cook them together, and grind them into fine powder for later use.

    Add soy flour into the pot and boil an appropriate amount of water, then add ground peanut and black sesame powder, stir well and serve.

    This soy milk can be taken once in the morning and evening.

      Efficacy: nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening spleen and nourishing qi.

      Indications: Applicable to patients with presbyopia with deficiency of qi and blood.

      Six, wolfberry fried pork raw materials: 30 grams of wolfberry, 200 grams of lean pork.

      System usage: first wash the wolfberry, put it in a bowl and put it in a basket (or water-proof) and steam it for later use.

    Cut the lean pork into shreds, add vegetable oil to the pan and stir-fry when cooked. Add steamed wolfberry and stir fry for a while (you can add seasonings such as salt).

    This dish can be eaten daily with meals.

      Efficacy: nourish the kidney, nourish the liver, eyesight.

      Indications: Applicable to patients with presbyopia of liver and kidney deficiency.

      Seven, wolfberry leaf pork liver soup ingredients: 100 grams of wolfberry leaves, 200 grams of pork liver, the right amount of condiments.

      System usage: Wash the leaves of wolfberry for later use.

    Wash and slice the pork liver, add it to the boiling soup pot, add seasonings such as cooking wine, spring onion, and ginger, simmer for 30 minutes. After the pork liver is cooked, add the washed wolfberry leaves and cook for about 10 minutes.

    This dish can be eaten daily with meals.
      Efficacy: nourish the kidney, nourish the liver, eyesight.
      Indications: Applicable to patients with presbyopia of liver and kidney deficiency.
      Eight, black bean porridge ingredients: black beans, 100 grams of rice each, floating wheat (immature wheat) 50 grams.

      System usage: Cover the floating wheat with gauze and add black beans to the pot and add water to cook. After the black beans are boiled and flowered, remove the gauze bag into the floating wheat, add it to the rice, and cook.This porridge can be consumed once a day, morning and evening.

      Indications: It is suitable for all types of presbyopia patients, often eat this porridge and high blood pressure, and enhance the physical fitness of the elderly.

      Nine, raw materials of Yinqi Mingmu soup: 20 grams of white fungus, 10 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 100 grams of chicken liver, 25 grams of jasmine (dry), seasoning

      System usage: Wash and cut the Tremella fuciformis into small pieces, soak with water for later use.

    Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, add Tremella, chicken liver, wolfberry, and boil, then add condiments such as cooking wine, ginger, salt, and MSG. After the chicken liver is cooked, sprinkle with jasmine.

    This soup is acceptable at daily dinners.

      Efficacy: nourishing liver and kidney, improving eyesight.

      Indications: Suitable for all types of presbyopia patients.
      In addition, patients with presbyopia should usually have a light and nutritious diet. They can eat more high-protein foods such as beef, lean pork, eggs, fish, nuts, soy products, and jujube, apples, tomatoes, cucumbers., Cabbage, spinach, celery and other fresh fruits and vegetables.

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    How to eat oatmeal is the healthiest?

    How to eat oatmeal is the healthiest?

    Oatmeal has the characteristics of low sugar, high nutrition and high energy, and is one of the healthy staple foods popular with modern people.

    But how do you eat oatmeal to get the most out of your health?

    Let’s take a look: it is best to have breakfast as a meal, and in the evening two meals, we will eat rice or white noodles as a staple food.

    From a nutritional point of view, the main effect of these two staple foods is to provide enough starch as a source of conversion for human activity.

    Oatmeal is unique in that it has sufficient protein and its alternative fiber supply in addition to enough starch: the introduction of substituted fiber in oats is distinguished by wheat and its corn4.

    7 times and its 7.

    7 times.

      Eating oatmeal as a staple food at breakfast can provide redundancy, supplement the protein needed by the human body, absorb the unique effects of fiber, manipulate the smoothness of digestion, help the body maintain normal blood sugar levels, and let the digestive system follow.Continuously and smoothly provide energy to the body throughout the day.

      Light and refreshing is for friends who try oatmeal for the first time, and may feel the taste of oatmeal is lighter.

    Some friends do not adapt to this light taste, will add a lot of oil salt ginger onion or leeks in oatmeal, or enlarge the sugar to taste.

    Most of the oatmeal products on the market now belong to the skin oatmeal. The taste of the oatmeal is very refreshing. The excessive seasoning actually destroys the intrinsic effect of the oatmeal to adjust the digestive speed of the human body. In the rehabilitation of the human body, the activity of the oatmeal is offset, and the concentration and concentration are adjusted.Unique effect.

      A more reasonable way to eat is to cook light oatmeal or oatmeal. Friends who like sweetness can add proper amount of milk, soy milk and a small amount of white sugar. Friends who like salty taste can add some lean meat, vegetables and a little salt.

    The oatmeal cooked in this way is more balanced and has a pleasant taste.

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    Wearing a skirt in winter does not directly lead to artificial

    Wearing a skirt in winter does not directly lead to artificial

    How to distinguish between rheumatism and osteoarthritis People often say that “arthritis” or “rheumasis” is osteoarthritis in medicine.

    Many osteoarthritis patients in the clinic claim to have rheumatism, but they say that rheumatism is different from rheumatology in medical terms.

    Chinese medicine experts say that cold does not directly lead to arthritis, but if you have arthritis, cold will aggravate its symptoms.

    Experts say that medically defined osteoarthritis is caused by joint deterioration with age or joint damage that causes damage.

    Osteoarthritis is roughly divided into primary osteoarthritis and secondary osteoarthritis.

    Primary osteoarthritis means that there is no trauma, and the aging of the body caused by aging is related to its own genetic factors such as osteoporosis.

    Secondary osteoarthritis is caused by trauma, repeated exertion or complications (rheumatoid, rheumatoid).

    Why is there a misunderstanding of cold-induced arthritis? Experts explain that people with arthritis will exacerbate symptoms in cold conditions. Usually they don’t care much about it, and cold weather will be particularly obvious. Cold may be a predisposing factor but not a consequence.

    Experts say that the pain is caused by the inflammatory mediators stimulating the painful nerves. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the cold blood circulation is not so smooth, and the resonance media is not easily taken away, so it is easy to feel pain.

    In addition, some studies suggest that cold days can cause anxiety, while depression can lower the pain threshold and make people aware of pain.

    Cold is not a direct pathogenic element. The medical book “Internal Medicine” states that currently known risk factors for osteoarthritis include advanced age, obesity, estrogen deficiency, abnormal bone density (osteoporosis and sclerosis), excessive exercise,Smoking, vitamin D deficiency, and mechanical factors such as trauma, abnormal joint morphology, weakness of the muscles around the joints, and repeated stress loads.

    It does not include cold weather.

    The cause of osteoarthritis is not clear until now. Experts say that if you are young, you have been injured, you have done heavy physical work, or you have a car accident, and the bones and joints are not well fixed, you can cause osteoarthritis.

    In case of cold, care is not taken to keep warm, which has indirect damage to joints, but has no direct causal relationship with osteoarthritis.

    Cold can only be said to be a predisposing factor for rheumatoid arthritis, and it will also affect general arthritis.

    Young people do not pay attention to keeping warm, and in the future, joint degeneration may occur earlier than others.

    Experts say that many diseases are caused by the legs, and many elderly people suffer from joint pain when the weather turns cold.

    In winter, you can wear boots that exceed the knee joint. It is best to have knee pads, because the knee joint has no aunts and muscles to keep warm. It is more damaged by cold stimulation than other parts.

    Chinese medical experts also said that there is indeed no evidence that cold can cause arthritis, and the fact that “but wearing skirts and single pants in winter will not cause arthritis” needs to be adjusted. In fact, in cold weather, I realize that I am warmThere is nothing wrong with the joints.

    About osteoarthritis “Diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis” pointed out that osteoarthritis is the highest incidence of osteoarthritis.

    According to foreign data, in the X-ray census, the X-ray manifestations of osteoarthritis over 55 years of age are as high as 80%, and the clinical prevalence of osteoarthritis in people over 65 years old is 68%.

    In 2005, U.S. and Swedish scientists published a paper in the world’s top academic journal Nature, stating that they found that by inhibiting an enzyme produced in experimental mice, they could be protected from arthritis, and research would help developDrugs that prevent formaldehyde degradation.


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