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    “Why do a good program actually there will be this serious problem?,Modules that will generate the system at all。”

    Buds and Bronia are still discussing the problem of instruments。
    Bronia Analysis,“It should not be simplebug,Academic Length will tell this matter。”
    Inspect the female martial arts assessment,Lita, a group of people, I went to the time.。
    De Lisa is how to investigate the problem of immersion device,I have to send these people to these people.。
    Hanjiang as a person who meets,You must also be present when you are sent away.。
    No matter how Han Jiang said that he is tired.,Ji is still forciting Han Jiangli。
    actually,The main reason is that Hanjiang is a bit more than Han Rong.,I am really afraid that this group will not make too much.。
    There are more than a dozen pursuits of Yi Lai Deire.,They together。
    Not a fight against death,Bunch of hands,Han Jiang will definitely lose money。
    “What are you afraid??”Ji is ridiculous:“Isn’t the pursuit of Yi Lai?,rest assured,Have your Ji sister,You can rest assured that the object is。”
    “Our school spirit of our Santa Feria,But it is very compliant with the differentiation of the personality of the students.,And diversity。”
    Han Jiang whison explained:“That 啥,I really have no relationship with Yishli.,real!”
    Ji slammed the shoulders of Hanjiang force,“You think this time clothes soft,Has also urgent??”
    In front of a group of eyes with fire,No matter how Hanjiang said,Can they believe in Hanjiang。
    In short,Before going back, you must take photos of Hanjiang and girls and videos.,Byto Lega communicates to Yishlant。
    People like Yanlan Del,Will not endure your love objects and other girls have you come.。
    “Qi Yana,Qi Yana!”The team suddenly came back to the rushing shouts。
    “I am very satisfied with this inspection.……”Lita looks behind,Ask:“What’s wrong?”
    Behind the team,Qi Ya, who is ready to return to the dormitory, suddenly fainted,The buds are worried about her names in the buds.。
    Han Jiang ran quickly,View 亚娜,Breathing stability,No adverse reactions,It seems to be fainted.。
    In order to prevent the students from surpassing accidents in the assessment, they also rushed over.,Check the instrument with simple carrier。
    “Qi Yana is temporarily nothing,It seems to be too fatigued。”School Doctor explained to De Lisa。
    “Is that so,This time, Qiaa is preparing for the assessment.,Is it really hard?。”
    “New discovery,In the body of Kiyana classmates,I found that the same energy residue as Balonia classmates。”
    School doctor continues to check,“It should be the energy of the Moonlight throne engine。”
    Qi Yana in the buds in the buds slowly opened his eyes,“I……What’s wrong?”
    “You are just tired,It’s fine。”Soft buds。
    Kii looked at the status of Qiana nodded,Whisper:“Look,Qi Yana and Bronia’s situation,It is affected by the engine of the row of moonlight.。”
    “The energy of this warship,It’s really strange.。”Rita said。
    Chapter 355 They are dry

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    NS840chapter:Lu Hao Cheng and Mu always met

    Lu Haokai is still unassay。
    “Mother,Do you have a retreat??”
    He asked directly。
    Qin Ning looked at his cold smile laughing:“We naturally have a retreat,you do not need to worry,Even if your father is gone,You won’t be much miserable than others.,You will be better than anyone.。”
    Here is there,He also has another property waiting for him to inherit.,Her son,She prepared for him for him.。
    Lu Haokai,not worried。
    “Mother,Can you tell me?
    What is your back??”
    He wants to know,Only know the specific,He can feel at ease。
    During this time, he didn’t sleep a sense of instability.。
    Qin Ning looked at him smile,“Kaikai,You don’t have to know this,But you can rest assured,Mom will arrange everything for you.,You just need to do it according to my mother.,Next season,Our sales increase,We are more secure in Lu Yun Group’s status.,Now funds have been completed,They will not take this matter to make a chapter。”
    Lu Haokai looked at her so confident,I am relieved.。
    Qin Ning looked at the son,Laugh,Language:“Kaikai,Sometimes you think you have enough efforts.,But you think about it seriously,Ask a question,Do you really have enough efforts??
    Life,Love;Work well,Study;Exercise,Interested,Do you really have enough efforts??”
    Lu Haokai slightly,Looking at her,“Mother,Why do you suddenly say this??”
    Qin Ning said:“Kaikai,Lu Haocheng is very powerful,Because they work hard,Very spelling,And don’t complain at all,Not proud,There are a lot of positive energy on their body.,Those positive energy and abilities make you envy and hate。
    Mom doesn’t need you to become a thunderous person like Luhao Cheng.,But you can’t think about it.。”
    have to say,Xiaokai this,He is very like him,then,He is also because he doesn’t want to be responsible.。
    Yourself,At the last time I met him,Together,That night,Let her have a state of crash throughout life。
    I think about the matter of the year now.,She still has a lingering。
    If she returned to her,She will also choose the same road,She is afraid of,I thought I had a good day when I met a son of rich people.,But she wants to be wrong.,Good days are what they are fighting.,Not someone else。
    And that time Lu Yu,Honey is fascinated by her sweets,Let her live a huge relief。
    “Kaikai,Mom will not let you live alone,Don’t let you lose everything now,Mother wants to do everything to get everything now,Never let it fall into other people’s hands。
    Even Lu Haozheng can not。”
    Qin Ning’s eyes laughing at the son,In her heart,Son is always the best。
    Lu Haokai laughed:“Mother,I see,I know that you are best for me.。”
    Qin Ning heard a lot of comfort.,“After the end of this is over,You will help Anan get a house as soon as possible.,At that time two people together,No one can surpass us.。”
    Qin Ning smiled,She is not so easy to be defeated.,Lu Hao Cheng,Lu Wei is also,Will not be her threat。
    Lu Haokai listened to this ,Full of ambition for the future ,“Mother,I listen to you.,Even if we have lost ten billions,But for our company,Not enough to destroy our company,I will continue to do my best,Try to make up for us lost。”
    Lu Haokai is full of confidence,People really need to encourage。
    before this,He has always been hit,Feeling itself,Always have a impulse to escape。
    Qin Ningyi heard this,Satisfied with a little bit,to be honest,Her son is not bad for Lu Hao,Xiaokai is lacking is the opportunity。
    Although Lu Wei has given him a lot of exercise opportunities,But,Xiaokai is a bit greedy,I haven’t learned too much thing I have learned.,If you encounter something, you will become six gods.。
    “Kaikai,You think so,Mother is relieved,But Gu An’an,You must care about her.,Such thing,During this time, she is not good.,I went to the villa at night.,Sweet words, comforting her,What should I say?,Let her do not say。”
    Gu An’an is a big hidden danger,However, Gu An’an is very big.,For what you want to get,She will never say this matter,After all, they hold each other’s soft ribs.,No one is not afraid of who。
    She is not afraid that Gu Anan will tell Lu Jian’s things.,only,Gu An An care,It is inevitable that the three hearts have said that there should be words.。
    Women need men sweet words,Xiao Kai,It is her only stabilizer.。

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