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    “Sister,In fact, I have no choice.,Because the Jun is to deal with me anyway,And we two,Only one person can live。”

    Today’s summer,It is no longer when I first returned to Qinghai.。
    Be right。
    At that time, he was too simple to think everything.。
    Just as Xia Xue in front of you……Summer dare to guarantee,Xia Xue is only afraid that many insider and secrets have been known.,Just never tell yourself。
    And he has never been to this way。
    And now,Many things are intriguing。
    For example,Why is Ming people to give Lingyun Group to Xia Xue??
    Just because of the other party and its own relationship?
    Absolutely impossible。
    At least……Ming people’s ability to Xia Xue and people,It is extremely trusted。
    And Xia Xue started from the hometown to Beijing.,It is cultivated by the mind……In other words,Ratio,I am afraid that Xia Xue is more understanding some of the people.。
    But Xia Xue has never told the summer.。
    Occasionally, when you ask,Also perfunctory,No trace transfer topics。
    Now in other people’s eyes,Xia Xue is the chairman of Lingyun Group,Tall。
    Even the big giants don’t dare to get crime。
    But many people think about her different levels of identity.。
    In the same year,She is the same as summer,Follow the master,The same thing is a good job。
    Just start,Summer is not intended。
    But as his strength increases,After seeing Xia Xue this time,Talented to the hidden breath in the summer snow。
    At least……To the human situation!
    This is the conclusion of summer.。
    Also surprised him。
    But I didn’t break。
    “I know you have no choice.,But you shouldn’t promise him.。”Summer snow’s eyes have a worry,“At least you work,You are not late,Many people and families in Beijing don’t know Jun Lin,But how can I not know?,That is the owner of the Guardian Alliance,Already achieved,How do you play with him??”
    “I also arrived at San。”Summer road。
    Xia Xue did not surprise,As if I have known this,Faint,“as far as I know,He has reached the holy three years ago.,Are you??When is it promoted??”
    “Sister,You also practice the people,Be clear,This gap is not big.,Can only explain that he is better than my cellochness,But don’t forget,I still have to respect the ring。”
    “okay,Don’t talk to me.,In short,anyway,You can’t die,Do you understand??”
    Unprecedented dignity between Xia Xue’s look,“If you don’t play,Can be admitted,Can also escape,No need to die。”
    Summer is well-behaved,Sink,“I know,Category,But flee。”
    “Give me a long heart。”
    Xia Xue hated the iron innead that he had a point in his forehead.,Subsequently open topics,“When do you prepare to confirm?。”
    “Don’t know,It depends on him.。”Summer truth,“When I went to see my dad yesterday.,I met the Junli,He said that there is something recently,Only after handling things, you can tell me。”
    “What is?”
    Summer staying at her summer,“How do I know??”

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    Looking at the front of him, the car is like a big thing.,And not far from three meters brake,The girl named Yumuo stood there quietly,Color,Unfarest。

    “Don’t worry about her,Directly。”Looking at the tea girl from yourself not far away,Tyrui Na’s mouth Yang Yang Yang,After a command under the walkie-talkie,I slowly took the stairs.。
    Get the master orderarMembers suddenly,Directly driving a car roaring from the girl,Yang, a friendly style,The girl’s reaction is also very strange,It seems that these cars are generally,Just quietly staring at not far from the margarish hair,And a slightly high brake armor。
    “By one sentence,Those children are in the car.!”Skills for a while,Tyrui Naina has already arrived at the shortcomings of Meiqin,Laughing, watching the Meiqin,“If you don’t chase, is there really no problem??”
    “You are lying.。”Woman looking at front,Meiqin light spit out a few words,“Mountain spring granddaughter?”
    “The investigation is quite clear.。”Listening to Meiqin,Tyrui Na’s face couldn’t help but smoke,Original beauty face is lost, a cold ice,“It seems that these little guys also have a little ability.!”
    “Qing Palace tells me,I want to be careful。”Meiqin is like,Still a faint opening,“I didn’t want to doubt like this.,But after I found out the information of the library, I found it.,You are actually the granddaughter of that person.,Or initial experimenter that can be crystallized,Right?Guy who was regarded as a trial product by his grandfather?”
    “How is your guy thinks??”
    “Hahahahahaha!”I heard Meiqin finally finally took a short of fire.,Tyrui Naton, haha, laughing,Huge mouth is grinned,Originally, beauty is disappeared.,Instead, a look that looks extremely disgusting face,“How about it,Do not serve gas??Since I want to know,Let me see if you have a big matter.!”
    “You’re really gross。”Looking at Tyrui Na, a crazy smile,Meiqin said,“the you now,It’s too ugly.。”
    The electricity of the sky flashed,The young woman’s whisper is unbailed, the bright blue rays,A pair of amber scorpions flashing,It is finally anger that burst out of volcano.!
    http://www.feiyuehx.cnugly?”Rao is Terry Naina,When I heard this sentence,I can’t help but smash.,Subsequently she reacted,Both eyes are full of blood,“you wanna die!”
    “court death?”Meiqin disdainful smile,Cold cold woman looking at the front,Fist,Countless electricity directly to Tyui Si Na,Be next moment,The girl slammed,The threaded current dissipates most,The whole person is also awkward,Directly in the ground。
    in the air,I don’t know when to,It has been shrouded by a strange and harsh sound wave.!
    “This is‘Decrease in ability’?”Strongly endured in the mind like countless needles,Meiqin is difficult to raise his head,Watching Terry Naina,“How can you have”
    “I will certainly have。”Tyrui’s mad smile at this time has disappeared,Her whole people have recovered their previous elegance,I have a ridicule in my eyes.,“After all, this is what I invented.。An armed unforgettable group,How can I waste this baby like this??”
    “Your inventive thing?”Meiqin is trying to stand up,The pain of the brain makes her whole people slightly dizzy.,Tooth。
    “certainly,With your help with the boy,Its power has improved a lot.!”Tyrui Nina turns,Looking at the signal laughing in the tower, laughing,“This is not that timecapacity downOh!How about it,level 5Is it like an ordinary person??”
    “Don’t give me too much!”Meiqin biting his teeth,Slaid a tongue,next moment,Light blue arc has once again burst from her hands,Direct to Tyrui,A road focus on the ground。
    “”Seeing Mercure actually can use the ability,Tyrui Nina was shocked,However, when I saw the arc stopped in myself, I was slightly tone.,Haha laughed again。
    Can not use it!Looking at yourself is not as good as a few thousand thousands of records,Meiqin can’t help but bite his teeth,It’s a burst of dizziness in front of you.,Let her aloud again,But I have to work hard to stand straight.,And hide to the side。
    Because,Tyrui Na’s brake,Equipment machine gun is right to。
    next moment,Gunshot。
    I barely avoided several times,Meiqin has no strength,The whole person is directly forced to the corner,Unable to rely on the wall,Ustened super electromagnetic gun,In this enhanced versioncapacity downbefore,It is very weak。
    Not yet。Menqin’s eyes in front of it,Dramatic headache makes her even awake, it is difficult to keep it.,Looking at the step towards Tyrui Na, approaching,And my face,I can’t help but get strong in my heart.,And a silk remorse。
    I didn’t save those children.,There is no sanction caused these unfortunate evils.,Instead, it’s here.。
    It’s really useless.!
    Feel sorry,Qing Palace Meiqin sighs,It seems to fall into the endless darkness in front of you.,And you will be like this.。
    “what!”Ear,The faint approving is obvious that Tyrui Sina is exciting.,The sound seems to have a horrible meaning?
    That is
    Insert,In the memory of the United States, the memories of the context,Along with a dramatic explosion,Her eyes seem to flash a black figure
    Outside the institute。
    “who!”Tyrui Sina suddenly turned back,An instant explosion aroused a dramatic smoke,Let her see the scenes in the field,Can only retreat backward,At this moment,She felt hard。
    It is now clearly a hot summer day.,In air,What is the cold ice cold??
    Half,Smoke dispersed,And the eyes of Tyrui Na also suddenly。
    The venue is already a mess,Like a storm,The original signal launch tower is miserable to the extremely broken two,Go on the ground,From time to time, a few wire sparks。
    But this is not the most important。
    the most important is,Originally in the venue of one person,Suddenly a black figure,Unbiased stations where the original Meiqin is the most beginning station,Positive back to Tyrui Na,I will blocked the Meiqin that was originally trapped in the corner.。
    “Who are you!”Looking at the tall and figure that,Tyrui Na’s heartbeat invisible,A burst of stress and stunned from the bottom of the heart,Can’t help but drive,But anyone can hear that the shallow disappointment。

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    Su Qiang put the calf with wood with wood in the girl,Then push it in Zhou,Gently cover the door。

    “When you do it??Not that I have been getting a table chair??”
    “I can’t sleep at night.,Just grind this。quite fast,I’m doing it a few days.!”
    “When will Yuer Xuan also do two?I saw the little puppet of Niu Niu, I saw the old nose vinegar.!”
    “Really?They didn’t tell me.,I thought they didn’t like it.!”
    “Niu Niu nor didn’t tell you??You know how to do it.?I see you.!It is eccentricity!”
    “Can this be eccentric??Niu Niu no one is accompanying,I am distressed!Yuer Xuan’s children together,Gather!”
    Su Qiang, the more I feel,The heart is gradually disappeared。
    “Don’t think that my big man is rough,can not tell。daughter in law,You will embroidered the quilt of Niu Niu alone.!Still picking colors!”
    “Girls should pay attention to!”
    “Yup,I gave the Niu Niu’s puppet is also because of this.!”
    “you!I am too lazy to tell you.!”
    Zhou I feel that I am a show.,I can’t say it.,A little angry。
    184chapter carriage
    “daughter in law,Don’t be angry!do not worry,I have done Yuer Xuan.!It’s almost a little bit.!Waiting for them to give them!”
    “You love to do,Anyway, your son!”
    Zhou’s directly drilled the kitchen。
    Su Qiang has some heart-fashioned mind.。
    Prepare is also done.
    At least
    evening,When Su Yuqing and Tigerwa came back from school。Big Mother and Zhou have to move to the new first dinner。
    Brother two every day in school,It is also the first time to the new house.。
    “Niu Niu!I am back!father、mother!I am back!”
    Unlock,Tirah flooded it directly to shout。
    “Tirah is coming back.!Go to put things down first!Waiting for a while, you can eat.!”
    The voice of the big mother came out from the kitchen,Loud and warm。
    Tirah’s tears“Flutter”Down。
    “Ok, I will wash your hands.”
    Tirah brings tears to rush into the room。
    “TiMova is really apparent to the road, I am happy to move into the new house.!I cried when I came back.?”
    Su Yuqing does not want to admit that his eyes are also humid。

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    A mortal from the teenager to the elderly,The mind is constantly mature。

    There are different changes in each age group.,After the old age,Will become 气气、Wise、Vicissitudes, etc.。
    But for the people of practice,Practice for five thousand years,Also known as‘young people’。
    more importantly,How long is the practitioner practice?,The mind is not as constant as the mortal.。
    The longer is not the time to practice,It will become mature、dark、Old dedicated venein。
    In fact,Even if it is a lot of mortals,Once the old age,Real heart is not more and more vicissitudes,But return to book。
    Old child old child,That’s what I mean。
    therefore,Mind people’s mind,There is not much relationship with younger and finished age.。
    Just like these guards,They have reached tens of thousands of years.。
    It can be in such an environment all year round.,Few in contact with outsiders,I rarely go through the red dust。
    Their mind is actually not mature.。
    NS4057chapter gap
    NS4057chapter gap
    Within the field。
    I saw Xiao Yan with a thousand way,Refers to Luquan,“I have to be serious.,You two silly,Let’s go together.。”
    After hearing,More than 20 disciples,Anger。
    But at this time,I saw Xiao Yan deep breath.,Have a sinister,The whole body is filled with an extremely condensed atmosphere fluctuation.。
    call out!
    She shoulder a sway,It is like transient,The old palm is like a storm.,At the same time, there will be a thousand people and the two people.。
    She actually launched an attack to the two。
    A set of mysterious palm makes her strength and speed increase。
    Those who have been anger before 20 disciples,The face is stiff,。
    Because,Thousands of wells and land in this blizzard,I didn’t take advantage of it.。
    The strength and strength of the two are also climbing in the section.,But only with Xiao Yan played a flat autumn。
    Understand everyone,The more height of the look。
    Thousands of people are best at strength and defense。
    At this moment, Xiao Yan’s palm,But it is a wolf。
    He even played Huang Long Big Handprint,It was actually divided by Xiao Yan.,Born is defeated。
    A group of guards opposite the opposite,Exactly a look of good appearance。

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    The voice of the excitement of the wife,Let Yun Qin feel the end’Dawn’,Can’t help but also a force。

    As Yunqin’s big call,A loud and crisp baby crying,Sound throughout the house,Outlet is far from。
    Then the midwife is happy sound。
    “Have a birth.!!Congratulations,Congratulations!”
    Estimate,I heard the sound of the voice is happy.。
    “Very good!Small leaves are born out!”
    “Yeah yeah!The honey is finally there is a small master.!”Wenyo is also very happy, etc.。
    Zero zero and 壹玖,Lower,I licked my own small three,It is also happy to have a successful production of Yunqin in your eyes.。
    Delivery room,Yunqin has been blocked from the Qing Dynasty.,The body is also blocked,Clean up。
    After the birthmons, they will clean the small monkeys like a small monkey.,After wrapped up soft,Hold to the spirit recover a lot of cloud around Chin。
    “Congratulations gods,Congratulations to the king,Is a very beautiful little princess!”
    Narrate,Staring at Yunqin’s head, squatting,The seal of the small waves of live waves frowned,Some incredible。
    “You are sure is a girl?!”
    This little guy naughty in the mother’s belly,He is suspicious is a stinky boy,The result is now telling him that it is a delicate and soft cotton jacket.?!
    Received the mother to think that the seal does not like girls,I looked at the little guys who watched it and saw Yunqin.,I don’t know what to say.。
    Yun Qin loudly,Recourse the hand of a small guy,Dynasty:“You go out to lead。”
    I also saw the Changyuan that didn’t respond to the reaction.,Nothing to stay again,Going out to lead the reward directly。
    Waiting for a long time, a long time, I finally had a chance to come in and explore the newborn small leaves.!
    Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
    NS457chapter seal up......cotton
    “Sister is so cute!”
    Wake up next to Yunqin,I didn’t open my eyes.,Skin wrinkles also with a little red baby,I don’t have a heart-catching blink of my eyes.!
    The baby on the bed seems to understand the cloud.,The original package is excited to explore the little hand in the 襁褓,Dance in the direction of the cloud,Like a greece。 Wake up eyes,Explore the hand to pinch the small hand of the small fist。
    “Small leaves,I am a brother.!”
    Known small leaves,As if I really understand the cloud‘Self introduction’,No tooth mouth,Seems to laugh。The seal of the seal feels the heart.。
    “The honey is finally there is a little princess.!”
    “Little princess is delicate and soft,I will definitely be a good and beautiful in the future.!”
    “Really cute.!”
    In this case, you will,Still very happy, Yunqin this child is a girl,And welcome the birth of small leaves。
    but,soon,Seed Yan and others must regret it at this moment they think about the idea of small leaves.!

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    “Is Xinyi came here??”Bei Xueyin asked。

    “She stayed here at night.,You?,I know,Lin Feng is like her sister.。”Night cold and cold。
    “Dead girl,I didn’t say anything again.!”Becue。
    “Someone is walking,Lin Feng said,You can pick this,Can pick the one,Really pick,It is estimated that someone takes a knife to see him.。”Look at the Night Watching。
    “Dead girl,Dare to laugh my sister,Look at my sister, don’t pick you up.。”Bai Xueyin heard the words directly,Push the night cold。
    “Death,I am got from my points.。”Night cold looks at Becai Xueyin smiles:“Quality。”
    “Who was smashed into the points?。”Bei Xueyin let go of the night clearing:“All right,Get up,Horse change clothes,Take place,Let’s talk to this Hujia’s comment.。”
    “Ok,You are responsible for talking,I am responsible for finding a good place to eat。”Night Qing also stands up。
    “Ok,This lady is ready to see if this woman is beautiful.?”Becha is a charming smile on the face:“Give my husband to find a room!”
    Night Qing Wen Wen Ye’s straight black line,She has a weak feeling,Then shoot the shoulder of Bai Xue Yin:“Shedy,You are sure you are not dreaming?”
    Beckham Wenyi’s smile disappeared,Then her face with a serious color:“Cold,I am not joking,If you are in the future, Lin Feng has a child,I want to have one。”
    “spit!”Night Qing Wen Wei Wen Wei:“You will not be born.!”
    “Miss this lady does not want to be born,But can’t let him live in Lao Lin family,His hard work is not inherited!”Belle Road。
    “You now think about the problem.,Coming back from the Miao,Do not,You changed before going to the Miao。”Night cold looks at Becue Road:“Shedy,I know what is worried,But……”
    “Generation can solve,Second generation can solve,Three generations……Even later?”Belle Road:“I used to think that after I was in the nine demons.,My future generation will not bear this pain.,But it is not,Even I am going,Everyone in my future generations has my blood.,Have to bear such pains!”
    “so,You want Lin Feng to find some women.?”Night cold looks at Lin Feng Road:“Even pulling me?”
    “For you,I am not pulling,But you and Lin Feng like each other.,Why do I want to block??You are my girlfriend,The best sisters in your life,I hope that you have a good destination.。”Becue is honestly looking at Bei Xueyao:“Including I didn’t realize this problem,I am not opposed.?”
    “All right,I believe you!”Night Cooky:“Hey,to be honest,I feel that he likes you.!”
    “necessary,That’s because you haven’t broken the layer yet.,When you break through,Your relationship is more closely。”Becue is a smile:“come on,Cold,I am a silence.!”
    “Death,All day long!”Night Qing Wen Wen said with the ear of Belle:“But I received him.,Don’t cry!”
    “I don’t cry.。”Beckham:“All right,We can’t let people wait for a long time.,good-looking,Good quality,Excellent all give me my husband!”
    Talking between Beckham walked upstairs,Night Qing Wang looks at the back of the snow,A little sad,No one wants to share their own men in a woman’s heart,This is the same,She is too love Lin Feng.,Everything she does is considered for Lin Feng。
    Do not,Specifically,She wants to build a forest home for Lin Feng,She doesn’t want to make my beloved man to fight for death.。
    NS397chapter Hu Meier’s choice
    Zhongzhou Airport。
    Belle and Night Cold opened a red Ferrari came to the airport.,The two people wear a windbrow,Whether color or styles are,A pair of sisters who live off。
    The two of the two walked into the waiting room.,Night cold hands holding a big name,Write the three words of Hu Meier。
    When both people just walked into the waiting room,A hot,Long phase ordinary girl is going to two,Just when the girl saw Bei Xueyin,She is surprised。
    “Hu Mei?”
    Becue also noticed the girl who came over,She can’t think of my college students Hu Mei.,The two people can’t talk about it.,But it is also a familiar。

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    A high high, the holy king, to accept you as a,You not only refuse,And said to be a test?

    Gogjian also looked at Yuan virtual。
    Let him be horrified,Yuanyuan virtual,The corner of the mouth is inaccurate.。
    Yuan virtual open mouth,Curious looking at summer,“I tried you?What is this sentence??”
    I didn’t answer immediately in the summer.,Sink,This only opens。
    “There is a speculation in my heart.,But there is no basis。”
    “Oh?What to speculate,tell me the story。”
    Yuan virtual exhibits curious color。
    The Tiantian Holy King on the high platform also looked down。
    Summer did not immediately say an answer,But,“In my hometown,One sentence is like this,Exclude all impossible factors,The rest is even incredible,That is also the fact,Also truth。”
    Merely,He lifted his head and looked straight into the virtual,“And I personally,Infucite,Have a small talent。”
    Yuan virtual sound color,Still look at a curious watch。
    The Goflsen is in unclear.,I don’t understand the implicit deep meaning in the summer discourse.。
    Summer is slowly spit out,Also,“The awake dream I said before I said,The king that is replaced by me,Indeed,No matter whether it is still still looking,It’s so incredible。”
    Merely,Swift,“but,If the predecessors are converted to the conditions,So everything is explained.。”
    Gogjian is big,Eye-catching。
    Yuan virtual flow exposes a homing expression,“Oh?Convert me in?This is a fresh statement.?”
    “Not fresh for me,In my hometown,This is just a mathematical question。”
    Summer smile,“I will do a hypothesis first.,Suppose my awake dreams,Not naturally occurring,It is human。”
    “And if this person,It is the words of the Yuan virtue.,Everything can be said。”
    Summer look straight,“The senior is proficient in the second yuan mystery law,so,Get an avatar called Wang Wei,It should be easy.。”
    Goban is stunned。
    He didn’t think of it.,Summer will get this one……Ridiculous conclusion!
    Be right。
    But this is ridiculous,But partially transplant with a trace of truth?
    “what do you mean,The avatar called Wang Wei is me.?”
    Yuan virtual seems to be incredible,I didn’t think that the cerebral holes in the summer were so big.。
    “Yes,Because in my known information,Conditions you can,Only this answer can be explained。”

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    can,Need to be demonstrated!

    Now explode this news,Hohoo has prepared,Jin Yang has prepared,I can’t sing.。
    But you have to die.!
    Time Gao Biyi is also soft,So suddenly hesitate to get up。
    “Lord house,Nature is the blessings of the world。But the world needs of Bigren,Not a woman’s benevolence!If you can quickly accept Jinyang,Incorporate Xianbei Military Elements,Last war,I don’t know how many people have to die.!
    Jinyang is deficient,I will inevitably call the city,This can save us a lot of strength。
    Waiting for the Jinyang army who defeated the internal affair,We will go to the city of the city.,At the same time, promise to open the grain,This way, some people still want to be embarrassing,The following people do not agree!”
    Listen to Zhang Wei’s voice,Gao Boi nodded。This person is worthy of the bureaucrate of Gao Yue’s year.,Can,Part-time job and two roles of guards,And I have been in advance, Gao Yue must be cleared by the Gao Ocean.。
    “You are a long time when the soldiers of the Custard.,future,Let the fish sit in this position,You have to do things around me.。”
    Yang Su can be very strong,But Yang Su is unique,Gao Baoyi is not there,Play but better。Li Delin is almost the same as Lu Shuwu,No big idea,Some fine things are noticeable。
    Zhang Wei,Be in harmony,Strategy,The small calculation is even more free.,Suitable for the side of the school。
    Besides, he is itself a born。
    “Xie Lang!”Zhang Wei is not humble.。There is a daughter blowing a pillow,He is not worried at all.。As long as your own silly daughter doesn’t suddenly become smart,Then he has been very safe.,Can live to life。
    “Leader,Bring two people next tomorrow, let the main public look,There are some things in my heart.。”
    Zhang Wei suddenly took out the words that did not have a brain.。
    “Li Jiahe Cui’s Point,They know a lot,Aphids do not get Jinyang,Let’s talk about it.,They said it。”
    In ancient times,House role,Not only the promotion of productivity,Social toxicoma,Which aspect you look at you?,But how is it again?,Two people are very important。
    The first one is the inheritance,The second is the improvement of farming technology。
    Fine cultivation concept,It is the master of the Jin Dynasty to study and promote it.。
    Nothing in these people at the time of agriculturalists,Climate、Land production、Agong of agricultural disasters, very deep research!Which year will send a disaster,Where will locusts run?,In fact, it is not irregular.。
    Sometimes the court does not know,But does not mean that the family doesn’t know.。
    They still have to hoard,How can I make this important information easily?!
    Just like Gao Biyi, I said that Li Mutani chatted in bed.,this era,Everything is the family,Beautiful sister,Including wealth food,And even the knowledge and information of the company。
    After the winter,Jiancheng’s core Taicheng,Just caught in a crazy atmosphere。The Jingkou banned army that should be opened is late.,Let a lot of sense of smell, people have noticed that the situation is not good.。
    On this day,The Queen’s Controversi,Chen Guo Emperor Chen Bao first,The whole city is three days,All entertainment stop!
    These are all people who can see in Kangcheng.。
    There are still things that people can’t see.,Slowly expand under the countertop。
    Inside the hall of Taicheng,Tooother,Looking at Chen Hao and Cai Jingqi in front of the water,Holding it in hand is Zhou Rang’s book。
    When you are young, you will be beautiful.,Nowadays, it is also big.,In addition, I haven’t maintained everywhere in the South of Chen Bawang. After all, Chen Ba is not two years.,Now look,The face is not too big to have a general old woman.。
    “Zhou Guo,Be sure to declare war with Qi,Then I went to Jiangbei to let me return.?”

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    “Then don’t we play this??”

    “Now we are not to establish intelligence networks,The devil knows。”
    “So you simply make makeup?”
    “Jiaxiang Sister,If my identity is exposed,You will be very dangerous in Chongqing,It’s better to go to my hometown, do you look??”
    “Don’t forget that I am your team member.。”
    “It certainly can’t forget。” “Ouyang!”After Yu Xiaowei, she pulled her sister, Zhang, who saw Ouyang Dolings, shouting。
    “Little night,Zhang is coming from you.!Tell you a few friends。”Qi Rui specially called them to be a purposeful,Ouyang Du knows that they will never be because they are beautiful women。
    “Fang Qi!How do I see you so familiar??”Because 锐 并 并,Yu Xiaowei and Zhang have seen this person.。
    “I am right.,Because I have a brother called Fangrui。”
    “It turns out that you are the brother of Fungui.!No wonder。”
    “Who is killing your brother??”From,
    “Kill his devil spy is dead,I saw the beautiful friend of my brother today.,Don’t mention those unpleasant things.。”
    Rui Rui, a woman, a pretty woman,Music sounds a lot of men, come over, please dance,But I don’t want to be rejected.。
    “Little night!Why didn’t you tell me?。”A unfamiliar face appeared in the short night,Not Zhouhai tide?,This kids are not scattered, and the little night is entangled.。
    Rui Rui looked at Zhouhai regret,Which of the special training camp is not a resistant hero with him with him?,Only he kills,If not he kills Xiao Zhengguo,Washen, there is no chance to send Chen Shan to the military.。
    “Why do I want to tell you?!How to hurry?。”Yu Xiaowei said the hand of Fang Qi’s:“Fang Qi we go dancing。”
    Look at Qi Rui and the little night to go to the dance pool to dance,Ouyang Due whispered to Fu Yingxue:“Yu Xiaowei is already married,Husband is a military Xiao Zhengguo。”
    “Then this person knows that she is married and is entangled.?”Fu Ying Xue saw Zhou Hai Chao 痴 小 小 小 小 小 晚 晚,
    “The thief is not dead.。”
    Zhou Hai is not color,He is really a little night.,I have already arrived.,So he will shoot Xiao Zhengguo,He never cares about Zhuang Zhengguo,I can kill the second time in his kills,For the rest of the little night, he is willing。
    Qi Rui knows that he is an idiot,But he is not all the way with the small night.,Because the small evenings will wear eight road military uniforms,But Zhou Haibang is getting more and more,Finally, don’t hesitate to be a traitor,This time,Solving this Zhouhai tide is also one of the auspetent purposes。
    “Little night,I heard that you are married.?”Qi Rui asked when dancing,
    “I am married.,Marrying is not like people。”
    “Is a parent?”
    “Now you can divorce,The big beauty like a lady is still afraid that no one is pursued.。”
    “You said that Zhou Hai tide,He is very good for me.,Can accompany me crazy,Can also play with me,Always appear when I need it,But I don’t like it.。”
    “There is still someone staring at you.,who is he?”Qi Rui saw that Chen Yam wearing military uniforms in the bar, asked,
    “He is my current husband Xiao Zhengguo。”Yu Xiaoshi said in some contempt,
    NS603 Who is my comrade?
    It seems that the rest of the small night is still in love with fake Xiao Zhengdang.,After jumping this dance,Rui Rui and Blue Love,Ouyang Dou jumped a song,Finally, Fu Ying Snow。
    “I finally turned to me.?”Fu Yingxue is a bitter jealous,
    “Wife,We seem to have never skipped together.?”Qi Rui, Qi Fu Ying Xueyu, please,
    “What do you call so many beautiful women??”Fu Ying Xue asked,
    Rui Rui continued to stick to Fu Yingxue whisper:“Zhang is our own comrades,She may be dangerous in these days,We have to find a way to help her.。”
    “How do you know that she is our comrade??Uh……never mind,I don’t ask.,Change a problem,How do you know that she is dangerous??”It’s no longer twice.,Fu Yingxue knew the first question asked.。
    “The military grabbed a person called Horse,He explained what heard he heard his brother and said the underground party.,And also said that this accurate connector location of your heart coffee house,It is also said that it is a code dandelion’s comrades to pick up。”
    “Is it dandelion??”A code that has a code can be helpful.,Fu Ying Xue asked,
    “You can confirm the organizational query,I guess it should be her.。”Ritual,

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    At this time,I suddenly came from an angry and painful roar.。

    I saw Molgama flying in the air.,Heavy land,Layer layer dust。
    This time,He didn’t stand up。
    His right leg,It is reversed by the reverse joint.。
    Jun is going through,The sound is full of powerful。
    “Hehehe,嘿嘿 嘿……”
    Morga,Herd a painful pain,Although the face is pale,But there is a harsh laughter.。
    His eyes,More like a ghost general grievance。
    “The respected ring has been thrown by me.,Be around,You go to find,But can you find,Look at your luck。”
    Jun Linked,Obviously do not believe。
    Nowadays, I will get to the past,Prepare Molgama first。
    At this time,Molga single hand on the ground,Leap up,At the same time, another hand is punching。
    “Unbearable force。”
    Jun is cold and drink,Premature preparation,Side of the body,A slanting his wrist。
    However, Molgials wrist,The same also buckled the wrist。
    Also in this moment,Jun Lin has changed the color for the first time.。
    He found that Molgama’s revealed smile。
    Next second。
    His whole person has become Jin Guangcan,It’s like a gold porcelain.,Transplantation。
    “Let’s die together.!”
    He ran,The golden body surface is like a turtle.,A crack cross-cross。
    Jun Lin is shrinking the needle。
    This moment,He actually felt the threat of death。
    Single hand is straight to dance the otherwise into a big windmill,Quickly smashed out。
    Still in the air,A rack of power broke out。

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