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    Light is listening to his solution,It is already very hungry.,Al don’t have these delicacies.,I have been preparing for many days.,Li Jia, Li Jia, will not eat like this weekdays.。

    after all,Even the emperor,It is also impossible to eat bear’s palm.?
    “This is a vegetable,But not ordinary vegetables,How is the high-end supervision?。”
    Li Zuxun pointed at the main food in the bowl in front of Gao Baoyi.。
    In the past,Ganquencing is the abbreviation of vegetable rice,As the name suggestion,That is to do vegetables and rice together。Although the name is called,But the taste can be a thousand,The practice is not the same。
    Just like modern fried rice,Street booths see,It can also be seen in the most high-level restaurant.,What is the difference in the taste?,Can only see the people to see the wisdom,Every sponious view is different。
    Gao Biyi now seems to be a bit,Li Zuxun arranged such a mean for a meal.。
    This table’s ingredients,Some things are the mountainous goods in the market of Yucheng.,Some ingredients are even from South Chen。
    No strong financial resources,No extensive trade relations,Don’t do this。From some extent,Even high oceans can’t make these ingredients in a short time!
    anyway,Li Jia now may only be self-promoted on force,Nothing in the army。But just look at this different financial resources and people,It is already a general person looks like it.。
    Political animal,Things that will not be meaningless。Li Zuxun is very low,I have a rich banquet.,Want to convey information to Gao Boyi,When it is really a clear。
    After the guest,Gao Biyi will write Yang Shengchen’s eight words to hand over Li Zuxun.,From the other part there, I got his daughter’s post.,This marriage is completely fixed.。
    However, Li Zuxun did not open to retain high-Baoyi,nor“Study”In this case。
    The other party sent Gao Bao and Yang Su to the door.,This is returning to the house,Warm after the number of gifts。
    only,Dedicated details about the two sides want to know,It is half a point to mention.。
    “My father-in-law,Frontier。Just the last thing,Attitude is strange。What is the idea of this??”
    Yang Su is curious。
    Obvious,Li Zuxun today’s humility,Medium in Gao Baoyi,But the other party’s morality and guest condom,It is a bit unexpected.。
    “Li Jia 2nd is the main home,Li Zu Xun is only a stone road today.,I don’t want to be so embarrassed.。
    This is a high ocean,Li Zuxun may be more taboo。But since I changed the post,The other party has shown attitude,No need to worry too much。”
    Different from this time,Gao Bao actually becomes a guest of Haomen.,It’s really salted fish.。
    “I will enter the military camp tomorrow tomorrow.,I will give you a position of a long history of the leader.,Responsible for writing a booklet。”
    Just when Yang Su is contemplative,Gao Bi suddenly emerged from his mouth。
    “Uh,The main public is just?”
    Yang Su thought it was wrong.。
    “You don’t want to go?Then I have to let Li Delin go.。”
    Gao Boyi does not matter to boost your hand。
    “Don’t be some,Um,Be happy。”
    Yang Suhua’s voice is shaking。
    “Gao Yangsea gives me the prohibition of the two thousand palace,You are responsible for screening screening。There are people who have a high ocean or the people behind it.。
    Hohosnic people stay,Later registration of the album。As for the people behind,Just find a reason to kill it.。” Gao Bo Yi is a precipitation,It seems that I will pinch a few ants,Instead of deciding a group of fate。
    “How can the main public will identify who is who??”
    Yang Su is under low voice。
    “never mind,I am looking for the guiding long history for you.,I still think about something else.”
    Gao Baoyi has not finished yet,Yang Su is anxious to break the road:“Leader,I will find a way to do it.,Never let the main public。”
    “Um,come on,I am optimistic.。”
    Gao Mibei patted Yang Su’s shoulder,It is very satisfied with the behavior of yourself.。
    “Section,Word piety,Follow the emperor,Every battle must first。Keep the national government,Power smoked!”

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    Chaoyang Park Children’s Paradise "June 1" opens Baodi to add the "baby" good place

      Yesterday, I learned from Baodi District that the construction of the Chaoyang Park Children’s Park, one of the 20 people’s livelihood projects in 2022, will be officially opened to the citizens at the "Children’s Day" Children’s Day to add a new "baby" to the Baoyu

      According to reports, Chaoyang Park Children’s Park is a new children’s entertainment space on the original park open space.The project started on April 25 this year. After flat venue, laying plastic ground, drawing puzzle picture, removing damaged seats, replacing anticorrosive wooden stools, and adding a variety of functions and strong playful children’s combined slides, children can allow childrenEveryone can enjoy the leisure needs of adults."For all facilities in the park, we focus on the safety of children and require the construction to ensure that the facilities are not toxic and pollution." Zhang Yanling, director of the Green Management Committee of Baodi District Urban Management Committee.

    (Du Yangyang) [Editor in charge: Jin Xin].

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    Zhang Xiaoying is a man who is pressing on himself.,Strive to make a sound call for help,But the mouth of the mouth is firmly lifted by a pair of big hands.,She made her do their best to send a low loose sound.,Hand fighting,Unfortunately, the body is still dead and can’t be killed.,Two legs are thrown,But equally helpful。

    Breathing is getting more difficult,Heart began to jump because of hypoxia,In turn begins slowing,Her consciousness also begins to scatter,Zhang Xiaoying can feel,Her life is fast loss,The eyes of tears are full of despair and sadness.,she knows,She seems to be dead.,Sensory is blurred,The more faint the mind,Detaching to consciousness,Thoroughly got a sound。
    I don’t know if it is the illusion before being dead.,Before losing awareness,She seems to have heard a roar:
    “Your mother’s bastard,Let go of Laozi。”
    Walking,I saw the people on the ground,Immediately a roar。
    The murderer is also very simply,Seeing that the loss is not hesitant,The Huang is getting angry.。
    Wang traffic is willing to let go,Zhang Xiaoying still doesn’t know whether it is dead, lying on the ground.,In case he is late.,She is dead,Let the murderer escape,What should I do if the police caught him to top??
    Don’t think more,He looked up and chased it.。
    The murderer also knows that if he is caught him.,Can only flee from,The speed of the outbreak is quite fast,I have to pull the gap with the king.。
    Under anxious,Wang traffic heart,The bricks in the hand smashed the past,It is also good luck.,Actually hit,狠 砸 on the murderer,The man can’t prevent it.,One fell on the ground。
    Wang Zhixin also chased it,Look at it, I don’t know how to live on the ground.,Take a look at the Huanghuang,The fuzzy figure that is tightly chased,Where can I still know what happened?,Immediately a roar,I screamed。
    “Have you a dog in a wall?,I still want to run badly.?Did you ask Laozi?。”
    When the murderer rushed up,Wang Flow and Wang Zhixin have already rushed to him.,I can’t run away.,He has not ran,Turning, you have to fight with them.,Dim light,Can you see his right hand to enter the trouser pocket。
    Like there is a laightening, in the king of the king, it suddenly exploded in the sea.,The past memory is coming,He repeatedly flashed in his mind:Zhang Xiaoying’s neutral knife is dead,Knife in the body……
    “carefully,He has a knife。”Wang traffic is suddenly exclaimed。
    The murderer took out the right hand at the same time.,There are more knives in my hand.,The sharp blade is under the dim light,Still reflecting the dark light,That person is drinking,The knife is fascinated by Wang Zhi.。
    “Flash。”Wang traffic shocked call。
    Unfortunately, both of them are too close.,Three-step murderer quickly rushed to Wang Zhi’s new body,Fundamental is no longer dodge。
    Under danger,I don’t know if I have been inspired by Wang.,Wang Zhixin raised his hand and put the bricks in his hand.,Smart,That person。
    The force seems quite big,The murderer is screaming,Eskil down。
    Wang flows clean tones,Hurried forward,According to the right hand of the person,The tiles will be awkward.。
    The murderer is a mourning,Hand holding a knife instantly loosen,The king saw the knife and hurriedly took the knife.。
    Wang Zhixin also rushed over,Griding teeth watching the murderer,Pick up the bricks and cover your face.,Border is still angry:“Doggy day is still daring?Look at Laozi, you can’t die.,艹 你……”
    A brick and a brick,The man is also sorrowful,I have never lived,It’s fine if you look at the boom.,Wang Zhixin is like a red eye,Regardless of the life of the dead。
    Wang Jingjun,Hurried him to stop him:“OK,I have an exhaus for two.,I have to be killed by you.。”
    Wang Zhixin is sitting on the ground,Heart 怦怦 怦怦 跳,Cultivation of the mouth,Until now he has come back to God,Heart has a height to look at the murderer next to it,Tight road:“Cream,I won’t kill him.?”
    The king stretches the hand and sighs the breath.:“It’s not bad,Breathe,I can’t die temporarily.,In case,I still have to give him ahead and say it.。”
    “Oh oh。”Wang Zhixin suddenly taught,I have to fight for a buttock.,Suddenly a meal,Honest:“Cream,This loose root rope is not,Take it。”
    Wang Li Ling Machine:“Torn his clothes,Is there a rope??”
    “that’s true。”Wang Zhixin grinned,Reach your murderer neck and torn,Thorn,Clothing,Wang Zhixin torn into strips,I started against the murderer’s hands behind him.。
    Wang traffic suddenly:“Zhixin,With fire?”

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    Hong Kong’s multiple measures and help citizens live in peace

      Housing has always been the most concerned on Hong Kong citizens.

    Chen Maobo, director of the Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, recently said in the relevant housing policy of the SAR Government that the SAR Government has found about 350 hectares of land to build about 330,000 public housing units, which can meet about 10,000 public housing units in the next 10 years. Demand.

      In recent years, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has adopted a multi -pronged strategy to launch a series of policy measures and development plans to actively speed up the land and build housing to ensure the stable supply of land and houses, and further alleviate the purchase and housing pressure of ordinary citizens, especially young groups, especially the youth groups. , Work hard to make everyone live. Stable housing supply "Long -term Housing Strategy" (hereinafter referred to as "Long Policy") is Hong Kong’s long -term strategic documents in housing. It mainly provides guidance from public housing provision and land supply in terms of strategic direction. According to the anniversary of the 2021, Hong Kong’s total house supply target of 2022/23 to 2031/32 is 430,000 units.

      According to Chen Fan, director of the SAR Government Transportation and Housing Bureau, according to the latest calculations, the 10 -year total house demand from 2022/23 to 2031/32 is 10,000 units. The SAR government sets the total house supply target to 430,000 units.

    Among them, the proportion of public and private housing was maintained at 7: 3. Therefore, the supply target of public houses was 10,000 units, and the target of private house supply was 10,000 units. Chen Fan said that compared with 10,000 public housing units in 2017, the SAR government has found enough land to build 330,000 public housing units in 2021, enough to cover the supply target of 10,000 public houses.

    Of the above 330,000 units, about 1/3 is expected to be completed in the first five -year period, and the remaining part is expected to be completed in the second 5 -year period.

      In addition, the SAR government has actively promoted the supply of transitional houses. According to the 2022/23 fiscal budget announced by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government not long ago, the SAR Government has now found more than 10,000 transitional house units to provide land. It is expected that about 4,200 and 10,000 units will be completed this year and next year.

      In addition to the stable house supply plan for house purchase, non -profit private funding houses advocated by developers have also received widespread attention from all walks of life in Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong New World Development Co., Ltd. recently established a non -profit housing enterprise "New World Building a Good Life" issued an innovative housing plan proposal to launch the first non -profit privately -funded housing project, which is sold at a market price of about 50 to 40 % off. "Easy to get mortgage", hoping to find a new direction for Hong Kong to solve house problems. According to reports, the plan proposes the model of the "progressive supply" mortgage, that is, when the building is transaction, the buyer only needs to bear the mortgage of half of the property price of the purchase unit. Period bearing.

    New World Development Corporation believes that related plans can assist young families to solve the problem of lack of a large first phase of the first phase and the initial supply of real estate. Real Estate Dream. "

      A spokesman for the SAR Government Transportation and Housing Bureau said that the SAR government welcomes the private funding proposal proposed by the "new world to build a good life", and it will benefit the citizens if the plan is planned.

    Lin Zhengyue, Chief Executive of the SAR Government, also recently proposed that it will study related suggestions from non -profit privately funding, and inherit mortgage in the housing division stage, which will further reduce the threshold for the mortgage.

      "New World Building a Good Life" Consultation Committee member Liu Lichao, former director of the SAR Government’s Land Administration Department, said that to solve the challenge of land and houses that have troubled Hong Kong for a long time, you must have innovative thinking and participation in multiple parties. The housing problem "disassemble the wall and loosen" can make citizens live in peace.

      With the continuous advancement of the development and construction of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, more and more Hong Kong citizens who are preparing to buy a home industry will target the northern metropolitan area with great development potential.

    The SAR Government’s Government Report in 2021 proposes that it will focus on planning northern Hong Kong’s metropolitan area and increase housing land.

    It is expected that after the development of the entire northern metropolitan area is completed, with the existing units in the district, the total number of total housing units will reach 10,000, which can accommodate about 2.5 million people, and provide 650,000 positions, including 150,000 venture industry -related industries related Position.

      At present, many planned or planned development projects in the northern metropolitan area are expected to provide about 350,000 residential units, and can open up about 600 hectares of land for residential and industrial purposes. It is estimated that it can provide 10,000 to 10,000 residential units. Essence The SAR Government Development Bureau also plans to rename a house development of about 3 hectares of commercial land in the ancient Dongbei New Development Zone in the second half of this year.

      In the northern metropolitan area, it is not only able to enjoy the high -quality housing experience, but also to share the development opportunities brought by Shenzhen -Hong Kong cooperation. Lin Zhengyue said that the SAR Government attaches great importance to employment opportunities in the northern metropolitan area. The flood bridge/Xiaxing New Development Zone in the area enjoys the location separated from Shenzhen Qianhai 1 Bay, and can develop into a commercial and modern service center. At the same time, many key tasks such as planning cross -border railway projects and expanding construction hospitals are also steadily promoting. The SAR government will take the lead to move some government departments into the northern metropolitan districts to drive development and employment.

      In addition, the planning of the northern metropolitan area also proposed the concept of the spatial pattern of "dual cities and three laps", which is intended to promote close cooperation in the aspects of economy, infrastructure, innovation, people’s livelihood, and ecological environment.

    In the future, relying on the northern metropolitan area as a connection, Hong Kong citizens will be more convenient to work, live, and pension in the mainland of the Greater Bay Area. (Responsible editor: Hu Yongqiu, Yang Mu) Share let more people see it.

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    The two have come up with their own weapons.,Trend direction。
    When the left small fish will once again in the hands,Suddenly attracted a lot of people’s peak。
    That night,Everyone also saw this scene,Memories are especially profound。
    A black black thin teenager,Grab a big ax with a hundred pound……Everyone can’t help but doubt,Will you take yourself when you have an ax?。
    When they see the black thin boy, they are big.,The upper edge blade flashes a silk blue arc,Then the arc is condensed together,When it became a blue mood。
    Everyone widened the eye beads。
    This is——Strong?
    Jinmang and Jinyi are two different states。
    The former is just condensed to the limit,Transplanting the martyrdom keeps the power。
    Hard,Just like the substance.,Ability to kill the enemy。
    Anap,Just like torn and caving,One of the actiants。
    So-called defense,There is no slight effect in front of it.。
    “This is too strong.。”
    A group of Wu Zong strong people。
    They originally thought that these two teenagers,Only summer is very strong。
    Because of the way,The left small fish maintains the appearance of the summer words。
    So misleading everyone,I think she is actually very general.。
    Now it seems,Which is a general,Another enchanting。
    Many people’s consciousness turned to the direction of the summer。
    “嗤 噗 嗤 嗤 嗤……”
    The defense of those acts,Under the dancing of a big crowner in the summer,Just like tofu,Easy to kill it。
    And sweep a large piece。
    Even a lot of blood ants that are thrown out,Still bursting in half air。
    Everyone is opposed to each other,I saw the shock in my eyes.。
    Our Wu Zong realm,Will not be fake?。
    Shocking,Have bitterness。

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    Russian media: The risk of financial stability reduces the continuous interest rate reduction of the Russian central bank

    It was reported on May 27. According to today’s Russian television report, on the 26th local time, the Russian Central Bank board of directors decided to reduce key interest rates from 14%to 11%, which is the third consecutive key interest rate of the Russian central bank.

    It is reported that as explained by the Russian central bank, Russia’s slowing speed is faster than expected.At the same time, the economic situation is still severe, but the risks facing financial stability have decreased, which makes it possible to relax silver root.

    Experts believe that the seasoning of key interest rates will revive the credit market, thereby supporting domestic business and consumer activities.

    It is reported that under normal circumstances, the central bank’s interest rate cuts will reduce the investment attraction of ruble assets.However, Vasily Calpin, director of the information analysis department of BKS World Company, believes that the impact of key interest rates on Russian currency is temporarily small under the circumstances of limited capital flow.The ruble exchange rate now mainly depends on the trade balance.

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    “Do you need to prepare??”

    Zhou Zhi and look at Zheng Yuki,Ask:“are you ready?”
    Zheng Yulai is slightly smashed。
    Then the monsoon let them sit down,So uncomfortable and fall,Re-confirmed the demand for next,Talented to start。
    This process is simpler than the thought of thought,Faster。
    Less than a minute——
    Two people open their eyes。
    The eyes have become blurred in front of the eyes.。
    He can see the glowing lights,See the door frame,See the dog sitting under the lamp,But these are blurred,Only identify the clears。The only clearness is only the monsters and monsters present.。
    He looked up again.。
    Night paint black。
    Silence,He said his whisper:“Tonight’s starry sky is beautiful,It is the beauty that ordinary people is also difficult to see.。”
    Zheng Yu Lan,Well。
    The sky is reflected in her eyes,As if there is no reason,Her eyes have been humid,Those rolling liquids quickly blur,In this other blur, unsuccessful, stars, rays。
    This monster is not too cold.
    Chapter 332 If Husky is a guide dog
    “Middle one,Galaxy……”
    “I have heard of the story of the Galaxy,Hour,My father said to me.,Cowherd……”Zheng Yue-blue voice is slight,Like a sputum。
    “That is actually the galaxy in us.,It is a huge rod system,Shape image is a whirlpool。”Zhouzhi whispered,His voice is almost gentle with this night.,“It probably1200100 million stars like the sun,There are countless planets like the earth,We are on the side of it in a cantilever,Far away from the past,It became a river。”
    “really big……”
    Zheng Yuki whispered,She opened her eyes。
    Zhouzhi invisible,But does not hinder for her interpretation:“Have you seen the same star like a spoon??”
    “You find。”
    “found it。”
    “That is Beidou Qixing,The ancients feel that they are like a bastard.,So call them in the Big Qixiang。Western is called their big bear constellation。”
    “The brightest one called Qi Mingxing,Also called Taibai Jinxing,It and our same solar system。”Zhou said, I said.,“I have been thinking that there is still someone in this star.。”
    “Will there??”
    “There will be,There is always one。”Zhou is not sure,“Just they may grow different from us.。”
    “Like a monster?”
    “Really beautiful,twinkling……”
    Zheng Yuchi is long-lasting,Her neck has been acidified,But she is reluctant。

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    Starting of Photovoltaic+Sand Industry Cooperative Development Innovation Demonstration Base started

    On the morning of April 16th, the Yellow River Basin of the Yellow River Basin of Bayannaoer City, the coordinated development demonstration base of the Sand Industry Cooperative Development Innovation Demonstration Base, was held in the Laoukou Industrial Park.

    During the 14th Five -Year Plan, Bayannaoer City will take the initiative to integrate into the construction of the "several words" clean energy bases implemented by the country. According to the spirit of the Energy Administration of the Autonomous Region’s Energy Bureau of Wind Power Photovoltaic Power Generation in 2021, the construction of the Yellow River Basin+Sand Industry Coordinated Development Innovation Demonstration Base Project will be implemented.

    The construction of the project, in accordance with the centralized and large -scale layout, focuses on the development concept of the Yellow River Anlan development of ecological sand, science and technology, water -saving and sand control, and industrial sand control. The combined three -dimensional industrial method has promoted the integration and development of the first, second and tertiary industries.

    During the 14th Five -Year Plan period, the goal of "carbon neutrality and carbon peaks" will be achieved for the economic and society of Pukou County. After the project is completed and operated, it can achieve a fixed asset investment of 100 million yuan.

    The project selects 740,000 double -sided double -glass components. On average, the number of Internet access per year can reach 1800 hours, and the power generation reaches 100 watt -hour hours. Simultaneous supporting 60,000 kilowatt energy storage, the energy storage time per day is 2 hours. After the completion of the project, the output value achieved a output value of about 100 million yuan, and the annual achievement of the comprehensive economic benefits of forest herbal medicines was 30 million yuan, which can achieve the area of ??green governance by 10,000 acres. Finally, the simultaneous development of ecological benefits, social benefits, economic benefits and ecology, production, and life "three lives, and life" three lives, and life "three lives, and life" three lives, and life. Fusion "common wealthy goals.

    (Reporter Togusbelig) (Responsible editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xuedong) Share more people see recommendation reading.

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    See here,Chu Tianxing was talking to the people around him。

    If there is a chance,By the way, get the success building,It’s actually a very good thing。
    So here,Chu Tianxing’s heart,I’m a little eager to try。
    And beside Chu Tianxing,When the people around are watching here,In fact, deep down in their hearts,It’s a touch。
    Yes,Said so much now,How to solve it?
    Actually just such a thing,It’s not easy。
    And looking at it all,at this time,Chu Tianxing looked at these people in front of him。
    I just looked in front of my eyes subconsciously,The more so,Chu Tianxing did not forget to say。
    “only these,Is there nothing else??”
    After all such a thing,Actually think about it,It still makes people feel very depressed。
    But at the moment,Those around,do not know either,How should I say these things?。
    And Chu Tianxing saw this,Just keep talking。
    “Forget it,Let’s do this now,Let’s see tomorrow。”
    In Chu Tianxing it looks,till this moment,These things,It’s actually a good opportunity。
    If start now,If you continue to focus on these things,,Then then,It will have unexpected effects。

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