A high high, the holy king, to accept you as a,You not only refuse,And said to be a test?

    Gogjian also looked at Yuan virtual。
    Let him be horrified,Yuanyuan virtual,The corner of the mouth is inaccurate.。
    Yuan virtual open mouth,Curious looking at summer,“I tried you?What is this sentence??”
    I didn’t answer immediately in the summer.,Sink,This only opens。
    “There is a speculation in my heart.,But there is no basis。”
    “Oh?What to speculate,tell me the story。”
    Yuan virtual exhibits curious color。
    The Tiantian Holy King on the high platform also looked down。
    Summer did not immediately say an answer,But,“In http://www.xzznjz.cn my hometown,One http://www.shuandi.cn sentence is like this,Exclude all impossible factors,The rest is even incredible,That is also the fact,Also truth。”
    Merely,He lifted his head and looked straight into the virtual,“And I personally,Infucite,Have a small talent。”
    Yuan virtual sound color,Still look at a curious watch。
    The Goflsen is in unclear.,I don’t understand the implicit deep meaning in the summer discourse.。
    Summer is slowly spit out,Also,“The awake dream I said before I said,The king that is replaced by me,Indeed,No matter whether it is still still looking,It’s so incredible。”
    Merely,Swift,“but,If the predecessors are converted to the conditions,So everything is explained.。”
    Gogjian is big,Eye-catching。
    Yuan virtual flow exposes a homing expression,“Oh?Convert me in?This is a fresh statement.?”
    “Not fresh for http://www.120asd.cn me,In my hometown,This is just a mathematical question。”
    Summer smile,“I will do a hypothesis first.,Suppose my awake dreams,Not naturally occurring,It is human。”
    “And if this person,It is the words of the Yuan virtue.,Everything can be said。”
    Summer look straight,“The senior is proficient in the second yuan mystery law,so,Get an avatar called Wang Wei,It should be easy.。”
    Goban is stunned。
    He didn’t think of it.,Summer will get this one……Ridiculous conclusion!
    Be right。
    But this is ridiculous,But partially transplant with a trace of truth?
    “what do you mean,The avatar called Wang Wei is me.?”
    Yuan virtual seems to be incredible,I didn’t think that the cerebral holes in the summer were so big.。
    “Yes,Because in my known information,Conditions you can,Only this answer can be explained。”

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