Liao Wenjie disadvantaged:“Home country is heavy,But not enemy chest,You are too disappointed.。”

    The people who are down-through are you!xN
    “uncle,Is this the reason you kill your mother and brother?,for……that power?”
    Mira princess muttered,Although I guess my mother and my brother killed the mother and my brother.,This is also the reason why she hates the queen.,But when the truth is spread,Blood is presented in front of the front,I can’t help but feel deeply stinging by the royal family.。
    “On the one hand, for power,at the very beginning,I personally don’t have this thought.……Ok,I admit,I have the idea of becoming the king,Main cause or the queen is too bad。”
    Liao Wenjie smiled:“You should know the power of Visbanian ore,Sufficient to break the world military balance,It is a treasure that everyone is very long.,But the Queen prohibits mining it.,Reason is……Protect the natural environment。”
    “Just because this?!”Miramis is incredible。
    “certainly,No ambition,Unable to make the country’s strong king,Can’t fight for the king of interest,No known king qualifications。”Liao Wenjie ruthlessly。
    “excuse me,I am inserting a mouth.。”
    Lu Bang II kneades Conan’s small head:“I think the Queen is correct.,Weak national strength with the Kingdom of Visbania,Even military weapons import from friendly country,Is not a way to hold ore,Since this,Sorry does not exploit,Continue to maintain neutral gestures。”
    “Yes,National strength of Visbania,Dreaming, can’t stand the ore,The fate of this country is only divided by big national melons.,Military base,Become a battlefield for international interests。”
    Liao Wenjie nodded,Follow:“So have you heard a sentence?,When the one who doubts that your home has a wide range of killer weapons,You’d better have。”
    “This is the sorrow of the small country,Queen is decided to wait for death,My decision is to fight back,She presses me for half a year.,This country is really can’t wait.。”
    Liao Wenjie stood up,Pull out of the waist M92F,Pointing to the unbearable Mira Princess,Domineering side drain:“Kius、Kyle,last chance,For me……”
    A gun coming in the distance,M92FPistol is blown,Liao Wenjie,Uncomfortable look at the roof:“hateful,I dare to bother me to find fun.,You’re dead。”
    at this time,Putting the maid’s peaks, no two sons launched,With the ball hit people holding Liao Wenjie’s hand holding a bomb remote,A force……
    Liao Wenjie entered his arms。
    “Why do you hit me??”
    “Ah this year……”
    The peak is not a smile,Hold the arm of Liao Wenjie,And press the palm of his remote control,Blinking:“Uh,Suddenly I felt that the Boker is good and handsome.,I am in love with you.,Can this reason??”
    “Be a child,Beautiful。”
    Luzhou three times,Step-by-step charge,Side slender table,A slider kicks the Liao Wenjie waist position,Self-confidence makes it coma。
    Liao Wenjie let it open,The moment after the Treatment and Luzhou III,One foot will fall into the ground。
    Three all do not work together with their faces,Liao Wenjie is gave up,Lubang III for the failure of slippery,Indifferent road:“monkey,What do you want to do?”
    “Oops,Dirty the Earl’s shoes are dirty?,I will help you wipe it.。”
    Luzhou III forehead,Smile and scratched,Then he took the sleeve in Liao Wenjie’s whiteboard shoes.。
    Be very selling。
    “啵 啵 啵 啵~”
    what,Whiteboard shoes……
    Why is a white board?,Shoes?
    watch carefully,The color of the pants is not,Only handmade custom suit jackets are tasteful,Solitrate the identity of the Earl。

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