This means this genius,In the domain master stage, it has accumulated to Tongtianqiao 20—At least the nineteenth level of perception。

    of course,There is also speculation that His Royal Highness Li Ming has entered a certain time-accelerating environment—But normally,The cultivation speed of the domain master is very different from that of the domain master—Even the life limit of the domain master stage—One Hundred Era,The speed of his cultivation and perception will not exceed the thousand-year cultivation effect of the world master stage.。
    And almost the same day,Li Ming’s name and intelligence appear in the Zerg、Yaozu、Mechanical family、Even the distant crystal family and prison family on the highest table。
    “Must kill this human,Otherwise, in the future, it will be like a star inferno!”Yaozu is responsible for external intelligence,The Sirius Lord who assassinated the alien genius gritted his teeth。
    “Raise the attention of this human Li Ming to‘Universe overlord’level~~~Anyway, the ones who are anxious are the monsters and the zerg,Let them fight on their own!”Faraway Prison Territory,The Lord of the universe, who was covered in bloody mist, smiled。
    “younger sister,Quickly arrange the assassination plan of the vassal group,Such a human genius,Not allowed。”Two extremely beautiful creatures talk to each other,If there is an ordinary world master here,Just looking at it will take away all your mind。
    It is among the six pinnacle groups,Two great beings of the Zerg。
    This scene,Appear in the borders of major ethnic groups。
    Zerg、Yaozu、Mechanical family,North Xinjiang Alliance、Top forces hostile to humans such as the Thorns、The pinnacle forces naturally arrange their own means,Hope to destroy the genius of the human race—Of course they understand,Humans are bound to protect their geniuses well。
    And the prisoners、Crystal family、Unrelated races or forces such as the Star Giant Beasts,Watching the excitement。
    They also want to know,It’s the genius of mankind that rises rapidly,Still die。
    In the palace of the Lord of Dragon。
    “Yours is really determined!”The lord of Longxing looked at his youngest a little bit angry,And the most talented disciple。

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