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    Chengdu Shuangliu Hotel held a "Environmental Protection Little" competition

    People’s Network Chengdu November 16th "Dear Children, please take a look at this small video of the compressed garbage, actively participate in the activities of compressed garbage." Recently, Chengdu Shuangliu District Shuangliu District Separate Hotel Parents ‘Parents’ WeChat Group jumped outSuch a message, "You can also shoot the video, do a good babe, we have a small gift.

    "" We currently have more than 800 kilograms of garbage every day. "

    "The staff of the Isolated Hotel Li Bin Bin said:" Taking into account the hotel’s children, we think of the "I am an environmentally friendly small" garbage classification competition activity. "

    On the one hand, it can alleviate the pressure of waste treatment. On the other hand, it can help the children who are isolating, and they can establish environmental awareness and reduce isolation anxiety.

    "After the news is issued, children are classified and compressed under the video guidance of guardians and staff. In the end, the staff received a video from 22 children.

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    Concentricity to build a socialist modern new Hunan

    The rice is milled, and Xiaoxiang is full of Zhaohui. In this hoped harvest season, "Meeting the Party Code, writes a new chapter" completed successfully.

    This is an adhered to the people-oriented vivid practice. It is a useful attempt to actively develop socialist democratic politics.

    At high attention and careful deployment of the provincial party committee, the proclaimed claims have received extensive attention and positive response from party members and cadres in the province, people and people from all walks of life in the province. In just 20 days, I received a lot of advice advice.

    Each of the rhetoric sounds, every speech is full of the most plain feelings, carrying the most enthusiastic expectations, flashing the wisdom of the most popular. Surgery, in Hunan Daily, Hunan Radio and Television Station, Red Net, etc. No. 5909 (articles) The content of the proposed claims covers the development planning, industrial strategy, scientific and technological innovation, regional coordination, rural revitalization, infrastructure, ecological civilization, cultural tourism, people’s livelihood well-being, social governance, democratic rule of law, party building, etc., concentrated on building a society The common wishes of new Hunan, fully reflecting the style of the Hunan people’s struggle.

    Ask the people, they can be known to lose their best.

    Because your enthusiasm is involved, we feel excited; because you pay, we share our confidence; because of your real shot, we have enlightenment. We watched the movement, the heart, the gains, and played the same breathing, a total of life, and the heart of the heart in Sanxiang. At this moment, we have to be sincerely authentic: Thank you! We must bring your feelings, with responsibility, and integrate the results of the prison suggestion activities into the 200th Party Congress of the Provincial Party Congress, including the work decisions of the party committees at all levels, including all units "I do practical things for the masses" Work practices. As an important job of the 12th Party Congress of the Provincial Party Congress, the procurement of the procurement and policy activities ended, but the channels of the relationship between the relationship between the close party groups will always be smooth.

    I hope that you will continue to develop in Hunan and continue to make recommendations.

    The 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Hunan Province is about to be convened, this is a great event in the people’s political life in the province, which is a new starting point to a better future. Let us unite around the party of the party in the center of Ji Jinping as the core, earnestly study and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC Plenary Session, under the strong leadership of the provincial party committee, established around the 12th Party Congress of the province. Target tasks, concert with morality, peers, struggle to build socialist modern new Hunan! "Meeting the Party Ceremony, Write a New Chapter" Reprinical Advice Activity Office November 17, 2021 (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai) Sharing Let More people see the client download.

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    Black land opens gold flowers, Ningbo puts 59 million yuan to help and build Sanghuang Town

    Sanghuang has a strong medicinal value.

      As an opportunity of the East and Western to the mouth, Ningbo Yinzhou and Hallong join hands with the characteristic support project of the mulberry-yellow cultivation industry. In the past three years, I have been put into Ningbo Financial Assistance funds in the Yulong City, forming a hulberry greenhouse. The planting scale of the 245th section, the size of the eight seeds of the Zhenhuanghuang plantation base.

      At present, the base has been expanded to cover 6 administrative villages, through the rental of the land, participate in the employment and employment, and the profitability is allocated, and the employment is increasing, and the poverty is rich.

      Mr. Yanxing gave reporters a bill: the past is mainly based on planting corn, and an acre property is around 650 kg, according to the highest market price, the output value is approximately 900 yuan.

    After a mulberry, only a large studio covers an area of ??about 350 square meters, and the benefits can reach 140,000 yuan. According to a cycle of 3 years, the income of planting mulberry is 40 times that planting corn.

      At the moment, although the first batch of mulberry gums are still expected, the hematopoietic capacity of this industry has appeared. According to the Dragon Local statistics, Eight Zhenzuang Huangji absorbed more than 150 employment, including more than 30 people, including more than 3,000 yuan for long-term management workers. "It’s not tired, you can also take care of your home, more than 10,000 yuan a year!" Xu Mingfu used to set up a poverty of the establishment of a poverty, and now become a base care worker.

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    Anhui Anqing: Water Central Shore Green Yicheng Yiju

    Cast urban water system, promote water environment rectification, Anhui Anqing – Water Qing’an Green Yicheng Yiju (Xiaocang Road on Green Power) Anhui Anqing City, Don’t call "Yicheng", there are 10 lakes 46 rivers, the rivers and lakes are 225 square kilometers, accounting for25% of the total local area.

    Water is the characteristics of Anqing, but also the valuable resources of Anqing, but the water environment here is very "troubles".Renovation of black odor, strengthen law enforcement supervision, build a lake wetland, open the urban water system … In recent years, Anqing has included all lakes and rivers into governance, gradually constructing a ecological water network.

    Today, all the water systems in Anqing City run, "Yicheng" has also become more livable.

    The water is connected, the water is still active, and it is an important river connected to the Anqing Old Town and the New Town.

    Today, more than a dozen ponds along the river, the pool is crystal clear, and the water swaying the reeds, and the lily. However, the initial plan is not the case.

    Li Jun, a residential department of the housing project, the construction of the key project, and participated in the whole process of comprehensive management of the new river.

    He recalls that these ponds earlier are fishing ponds. They have professional institutional planning, and they will fill them with these ponds, widen, harden, and river. But later, Anqing City vetoed this design.

    At the end of 2015, Anqing hired a professional team led by the Institute of Environmental Sciences, the Ecological Environment Department, with a focus on water ecological environmental protection, and launched a resident tracking study to provide scientific recommendations for precision pollution.

    At the same time, it is integrated with rainfall, intercepting vessels, shoreline repair, ecological dredging and other projects. Since 2016, Anqing has built 450 kilometers of sewage pipes and 76 rainwater pipelines, investigating 1864 water pollution problems, and 8 new ends of the new end. Open the distribution map of Anqing ecological water network system, clearly see that there are different lakes in the north and south of East and West. Among them, "a lake Jiuhe" is a pen. "One Lake Jiuhe" refers to the nine rivers, Bai Zhuhu and including Huaihu River, and Qinquan River. "One Lake Jiuhe" governance project started in April 2017, governing the lake area square kilometers, the length of the river, with a landscape green area of ??about 10,000 square meters.

    Through the implementation of the project, Anqing City connects all the rivers and lakes, forming two water-based aorta – the main rivers of the main river and the main rivers of the main rivers and the main rivers of the Eastern North and South, and eventually connected the Yangtze River. The water is connected, and the water is still active. "In the process of comprehensive management of water, there is a lot of problems such as the black stink, river sedimentation, and insufficient drainage capacity, because the water flow is not smooth, let the water flow, it is an inevitable requirement of ecological pollution.

    Jiang Kuitang, Party Secretary of Anqing Ecological Environment Bureau, Director Jiang Kuitang, said. By running through the entire urban water system and connects to the Yangtze River, from the two-wire water supply of the Yangtze River and Shitang Lake, the daily hydration of Anqing City is 300,000 tons, which solves the flooding. Drainage demand, which solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by broken head.

    The investment is fine, the effect is not discounted to the winter of Shitang Lake, along the coast of grass, although the reed is a little yellow, but the lake is blue, the mountain lake is reflected, still the scenery.

    Here, it is an alternate water source in Anqing. In order to improve the water quality of Shitang Lake, Anqing’s 980,000 square meters of fish ponds in Tong retreat, the daily purification capacity reached 10,000 tons. Liu Gang, deputy manager of Shitang Lake Project, said the water flowing upstream through the gate, introduced into the pretreatment zone, and the preprocessing zone is connected to the net water channel, and the water flows into the table flow through the clean water.

    The surface flow and wet areas are serially connected in series with aquatic plants and the sultime, through a variety of aquatic plants and microorganisms, the common effects of soil, and the functions of wetland interception, purification and other functions. The water flowing from the surface flow wet area enters the depth purification area, and the area is used to store purified water, and the other hand is further purified by aquatic plant to stabilize the water quality.

    In addition, the complete ecological purification system is formed by reasonably configured the seasons of evergreen plant communities.

    "This project officially started in 2019, and ended in the second half of 2020." Liu Gang said, now, the stone lake, the water quality has reached Class III standard. In many projects in water environment governance, Anqing is based on ecological management as a concept, and the cost is low, and the cost is low.

    According to Li Jun, Xinhe retains more than a dozen ponds, only one, saving at least 30 million yuan investment.

    Although it is finely calculated in investment, the effect is not discounting.

    Take the "one lake Jiuhe" as an example, the current water quality has increased to class standard, and the water quality of the Qing Dynasty water country control section is 100%. The two section water quality of the Yangtze River is in the class, the city surface water is basically eliminated. V.

    In the rectification of the new river, there is no plan for the initial filling of the pond and hardened roads, but planted the riverside, 660,000 square meters of flowers, 540,000 square meters of lawns and 10,000 square meters of aquatic plants, let it It became a local well-known green ecological corridor.

    Will fully promote rural sewage remediation in Anqing, many rivers have experienced the changes in the new river. In the winter, the artificial buoy in Hunting River is still lush. But many years ago, Hunting River was a famous "stink". "Hunting River has grown again and smelly, after governance, also raise the fish, the floating island is still a lot of flowers, very beautiful, and very comfortable nearby.

    Huang Industry, Hunting North Village, Grand View District, Anqing City.

    After a targeted comprehensive rectification, Anqing size river lake is new.

    Li Jun said that he also wanted to understand that if many areas can make a lot of money, why should you stay for environmental rectification? But now he understands. "Next, we will continue to focus on the in-depth governance of key pollution sources, and further enhance existing urban industrial governance standards.

    At the same time, we will fully promote the pollution control of agriculture, through the adoption of local conditions, the rural sewage rectification is fully promoted as the next work. "Jiang Kuitang said.

    Wei Xiaoming, secretary of the Anqing Municipal Party Committee, said that Anqing will continue to grasp the key projects such as rivers and lake governance, one hand to grasp the innovation of institutional mechanisms such as Lin Changzhi, the Heavy System, and Lake, and promote the continuous improvement of ecological environment. (Reporter Zhu Si Xiong Xu Jing).

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    The Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region held a meeting to convey the implementation of the Party’s History and Education Central First Instructions and Supported Feedback Opinions Strengthening Social Organization Construction and Promoting the Work of "Sweeping Yellows" and decided to convene the 10th Fifteen Plenary Session of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region

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    Violation of the above declares, this website will be held relevant legal responsibilities.

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    Changchun City Jiutai District provides tax policy counseling for specialty new SMEs

    In order to actively promote the special action of "Spring Rain Run", recently, Jiutai District, Changchun City, has carried out policy preaching activities for 77 special new SMEs in the jurisdiction.

    The staff from the Nine District Taxation Bureau will be deducted by the enterprise research and development costs, and some advanced manufacturing value-added tax period shall be returned to the tax rebate and other support technological innovation tax concessions. The purchase, Changchun tax is grouped, "Tax E-do" and other convenience service initiatives have been detailed for the company, and on-site answers for the issues raised by the taxpayer. "This training allows us to deeply feel the service tenet of the tax authority for the payer of the taxpayer, hoping that the tax authorities can carry out similar activities, strengthen tax counseling, and pay taxes, and the Changchun City from Jiutai District. The business representative of Binyu Industrial Co., Ltd. said.

    At the training session, the nine areas have issued a demand recommendations to collect questionnaires, targeting 25 issues such as tax publicity consultation, policy counseling, taxation services, tax management, and motivate innovative research and development measures, understanding the relevant opinions suggestion. This training not only allows companies to know the "interest-related" tax policy, master the online taxation operation process of "not leaving home", realize the tax and fee preferential policy, enjoy the realization, we should enjoy it, help the company to lightly At the same time, the tax authorities also grasp the development of enterprises and individuality issues in the development of enterprises in real time, and form a proposal to improve the scientific and technological innovation tax preferential policy system, realize the rapid implementation of the policy, and the problem is quickly solved. (Editor: Zhang Shu, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.

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    Pingyao: Party history learning has a harvest environment and improvement procedure

    In order to comprehensively improve the urban-rural environment, recently, Pingyao County vigorously launched the "governing six chaos, homes, welcoming the birthday" urban and rural environmental improvement actions, strengthened the environmental remediation of urban people. Promote "demolition, blocking". Demolition illegal covering, demolition and chaos, dismantling illegal setting stall facilities, dismantling the unqualified construction site to block, dismantling uncoordinated bill plaque, dismantling parking space illegal setting lock, etc. illegal or hindered Blocking illegal row, blocking safety production vulnerabilities, blocking tourism industry vulnerabilities, various departments and cooperation, forming remediation.

    Adhere to "whole, smooth" and heavy. Renovation of road markets, rectifying the road, rectifying traffic trunk along the environment, rectifying chaos, rectifying the box, closed tourism shopping, smooth urban and rural transportation network, smooth travel environment, standardizing production and life order.

    Carry out "Net, Beauty".

    Purify environmental hygiene, purify road hygiene, purify the health, purify "infrastructure", purify the office environment, purify the enterprise environment; beautify the traffic trunk, beautify the city to block, beautify the rural environment, promote "beauty", " Beautiful "net". Take "order, excellent" combination. Maintain traffic or order, parking ordered; improve the style, create a travel service, window service, create a good travel environment, establish a good city image.

    Realize the development of "green". High standard green urban rough street, high standard greening national provinces. To achieve greening, there is no exposed land without exposure, rainy earth is not going to the road, focus on the implementation of high-speed leads along the green color, high standards to create a flat.

    In addition, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the remediation, Pingyao County has established the standard dating mechanism, "point, line, and face" responsibility, "patrol, management", "patrol, management" The mechanism, "people, wealth, things" long-term security mechanism, "supervise, office, evaluation" closed-loop supervision mechanism fully exerts the role of grassroots party organizations, village self-government, and helps to form a strong atmosphere of the up and down strength. (Editor: Zhao Fang, Zhang Linshan).

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    Technology is "addition", the venue is more "smart" (sports guanlan)

    When the technical achievements apply more yuan, more in-depth integration into the national fitness scene, when the national fitness public service is getting more and more perfect, efficient, convenient, I believe there will be more and more people happy, fall in love with fitness, the unit gym is opened. Site line reservation and scan code authentication service, simplify the queuing registration process, which makes people feel "convenient"! In addition to the appointment applet, smart wardrobe, face recognition gate, smart light control temperature, wisdom big screen … often go to the fitness people will find that the fresh things in the fitness venues are more.

    Don’t underestimate these details, "smart" venues will make fitness more attractive. Real-time, facilities, facilities, and exercise in time before exercise, timely feedback on body data, exercise after exercise, strengthen software construction through technical applications, upgrade the new skills, new equipment, new equipment, and new equipment, new equipment, and new equipment, Be "addition" to the service, becoming a trend.

    In Zhejiang Shaoxing, Xinchang County Sports Center unified management in the basketball hall, badminton hall, and outdoor basketball, football and tennis courts, realizing the people’s booking "one time you don’t have to run," From the order, payment to the admission, open the light, can be completed online, self-service processing. In Fujian Xiamen, a number of gym is launched a game, immersive fitness service, and the exerciser wears a smart bracelet. On the large screen of the wall, the personal information will be displayed immediately. According to real-time body data, the operating range is magnitude, the exercise movement is scored. Also compare the motion data in history.

    More interesting interactions, more detailed services, so that the venues are more "smart", which will also make people involve the enthusiasm of sports and fitness. According to reports, Jiangsu Nanjing Wutai Mountain Sports Center Wisdom System is online, the Internet order rate is over 90%, and the self-purchasing rate is over 80%, and the use efficiency of the venue is 30%. Nowadays, more and more gym, the gymnasium through technical achievements, reduce the cost of manual service, management management, improve the fun sports, scientific exercise, and harvested consumers and exercise, improve the national fitness Public services intelligent, information, and digitized levels. In the future, this trend is expected to further expand, in October, "The 14th Five-Year" Sport Development Plan ", clearly put forward" promoting national fitness and wisdom development "," Internet + fitness "" Internet of Thunder "and other technologies The results will continue to expand in the future in the masses, venue facilities, events, fitness guidance, equipment equipment, etc..

    When technical achievements apply more divers, more integrate into the national fitness scene, when the national fitness public service is getting more and more improved, efficient, convenient, I believe there will be more and more people happy, fall in love with fitness! Originally published in "People’s Daily" (13th edition, November 25, 2021) (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Share more people see the recommended reading.

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    The tennis coach turns into a "medical expert", and the annual fraud is thousands!

    Meditation treatment, learn "teacher" audio can improve resistance, purchase souvenirs in the church is good for physical health … Is these propaganda slogans sound familiar? Most cult or heterogeneous organizations have conducted such publicity, but Australia’s cult organization called "Universalmedicine", the medical fraud is extremely – the annual fraudulent money tens of thousands, victims Countless, the Jury of the Supreme Court of New South Wales believes is a cultural and harmful cult organization. It is more vigilant that this cult organization member is still active around the world, developing their believers, promoting so-called "special therapy".

    ▲ "Global Medicine" Senior Source: Facebook "Global Medicine" was established by Australians in Shebenhayon, according to the BBC report, he himself is only an unemployment. Tennis coach, no medical eligibility. He claimed to have received spiritual baptism in 1999, which can feel a very beautiful thing in life. ▲ This Haish is speaking to the audience at the National Medical Seminar. This Harley claimed to be Da Vinci, with the wisdom of Shangbi. He said that God’s son will reincarnate over and over again. He is one of them, not only this, even the daughter is also different, is Churchill. According to his reincarnation theory, he designed a rehabilitation method for believers. He believes that people will be ill, because the past is caused. Not only that, but he also said that if the child has congenital diseases, such as autism or Down syndrome, it is because of the accumulation of the past sin.

    He told an end-sensitive patient, she got cancer, the devil entered her body, only by meditation.

    ▲ "Global Medicine" in Australia’s Headquarters: In addition to this British Broadcasting company, Benha Yang also has a series of harsh provisions on believers, such as he ordered members.

    He said that if you drink, the supernatural entity will invade your body, causing a series of impact on your organ.

    Members can also drink coffee, eat milk products, carrots and potatoes. Everyone must go to bed at 9 o’clock, get up at 3 o’clock in the morning.

    ▲ The Source of this Harlow Source: "Mirror" said that the first member named Ester said that this Harley also tells women members should not participate in sports because the sports will lead to the thickening of the organic wall.

    More ridiculous is that this Haishi often conducts breast massage for women followers, claiming to treat serious gynecological diseases.

    Este is a victim of this activity. In 2005, she met with this Harbage for the first time and participated in the treatment course of this Harley. At that time, she had always felt pressure and tired, hoping to be relieved through the "Meditation Courses" claiming this Harley. For her symptoms, this Haish proposed ovarian and breast massage therapy.

    ▲ Benha Yang and his believers Source: "Global Medicine" official website Ester said: "He put his hand on my lower abdomen, only a few centimeters higher than the shame.

    "Then, this Haishi sticked her ear and whispered:" I feel that when you are teen, a man has a torture you.

    "Benha Yang’s move made Ester fell, and did not participate in his courses. Another" Global Medicine "beforewards Pina also experienced the same thing as Ester, in the so-called The course of this Harbage was sexually harassed. Master Pina is the attitude of "Global Medicine" to treat children. Pina has a child with autism, due to this Harbage propaganda It is said that these patients with evil are caused by the past, so these patients with Pinnam children are discriminated against. ▲ this Harbang and his believers Source: "Global Medicine" official website reported according to American Broadcasting Company This Harley also specially likes to develop and receive a conflict believer. In 2014, a lady named Judith, because of the death of breast cancer. Before the death, she put all their own savings 14 million US dollars (about 9 million RMB) donated to "Global Medicine".

    ▲ Zuddi’s previous photo Source: American Broadcasting Company displays the email published by Judith children to the media, this Haishi has been telling her two months in Judith to die. "Your children are destroying your stable emotions, trying to evoke Your sympathy "," Leave your money to ‘Global Medicine’, which helps us work on the earth "… ▲ Judith students Previous source: American Broadcasting Corporation is based on" Global Medicine " If the parents left to the children’s legacy, they will have the cause of the children.

    This Harley is like this, extracts the trust and property of those poor believers, and uncomfortable.

    The hazard caused by "Global Medicine" is far more than that. Before the Australian Public Health Association, Heith, Heteman, said that the restriction diet promoted by "Global Medicine" is "public health issues". If the parents of the child listen to the propaganda of this Harley, do not give the children to the dairy products. And grains, there will be risky risks and will affect children’s growth and cognition.

    This is not a dramatic, and Australian couples have died in strict accordance with the teaching of this Harley, causing their children to admission due to diet related diseases.

    The so-called medical therapy of this Harley is more nonsense. In 2014, the New South Wales Parliamentary Investigation Report focused on the treatment of "Global Medicine": "Although there is no evidence that these therapies will cause practical harm to people’s physical health, they will abandon the help of seeking truth health care Opportunity. "Over time, the criticism of" Global Medicine "is endless, according to the" Daily Telegraph "report," Global Medicine "uses a private investigation company to conduct network online reputation management, targeting more than 15 independent websites and The seven news agencies’ reports are deleted, as long as they are criticizing the "Global Medicine" articles will be deleted, this practice triggered a strong dissatisfaction.

    ▲ "Global Medicine" logo and according to the British "Mirror" report, there is also a British mother being told that you must have been separated from the Global Medicine, otherwise you will lose your daughter’s supervision. The girl’s parents have a dispute on her daughter’s monitoring, and her father said that her daughter should stay away from "Global Medicine".

    The court supported his father’s statement and considered "Global Medicine" to its daughter "continuous injury source."

    They gave the girl’s mother’s brief wheezing time. In this time, the mother can leave "Global Medicine", participate in the cultural investigation treatment course, only this, she can re-raise their daughter.

    No evil monographs are ill, and the natural phenomenon of anyone will face, modern science and medical means provide us with many ways to treat diseases, let us face disease, no longer panic, no longer afraid. But there are also many diseases. At present, there is no solution in medicine. Many people will have no way, hosted in some other ways, hoping to have something.

    Just as "Global Medicine" and other cults like "Bao Guan Bai", they will be treated only by meditation, massage or cultivation, pray, etc., they can treat serious diseases, and they are only arrested. People who live in a crucial doctor or the psychology that has no way, I want to take the opportunity to defraud money, pull people into education, which not only causes property losses, but also delays the treatment time. Therefore, encountering sick or physical discomfort, timely medical treatment is our correct choice. It is the basic psychology that everyone can never be avoided by everyone. It is also the basic psychology we must have in all kinds of scams.

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    Putian City organizes party members and cadres to concentrate on watching the red film "Changjin Lake"

    Southeast Network Putian November 18 (this reporter Li Jianjun internship reporter Chen Chen Huang Yi Jowen / Figure) On November 18th, the first part of the Ministry of Propaganda Department of Putian Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the second part of the municipal party committee Organize party members and cadres to visit Putian Wanda Studios to carry out the theme party day activities, concentrate on watching the red film "Changjin Lake", further promoting the education of party history and learning and educating, motivating party members and cadres love party love.

    The film "Changjin Lake" is based on the Battle of Changjin Lake in the Second Battle of the United States and Aid DPRK. It tells the Chinese People’s Volunteers in the extremely cold and rising environment, and the righteousness has no refund to fight, with steel will and the heroic fearless battle spirit. Finally capture the touching story of Changjin Lake Battle.

    In the film, the revolutionary ancestors on the party and the unlimited loyal touching deeds, and the indestructible revolutionary beliefs deeply impressed every watching party cadres. "It was because of the bleeding sacrifice of countless revolutionary martyrs, he exchanged today’s home country peace.

    With the peaceful age, we have to cherish the happy life, remember the martyrs, and pay tribute to the great Chinese People’s Volunteers! "The Putian Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Putian Municipal Committee said. The development of activities also invested new power for the future work of party members and cadres.

    Hoshiko, the cadre of the municipal party committee, the office of the municipal government, said that it is necessary to carry forward the older generation of revolutionary people, and go forward, dedication to death, unforgettable, 砥 砥, in the ordinary position, the extraordinary performance.

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