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    Citting financial live water help

      Liaoning’s actual difficulties in manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises – the development of financial live water helps companies in Liaoning Shuguang Automobile Group Co., Ltd., workers are assembling pickup. The picture on the right of Jinzhou Shujiao mountains, Jinzhou Hong Kong container Lin stand.

    Our reporter Wen Ji Cae manufacturing industry is the "trunk" of the Liaoning entity economy. The reporter survey learned that there is a place where there is a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises. Liaoning Financial Industry is aimed at realistic difficulties in the manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises.

      Innovation Financing Assistance Development November, Shenyang Longjinxing Steel Co., Ltd. The company is mainly engaged in steel, building materials manufacturing and sales. Due to difficulties in capital turnover, the company has affected the company’s sustainable development.

      Today, General Manager of the company Guo Jianyu’s "financing is difficult, financing expensive" is no longer.

    Guo Jianyu told reporters that the Agricultural Bank of China has the characteristics of easy, easy to use, and does not need to be prepared and financial statements. ABC Shenyang Branch staff thoughtfully and meticulous field guidance, the company successfully got loan. " As of the end of October 2021, the company accumulated 26 financing, and the cumulative loans were 10,000 yuan, and experienced the professionalism and intimate service of Shenyang Branch of Agricultural Bank.

      In mid-October, the reporter stood in the Jinzhou Shujiao Mountain to see the West, and visited Jinzhou Port Container Forest.

    Not only that, the manufacturing industry in the loading and unloading chain is also busy.

      China Construction Bank Jinzhou branch Jinzhou Port opened as early supply chain lending business. By the end of the third quarter of 2021, Jinzhou Port in China Construction Bank supply chain financing balance of 181.6 million yuan, covering handling and transportation business and other nine small and medium micro enterprises. "To carry out supply chain operations, provide more financing for the Jinzhou Port mode to protect the business, while also providing convenience for the manufacturing chain upstream suppliers." The Bank Vice President Chaichun Sen expressed.

      Not only ABC and CCB, Bank of China and Industrial Bank is also to support small and medium micro enterprises manufacturing frequent coup.

    Bank of China branch in Liaoning linkage fully integrated operating company within the group, to provide global, integrated financial services, increase support for equity financing of manufacturing enterprises.

    Bank of China and Bank of securities companies to provide domestic and overseas market, bonds, mergers and acquisitions and other capital market support and services for manufacturing enterprises.

    Bank Investment, Bank securities industry through building fund to provide equity-type financing to support manufacturing enterprises.

    The Industrial Bank Shenyang Branch improve the institutional mechanisms to build "four special" characteristics of the business. Promote the "four special" idea that "professional sector" and "professional approval" and "professional team" and "professional platform", improve the institutional mechanisms to enhance the operational efficiency, support the development of SMEs in Liaoning manufacturing.

      Backed by solid financial supervision latest statistics from the Insurance Regulatory Bureau in Liaoning silver, as of the end of the third quarter, the Liaoning within its jurisdiction (excluding Dalian) manufacturing loans yuan, up% as% of total loans outstanding.

    Manufacturing and long-term loans yuan, an increase%. Micro small and medium manufacturing business loans million, essentially flat with last year.

      Achievements, in addition to banks and other financial institutions to increase lending, but also closely linked with the continuous efforts of local central bank, Bank Insurance Regulatory Commission and other financial regulators. Since 2021, the Bank established the Shenyang Branch of big firms and credit indicators monthly tracking mechanism to supervise held three information meetings, organized to analyze the situation, increase the comprehensive inspection of law enforcement efforts to better promote major bank credit.

      "Financial channeled into the real economy, especially manufacturing enterprises is particularly important.

    "The central bank Jinzhou city center branch president Qidong Wei said that the manufacturing sector to guide the flow of financial resources to promote the financial resources to adequately nourish the industry chain enterprises, strengthen the use of financial leverage, and strive to do a good job of financial services for small and medium manufacturing, and actively open up the green channel, radiation stimulating economic development in Liaoning.

      Silver Liaoning Insurance Regulatory Commission official said, and strengthen supervision to lead and support services banking institutions within its jurisdiction manufacturing.

    Early, silver Liaoning Insurance Regulatory Commission will promote the development of the banking sector to support the manufacturing of high-quality included in the annual key tasks, designate a lead department, a clear division of tasks, guiding the bank marked "Liaoning Province, a traditional industrial transformation and upgrading plan", continued to increase the first (set) projects of major technical equipment, intelligent manufacturing, manufacturing digital transformation, credit support and other areas of military and civilian integration and emerging industries of IC equipment, aviation equipment and robots.

    Were held large state-owned banks, joint-stock banks to support economic development of high-quality discussion meeting, urged national banks to play a good financial strength, strong service capacity advantage, focus on improving the long-term loans accounted for the manufacturing sector, the manufacturing industry and strive to national banks long-term loan growth of not less than the average growth rate of the loan. Although the problem is still long way to go in Liaoning Province financial support manufacturing SMEs achieved some success, but the problem still exists, it can be described as "release mountain mountain stopped."

      Reporter field survey found that, on the one hand, the economy is still in recovery phase, Liaoning, institutional, economic structure and other short board is still more prominent, the traditional manufacturing industry to speed up the risk exposure of the core emerging manufacturing technologies and business models is not yet mature, manufacturing It is still in the recovery phase. In fiscal Sichuan Securities chief economist Chen seems to Gimli, Liaoning-based manufacturing to large-scale state-owned heavy industry, small and medium micro enterprise development more difficult. There is a high proportion of the output value of state-owned manufacturing enterprises, the slow development of private enterprises, manufacturing coal, petroleum, machinery and other traditional industries, high-tech and high value-added industries lagging behind other issues. Meanwhile, the population in the Northeast continued outflow trends do not change, the aging population growing, weak consumer demand, Liaoning Province, also have a negative impact on the development of new industries and sustainable development of local small and medium micro enterprises. On the other hand, the risk of continued exposure to debt default, regional financial risks can not be ignored.

    Impact on regional credit environment continues, the private manufacturing industry there are still many problems.

    Digital Economy Research Institute of Zhongnan University, Executive Dean disk and Lin believes that there is concern about the financial industry in Liaoning operational risks in manufacturing small and medium micro enterprises.

    Small and medium micro business uncertainty, especially the small and medium micro enterprises lack collateral, there are flaws in corporate credit, the financial institutions, in providing financial support is not positive enough.

    Meanwhile, the financial sector was too Liaoning single financing support means manufacturing small and medium micro enterprises.

    "Multi-credit is to promote ways to achieve financial support Lack of financial instruments, such as shares, bonds way to support, reducing the funding sources of financial support.

    "Disc and Lin said.

      Many financial institutions have recognized the problem, as actively. Agricultural Bank of China Shenyang Branch President Zhou Xuejun said the next step is to build the whole industry chain service system. Business supply chain as the starting point for manufacturing enterprises in Liaoning tailored financial services program integrated industrial chain, rich in financial services scene, extend service reach, rich means of financing.

    At the same time, the establishment of differentiated service system.

    Science and technology for manufacturing high-tech, asset-light characteristics, active and innovative assessment evaluation system, expand intellectual property mortgage business, put in to achieve loan growth has patented technology and intellectual property rights of enterprises.

    Demand for energy-saving enterprises, give full play to the "energy credit", "carbon finance" and other green financial products, energy saving and green power companies to upgrade.

    (Reporter Wen Jicong) Editor: Wan Jenny.

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    De National Games Tennis Competition eindigde Tianjin Team Packaged Championship

    Originele titel: The National Games Tennis Competition Eindigde Tianjin Team Verpakking De kampioen van de 14e National Games Tennis Competitie eindigde 9e, Tianjin team Li Wei en Wang Yan waren verdeeld in mannen, dames singles kampioen, Jiangsu combinatie Zhang Choice / kleinzoon Abstract Gemengd dubbel goud medaille. In de herenhonkels finales in de prioriteit versloeg Li Wei Zhang als selectie van 7: 5 en 6: 3, en kreeg de eerste nationale games.

    Voor een 35-jarige, de oude toekomst van deelname aan de National Games, is deze gouden medaille buitengewoon. Na het winnen, tappen Li Wei de hoed en releases opgewonden humeur.

    Wang Yu en Teammaster Zheng Sai Sai Female Silent Single Single, die van tevoren wordt gelanceerd en zilver.

    Sinds de nationale games tennis doet Zheng Saiyai pijn en doet de vrouwelijke single finale pijn, en uiteindelijk kan ze niet aanhouden, zich terugtrekken uit de competitie.

    Zheng Saiyai zei: "Het overwinnen van moeilijkheden die vandaag het Tianjin-team te helpen om deze gouden medaille te vergrendelen, ik heb deze taak voltooid bij de nationale games, ik ben nog steeds erg bevestiging voor mezelf. Wang yu is ook erg moeilijk, ze verdient deze gouden medaille. "Het is minder dan vier uur van de mannelijke enkele wachtrij. Li Wei ontmoet opnieuw in de gemengde dubbele finale. Het Jiangsu-team "Oud met nieuwe" combinatie Zhang Chu / Sun Ziyu nam de leiding in 6: 4. Het tweede deel van de twee kanten is bijten en de strijd om de zeven te pakken, Li Wei / Xu Yizhen wint.

    Doorslaggevende gerechten, Zhang-keuze / kleinzoon, de bovenkant van de bovenkant, hoe meer de strijd, des te meer rijkdom, en win de overwinning op 6: 3.

    In de recente wedstrijd, het Tianjin-team en Tianjin, en Beijing ontving het team, het team, een mannelijk dubbel, een vrouwelijke dubbele kampioen. Dong Yuuen, directeur van Tianjin Tennis Movement Management Center, zei: "In de vorige voorbereiding gebruikte het Tianjin-team de mogelijkheid om de training te sluiten, en de persoonlijke technologie van de teamleden waren beter. In elke wedstrijd gingen de teamleden allemaal alles stevig naar het laatste moment. Onze resultaten zijn de beste rendement.

    "(Reporter Cai Xinyi, Liu Wei) (Editor: Sun Yifan, Cui Xinyao) Deel meer mensen om te zien.

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    547 modifications! General Secretary details the draft resolution drafting process

      On November 16, 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping was released on the "General Achievements of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Communist Achievements and Historical Experiences".

    The General Secretary introduced the draft drafting process in detail in "Description". In March of this year, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee decided that the party’s 19th China Plenary Session focused on summing up the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s 100-year struggle. Established document drafting group, as a leader, Wang Huning, Zhao Leji comrades as a deputy group Leadership, Party and the State, and the relevant central departments and local responsible comrades participated in the development of the document under the leadership of the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau. On April 1, the Party Central Committee issued the "Notice on the Commission on the Party’s Ninety-Nine Plenary Sections" and summarizing the party’s significant achievements and historical experience issues, and sought advice within the party and outside the party. From feedback, all aspects of various regions have agreed that the Party Central Committee decided to pass the 19th China Plenary Session, comprehensively summed up the party’s 100-year struggle and historical experience, is a solemn historic, strategic decision-making, fully reflected The party firmly remembers a strong will and firm determination to keep the vitality of the vitality, fully reflect the party’s profound grasp the law of historical development, and always master the historical proactive and mission of the development of the party and the national business, fully reflect the party, focus on the future, pay attention to summary And the use of historical experience and deep thinking.

    Consistently in favor of this plenary meeting, summarizing the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s hundred years, and puts forward a lot of good comments and suggestions on major issues that need to study resolution. All regions have generally believed that in the past 100 years, the party group has led the people to continue to struggle in revolution, construction, and reform various historical periods, creating the history of the Chinese nation, the history of socialism, the history of socialism, the history of human society. It completely reversed the historical process of the Chinese nation since modern times, vividly wrote the magnificent chapter of the world socialist history development, successfully opened up the new realm of Marxism, and established immortal power in the development of the Chinese nation, in order to promote human progress contribute.

    In this great journey, the party and people have accumulated extremely rich historical experience. These are worth the system summary.

    All aspects of various regions have suggested that on the basis of comprehensive summing up major achievements and historical experience of the party’s 100-year struggle, the historic achievements, historic changes and fresh experiences occurred in the new era of party and national undertakings.

      According to the party’s central deployment, the document drafting group carefully learned the important historical literature of the party, fully absorb all aspects and suggestions of various regions, in-depth research, and seriously carry out the draft draft. On September 6th, according to the Central Political Bureau, the resolution demanded that the comments were summed up for some scope of the party, including the sake of the internal part of the party, but also listened to the central government of the Democratic Party, the head of the National Business and Commerce, and None Particistry representative opinions. From feedback, various regions have given consequential affirmation, unanimous agreement of the framework structure and main content of the resolution.

    Consistently, the most distinctive feature of the resolution is that seeking truth from facts, respecting history, reflecting the initial mission of the party’s hundred years of struggle, in line with historical facts; discussion on major events, important conferences, important people, and evaluate, the same party’s historical literature It has the connection and conclusions, which reflects the new understanding of the party’s history of the party’s 18th National Congress.

    The resolution summary summarizes the historical contribution of the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year struggle, and the system reflects the historical contribution of the party to China and the human beings. Summarize the historical experience of the "Historical experience of the Communist Party of China", through history, Now, in the future, it has a significant historical significance and reality guiding significance.

      All regions are generally believed that the resolution is the political declaration of the Chinese Communists in the new era, in keeping the initial mission, adhere to the socialism of Chinese characteristics. It is based on the history of the future, to create the future, realize the great revival of the Chinese nation, the same party The first two historical resolutions have advanced in the same veins, and they will encourage the whole party to fight for greater glory on the new era. In the process of comment on the procedural, many good comments and recommendations have been made in all regions. These comments and suggestions are analyzed by the document drafting group, and do the best to absorb as much as possible. After repeated research and scrutination, 547 modifications to the resolution will fully reflect all aspects and suggestions of various departments.

      During the drafting of the resolution, the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau held three conferences, the Central Political Bureau held a review of the conference to form a resolution submitted to this plenary meeting.

    Website Editor: Wang Han.

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    Chengdu Public Resource Trading Platform Innovation Measures Improved Business Environment

    Chengdu Public Resource Trading Platform Innovation Measures Enhanced Business Environment Source: [] At the same time, establish a government procurement process "Chengdu Standard", all Chengdu City Trading Rules, unified business process, uniform operation, implementation of procurement documents and procurement process Templates change. Unified planning, unified construction, unified operational government procurement full process electronic system, embed 18 sets of standardized procurement file templates in the system, 21 sets of review form.

    Suppliers have no need to pay any system usage, without having to register and log in, download free download of free download, no need to purchase paper procurement documents or submit paper response documents. All government procurement projects are transferred to bidding margins, encourage purchases to avoid banks, reducing the proportion of payment, allowing suppliers to pay the performance margin in various ways such as electronic security. In the procurement documents, the government procurement contract credit financing policy and channels will help SMEs effectively solve the problem of "financing difficult" "financing". It is understood that the municipal trading platform innovation initiatives, through the online full process electronic collection system, the whole city, all-round government procurement projects, the assessment team and suppliers are processed from remote consultations and negotiations, and the purchase of whole process sound video And data automatic archiving, suppliers do not need to submit paper bidding documents, decrypt bidding documents or participate in on-site consultations, completely break the regional barrier, and realize the "zero run" in the transaction.

    As of 2021, as of June, the city implemented 783 "no visits" projects in the city, involving 10,000 households, a single project with a maximum of 2605 suppliers to decrypt online, solved the end of the market, the market, the supplier queuing the decryption site, difficult, consumption Duration, epidemic prevention and control pressure is high, realize the "zero waiting" of the transaction.

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    The child is chasing high cutlery, the small natural effect is too obvious.

    Contemporary parents always fall into anxiety.

    Milk declines will be anxious; children will not climb an anxiety; walk late to talk to teeth unclear anxiety & hellip; but the parents are most anxious, or the child’s height.

    In order to let the child do not fall behind, even the parents have a high price to take a child to play the so-called increased needle.

    The child wants to grow high. Is it so difficult? Studies have shown that 70% of the child’s height is determined by genetic genes, and the remaining 30% is mainly affected by four factors of sleep, nutrition, exercise and psychology.

    Therefore, you want the child to grow taller and need to be carried out from the following four aspects. First, sleep common saying: people are sleeping in sleep.

    Although the human body is secreting growth hormone in 24 hours, the growth hormone secretion is the highest in deep sleep. So I want the child to grow taller, it is necessary to have sufficient sleep.

    Second, nutritional diet is irregular, and the cause of unbalanced vegetarian, picking eatelets, will cause child malnutrition, which affects height.

    There are a lot of ways to supplement nutrients to children. Here is a clinically verified, which can significantly improve the child’s nutritional malnutrition.

    It contains three types of animal proteins, + plain protein nutrition balance, not only easily digested and absorbed by children, but also helps children quickly improve the immune system and reduce the chance of sickness.

    Among them, the soy protein contains arginine, which helps to grow in bones. In addition to high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals are also nutrients that are indispensable for children. Abbott’s small natural contains 27 vitamins and minerals, vitamins (C, D, E), calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and other elements cooperate with each other, provide comprehensive nutrition to children’s skeletal development, and the long high effect is more significant. Through this milk powder, the parents who have chased their children are also sincerely amazed. The effect of small natural is too obvious! Third, sports life is moving. Sports can not only help children bone development, promote bone growth, but also stimulate brain cells, let children be more flexible and smart. In addition, a cup of Abbott is more effective before and after the exercise.

    Fourth, the anxiety of parents will affect the child’s psychological state, but too much pressure will not only cause the child’s endocrine functional disorder, the lack of sunside, the growth is restricted; the child is abundant, the appetite is deteriorated, the absorption capacity is declining. In the past, it will cause malnutrition, and it is more difficult to grow.

    So there is a healthy psychology, and it is also beneficial to the child. In summary, you want the child to grow taller needs adequate sleep, outdoor sports, sunshine mentality, and nutritional supplements such as Abbott Shuean’s full-time formula.

    Multi-active multiple orientation can make your child chase.

    Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

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    alert! This type of drug is easy to camouflage

      What is new drug? On the occasion of the "6 · 26" International Anti-Drug Day, the city, county-level anti-drug office and the member of the Anti-drug committee have launched more than 60 topics, rich in content, to the whole society, especially adolescents, to promote new drug abuse , Comprehensive popularization of knowledge.

    How to prevent adolescents? On June 25, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the city’s anti-drug office and industry experts. New drugs are very camouflage, concealed and confusing in recent years, affected by international poisoning, and a wide variety of new drugs in the world. With the end of 2020, 1047 new psychiatric substances have emerged, and my country has found 317 categories of psychoactive substances.

    New drug forms, five flowers, "poisonous candies" "Natasha" "Natasha", including new spiritual active substances such as cannabis, have a "Blue Spirit" "Blue Spirit" containing anesthesia drugs and mental medicine ingredients. "Net red diet pills", as well as "milk tea" "Milk Tea" "" Milk Tea "," Milk Tea ", etc.

      "Compared to traditional drugs and synthetic drugs, new spiritual active materials are mostly camouflage drugs, drug packaging and normal goods are not different, most of the snakes are misunderstood in the case of uninformed, commonly disguised into milk tea, stamps , Jelly, etc..

    "Examples of Zhang Jianmin," Coke Powder ", a small bottle in which a cola, a small bottle is placed, a pink powder, a new drug, a new drug, a new type of drug doped with a small amount of white powder, this drug More than k powder, shaking head pills is greater, the harm to the human body is also more harmful; "Jelly", one looks colorful, like the jelly of the pigment is actually a new type of drug; "Milk Tea", a kind of ketamine , Phenylamine and other components mixed drugs will make people extreme excitement.

    This kind of drug is not only difficult to find in the appearance, but it is the same after brewing and the taste of the milk tea; "Happy water", is mixed by ice, shaking head pill, ketamine, colorless, tasteless, transparent liquid state, and Other drinks are mixed with a smell.

      In addition to these, drugs will also be packaged into hopped sugar, small bear cookies, or even soft candies.

      Anti-drug propaganda into the campus "This new drug will not add" "Very fun, try it, don’t want money" "This thing is very effective for weight loss" … under the driver of yourself, many young people have been asked for the first time. It will be deep in the quagmire. Therefore, anti-drug propaganda should be arrested from youth.

      On June 1, the city’s anti-drug operations took the lead in Shanxi Tongbai Jie School held anti-drug propaganda into campus activities. By preaching the basic knowledge and serious hazard of new drugs, building a young man toxic, anti-virus, and refusal thoughts.

    "I never thought that drugs can also disguise into milk tea, jumping sugar, etc., I really want to be vigilant.

    "Student Xiao Li listened to the preaching."

      "Effectively governing new drug issues, we must adhere to the front movement of the gateway and prevent the first line of strengthening young new drug prevention education as a governance work, and the education youth clearly identify new drugs, clearly Understand the hazard of new drugs, refuse new drug temptation. "Zhang Jianmin introduced. In June 2020, after more than 8 months of expansion transformation, Taiyuan’s anti-drug education base was opened in the city youth. The entire exhibition hall is divided into three parts of the corridor, prelude, and the main hall. Establish eight exhibition areas, intuitive display of drug hazards and the importance of anti-drug.

    A set of reaction containers was placed in the center of the exhibition hall. This is a "poisoning equipment" seized when the police in the city smashed the poisonous dens.

    Induction cooker, warm wet, electronic scale, beaker, stirrer … These seemingly ordinary appliances are tools when they are practicing drugs. Opening the year, through the online, offline propaganda, the accumulated people have reached more than 10,000 people.

      Teenagers must keep in mind "IV know how to find early drug addiction in family members? The anti-drug police told reporters that when the living law of family members changed, unknown use expenses increased, and the health status decreased significantly, and there were abnormal characteristics of the body surface.

    In addition, in the side, the accommodation may find drugs and drug abusers, may have a bad friend, sometimes they will find their toxic addiction.

      Zhang Jianmin said that young people should keep in mind "I know": One knows what is drug; I know that it is very easy to add addiction, it is difficult to quit; three is to know the dangers of drugs; I know that drug illegal crimes should be affected by legal sanctions.

      New drug forms, five flowers, very easy to cause temptation and harm to young people.

    While increasing the intensity, it is particularly important to carry out targeted publicity and education, enhance young people’s awareness and ability to prevent new drugs. (Reporter Yang Mo).

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    The 2nd Hulu Culture Art Festival opened in Xiqing District, Tianjin

      Xinhua Net Tianjin November 5 (Reporter Zhou Runjian) 5th, the 2nd Hulu Culture Art Festival opened in the Tianjin Flower Market in Xiqing District, Tianjin.

    This Cultural Art Festival aims to build the display and exchange platform of domestic gourd culture, spread hoist culture, inherit the non-legacy skills. Gourd, homonym "Fulu", symbolizes auspicious festive, is one of the most primitive mascots in the Chinese nation. It is understood that the Hallo Industry is a representative and characteristic cultural industry in Tianjin, which has formed a complete industrial chain including planting, processing and sales. At present, there is a combination of craft hoist products in Tianjin, a plunger, ambulance, ambigulent gourd, ambigulent gourd, carving a gourd, a colorful gourd, a whip gourd and other types.

      The Cultural Arts Festival, from the non-Leritid sent a heroic gourd manual production technique, representative inheritance, including the initiative, including boutique Hulu show, Hulu Crafts Exhibition, Hulu Skills Competition, Hulu Subject Description. Among them, the boutique gourd exhibition is a collection of works in the whole country, collecting more than 400 cases of various gourds.

    Hulu Boutique Exhibition will last for a month.

      "Hulu culture has a long history, in folk culture, gourd is auspicious, rich cultural symbol, has a wide range of folk beliefs. The Tianjin gourd industry has a significant characteristics, and there are many kinds of gourd products.

    Through this cultural and art festival, it is both conducive to spreading hoist culture, which also helps Tianjin Hulu industry to make great strength and more faster. "Tianjin famous folk scholar Luo said. In order to highlight the performance techniques and cultural heritage of hoist art, the organizers of this Cultural Arts Festival also invited 10 authoritative experts to form a judges, using the" cloud selection "approach Take the award.

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    Shanxi Municipality: Brand leads the market green transition

    "How much is this bottle of honey wine?" Before the booth of Guan Demnshan Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., the crowded, crowded with customers being purchased.

    "In order to participate in this agricultural fair, we deliberately brought the company’s special honey rose wine, attracting many customers to taste the purchase, and we also negotiated with interested merchants, and cooperates in the next step in cooperation Good pavement. "Yan Pingping, the staff of the Guanmihan Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., Jiacheng County, said. The fruit of the fruit is fragrant, when he is rich. It is also a year of harvest season, in order to participate in the agricultural fair, grab opportunities, boost development, Many enterprises in the city with high quality products, strong attack on the Agricultural Expo, from different levels, unique The county agricultural characteristics and new achievements in modern agriculture.

    It is understood that there are more than 50 kinds of more than 50 kinds of products in the city of Jiaocheng County. Director of Jiaocheng Agricultural Rural Bureau said that the agricultural products of this exhibited have highlighted the theme of "brand leading to the market, green transformation of the new road", and each agricultural product has highlighted the characteristics of the city, I hope to make full use of the Agricultural Expo Platform, show brand image, promote trade exchange, strive to let more people see boutique, taste delicious, promote brand cultivation and production and sales of Mingcheng agricultural products, and then enhance the popularity of the county characteristics.

    (Surdy Li Junjie) (Editor: Zhao Fang, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

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    Tongling pursues a limited time parking space

      Recently, there is a green and blue parking space in many road sections in Tongling.This is the latest convenient measures of the city’s public security traffic police – blue and green limit parking spaces.

      In order to alleviate the public parking in the night, there is a temporary stop in the hospital, and the traffic police detachment of the Tongling City Public Security Bureau is a more concentrated area of the urban community, and the free temporary parking berth is added at night.

    In the hospital, business district, etc., there is a blue car bit, and the taxi temporary stop point is added.According to reports, according to relevant regulations, the city’s launch of blue and green two types of parking spaces are not parked in accordance with the predetermined time or occupying the taxi stop, and the illegal parking behavior will be punished by electronic capture.(Parameters Wu Bin) (Editor: Huang Yan, Jin Lexin) Share more people to see.

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    Southeast Guizhou Province held a celebration of "May 1" International Labor Day

    On April 28, Southeastern China held a celebration of the "May 1" International Labor Day.

    The meeting won the national, the province’s Wuyi Labor Awards and the list of advanced collectives and advanced individuals in the province, and read the "State-General Trade Union on Naming Work Awards and Workers Pioneer" in 2019.Decision "and" State General Unions on Name the Decision of the 3rd Southeast Craftsman and Gold Workers. "It is understood that the "May 1st" International Labor Day Conference, awarded 28 units of Guizhou Jian Tianxia Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., "May 1" labor award; Chen Zhongping and other 61 "May 1"Waist medal; 30 groups (workshops, departments) such as the bus line of Kaili City Public Transport Corporation, won the "Pioneer of Southeastern Workers".Reporter Li Li.

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