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    [How long does it take to start taking folic acid?]_ Eating folic acid_How to eat

    [How long does it take to start taking folic acid?]_ Eating folic acid_How to eat

    Folic acid is something that has certain benefits to the female body. Generally, it is something that is suitable for women. After taking the ring, we also need to eat folic acid. This can promote the probability of women’s pregnancy, and folic acid is a medicinal thing.In some cases, it must be taken, but many people do not know how long after taking the ring, then how long does it take to start taking folic acid?

    Regarding the question of how long to take the ring and start eating folic acid, we know that taking folic acid needs to be started during the preparation period before pregnancy, and it is best to start taking folic acid three months before pregnancy.

    And female friends need 2 after taking the ring?
    It takes 3 months to restore the endometrial tissue. In other words, how long does it take to start taking folic acid after taking the ring? Women who need to prepare for pregnancy can start taking folic acid gradually according to the doctor’s advice.

    About half a month after taking the ring, women need to temporarily stop sharing the same room, and can not take a bath to bathe, so as to avoid infection due to these problems, leading to women’s gynecological inflammation and delaying the preparation of pregnancy.

    Some women may experience a small amount of vaginal bleeding after taking the ring, but this situation usually disappears in about two to three days. If there is a lot of bleeding after the ring is taken and the bleeding time is prolonged, you must seek treatment in time.So as to avoid any dangerous event.

    Women of childbearing age should be supplemented with 400 micrograms of folic acid daily starting from 3 months before pregnancy and continuing throughout pregnancy.

    Since women’s folic acid levels can not be raised in the short term after medication, expectant mothers should insist on taking folic acid tablets.

    All foods containing vitamin C, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, contain folic acid, but natural folic acid calcium carbonate is susceptible to the effects of sunlight, cooking heat, etc. and oxidizes. The human body can really not obtain much folic acid from food.

    Taking folic acid tablets can supplement the folic acid needed by expectant mothers. It is recommended to consume them reasonably under the guidance of a doctor.

    Women of childbearing age should start with 400 micrograms of folic acid daily from 3 months before pregnancy, and the folic acid content of the folic acid tablets they take should be 400 micrograms.

    If you can’t judge your situation accurately, be sure to consult your doctor.

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    [Hand-cooked cakes are made by hand]_ Hand-cooked cakes are made by hand _ Hand-cooked cakes are made by hand _ Hand-cooked cakes are made by hand

    [Hand-cooked cakes are made by hand]_ Hand-cooked cakes are made by hand _ Hand-cooked cakes are made by hand _ Hand-cooked cakes are made by hand

    The benefits of eating out are mainly to save trouble, and the disadvantage is that you may inadvertently eat something that is not good for your health, often too much MSG, etc., and to avoid this situation, you should learn to cook by yourself and grab cakes by handThe production method is not difficult to learn, as long as you master the good skills, you can quickly make delicious methods.

    1. Warm water and noodles, slowly pour warm water into the water?
    Use chopsticks to make dough into a dough shape 2. Turn the dough into dough 3 by hand, cover it, wake up for 15 minutes 4, cut the dough into strips 5, cut the strips into pieces and press 6 to make the dough.7 into a pizza roll, peanut oil cast on tortilla, sprinkle salt 8, 9 pancake folded fan-shaped, while slowly from the wound?
    Into small snail 10, the rolled dough into a pie again roll 11, a wok can roll out the pie ~ ~ ~ 12, after the pan together with bacon, lettuce, sweet sauce?
    Savory da grasping cake handmade approach is simple, but also can help our body to add a variety of nutrients needed, is a rare delicious home cooking.

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    Guangri shares (600894): 2019H1 return to mother’s profit will increase 100% every year and will continue to increase market share

    Guangri shares (600894): 2019H1 return to mother’s profit will increase 100% every year and will continue to increase market share

    Event: The company recently released the first half of 2019 results: from January to June 2019, the operating income was 27.

    92 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.

    59%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

    8.4 billion, an increase of 100 over the same period last year.


    The company expects that the proportion of net profit realized in the first three quarters of 2019 will increase in the same period last year, mainly due to the company’s expected increase in the investment income recognized by associates Hitachi Elevator in the first three quarters of 2019 compared with the same period last year.

    Comments: The company’s profit in the first half of 2019 mainly benefited from Hitachi’s investment income: the company mainly engaged in sales and maintenance of elevators and elevator parts, etc. According to business classification, in 2018, it achieved operating income of elevator parts, elevators, and intelligent manufacturing equipment, LED, logistics, packaging, installation and maintenance respectively accounted for 44.

    51%, 28.

    69%, 1.

    83%, 142%, 8.

    83%, 6.

    52%, 6.


    The H1 revenue growth in 2019 is mainly due to the increase in sales volume over the same period of the previous year.The rapid growth in the profit side is mainly due to the increase in investment income brought by Hitachi. The H1 investment income in 2018 was only 1.

    40,000 yuan, the investment income of 2019Q1 reached 2.

    6.4 billion, a significant increase.

    This is mainly due to the improvement in Hitachi’s operating conditions, while the head office sees revenue in 2019H127.

    9.2 billion (+12.

    59%), with a gross profit margin of 14.

    07%, ten-year average of 0.


    From the perspective of expenses, the management expenses, sales expenses, financial expenses, and R & D expenses are 0.

    8 (-1.

    63%), 1.

    81 (-4.

    4%), -0.


    16 (+31.


    From the balance sheet perspective, the company’s 2019Q1 inventory is 9.

    40,000 yuan, an increase of 23 in ten years.

    1%, mainly due to the growth of raw materials, the advance receipt was 6.

    71 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.

    5%, an increase of 5 from the previous month.


    Increased competition to further seize market share: The company’s national incremental elevator output growth in the first half of 2019 has increased rapidly, but at the same time the steel price division has remained at a high level in the past few years. Through price competition, first-tier brands have begun to seize the low-end market, Further squeezed the survival space of the second and third line elevator brands, the elevator market as a whole is facing breakthrough operating pressure.

    In terms of channels, dealers focus on the quality and quantity of annual authorized dealers. The number of annual authorized dealers has increased by more than 10%; strategic customer orders have reached a record high, which has increased by 81%. They have successfully signed a contract with Zhuhai Hengqin China-Portugal Business Center, Huichuan Technology Headquarters and other high-end projects.
    The company’s national marketing engineering service network for elevators has a total of 35 subsidiaries, 18 service centers, 40 offices and a growing dealer network.
    Performance benefits are logically deduced at completion.

    According to industry association data, the sales of the elevator industry in 2014-2018 were 71.

    4, 76, 78.

    6, 80.

    7,850,000 units, the growth rate in recent years has fallen to a number, mainly due to breakthroughs in the impact of real estate. The elevator market demand is mainly divided into three areas, including commercial housing, public building demand (government office buildings, business hotels, transportation,Medical, education, etc.), industrial buildings, of which commercial housing accounts for about 85% of the elevator market demand, so it has the greatest impact, and elevator manufacturing has a higher degree of standardization. Generally, the procurement body is started when the house is near completion, so elevator sales and completionThe relevance of the construction site is high. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the growth rate (%) of the actual completed area from January to July 2019 is -11.

    3%, the decline is expected to shrink in the future. We believe that the completed end is still expected to see improvement in the second half of the year, from January to July, the elevator output reached 650,000 units, and increased by 4.

    6%, the growth of the new ladder market is expected to continue until 2020.

    Guangri Co., Ltd.’s elevator parts and components, and the average value of Hitachi’s investment income are conducive to this.

    Hitachi Elevator’s 2019H1 revenue reached 114.

    600 million, an annual increase of 28%, operating profit reached 12.

    600 million, an increase of 150% in ten years, and a net profit of 10.

    600 million, an increase of 153% in ten years.

    The rest of the business maintained stable development: The company has carried out a certain diversified layout. We expect that the main main businesses are expected to grow rapidly, and Songxing Electric is expected to grow rapidly.

    1. Songxing Electric has made certain achievements in cross-industry layout this year, mainly due to some intelligent detection equipment for high-speed rail. The undercarriage detection robot system of the EMU developed by the holding subsidiary Songxing Electric passed China in March this year.The final technical evaluation of the Railway Corporation is currently in the trial run of a combination of machine inspection and phase inspection for high-speed rail systems such as Shanghai Hongqiao EMU, Chengdu EMU, Sanya EMU, Zhengzhou EMU, and Guangzhou East EMU.

    2. LED business: to maintain steady development, the company is more cautious about the actual qualifications and collection requirements.

    3. Three-dimensional garage: The company has outstanding technical advantages and fierce competition. At present, this will maintain stable development.

    4. The maintenance business will have a rapid growth in recent years, and maintenance services are better and more profitable.

    Profitability forecast and estimation.

    We 佛山桑拿网 estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company will be 4 in 19-21.

    77 (upgrade of profit due to Hitachi ‘s better-than-expected results), 6.

    67, 7.

    900 million, EPS is 0.

    55, 0.

    78, 0.

    92, corresponding to an estimated 15, 11, 9 times, and maintain an overweight rating.

    Risk Warning: Downstream Completion Ends Less Than Expected; Industry Price Wars Intensify

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    Huaxin Cement (600801) 2019 Annual Report Performance Preview Comment: Higher Costs and Lower Costs, Expected Lower Sales Expectations for All Products

    Huaxin Cement (600801) 2019 Annual Report Performance Preview Comment: Higher Costs and Lower Costs, Expected Lower Sales Expectations for All Products

    The company announced on January 10 that it expects to return net profit to mother for half a year in 2019 + 18%?

    We comment on this as follows: The sales volume of each product has steadily increased in 2019, and the 4Q19 cost increase and faster cost growth have made the performance slightly lower than our expectations. We judge that the actual performance will be transformed into a notice of the upper edge of the center; the company will increase its production capacity in 2020.There is still room for growth in cement sales, and prices may fluctuate at a high level; we expect aggregate sales to maintain rapid growth.

    Taking into account the rising cost in 4Q19 and the rapid growth of the expense side, we slightly cut our 2019 net profit forecast to 65.

    8 trillion (previous forecast 67.

    800 million), maintaining the net profit forecast for 2020-2167.


    100 million yuan, corresponding to PE is 8.

    2x / 8.

    0x / 8.

    2x, maintain “Buy” rating.

    18% increase in net profit attributable to mothers in 2019?

    28%, we judge that the actual performance will be on the upper edge of the forecast center.

      The company expects that net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 will increase by 9 compared to 2018.


    2.8 billion to 60.


    1 ppm (18% increase in one year?
    28%), the growth of net profit attributable to mother is slightly lower than our expectation. We judge that it is mainly due to the increase in raw materials and other costs in 佛山桑拿网 4Q19 and the rapid growth of expenses such as employee budgets under the high prosperity of the industry. The consolidated operating data has grown steadily.The actual annual results will be located on the upper edge of the forecast center.

    In addition, we judge that the company’s dividend rate in 2019 has the potential to increase.

    In 2019, sales of all products achieved steady growth. Cement sales continued to increase 7% steadily under the disturbance of the fourth quarter military games.

    1) Cement clinker: The company’s sales volume of cement clinker in 2019 is about 7,700 tons (+ 9% per year). According to our estimation, the sales volume of cement clinker in 4Q19 is about 2150 (at least +7).

    1%), Q4 demand remained well under the temporary disturbance of the military games.

    2) Aggregate: The company’s aggregate 杭州桑拿网 sales volume in 2019 is about 1755 seconds (interval + 21%), and then the target of 2662 hours is started. Environmental protection tends to be severe and the pace of production capacity release changes or affects aggregate sales; we calculated the 4Q19 company’s aggregates.Sales are expected to increase by about 13% each year.

    3) Concrete: The company’s concrete sales volume in 2019 is about 424 GM (previously + 21%), exceeding the initial goal of 368 GM.

    Domestic and overseas production lines are advancing steadily, and cement sales continue to increase in 2020; the increase in aggregate production capacity is expected to increase the company’s profits.

    Domestic projects (Kunminglu advises, Hubei Yellowstone, etc.) are expected to be put into production in 2020, and overseas projects (Nepal, Uzbekistan) are also steadily advancing. We expect the company’s cement sales volume to grow in 2020 with the continued increase in production capacity.年 年湖北区域水泥量价均呈现强劲状态,预计2020年吨价格或高位震荡。
    In addition, the company’s aggregate construction projects are gradually put into production and the production capacity is exerted. It is expected that the company’s aggregate sales volume will maintain a rapid growth in 2020 and increase the company’s profits.

    Risk factors: counter-cyclical adjustment is weaker than expected; peripheral low-price cement disturbs the market.

    Investment suggestion: Considering the rising cost of 4Q19 and the rapid growth of expenses, we slightly cut the company’s 2019 net profit forecast to 65.

    8 trillion (previous forecast 67.

    800 million), maintaining the net profit forecast for 2020-2167.


    10,000 yuan, corresponding to EPS forecast of 3.


    15 yuan (previous forecast was 3).



    15 yuan), corresponding to PE is 8.

    2x / 8.
    0x / 8.

    2x, maintain “Buy” rating.

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    How to prevent mouth ulcers in winter

    How to prevent mouth ulcers in winter

    Winter is coming and cold is coming.

    In order to protect against the cold, people even “arm” themselves on clothing and also adjust their diet to keep their bodies warm.

    As a result, some warm and hot foods and diets are gaining popularity.

    Such as mutton, dog meat hot pot, etc., but with it comes the symptoms brought by the strong fire, the most common is oral ulcer.


    hzh{display:none;}  冬季口腔溃疡进入多发期,人们往往一觉醒来就发现口干舌燥甚至出现溃疡.

    For oral ulcers, too many patients hate and feel helpless. This discomfort often affects work and life.

    If the symptoms are not right, the symptoms will last for several weeks, or they will repeat after getting better.

    So, how to deal with oral ulcers, and how to prevent oral ulcers in winter?

    Therefore, the reporter consulted Gu Qun, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qingyuan People’s Hospital.

      Mouth ulcers can cause cancer if they are not cured for a long time. Mouth ulcers are superficial ulcers that occur on the oral mucosa. They are also called aphthous ulcers, ranging in size from rice grains to soybeans, round or oval.On the lips, lips, tongue, etc., the pain is usually very obvious when the attack occurs, can be called healing and self-healing.

    There are also recurrent attacks, called recurrent oral ulcers, with recurrent, recurrent and self-limiting characteristics.

    Gu said that the occurrence of oral ulcers is related to many factors, such as reduced cellular immune function, digestive system diseases such as bloating, diarrhea or constipation, endocrine changes, mental stress, local trauma, poor sleep and other mental factors, food, drugs,Changes in hormone levels, lack of trace elements zinc, iron, folic acid, vitamin Bl2, systemic diseases, etc., but the cause of correction is still unknown, so the treatment is mainly local treatment, severe cases require systemic treatment.

      Don’t despise oral ulcers, because the long-lasting ulcers in the oral cavity may be cancerous as they are often stimulated by chewing and talking.

      It is understood that oral ulcers can be accompanied by bad breath, chronic laryngitis, constipation, headache, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, irritability, fever, and enlarged lymph nodes.

      Oral ulcers account for about 3% of the patients in the TCM department. Since the winter, dental and TCM departments of major urban hospitals have been crowded by patients.

    In the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the New Hospital of Qingyuan People’s Hospital, patients continued one after another, and the director of the consultation said that he had not drank water in the morning.

    “Since the beginning of winter, about 3% of the patients who come to the Chinese medicine department for treatment due to oral ulcers. The main patients we receive here are patients with recurrent oral ulcers. If they are acute oral ulcers, a large number of them will go to the dental department first.

    “Gu Director said that although the number of consultations every month may not be many, but since the patients are recurrent patients, oral ulcers should be paid attention to.

      Mr. Zhang, who is often entertained, recently had to go to the hospital for an oral ulcer. “I bought a box of spray medicine myself, but every time I entertained, I couldn’t do without tobacco, alcohol, and fried, salty and spicy things, so it was just a little bit better.Relapse.

    “Although it is not like a toothache,” a toothache is not a disease, and it hurts people to suffer. “However, eating and brushing their teeth are very uncomfortable. Because the pain affected appetite, Mr. Zhang had to come to the hospital for treatment.

      According to Director Gu, oral ulcers are a relatively common phenomenon. In general, acute oral ulcers are more common in young people, and recurrent oral ulcers are more common in middle-aged people.

    Too many people have the illusion that oral ulcers are a complication disease. It doesn’t matter if you go to the hospital and take anti-inflammatory drugs.

    However, a small number of oral ulcers are not repetitive oral ulcers. For example, ulcers include tuberculous ulcers and traumatic ulcers, and they will not heal themselves.

    Even some oral ulcers may undergo malignant changes under certain conditions, or they are the early manifestations of some malignant tumors.

      ”If you have an acute oral ulcer, you can still buy vitamin B2 for your own treatment, but if you have a recurrent oral ulcer, you may cause cancer if you don’t seek medical treatment in time.

    Director Gu said that if the recurrent oral ulcer is corrected or replaced based on his “experience”, the disease will inevitably be delayed.

    For example, in those parts that are in contact with the teeth, because the patient is unwilling to remove the remaining broken teeth, or the local denture is made or lost, the sharp edges are constantly irritated, the mucous membrane is scratched, and it causes ulcers.It will heal, but it will only get worse.

    This long-lasting ulcer is a precancerous lesion that is extremely susceptible to cancer.

      Traditional Chinese medicine is more effective in treating oral ulcers. At present, oral ulcers can be divided into local and systemic treatments.

    Local treatment causes the drug to directly affect the lesion of the mucosa, relieve pain, promote healing, and solidify the surface protein of the ulcer.

    Systemic therapy is aimed at healing or long-lasting ulcers, using levonazole and transfer factors to improve and regulate immune function.

    In addition, the conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine also has a curative effect. “But it is still analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Different patients have very different conditions.

    “Gu Gu suggested that people who often suffer from oral ulcers should pay attention to their lives: psychological adjustment to achieve comfort and optimism; maintain oral and skin hygiene, insist on frequent brushing, gargle, and bath; pay attention to smooth bowel movements, adequate sleep; pay attention to nutrition matching, Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to clean the stomach, avoid chewing gum, chocolate, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, hot food and spicy barbecue, fried products, etc. can easily cause or worsen oral ulcers.

      ● What are the symptoms of oral ulcers?

      At the beginning of oral ulcers, the mucous membrane is congested and edema, which is damaged after 1-3 days, and secondary inflammatory reactions result in the formation of small ulcers. At this time, the pain worsens and the ulcers gradually expand. The formation can be slightly different due to different parts of the site.

    Ulcers often occur in the tongue, mucous membranes inside the ulcers, mucous membranes in the lips, and epicondylitis, and can sometimes spread to the corners of the mouth and throat. The ulcers are mostly round and the edges are clear.

    The surface of the ulcer is covered with a layer of yellow pus, which is medically called a pseudo-membrane. This layer of pseudo-membrane is not easy to peel off. For example, an erosive surface can be formed after forced replacement. Sometimes the ulcer becomes a piece, which can cause mandibular lymphadenopathy.After that, the redness gradually disappeared, and the ulcer healed, which is called self-limiting, leaving no traces after healing, and the ulcer deepened after infection.

      Is recurrent oral ulcer related to excessive fatigue?

      It is generally believed that the etiology of recurrent oral ulcers can be analyzed from both internal and external aspects. The internal causes are mainly endocrine disorders and decreased autoimmunity, etc .; external causes of mental stress and stimulation, work fatigue, insomnia, and most female patients may be induced before and after menstrual cramps.This disease may make the condition worse.

    From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, yin deficiency and fire are prosperous, heat and poison are attacked, dampness and heat are trapped inside, steaming on the mouth is caused, and emotional distress damages the heart and spleen, causing discomfort to the mouth ulcer.

      How to prevent oral ulcers?

      The main prevention measures are: one is to maintain oral and skin hygiene, insist on frequent brushing, rinsing, and bathing; the second is to eat less barbecue and fried food to avoid mucosal damage; the third is to eat more vegetables and add sufficient vitamins;The fourth is to strengthen physical exercise and improve the body’s immunity; the fifth is to ensure extra sleep time, pay attention to the combination of work and rest to avoid excessive fatigue; the sixth is to avoid mental damage, maintain a balanced mindset, be optimistic and cheerful, and avoid anxiety.

      In addition, please pay attention to the rules of daily living and balanced nutrition, quit smoking and alcohol, adhere to physical exercise, eat a light diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, maintain smooth stool, and prevent constipation.

    Women should pay attention to rest before and after menstruation, keep a happy mood, avoid excessive fatigue, eat a light diet, eat more fruits, fresh vegetables, drink more water, etc. to reduce the chance of aphthous ulcers.

      In addition, eat more digestible and light food.

    hzh{display:none;}  排骨藕汤辅助治疗口腔溃疡也是比较有效:藕要选择孔多、皮白的老藕,入锅前先用淡盐水浸泡10分钟,待排骨煮到5成熟时,将Pour old ladle into a soup pot, boil over high heat and simmer with bonfire until the ribs are cooked. Lao wonton is simmered, add salt and MSG.

    Take it once a day for a week.

      How to treat mouth ulcers?

      1. After cleaning the oral cavity, apply honey to the surface of the ulcer with a sterile cotton swab, and do not eat or drink for the time being.

    After about 15 minutes, you can swallow the honey and continue to apply it. You can apply it several times a day.

      2. Apply oral ulcer wounds with Yunnan Baiyao externally, twice a day, and usually heal in 2-3 days.

      3. Use a cotton swab to dip a small amount of ice boron powder and apply it to the affected area. Although it feels a bit bitter, but after 2-3 days, the wound can be cured.

      4, containing Hansu tablets, 1-2 tablets each time, 3-4 times a day.

      5. Tear off the epidermis of the garlic, and take the transparent film that covers the garlic clove and apply it to the mouth ulcer.

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    Body sculpting and yoga

    Body sculpting and yoga

    I have always thought that the yoga instructors in the gym are very watery, thinking that they only understand yoga asana, but not the core of yoga-spiritual cultivation.

      Unexpectedly, a Chinese dance teacher I have always liked, but I have been practicing yoga for many years.
    I talked to her that day, and I simply learned about the eight-point yoga, also called “King Yoga”.
      The eight-point method is the principle followed by yogis. Through these yoga practices, practitioners can gain discernment, which allows us to get rid of the falsehood in life and gain the ability to relieve pain.
      Eight aspects of the Eight-point Yoga: 1) Yamas: refers to external control, the moral precepts of the universe.
    This includes observing the commandments, not killing, being honest, not stealing, acting cleanly, and not greed.
      2) Niyamas: Internal control, self-purification through self-discipline.
     Quietness, contentment, asceticism, chanting, and worship.
      3) Asanas: refers to yoga postures.
    Also called tune up.
    Keep your posture straight and keep your body stable. 4) Pranayama: refers to breathing rhythmically and controlling exhalation.
    Also called interest rate adjustment.
    Control breathing.
      5) Pratyahara: Spirit?
    a href = “http: // jbk.
    net / keshi / pifu / pifubing / 490b 3.
    html “target =” _ blank “class = blue>?
    刂 Employment release 佟?
    / P> 6) Dharana: Concentrate and pay attention.
    Focus on one place.
      7) Dhyana: Meditation.
    The spirit continues to the object of meditation 想 8) Samadhi: The superconsciousness from meditation is all concentrated in the soul and unites with the universe.
    Into the setting, the so-called oneness of mind.
      Then she suggested that I start with the simplest and most core meditation practice, half an hour morning and evening.
    Came back and searched the relevant knowledge online.
      The essentials of yoga meditation need to be mastered; first of all, as soon as we are seated, we must adjust our body, then adjust our breath, and then adjust our heart.
    So how can we adjust our body, breath and heart?
      To readjust, you should first sit in your own sitting position. You can take different sitting positions according to your specific situation. For example, you can sit at random, sit loose, and sit in the lotus position with your left foot on your right foot and your thigh.The double lotus seat on the thigh, the supreme seat on the lower leg with the left foot under the right foot, and the golden steel seat are all acceptable.
    The two thumbs overlap with each other and the two thumbs gently touch each other, and can also be made into various fingerprints; the thumbs of both hands are against the forefinger, the other three fingers are opened, and they are gently placed on the plated Tenggai.
      At this time, the performance is sitting sideways, shoulders relaxed, neck relaxed vertically, using the top of the head as the reference point for posture adjustment, and felt that there is a line to pull up his head, and then use thisLine to adjust the midline of the body to support the neck and shoulders, not the neck and shoulders to support the head.
    And feel that the head is empty, the neck is empty, and the shoulders are loose, even in normal walking, standing, sitting, and so on.
    We want to meditate with a skeleton, not a muscle.
    The so-called meditation without muscles means that we don’t use muscle strength and let the center of gravity of the body form a triangle.
    That is, sitting on the bottom, shoulders, and then overhead.
    Attention; our skeleton is used for balance, not for support. In the sense, muscles are completely useless, such as sitting, standing, and walking.
    Yoga predicate is called the blue sky above the head.
      Then, adjust your breath. After adjusting your sitting posture, start to adjust your breath, take two natural breaths easily, then take a few deep breaths, then relax, and then breathe with your thoughts. Know when you exhale.I’m exhaling. I know that I’m inhaling when I inhale. During the entire exhalation process, my thoughts are only exhalation. During the entire inhalation process, my thoughts are only inhalation.If the speed of thoughts is properly controlled, the speed of breathing must follow the thoughts. If the breathing is like a human body, the thoughts are the shadows under the lamp or the night light. Let the thoughts follow the breathing, and follow the pace.

    Let your thoughts follow your breath step by step, and follow them easily and freely, but do n’t leave at all. When you follow your breath, you are inseparable. When you exhale, you know that the entire process of exhaling is exhaling.
      And then there’s aligning.

    This stage of reconciliation refers to the thoughts other than breathing, and this thought we call miscellaneous thoughts. Then, we have no resistance to miscellaneous thoughts, no unnecessary, any resistance to and disregarding miscellaneous thoughts.Come back to our own breath, come back to the breath of in and out.

    Know when you exhale and when you inhale.

    During the entire exhalation process, the only thought is exhalation, and during the entire inhalation process, the only thought is inhalation.

    No matter what the distraction comes, continue to[exhale, know exhalation, inhale, know inhalation], whether it is some kind of distraction, whether it is intentional or unintentional, let our physiology relax, do n’tTake care of it, don’t reject it, don’t don’t want it, but simply return to income and income. This is what we call tune-in.

      The first five branches of the eight branches of yoga are the outer branches, the last three branches are the internal branches, the first two branches are the moral respects, and the last six branches are the practice respects.

    Through the last six exercises, you can use various magical powers, such as insight into the inner activities of others, invisibility, knowing the predecessor, and so on.

    There are five sources of supernatural power: innate, herb, Sanskrit, asceticism, and shamisen.

      If the yogi later also causes magical power, that is, the elimination of all karma, troubles and impureness can produce Fa-rectification, and she can destroy everything and achieve liberation.

      The Eight Branch Method adheres to the concept of “a healthy body is properly contained in a healthy spirit.” It encompasses all aspects of life, it helps people to change wrong habits, establish a correct lifestyle, and thus avoid the harm of disease;Teach people how to look at the people and things around them, and actively adjust their mentality . In summary, the eight-branch method clearly divides yoga practice into steps. It is a major Indian way of promoting physical, mental, and spiritual system trainingYoga genre is the best yoga genre for Easterners to practice.

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    When will my child have his own medicine?

    When will my child have his own medicine?

    A few days ago, neighbouring Tian Yan took his child to the pediatrics of the county hospital to see a doctor. After taking the medicine, he saw that it was smaller than the fingernails of the little finger and should give the child 3 portions.

    She asked the doctor: “How do you divide this 1/3?

    Is there a small dose?

    “The doctor shook his head helplessly.


    Tian Yan told his neighbors: The child was ill last time. After the doctor prescribed the medicine, he asked her to “divide one pill into 8 portions and take one portion per meal.

    “Later she pulverized and crushed it into powder, and then laminated it with toothpick little by little into 8 parts, which really frustrated her enough.

    In fact, most parents have encountered similar issues in which Tian Yan incorporated adult use into Xiao Xiao’s feeding.

    Doing this, according to the World Health Organization, “is equivalent to conducting a drug test on the child” and let the children be “white mice”!

    The consequences can be imagined.

    Data show that adverse reactions to chronic medications have occurred in children.

    9% of newborns are as high as 24.

    4%, only 6 have evolved.


    Blind children due to improper use of medicines are now increasing at a rate of more than 30,000 per year; 70% of children in hearing dumb schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other places are disabled due to improper use of medicines as a child.

      Because of this kind of children’s medicines, children have to take adult medicines when they are sick. Not only is the trouble caused by division, there are other hidden dangers.

    Children are a special group of people. They have their own physiological and metabolic characteristics, and are not a reduced version of adults. Many adult medications cannot replace children’s medications.

    Children’s organs are relatively immature, vulnerable to damage, drug metabolism is low, and drug absorption is significantly different from adults.

    The accuracy of the dosage is also important for the treatment effect of children.

    At present, many parents of children need to use scissors to separate the medicine in order to comply with the doctor’s orders. However, the scissors often break down and become fragmented, even without knowing where they are going. Therefore, parents have to smash the powder into powder or put the capsuleThe medicine powder is poured out and divided into portions. It is not known that this approach will cause the drug coating layer to lose its protection, taste blocking, and controlled release. Some enteric-coated tablets will damage the gastric mucosa.

      The root cause of the current situation of children’s medication is the lack of drugs.

    Data show that children with cancer account for about 20% of the total number of patients with the disease, but currently there are more than 3,000 pharmaceutical preparations, less than 5% of which are used for children. More than 6,000 pharmaceutical manufacturers are specialized manufacturers of children’s medicines.It is said that there are very few, especially the professional children’s drug manufacturers who have many scientific research backgrounds and can independently develop new drugs.

      Why are children’s medicines so scarce?

    The reason is that children’s medicine research and development is difficult, the development cycle is shortened and the profit is relatively reduced.

      Children are the flowers of the motherland and the future of the world. We should stand at this height and understand the development, production and sales of children’s medicine.

    It is hoped that government departments will be aware of the problem of medication for children.

    It is said that the British government has enacted a series of measures to encourage pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop children’s medicines, such as reducing the handling fees handled by regulators and providing free expert advice.

    We can adopt their approach. Relevant departments should give preferential treatment to the research and development of children’s medicines, registration cycle, price space, etc., and encourage and force the production of children’s medicines by enterprises.

      China’s existing children3.

    600 million, ranking first in the world, the potential of children’s medication market is huge.

    Whoever comes first will occupy new business opportunities, new markets and new heights of enterprise development.

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    The practice of black bone chicken soup

    The practice of black bone chicken soup

    Ingredients: 1/2 bone chicken, 600 fresh yam, lotus seeds, 1 dried celery, 1 dried jujube, and 5 pieces of dried sage chicken soupBlisters are soft spare.

      (2) Boiled chicken with boiling water 2?
    3 minutes, remove the blood water and oil with cold water, chop pieces for later use.

      (3) Add 2000cc of water to the pot and boil it.
    3 hours, take out the dried grass and replace it, add the grass juice and filter to remove the residue.

      (4) Put black-bone chicken, fresh yam, lotus seeds and red dates into the grass juice and cook for 1 hour on low heat.

    (You can add salt and wine to taste as you like).

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    How to start sex education for babies?

    How to start sex education for babies?

    Why do many parents struggle with having sexual problems with their children?

    This is because many parents feel they have limited knowledge.

    There are also some parents who think about sexual issues. The less the child knows, the better. They worry that gradually gradualizing these problems will lead them to try sexual behaviors prematurely.

    Furthermore, many of us parents have never had sexual issues with their parents and they don’t know how to tell their children.

    Therefore, as a parent, you should learn some sexual knowledge to enrich yourself and understand some knowledge related to sex education.

    With enough knowledge, you can have confidence in your child’s sexual problems.

    Parental self-confidence is the key to easy and effective sex education.

    Here are some ideas on how to deal with suicidal issues with your child.

    (1) Teach the correct names to teach the correct names of various parts of the child’s body, such as the penis and vulva.

    This will help you communicate with your child about sexual issues more accurately and conveniently.

    The correct names of various parts of the body can also help you explain to your child what sexual assault is.

    Your child can also tell you clearly whether sexual assault has occurred.

    (2) Don’t wait to ask questions Sometimes parents feel that their children never ask questions.

    In fact, sometimes it is not necessary to wait until the child asks a question to start a period of time.

    Parents can use events happening around them or in society to discuss with their children.

    Prevent your child from thinking about some problems, and what precautions should be taken to avoid some problems, and what should be done after the incident.

    (3) When you do n’t know, admit that it sometimes faces the questions raised by your child, do n’t know how to answer, or do n’t know at all.

    It doesn’t matter.

    Admit to your child that you don’t know.

    A good way is to check the information with your child to find the answer.

    You can also use this to set an example of honesty and problem solving for your child.

    (4) What you do is as important as you say. Parents should pay attention to the non-verbal information that children get from adults.

    For example, mutual respect and loyalty between husband and wife, shared household chores, respect for the elderly, love for the young, help others, civilization and politeness, serious and responsible work, honesty and trustworthiness will be passed on to the child through the behavior of parents.

    (5) For your child, discuss three important influencing factors below. These factors will affect how your child deals with sexual problems in adolescents and later adults.

    These three factors are: self-esteem, personality, and how to make a decision.

    Helping children to establish self-esteem and self-esteem is a positive self-concept, a kind of respect and like for yourself.

    Good self-esteem is a very important part of mental health.

    Praise and support can promote children’s self-esteem, and blindly criticize them against their self-esteem.

    Parents seem to have a natural ability to help children build self-esteem. You see, parents give their children great encouragement when they first try to talk or learn to walk.

    Children’s self-confidence and self-esteem need encouragement from parents, and this need continues through adolescence.

    Studies abroad have shown that adolescents who have strong self-esteem and feel good about themselves feel that they are worthy of respect. Adolescents and other adolescents have very few sexual issues.

    Self-esteem adolescents start sex late, and do not begin until they are more mature.

    Therefore, we should pay attention to cultivate a healthy self-esteem of the child, which is also a very important part to make him mature.

    Respect for your child’s privacy. The exclusive concept should be instilled in your child from the start of sexual education.

    When a toddler learns that something is immovable to others, he has some initial concept of rejection.

    Tell your child that the genitals are the majority of a person’s place, and that others have no right to see or touch this place without our own permission.

    Tell your child not to touch other people’s genitals.

    When telling children that adults need civilization, it is also important to empower them.This means that children’s privacy aspirations are respected early, and their possibilities should be fully respected when they grow up.

    This means that when children go to school, do not search their rooms, do not peek at their diaries and letters, and do not monitor them behind the scenes.

    Allow children to have their own ideas and practices.

    When discussing certain issues with your child, pay attention to listening, don’t make too many comments, and let your child feel that parents are willing to listen to their ideas and can have an equal dialogue with their parents.

    This child is also willing to tell you anything.

    Parents can also clearly tell their children the criteria of their own assessments and judgments.

    Helping children learn how to make decisions Developing children’s ability to make decisions and self-judgment is also a very important part of sex education.

    Most of the sexual decisions our children make are made privately, in fact they are made without our presence and without guidance.

    As your child gets older, the circumstances and decisions they make become more complicated.

    Parents need to teach their children decision-making skills, tell them about information, value, self-confidence, how to do it will have the best results, and they have already given them the opportunity to practice their decision-making skills.

    Increase their sense of responsibility as they learn to make decisions.

    It is also important to support children in making decisions and respecting their choices.

    Before adolescence or adolescence, most children will face sexual-related situations and must make their decisions. He may need to know what a safe date or social outing is, and what situations lurk the risk of sexual assault.

    Making better decisions about situations will partially replace the skills and confidence they developed in early childhood.

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