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    The ultimate in lipid-lowering and heart-care-oats

    The ultimate in lipid-lowering and heart-care-oats

    Modern medical research has found that the soluble fiber contained in oats enters the intestine and forms a sponge-like gelatinous substance, which can absorb a large amount of bile acids, encapsulate cholesterol and cholesterol-like substances, and clear them out of the body. This will inevitably force the liver to take blood from the blood.Cholesterol is used as a raw material to “process” bile acids, which can reduce blood cholesterol levels.
      Oats, also known as brome and wild wheat, are annual herb crops in alpine regions.
      I made it in the Yangtze and Yellow River basins.
    Oat has twice the protein and fat content of rice, and is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and trace elements chromium, magnesium, manganese, zinc and a variety of amino acids, phytic acid, linoleic acid, and phospholipids. It is especially rich in the human body “Indispensable non-essential amino acid “glutamine.
    It is commendable that oat contains a large amount of porous soluble fiber, which is 10-15 times that of wheat. The beta-glucan contained in it has blood cholesterol lowering and laxative effects.
    The University of Kentucky School of Medicine observed 20 patients with hypercholesterolemia and consumed oat food every day, and found that the total blood cholesterol dropped by an average of 12.
    8%, and “bad” cholesterol low density lipoprotein (LDL-C) decreased by 12.
    A food and health statement approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that “using oats as part of a diet can lower blood cholesterol.”
      Modern medical research has found that the soluble fiber contained in oats enters the intestine and forms a sponge-like gelatinous substance, which can absorb a large amount of bile acids, encapsulate cholesterol and cholesterol-like substances, and clear them out of the body. This will inevitably force the liver to take blood from the blood.Cholesterol is used as a raw material to “process” bile acids, which can reduce blood cholesterol levels.
    This gelatinous substance can also delay the absorption of glucose by the intestinal mucosa and prevent a sudden increase in blood glucose concentration after a meal.
    Researchers at the University of Kentucky have found that oats can help maintain blood sugar balance in diabetic patients and help patients reduce their dependence on insulin.
    In addition, the chromium element contained in oats is a good food for people with impaired glucose tolerance; the magnesium element contained in oats has vasodilatory, anticoagulant, and anti-atherosclerotic effects; the manganese element can maintain the normal function of the islets;Zinc has an antioxidant effect.
    New evidence suggests that oats may also help lower blood pressure in people with hypertension.
    Oat rich in dietary fiber and protein, phospholipids, and linoleic acid can make people feel full, which can keep you away from foods that are easy to gain weight, and help you lose weight and control weight.
    The glutamine contained in oats plays a role in “building” the body’s main antioxidant glutathione, which is found in every cell.
    It can not only change the intestinal flora, reduce the growth of intestinal pathogens and bacterial translocation, but also be beneficial to strengthen the immune system, prevent muscle breakdown, and promote disease recovery.
    The phytic acid contained in oats can make synthetic hormones lose their effect and play a certain role in preventing cancer.
      Experts suggest that eating 50 grams (one bowl) of oatmeal or oatmeal powder for one to two consecutive months can reduce total blood cholesterol by 3% and reduce “bad” cholesterol LDL-C by 14%.
    If you want to lower blood cholesterol faster, you must eat 75 grams a day, and then reduce to 50 grams after a period of time.
    Oatmeal can be added slowly from a small amount to adapt the body to avoid causing flatulence and indigestion.
    It should be noted that because oat contains phytic acid, it will prevent the body from ingesting calcium, iron, and zinc in food, so do not eat too much each time.
    It is reminded that due to the different individual reactivity of oat fat reduction, not all consumers are effective.
    Buyers prefer wild oats with high soluble fiber content.
    As long-term consumption of oats can still raise the “good” cholesterol high-density lipoprotein (HDL-C) levels, it is no wonder that the famous American nutritionist Joseph Kenan said that “common oats can promote heart health”!
      Oat is warm and sweet. Chinese medicine believes that it has the functions of antiperspirant, smooth bowel, and oxytocin. Therefore, fasting during diarrhea and pregnant women.

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    How to eat oatmeal is the healthiest?

    How to eat oatmeal is the healthiest?

    Oatmeal has the characteristics of low sugar, high nutrition and high energy, and is one of the healthy staple foods popular with modern people.

    But how do you eat oatmeal to get the most out of your health?

    Let’s take a look: it is best to have breakfast as a meal, and in the evening two meals, we will eat rice or white noodles as a staple food.

    From a nutritional point of view, the main effect of these two staple foods is to provide enough starch as a source of conversion for human activity.

    Oatmeal is unique in that it has sufficient protein and its alternative fiber supply in addition to enough starch: the introduction of substituted fiber in oats is distinguished by wheat and its corn4.

    7 times and its 7.

    7 times.

      Eating oatmeal as a staple food at breakfast can provide redundancy, supplement the protein needed by the human body, absorb the unique effects of fiber, manipulate the smoothness of digestion, help the body maintain normal blood sugar levels, and let the digestive system follow.Continuously and smoothly provide energy to the body throughout the day.

      Light and refreshing is for friends who try oatmeal for the first time, and may feel the taste of oatmeal is lighter.

    Some friends do not adapt to this light taste, will add a lot of oil salt ginger onion or leeks in oatmeal, or enlarge the sugar to taste.

    Most of the oatmeal products on the market now belong to the skin oatmeal. The taste of the oatmeal is very refreshing. The excessive seasoning actually destroys the intrinsic effect of the oatmeal to adjust the digestive speed of the human body. In the rehabilitation of the human body, the activity of the oatmeal is offset, and the concentration and concentration are adjusted.Unique effect.

      A more reasonable way to eat is to cook light oatmeal or oatmeal. Friends who like sweetness can add proper amount of milk, soy milk and a small amount of white sugar. Friends who like salty taste can add some lean meat, vegetables and a little salt.

    The oatmeal cooked in this way is more balanced and has a pleasant taste.

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    Fresh breath new energy, thin belly hips to yoga

    Fresh breath new energy, thin belly hips to yoga

    When doing fresh breathing, try to shrink the lower abdomen, fully inhale naturally, pay attention to small spreads when exhaling, and the breathing rhythm should be harmonious and moderate, not too fast or too slow.

    When you first start, do not increase the amount of breathing immediately, because the chest contour has not fully expanded, the air will habitually absorb the lower abdomen, therefore, the amount of breathing should be appropriately increased.

      One of the yoga moves[inhale]legs straight and the ankles at right angles.

    Stick the soles of the feet in the air as well.

    Keep your posture inhaled[Exhale]Keep your posture in a straight position, hold your toes with your hands, and exhale while stretching your upper body forward.[Sucking]Sit down and slightly straighten your instep.

    Straighten the coaxial while aligning it with the ground, and inhale[exhale]to exhale, imagine the abdomen stick to the ground, tilt the upper body forward, and bend forward until it bends and bends.

    Repeat 3?
    4 times of yoga movements[inhalation]knees bent downwards, lying face down, so that the ankles stick to the buttocks and inhale[exhale]imagine the pelvis to open to the left and right, while exhaling.

    That is, imagine that the waist bone is pulled up by the yoga action.[Inhalation]After exhaling, imagine using both hands to wrap the heels up, slowly lifting the heel, then inhale[exhale]with both hands on the foot, imagine the upper bodyBeing pulled toward the head, exhaling yoga action five[inhalation]legs open, knees, with the small toes as the center of the two feet, the hands are placed on the two thighs, inhale[exhale]exhaleAt the same time, the hand placed on the inner side of the thigh is pressed down, so that the outside of the thigh is attached to the ground.

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    How do the elderly treat the phenomenon of returning children?

    How do the elderly treat the phenomenon of “returning children”?

    In life, you can see such elderly people. Their language, thinking and movements are like a child who is not sensible. They speak like children, behave in a wrong way, and their mood changes.
    Such elderly people often have a bad atmosphere because of small things, and even care about their children and grandchildren, making people feel ridiculous.
      This phenomenon is called “returning child phenomenon” in psychology.
    Its appearance is a manifestation of a person’s psychological abnormality. It is the subjective lack of self-control ability of the elderly, the objective lack of other people’s concern and comfort, and the loss of normal communication with the surrounding people. It is also the result of degeneration of brain function.
    As a member of the family, you should be kind to such an elderly person.
    When encountering something that the elderly love to eat, it is best to patiently enlighten them like a child. When there are differences of opinion, try to ignore their attitudes. Instead, use gentle language to help the elderly control their emotions.Make them feel the warmth of the family. At the same time, they must also insist on reasoning so that the “returning children” can raise their awareness.
    The facts tell us that the phenomenon of “returning children” is relatively rare among the elderly with high cultural accomplishment and strong will.

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    Remember: dieting weight loss women are not allowed

    Remember: dieting weight loss women are not allowed

    Proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, inorganic salts (ie minerals, containing macro and micro elements), vitamins, water and dietary fiber are the most basic substances that make up the human body, and are also the nutrients needed by the human body.

    When people are dieting to lose weight, they cannot ignore the replacement of these nutrients.


    Not allowed to consume vitamins Vitamins themselves do not produce heat, but they are important components for maintaining physiological functions, especially vitamins related to brain and neurological metabolism, such as vitamin B1 and vitamin B6.

    These vitamins are rich in the medium value of coarse rice, whole wheat and medlar, so the food in the daily diet should not be too fine.

      In addition, antioxidant nutrients such as beta carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E are beneficial to improve work efficiency, and the content of various fresh vegetables and fruits is particularly rich.

    Due to the work of modern women, the vitamins in the diet are often ignored, so some vitamin supplements may be used to ensure the balanced level of vitamins.

      Also, experts remind that more vitamin supplements are also very helpful for weight loss.

    Vitamins themselves have no speed, and some can also help metabolism.

    For example, vitamin B1 helps the human body to smoothly convert glucose into calories; lack of vitamin B2 will affect the body’s micro-metabolism, causing micro-hoarding to cause obesity; without the help of vitamin B6, the body’s protein can not be smoothly metabolized; and lack of vitamin B12 can not be smoothMetabolic finance, and will lead to the primary, protein and more can not be properly used by the body.


    Minerals that are not allowed to supervise minerals have a substantial effect on the human body.

    The lack of minerals can lead to diseases in people’s bodies. Take calcium as an example. Calcium helps to improve various body functions, avoids duplication, can cause fatigue, loss of appetite, apathy, intestinal obstruction, intestinal weakness., colon pain, hot, constipation, cervical spondylosis and other symptoms.

      Women in the menstrual period, along with the loss of red blood cells, will lose many minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc.

    Therefore, after menstruation and menstruation, women should take more calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron to improve the efficiency of mental work, drink more milk, soy milk or soy milk.


    Do not allow the supply of amino acids. In modern women, a large number of people are mental workers, so the supply of amino acids in the nutritional brain should be sufficient.

    The content of free amino acids in brain tissue is highest with glutamic acid, followed by taurine and then aspartic acid.

    Beans, sesame and other glutamic acid and aspartic acid are richer, should be eaten properly.


    Inadequate intake of adults In general, women should control the substitution of total transformation, reduce accidental intake, and eat less fried foods to prevent overweight and obesity.

    Aunt’s intake standard should be 20% to 25% of total heat, but many women now exceed 30%.

    If the adult intake is too much, it will easily lead to an increase in lipid peroxides, which will reduce the activity endurance and affect work efficiency.


    Do not eat breakfast if you do not eat breakfast, but more body has not eaten food for a long time, but the Chinese food will eat more, more likely to become fat!

    And the breakfast you eat, because you can use the daytime activities to consume calories, so even if you eat a little bit, don’t worry about getting fat!

    When eating, it is best to eat three meals a day, and each meal is at least 6 hours apart.

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    Sudden stomach pain pinching the acupuncture points on the calf

    Sudden stomach pain pinching the acupuncture points on the calf

    Once the stomach “strikes”, it will lick the whole body.

    Some stomach diseases are acute, and they are very painful when they are committed; some are chronic, often faintly painful, both tormenting and hurting the body.

    When you encounter such a situation, you can try to squeeze the calf and the symptoms will be alleviated.

      Yan Jun, deputy director of Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said in an interview with the reporter of Life Times that the foot of the calf and the abdomen of the spleen and the spleen and stomach are connected, often click on the ground point and the valley of this part.Acupoints can strengthen the spleen and stomach.

    If you have an acute stomach pain, please click here to take immediate pain relief.

      When kneading, you can find the calf muscle tendon of the calf, then use your thumb to align it with your thumb. You can also compare the thumb with the other four fingers, first from top to bottom, then press from bottom to top.

    According to the degree of sputum, depending on the degree of pain that you feel, it is generally effective to have a sore feeling.

    Press 揉 20 times each time, 2-3 times a day.

      In addition, Zhong Min, the attending physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, also said that the Zusanli point is also associated with the stomach. It is often used to pinch the foot of the Sanli, not only to treat the meridians, but also to strengthen the blood circulation of the legs and even to protect the spleen and stomach.The role.

    The Zusanli point is located at the outer edge of the outer knee and at the edge of the upper bone.

    If there is bloating and stomach cramps, you can also press the three-mile acupoint. When you press it, you should push it upwards at the same time.

    Modern medical research has confirmed that acupuncture treatment of Zusanli acupoint makes the recombination peristalsis strong and regular, and can improve the vitality of various digestive enzymes, increase appetite and help digestion.

    “In addition to manually massaging these acupuncture points, you can also press the squats with a massage stick or tap the muscles around these acupuncture points.

    At the same time, Qi Jun also reminded that these methods are only suitable for general stomach diseases. If it is an acute abdominal pain, it may be a perforation of gastric ulcer or acute pneumonia. You should go to the hospital immediately.

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    The old man does exercises for his teeth every day.

    The old man does exercises for his teeth every day.

    If you want to have a good tooth when you are gray, you have to remove some bad habits in the past. Once you find that dental caries and periodontal disease should be treated in time, you can also give your teeth a daily exercise.

      Experts pointed out that the elderly are not because of age or natural aging, dental caries and periodontal disease are the main enemy of their tooth loss.

    It is a non-negligible content for the elderly oral health care to put the teeth of the bones in time.

    If the number of teeth missing in the elderly is small and the adjacent teeth are longer, the porcelain bridge is alternately set with porcelain; the number of missing teeth is large, and the remaining teeth are not good enough. It is better to replace the active dentures.

      It is also important to eliminate some bad habits in order to maintain the health of the dental system.

    For example, you can’t use your teeth to bite hard objects, including bones, crabs, walnuts, etc.; you can’t use too much hard matchsticks, hairpins, etc. instead of toothpicks.

    At the same time, adhere to the good habit of mouthwash after eating and brushing your teeth before going to bed, with the use of anti-caries and treatment of periodontal disease fluoride toothpaste and Chinese herbal toothpaste.

    Regular oral health checkups, covering shallow cavities in time, often removing stones and dirt attached to the teeth.

      The health care of the teeth is a traditional method of maintaining the life of the teeth. One is the method of caries. Every morning and evening, the teeth are bitten 20 times faster than the teeth, which has a good effect on promoting alveolar bone and cementation.

    In addition, it is a gingival massage method. It is used for dozens of times on the gums with fingers extending from the entrance. Each time from back to front, from light to heavy, long-term adherence to the promotion of blood circulation of the gums and prevention of periodontal disease is of great benefit.

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    Treating obesity first cure heart

    Treating obesity first cure “heart”

    According to the Russian magazine “Chemistry and Life in the 21st Century”, experts from the Moscow Medical Research Institute found that only about 10% of obese patients can maintain their original weight loss results within two years of successful weight loss.
    The reason for not being able to maintain weight loss results is complicated. One of the reasons is that the “heart disease” of some obese patients has not been treated.
    According to experts, some people will continue to eat when they are depressed, or overeating.
    Others often suffer from insomnia and eat during insomnia.
    Over time, these people are prone to obesity.
    When such obese patients receive diet therapy, they often experience depression and depression.
    After the end of the treatment, they will involuntarily eat and ruin the results of weight loss.
      After in-depth analysis of the above patients, the experts found that most of the patients encountered the following one or several conditions during the growth process: First, during the baby, the mother only feeds the child at a fixed time.
    The child has already felt hungry and upset before the time of milking.
      Second, in the children’s period, parents use a variety of delicious to reward or punish the child.
      Third, it is easy to be pessimistic when it is easy to be impulsive.
    However, after eating, it can be psychologically relaxed to a certain extent.
    Experts pointed out that some people may experience psychological relaxation, emotional improvement and food, and develop the habit of eating emotionally.
    For patients who are suffering from obesity, simple dieting can make them difficult to endure, and weight loss is difficult to last.
    Therefore, for them, the psychological problem is the cause of obesity, and it is necessary to treat “heart” disease in the treatment of such obesity patients.
      Based on the above research results, experts conducted psychological therapy on 40 obese patients accustomed to emotional eating.
    In the course of treatment, doctors try to make patients interested in things other than food, and learn to use “brains” instead of “stomach” to solve problems in life.
    Experts later found that psychotherapy promoted the effects of dieting and exercise. The above 40 patients maintained their original weight loss after more than a year of weight loss treatment.

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    Drinking tea with tea every day

    Drinking tea with tea every day

    Professor Yan Zhenghua is nearly 90 years old and still in good health.

      ”Let’s drink less, don’t smoke, don’t overeat, and sticking to exercise is my longevity.”

    Yan Lao said that he insisted on sleeping before 10 o’clock every night, starting at 6 o’clock in the morning and taking a nap for 20 minutes at noon; after getting up in the morning, he had to play Tai Chi or jog for 20 minutes.

    After an hour of walking in the evening, practice Qigong for half an hour.

      For the diet, Yan Lao has always been mainly light, although he likes spicy food, but pay attention to moderation.

    Breakfast is usually a bag of milk, a steamed seaweed tofu, and sometimes an egg.

    Lunch is expected to be dry and thin.

    Fruits often eat bananas and apples. Too cold fruits are boiled with boiling water before eating to prevent stomach damage.

    Yan Lao sometimes drinks some porridge porridge.

    The specific method is: prepare 10 grams of leeks, 50 grams of previous rice and some salt, first cook the leeks with simmer, then put them in the casserole with the rice and fine salt, add 500 ml of water, rice porridge is cooked.can.

      Yan Lao also has a habit of drinking tea every day, especially black tea, but later, because of the insomnia, he began to abandon black tea and change tea. He often used 5-10 grams of ginseng to drink water for a day.

    (Some of the texts outline the New World Publishing House, “The Great National Medical University – the 30 National Treasures of the “National Masters”)

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    Older people should pay attention to certain aspects in Chinese New Year

    Older people should pay attention to certain aspects in Chinese New Year

    The footsteps of the New Year have improved, and the children have grown older than the New Year.

    There are too many elderly people who are busy, and they are prepared to be happy.

    Every spring festival is warm and cold, and it is also the season of colds, flu, and pneumonia. The elderly must pay attention to the body during the New Year, and live a healthy year of peace and beauty.

      In the New Year, the elderly should pay attention to certain aspects in the New Year.

    The precautions are as follows: Precautions for the elderly Chinese New Year: Ensure that drinking water avoids the outdoor activities due to fear of cold, and the absorption and metabolism of human blood lipids are imbalanced, which increases the viscosity of blood, thereby forming thrombus and causing myocardial infarction.produce.

      Seniors New Year’s Note 2: Life rules During the festival, children and children are full, middle-aged and elderly people are happy, often prepare a lot of things and are excited, which may lead to busy, or irregular life, and induce cardiovascular disease.

      Precautions for the elderly in the New Year III: Avoiding diseases with small diseases may sometimes become a “fuse”, such as respiratory infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, etc., will aggravate the heart, aggravate the condition and even cause life-threatening.

      Seniors New Year’s Note 4: Keep your heart warm to keep your body warm, moderate activity, keep a good attitude, don’t let the heart “cool”, causing sudden death.

      In addition, at home, because there are sometimes more people in the family during the New Year, family members should also learn relevant first-aid knowledge, to ensure good health, to keep medicines in place, and put them in a prominent position for timely treatment.

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