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    Teach you to know the special effects of flowers

    Teach you to know the special effects of flowers

    Different flowers give people different psychological feelings. Let’s take a closer look.

      Peony rhododendron stimulates creativity, lotus flower, and people’s heart-filled flowers – peony, peony, cuckoo and other stimulating creativity, active thinking; reducing fatigue, uplifting spirit, and improving work efficiency.

      Small flowers – lavender, carnation and other calm moods, relax nerves, relieve stress, and grumpy people are more suitable for planting.

      Colorful flowers – gerbera, daisy, gerbera, etc. can improve memory and enhance cognitive level; easy to stimulate the desire of people who are shy, make people become good at talking; reduce aggressiveness and defensiveness, make people get along betterHarmony.

      The light-colored flowers-white lotus, lily, peach and other people have a calm mind, helping people to look at the world with a more delicate perspective and enhance happiness.

      Plants with fewer leaves and more flowers – Brazilian iron trees, Japanese sea otters, etc. relieve depression and help people regain confidence.

      A study found that the power of flowers can last for 60 seconds.

    According to the recent British “Independent” report, Janet Morris, a professor of psychology at the University of New Jersey at the University of New Jersey, found that the good emotional experience brought by flowers is far more than 60 seconds.

    It is this “good feeling” that makes humans always love flowers.

      In the survey, the researchers visited 150 women.

    They bring different gifts to each obese person, including flowers, fruits and sweets, and observe the reaction of the complication after receiving the gift.

    It turned out that the ladies were most excited after receiving the flowers, and this feeling of happiness lasted for at least three days.

    In addition, women who receive flowers are more positive and positive when answering questions.

    The researchers also found through other experiments that flowers can also help to close the distance between people, make people smile, like to talk, but also promote cognitive function and improve memory.

      Therefore, the researchers call, flowers through the color, smell, shape and other effects on the human senses, change some of the chemical substances in the brain, stimulate people’s positive emotions, long deep psychological changes.

    When people are depressed, finding a bunch of gerbera is more useful than eating chocolate, which will make you more optimistic.

    So when the pressure is huge, you might want to decorate your home into a beautiful garden. A study by Harvard Medical School found that people who placed flowers at home felt pressure and worry.

    Most of Morris’s research is that flowers can help people get inspiration and get new ideas.

    More accurate for women, often accompanied by flowers, allowing them to come up with more and newer solutions.

      A good emotional experience has allowed humans to grow flowers for at least 5,000 years. In this long period of time, flowers have satisfied people’s psychological needs and won the love of human beings.

    In fact, in the favor of human beings, flowers have evolved themselves to bloom more beautiful flowers.

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    Charming face-lifting

    Charming face-lifting

    Yes, you are not mistaken, the little face is eaten!

    But not all foods have this function. Want to know what face-lifting foods can make you have a fascinating face?

    Let’s take a look at the diet face-lift food we introduced for you!


    1 Bean seedlings: Green bean sprouts can enhance the chewing effect, and it is rich in nutrients. Of course, potassium, which is good for eliminating edema, is a high-quality food NO that has both nutritional value and oral activity.

    2 Spinach: Spinach is rich in potassium and vitamins. Spinach with a small knife is rich in potassium and vitamins A and C, but it is especially necessary to pay attention to the cooking method. The nutrition of spinach is quite easy to lose.


    3 celery: It can promote oral activity, and it includes high fiber quality and abundant potassium. It is a rare healthy food.


    4 Carrots: The fairly nutritious fresh carrots are squeezed into juice, which is paired with honey every day. It can help thin face and bring lightness to the whole body.


    5 dried persimmon: In addition to the main dish, we still have snacks.

    You can eat dried persimmons as snacks, you don’t have to worry about getting fat, and the excellent chewing effect and super high potassium make you eat smaller.

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    Old people often heat the fan to prevent diseases

    Old people often heat the fan to prevent diseases

    First, shake off the shoulder inflammation: the fan is a kind of upper limb movement that requires the coordination of the fingers, wrists and local joint muscles.

    In the hot weather, the fan is often shaken. It is the exercise of the upper limb joint muscles, which can promote the blood circulation of the muscles, enhance the coordination of muscle strength and coordination of various joints.

    Medical experts believe that senile scapulohumeral periarthritis is caused by long-term lack of exercise and fan in the shoulder joint, air conditioning blows to feel the cold, and the fan can change the fan, the air conditioner is aligned with the shoulder joint to exercise, strengthen the strength and coordination of the shoulder joint muscle ligament.Sex.

      Second, shake away mental disorders: psychological research shows that people’s emotions, mood and behavior are related to seasonal changes.

    In the hot summer, many people will have mood swings, especially in the elderly, which are prone to emotional disorders.

    You can enjoy your emotions by shaking your hand by hand.

    Inviting three or two confidants, sitting in the shade, talking about the earth, the mental depression can be swept away.

    High mental disorders are exacerbated in air-conditioned environments, and hand-cranked fans can keep people away from the air-conditioned environment, that is, away from mental disorders.

      Third, stay away from hot strokes: Hot stroke is a common disease in the summer season, and it is very different from the improper use of air conditioners.

    If the temperature of the room with built-in air conditioner is adjusted too low, the temperature difference with the outside world is very different, alternating into and out of the room, suddenly hot and cold, sometimes the elderly, especially high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, middle-aged and elderly brain blood circulation disorder and brain stroke.

    The fan can reduce the use of air conditioning time, and is also an exercise for the cerebral blood vessels.

    The rocking fan is a kind of unilateral limb movement. In addition to exercising the joint muscles of the limbs, it can also exercise the contraction and diastolic function of the blood vessels of the brain.

    Some scholars have found that most of the stroke patients are in the right hemisphere microvascular rupture, while the brain atrophy of many middle-aged and older people occurs in the left hemisphere.

    This is because the average person has long been accustomed to using the right hand, and the left hand movement is reduced, resulting in more exercise in the left hemisphere and insufficient exercise in the right hemisphere.

    Therefore, the elderly should consciously carry out the left-handed fan on a hot day, strengthen the left hand movement, activate the right brain, improve the state of the tilted limb and the body atrophy, and also enhance the elasticity of the right hemisphere blood vessels and reduce the occurrence of cerebrovascular diseases.

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    What should you pay attention to in periodontitis?

    What should you pay attention to in periodontitis?

    Periodontitis is an infectious disease of supporting tissues around the teeth. The cause is plaque, which forms calculus after calcification.

    The destruction of bacteria and the mechanical stimulation of stones together promote the destruction of periodontal tissues.

    So what should you pay attention to in preventing periodontitis?

    Precautions against periodontitis Precautions against periodontitis should pay attention to the following three points: 1. Removal of calculus In general, periodontitis is formed because tartar destroys the gingival papilla and periodontal tissue, and we need to wash the teeth, but weTo continue to eat food, the tartar will grow again, and then produce bad breath, so it is necessary to cooperate with daily oral care, brushing time can not stay for 3 minutes.

    2, with the braces should pay special attention to whether the general tooth bracket and the contact area of our gums are too large, when we eat food, the residue is easy to accumulate in the place where it is easy to form periodontitis without paying attention to oral cleaning.Therefore, we should take out the dental tray after each meal to clean it properly. You can use the toothpaste to wash it carefully. If you can’t take it off, you should carefully rinse your mouth after each meal, but you can’t overdo it.Water to prevent deformation of the tray.

    3, do not eat spicy food must remember not to eat spicy food, such as seafood, barbecue and other foods, if necessary, with anti-inflammatory drugs, drink plenty of water to eat more fruits and vegetables is never harmful.

    There are four kinds of people with susceptible periodontitis. 1. People with diabetes recently, according to a survey conducted by the Chinese Medical Association Diabetes Branch, the total complications of diabetes patients with oral diseases occur.

    37%, 2-3 times higher than non-diabetics.

    At present, the world medical community also agrees that periodontal disease and diabetes do have a two-way promotion relationship, and even foreign scholars regard periodontal disease as the sixth complication of diabetes.

    Studies have shown that diabetes is one of the risk factors for periodontal disease.

    The persistent hyperglycemia state of diabetic patients provides abundant nutrients to the bacteria in the gums, causing microvascular rupture of the gum tissue, which is likely to cause oral infection.

    In addition, the tissue repair ability of diabetic patients is relatively poor, once suffering from periodontitis, it is often more serious, prone to symptoms such as periodontal abscess.

    2, the man researchers for the first time found that gender will affect the course of destructive periodontal disease, the severity of the disease.

    According to clinical observations, once a person has oral disease, the condition is often more serious than that of women.

    Epidemiological data also show that the rate of periodontal disease among men worldwide is indeed higher than that of women.

    3, the saliva of people who rarely see dentists can be divided into acidic and alkaline. People with acidic saliva tend to form acid-deoxidation and decalcification on the surface of the teeth. It is easy to reduce teeth and pain, so it is known to seek dental treatment and get periodontal.The probability of illness is small; for people with alkaline saliva, the surface of the tooth is not susceptible to acid etching, and it is not easy to have a contracted tooth. Because of the splitting of calcium ions in alkaline saliva, it is easy to calcify to form calculus.

    Dental calculus is one of the main causes of periodontal disease.

    4, people with irritable personality due to urgency, brushing time is always in a hurry, can not brush the face.

    Anxious people brush their teeth quickly and too hardly, which tends to cause atrophy of the force on the teeth. After atrophy, the roots will be exposed.

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    The stomach is afraid of cold, the liver is afraid of fat, and the kidney is afraid?

    The most feared things in the 10 major organs are listed in the table.

    The stomach is afraid of cold, the liver is afraid of fat, and the kidney is afraid?

    The most feared things in the 10 major organs are listed in the table.

    Nowadays, the pace of life is accelerating, and many people have tremendous psychological pressure.

    Don’t look at some people’s glamorous and sleek look, in fact, in the back of the ground, every day, screaming and soaking.


    .To tell the truth, to protect your body, you should first know: what will hurt our body.

    Instead, what your body is most afraid of.

    However, the concept of the body is too broad. The health guard decided to talk to you about this problem from the perspective of the body’s 10 organs.
    Heart: We are afraid of salt. Our heart seems to be strong, like a small engine, but in fact, it is very fragile in some situations, some face salt.

    The sodium function of the human body is limited. If too much salt is ingested, the body cannot be discharged in time, and the sodium in the salt will be retained in the body.

    As a result, the blood volume in the human body will increase, resulting in an increase in blood pressure.

    In addition, high salt can make blood vessels very sensitive, and usually can not cause some cases of vasoconstriction, which will cause the blood vessels to contract, resulting in increased blood pressure.

    Increased blood pressure will increase the burden on the heart, and cause the body to bury high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and other hidden dangers.

    Liver: Fear of obesity is the source of all diseases, especially abdominal obesity, lethality.

    Among them, the most typical is that too much internal organs, it is easy to cause the occurrence of sputum.

    Hepatic liver is both an independent disease and a complication of various diseases in the liver.

    What needs special mention is that the liver is not only a patent for fat people, but also a thin person.

    The harm of adult liver to the human body is enormous: 15% of patients will change from simple mouse liver to liver fibrosis, cirrhosis, and 3% of patients will progress to liver failure, which needs to be carried out.Liver transplantation treatment.

    Lung: Fear of smoking When it comes to the lungs, the first thing that people think of is smoking.

    The most harmful to the human body is the impact on the respiratory system, such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and high blood pressure.

    In fact, in addition to active smoking, passive smoking (second-hand smoke, three-handed cigarettes), indoor pollution such as kitchen fumes and decoration pollution, and air pollution such as smog are also important pathogenic factors of the respiratory system.

    Especially in kitchen fumes, carcinogens containing a benzopyrene, long-term inhalation can induce lung cancer.

    Kidney: If the meat is eaten by the meat, the excess protein can’t be used, and it needs to be discharged from the kidneys.

    A high-protein diet can cause hypertonic and hyperfiltration of the glomerulus. Over time, it will increase the burden on the kidney and accelerate glomerular sclerosis.

    Especially in people with poor kidneys or kidney disease, excessive protein intake can accelerate the deterioration of kidney function and make the condition worse.

    Stomach: The temper of the cold stomach is like a dry and aversion.

    The cold stimulating effect caused by high blood pressure in the stomach, causing abdominal distension, stomach pain and other acute dysfunction.

    For example, ice drinks, Kudingcha and other cold drinks will aggravate the symptoms of spleen and stomach deficiency.

    As another example, coffee is a central stimulant.

    Especially iced coffee, through the nerve reflex and direct influence, the gastric mucosa is congested, the secretion is dysfunctional, and the mucosal barrier is destroyed, leading to ulceration.

    Intestine: I am afraid of pressure “pressure” here, referring to stress and depression.

    When work stress is high, the spirit is tense, and when the mood is depressed, the adrenaline circulates to the whole body, which will speed up the work of multiple organs. When it is in the digestive system, it can trigger the change of interaction function.

    This change usually manifests as abdominal pain, bloating, bowel habits and abnormal stool characteristics.

    Gallbladder: Fear of sweet gallbladder is most afraid of eating sweets, mainly in two aspects: integration, eating too much sweets, causing slight and crystallized too much, easy to form cholesterol stones.

    In addition, preference for sweets can affect insulin secretion and accelerate precipitation accordingly.

    At the same time, most of the sweets have high sugar content and high trace content, which is easy to cause obesity.

    Studies have shown that people who weigh more than 15% of normal standards have a five-fold higher incidence of gallstones than normal.
    Plasma: fear of fracture can secrete trypsin, pancreatic amylase, plasma microenzyme and other digestive enzymes, involved in food digestion and absorption.
    If overeating, the fracture will be over-extended and overwhelmed, resulting in dysfunction, and the fracture is digested by the digestive enzymes secreted by itself, causing acute inflammation.

    Once the retinal tissue has hemorrhage, necrosis, often involving adjacent tissues, followed by systemic metabolic disorders, severe cases can cause multiple organ failure, and even death.

    Therefore, when meeting with relatives and friends, in the face of the temptation of wine and food, we must remember: a taste of it.

    Skin: Afraid of skin aging can be divided into endogenous aging and exogenous aging.

    Endogenous aging refers to age-related aging, which is unstoppable.

    Exogenous aging refers to skin aging caused by external factors, sometimes ultraviolet radiation, smoking, staying up late, and so on.

    Among them, ultraviolet radiation is the most important and most harmful factor.

    It is the reason why you become black, sunburned, and old, and it also destroys the barrier function of the skin.

    In addition, ultraviolet light inhibits the activity of skin enzymes, thereby destroying the skin’s water-locking function.

    Therefore, sunburned skin may cause further drying and scaling.

    Bladder: I am afraid that the “憋” mentioned here refers to urine.

    This is a bad habit that can lead to many diseases over time.

    The most common is a urinary tract infection.

    Under normal circumstances, urinary tract can cause pyelonephritis, prostatitis, urinary retention, bladder damage, urinary pain, frequent urination or urination, urinary syncope, bladder cancer and so on.

    Well, the 10 major organs of the human body are most afraid of doing something, and Xiaobian is finished.

    Now you should know how to protect your organs?

    Know what to do and what not to do.

    If you feel that this article is good for everyone, then quickly share it. It is really good to compare everyone.

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    The three types of food that should not be dealt with in the morning

    The three types of food that should not be dealt with in the morning

    The day is in the morning, we all know that it is the beginning of the first day, then whether the breakfast is good or not is directly related to your health. We must know that this is a very real problem, but there is a mistake not to go.It is irrational, or it is very irrational.

    hzh {display: none; }  白领清晨最不该吃的三类食物  一.Avoid drinking a lot of cold drinks: too much temperature difference will strongly stimulate the annealing road, resulting in sudden shrinkage.


    Avoid eating bananas on an empty stomach: In addition to the potassium that helps sleep, bananas also contain a lot of magnesium. If eaten on an empty stomach, the amount of magnesium in the blood suddenly rises, and magnesium is one of the sensitive elements that affect heart function.


    Avoid eating pineapple on an empty stomach: pineapple contains strong enzymes. Eating on an empty stomach can hurt the stomach. Its nutrients must be better absorbed after eating.

      Tip: Don’t drink vinegar or garlic on an empty stomach in the morning.

    Drinking vinegar on an empty stomach can lead to excessive stomach acid and stomach damage; and allicin causes gastric mucosa, irritation caused by the intestinal wall, causing stomach cramps.

    Knowing the taboos of early morning diet, you should act immediately to find a suitable stomach plan for you. Here are a few recommended for you to choose: Qingchen Yangwei Decoction: 50 grams of red dates, 20 silkworm cocoons with silkworm cocoons, right amountWhite sugar.

      Practice: one.

    Wash the washed red dates into the pot with the silkworm cocoons and add 800 grams of water.


    After boiling, use a small fire and slowly fry for 15 minutes.


    Filter the juice into a large bowl and add sugar to taste.

      Efficacy: nourish the stomach and spleen, the soup is sweet and delicious, and the lungs are fluid.

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    Exercise to prevent muscle stiffness

    Exercise to prevent muscle stiffness

    After scientific and targeted exercise, the muscles of the human body can be more and more developed.

    Because muscles work to consume a lot of nutrients, after exercise, after proper rest, the nutrients in the muscles are quickly replenished, and the amount of supplementation will be more than the amount consumed. This phenomenon is called physiologically.”Overweight recovery.”

    Because of the “over-recovery”, muscles can get more nutrients, and the muscles become more and more developed; the few layers are getting thinner and thinner until they are moderate.

      Relationship between pulse (heart rate) and training When practicing bodybuilding, the pulse during exercise should be between 60% and 70% of the highest pulse per minute (maximum pulse = 220-age), exercise 2?
    After 3 months, the pulse can be increased to between 70-85%.

      The rhythm of music and body rate during bodybuilding exercise also has a certain relationship. The ideal rhythm of healthy adults should be about 60 beats per minute. The rhythm of 60 beats per minute (ie, medium speed) resonates with the normal circadian rhythm of people.

    If the rhythm of this speed is the most balanced, the blood is breathing smoothly, neither excited nor restrained, it is the best rhythm of nursed physiology (the yoga rhythm takes this rhythm), and the choice is slower than every minute.The rhythm of music around 60 beats has the effect of suppressing and slowing the human circadian rhythm (hypnosis is a certain rhythm).

      Conversely, if you choose a music rhythm that is faster than 60 beats per minute, there is excitement that can promote physiological and biochemical effects, such as Disco music rhythm, about 120 beats per minute, which is exactly twice as fast as the circadian rhythm.It can stimulate the body’s biologically active substances, and the emotions will be excited.

    In general, in bodybuilding exercise, we must master the pulse rate according to the age and physical condition of each person, and choose the appropriate music rhythm, in order to promote the body.

      Why exercise (the necessity of exercise)1.

    Increased resistance to physical health: Regular exercise can make a qualitative change in muscles, and increase muscle muscle glycoprotein, myosin, actin and myoglobin (blood red) protein.

    Can increase the body’s resistance to disease.

    Make your body healthier.


    Promote metabolism: Regular exercise can make the body get more nutrients and oxygen, which is ribbed to the body’s metabolism.


    Strong and powerful body: Regular exercise can make muscle fibers thicker, muscle cross-section and volume increase, making the body powerful.


    Muscle tightening: People who do not often participate in physical exercise generally show shoulder muscles, waist and abdomen, muscles of the buttocks and lower limbs muscles loose, excessive subcutaneous moles, reduced muscle elasticity and so on.

      Therefore, it is very necessary to take part in exercise regularly.

      Through effective fitness exercises, you can strengthen your muscles and increase your muscle area. For example, if you have a thick aunt layer, you can get results in the first 3-4 months. If you systematically stick to 10The muscle area can be increased by 5-15 cm around the month.

      How to prevent muscle stiffness?

    Why is muscle stiffness?

      Muscles are connected in series, with high intensity to withstand load, energy consumption, and large oxygen debt. Therefore, lactic acid will accumulate in the muscles, such as changes in the internal environment of the muscles, such as blood sugar lowering, and the muscle working ability will decrease.

    This is a temporary normal physiological phenomenon, and is also a response to the body’s protective inhibition and “self-defense signals.”

    The main manifestations are uncoordinated movements, distraction, etc. This indicates that the muscles are already fatigued. If you do not pay attention to adjustment and rest, the muscles are prone to stiffness.

      The effect of muscle stiffness is generally poor, or people who interrupt the practice time, suddenly carry out heavy weight, high-intensity exercises, easily cause excessive muscle load, insufficient oxygen supply, and a large amount of metabolites (lactic acid, carbon dioxide) accumulate on the muscles.In this case, the muscles are stiff and sometimes cause muscle cramps.

      After the muscle is cramped, the extent of its contraction and reduction will be inserted, and the movement will be uncoordinated (if the movement is unskilled or the force is too strong, the muscle is about to be pulled and an injury accident occurs).

    When this happens, the cerebral cortex will be protective, which will reduce the muscle working ability, thus exacerbating the muscle fatigue. If the stiff muscles are not relaxed and rested, the function will be lower and lower, and the muscle stiffness will begetting bigger.

      So how do you prevent muscle stiffness?


    Arrange the appropriate amount of exercise and the intensity and density of the exercise: It is reasonable to choose the intensity, density, time and quantity from the actual situation, and arrange the intensity and density of exercise and exercise.


    There must be more changes in training: the muscle groups of the exercise should be comprehensive, the exercise skills should be diverse, and the muscles that are forceful and forceless should be alternated.


    Master the ability to relax muscles: You should master the ability to relax your muscles. After each exercise, apply hips, deep breath, massage, hot water bath, etc. to fully relax your muscles and eliminate fatigue as soon as possible.


    Correct mastery of technical essentials: Correct mastery of technical essentials, pay attention to the coordination of muscle contraction and relaxation, and reduce unnecessary work and consumption.

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    Netizens share their skinny legs

    Netizens share their skinny legs

    Girls are never satisfied with their body, I think this sentence is correct!

    Some girls in the class have already said that they are paper people, but they are still not satisfied with their body.

    Today, I want to share my skinny legs with you.


    hzh {display: none; }  有些方法我想各位水水也知道啦~但是知道跟实际去做还是有差别的!If you know, but don’t do it, what if there is a way?

    Still not talking about it!

      Because some people I know are like this, so remind everyone that if you want to really lose weight, you must work hard and don’t waste halfway.

    However, it is OK to take a break for a while, but be careful with Europe, don’t develop the habit of always wanting to take a break!

      Before I had a product that bought a leg, I watched TV while watching TV, and massaged the calf and thigh with a product with a slim leg.

    However, before I use the products of the slim legs, I will first mix the body lotion with it, so that you can both skinny legs and the skin of the legs.

      (I personally only need to help my calf or arm to rub the body lotion for more than three days, it will be very cracked, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, but it will be more serious in autumn and winter.) Calf and thigh massageThere is also a difference between Europe!

    The calf massage method is generally massage from bottom to top, while the thigh is massaged from top to bottom.

    Before going to bed, I will lie in bed to do leg lift exercise, about 100 times, slowly, not too intense, or you will not sleep, and the feet will be sour.

      If I don’t want to sleep, I will put my foot on the top again, because one side of my bed is close to the window, so I will put my foot on top.

    (It feels a bit like a handstand.) The body is lying on the bed, just like the L-shape from the side.

    Keep this position about 20?
    30 minutes.

    This is one of the ways to eliminate edema!

    But I want to help with stovepipe too?

      Also, remind you of the water that you want to lose. If you want to be thin, you must change from the diet.

    Eat more greens, eat less fry, or cook too much oil, including the dishes that are too oily.

      Of course, if you mix sports, the effect will be more obvious.

    (But I am a lazy person, so I still give up)

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    White-collar exercise new method finger movement

    White-collar exercise new method “finger movement”

    “Ingenuity” is often used to describe a person who is smart and capable.

    In fact, it has another meaning – “hands” and “mind”, that is, people with flexible fingers are smarter.

    According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the fingers and meridians are connected. From the thumb to the little finger, they correspond to the lungs, large intestine, pericardium, trifocal, heart and small intestine, and other important acupoints are also concentrated.

    The all-round activity of the fingers not only dredges the meridians, but also effectively develops brain cells.

    Among them, letting your fingers “walk” on the table quickly is a good choice, with multiple rich and interesting finger “walking” methods.

      Foreign countries have been popular with “finger skateboarding” since 3 years ago, and were invented by a skateboarder in the United States.

    In order to practice the skateboards that he loves in the rainy days, he uses his fingers instead of his feet in his home, and he is practicing on a miniature skateboard that is about the size of his index finger.

    Beginners usually practice simple advance and backward on the table. When the finger can easily align with the fingerboard skateboard, you can try to fly over a pen, a ruler, a mouse, or even skip a book.The paper cup does not let the fingerboard slide off.

    This imaginative idea quickly spread and became a popular fingertip movement.

         Our domestic finger movements are also very rich.

      The method of walking with fingers is flexible and diverse. You can walk the word “one” like a crab, or you can take the word “meter”, “8”, five-pointed star, and S-shaped route.

      Every morning and evening, around 8 o’clock, it is the best time for our minds to be the most clear and memory, and the best time to practice finger exercises.

    Each exercise for 15-20 minutes can increase the blood flow of the brain, activate some brain cells that are in sleep state, and train the coordination function of the brain. Therefore, walking with fingers is a good brain movement.

    In addition, due to the increase in cerebral blood flow, the body’s immunity will also increase.

      For the white-collar workers who often sit in front of the computer, when the fingers are stiff and the wrists are sore, they do not hinder the fingers from “walking” on the table. After the end of the operation, pinching the fingers and holding the fists can reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.”risks of.

    Regular finger movements are beneficial to the heart and brain, and can also effectively prevent various diseases such as senile dementia and constipation.

    From the 3-year-old to the old man, you can practice simple and beneficial finger exercises.

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    Hidden in the Suzhou Garden in the Pearl River Delta, 1 from Guangzhou.

    5 hours reasonable!

    Hidden in the “Suzhou Garden” in the Pearl River Delta, 1 from Guangzhou.

    5 hours reasonable!

    Every day after day, tired and hot work sometimes wants to stop and relax, bring your family or three or five friends together, it is best to have a good environment for a cool and healthy resort.

    Xiaobian recommended a “Xanadu” hidden in Qingyuan for you only one from Guangzhou.

    5h “Suzhou Garden”-style holiday villas are slow and quiet, and gather in the “Suzhou Garden” to enjoy the authentic pavilions, rockery waterfalls and river pond promenade.


    Experience a life that is isolated from the world?
    Play the night garden, enjoy the exquisite Linghu Lake stone, a hundred years of Emperor, Oracle bones stone carving.

    .Feel a different kind of artistic charm?
    The wild brook hot springs of the bubble ecology let the tired physiological smog disappear and then call the old friends to take a health mahjong battle to dawn!

    The price of such a well-equipped villa must be very expensive?

    Look at the X-only housing villas to be 1829 yuan / building but now the purchase price is only 999 yuan / set of Fogang Jinguiquan ecological resort Fogang Jinguiquan ecological resort is located in the town of Guangzhou back garden and hot springsThe Golden Turtle Valley of Huanghua Lake Hot Spring Resort in Gang County is 3 km from the exit of Fogang, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, 50 minutes from Guangzhou. The location is excellent and the transportation is very convenient.

    The turtle valley is surrounded by mountains and forests.

    The village entrance is leisurely, the smog is immersed in the moon, and the Qingjiang River is a village.

    Peach Blossom Spring Rain Jiangnan, Xiaoqiao Liushui people.

    The hotel is dedicated to the creation of eco-health, leisure and health, landscape gardens and Fushou Kangning culture, providing excellent services in vacation, leisure, health, elegance and business in the ink and water environment.

    “It is not necessary to have silk and bamboo, and the landscape has an unvoiced sound.

    “Golden Turtle Springs is a natural way, with heaven and earth, returning to the true, poetic home.”

    4A-level Suzhou landscape garden-style eco-tourism resort, Suzhou garden and Lingnan landscape merge with each other to hide the paradise.

    Hotel room sleep between the landscape gardens, deep sleep, health and wellness, the original forest tastes the different style of the wooden house villas in the sleep of the health, in the Golden Turtle Springs?
    There are about 15,000 square meters of wild stream hot springs in Yesi Hot Spring. There are “eighteen bachelor” mountain forest lotus ponds and “water flowing clouds” in the wild river golden turtle pool. There are more than 30 hot spring pools.

    Gently walk into the hot spring pool, the action is not too big, sit down slowly, the warmth of the hot spring rises from the soles of the feet, from Yongquan to Dantian Guanbaihui, and then spread all over the body meridians, the blood is diastolic, and the integration is complete, and the tiredness has already vanished.

    The hotel restaurant Fangzhou, the three-course restaurant restaurant’s green organic food comes from the farmer’s breeding, the pursuit of authentic origin and original flavor, the main chicken goose fish “three dishes” and the first turtle snake “Taihe health soup.”

    The restaurant adheres to the traditional food culture of “drinking and eating virtue” and “medical therapy is better than nourishing”, and adopts the dietary supplement method and the SPA catering health law to achieve health care and health purposes.

    Leisure facilities Mahjong table ▼ Nearby attractions – Shangyue Gucun – Shangyue Village is characterized by the Shangyue ancient dwellings. The entire ancient dwelling building consists of 18 “li”, a total of 37 108 ancient dwellings, each of which is carved and painted., paintings and paintings have their own characteristics.

    -British towns – exotic places waiting for you to experience If you have limited travel time, you can go to the English town to enjoy the purest European life. The beautiful street scene, quiet and comfortable atmosphere attracts many tourists who come to take pictures.!

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