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    2021, Chengdu SME Growth Project, Cultivate Enterprise, Certified Work

    Original title: 2021, Chengdu SME Growth Engineering Cultivation Enterprise Certified Work Introduction Journalists learned from Chengdu Economic Information Bureau, 2021 Chengdu SME Growth Engineering Cultivation Enterprises have been officially launched.

    Chengdu will surround the "5 + 5 + 1" modern open industrial system, screening a group of growth SMEs with good development prospects, formulating accurate cultivation measures, implementing the provision of enterprises to attack the joint plan, encourage enterprises to accelerate growth, as early as possible The upper size, guiding SMEs to develop in the direction of "special new" "invisible champion", to cultivate more special new "small giants" enterprises, promote high quality development, and build a new development pattern provides powerful support. What conditions do you need to meet companies? First, SMEs registered in Chengdu Administrative region, with independent legal persons, and in good condition of enterprises.

    The second is to comply with the development direction of "5 + 5 + 1" modern open industrial system, and give priority to the recognition of advanced manufacturing enterprises. The third is the newly built new enterprises in the 2020 enterprise operating income at 1 billion yuan (excluding) below the 2021 year.

    The fourth is that the company did not have a major safety production accident in the past two years, and the environmental pollution accident. It is understood that growth engineering cultivation companies are divided into three types according to the scale of production and operation. Among them, "proposed to regulate" enterprises for 2020 yuan of business income (excluding), 2021 years, is expected to break through 20 million yuan of investment enterprises and new construction companies that have been put into operation in 2021.

    "Growth" enterprises have been put into production enterprises with annual operating income of 2020 yuan (including) to 100 million (excluding). "Small Giant" enterprises have been put into production enterprises between 100 yuan (inclusive) to 1 billion yuan (excluding). The company logs in to the four-party docking service platform (http:////////////////////////////> of the regulations and requirements in accordance with the provisions and requirements of the Cultural Enterprise Qualification System; Industrial and Information The competent authority combines the management status, asset status, order status, etc., for the first trial and selection; the Municipal Provincial Economic and Information Bureau shall select the cultivation enterprise in accordance with the principles of total control and co-ordination, and will be announced to the public.

    (Chengdu Daily Reporter Cheng Yi Xin) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Zhang Hua Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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    Daxie Tax: Reform convergeduated tax for economic development

    The National Tax Administration, the Taxation Bureau of the Taxation Bureau of the National Taxation, "Opinions on Further Deepening Tax Coordination Management" and the "Implementation Plan for Further Deepening Tax Coordination Management Reform" deployment requirements, focusing on precise law enforcement, fine service, precision supervision, sincere Exploring innovation, more and more tax reform practices application scenario continuous iteration upgrades, the converged power supply promotes the enterprise to lightly, and empower the economy. Accurate law enforcement, rheumatic and strict, and the law enforcement has a temperature.

    "Thanks to the warm heart service of the tax department, gave us a chance. In the future, it must declare the tax on schedule." Daxie, a tax division personnel who received the "Not Tax Administrative Punishment Decision". " The company’s changes in personnel, the business is not in place, leading to the failure of the tax return on time, due to the first income situation and timely reference, not caused the hazard consequence, belonging to the "first violation", according to the administrative punishment. Fine services, optimization initiatives, and services have a wide range.

    "In terms of enjoying preferential policies, tax delivery services are faster than our needs! Through the tax department ‘follow-in’ counseling, enterprises quickly handle incremental tax rebates, alleviate the flow of funds, can carry out fan power generation parts Purchase of spares.

    "Mr. He, a company in Qinghai, saw that the increment of the enterprise account was returned to the tax rebate to the account.

    Accurate supervision, highlighting wisdom, supervising and not crhady and everywhere. "In recent years, the number of investors in the tax department has been significantly reduced, and the number of tracking services has increased significantly. The file bag has become more and more light, and the online taxation efficiency is getting higher and higher, and it is more helpful to concentrate on production and operation." The tax division in Qinghai said this. Sincere and guanzhi, interconnection and interconnection, giving a circle of friends wider and wider.

    "The whole process of the opening is online, the efficiency is very high!" Ms. Wang, the company of Datai, said, "Before, after the business registration, it is necessary to run a series of matters, and now directly choose to open the relevant related to the municipal supervision. Tax items are in line, not delay.

    "This is a sincere government, deepening" up to one "reform, a satisfactory feedback from the taxpayer. The person in charge of the Daxian Taxation Bureau said that it will provide a more efficient optimized tax service for the market entities to give full play to the grassroots tax authorities Recently, for the most direct advantages of taxpayer service, strive to reduce tax payment burden, reduce tax payment costs, and further improve service quality, and strive to create a good tax business environment, to promote high quality development Embigum. (Source: National Tax Administration Daxie Council Taxation Bureau) (Editor: Chen Jing, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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    58 college graduates in the Fangcheng District

    On August 3, the Fangchenggang City Fangcheng People’s Hospital conscription medical examination station ushered in 58 graduates who came to college students to check, the district opened up a green channel priority to arrange physical examination.

    On the same day, these graduates who enlisted college graduates under the guidance of staff, and in an orderly, they walked into each inspection room to accept physical examination. According to the citizenship standards and methods, the medical examination includes surgery, internal medicine, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, oral and psychological testing. This conscription is strictly undergoing rigorous procedures, strict standards, orderly, and the entire body inspection process is strictly managed in accordance with the prevention and control requirements of the epidemic.

    Graduated from the Guangxi Agricultural Vocational and Technical College Horticulture, Tang Xu from Daxie Town said: "I saw the soldiers of the soldiers from the TV, I especially envious, especially I want to be a military person to defend the motherland and serve the motherland.

    "Yan Huanzhi from Nailiang Town has a dream of a soldier, although he has passed the first half of the admission medical examination, but because of his return to the graduation defense, it will not be able to enter the army." This year’s autumn is beginning, I will Rapida registration, I hope this medical examination can pass.

    Yan Huanzhi said.

    In order to implement the regular medical examination of the medical examination, the leadership team of the anti-city recruitment medical examination leading group is carefully organized, and the planning arrangements, adopts small-scale multi-batch organizational examination, reasonably determine the number of physical examination, strictly implement the prevention and control of the epidemic prevention and control, high standard completion The physical examination work, the quality of the soldiers, ensuring that the body should be qualified, and the idea is qualified. (Huang Xiang, Huang Zhen, Chen Yuxuan) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Zhou Yule) Sharing let more people see.

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    China listed company carbon emission list release

      The Secondary of the Secondary Net News (Reporter Liu Yang) Summary of "Double Carbon" National Goals last September, the carbon and become an important issue in China’s next 40 years.

    As the largest developing country in the world, how to achieve bumps and development, win-win, and a huge challenge for China. On November 17th, "Carbon Neutral and Summit Forum and China’s listed company carbon emission list" held in Beijing, "China’s listed company carbon emission list (2021)" is also started in this forum. This year’s list covers 100 high-carbon emissions companies listed on A-share and Hong Kong stocks, they are distributed in petrochemical, chemical, building materials, steel, colored, paper, electricity, aviation, eight key high-energy industries. It is worth mentioning that the total carbon emissions in this list account for more than 40% of the country, and the intensity industry is characterized. Baijia listed companies on the list, play an important role in China’s carbon-carbon actions.

    In 2020, China’s total carbon dioxide emissions were about 9.9 billion tons, and 100 listed companies in the list, total carbon dioxide emissions totaled billions tons, accounting for about total volume of the country.

      From the perspective of distribution, the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions in the list reflects a certain "second eight effect". The top 20 companies are faucets in their respective fields, and 2020 emissions are more than 50 million tons, and the total discharge accounts for about 100% of the total volume of funds. The top ten companies in the total carbon emissions have exceeded 100 million tons in 2020, and the total discharge accounts for 46% of the total emissions of hundreds of companies. These from electricity, building materials, petrochemical, and coal industries, the total amount of emissions is almost close to the remaining enterprise emissions.

      In combination, the three industries of electricity, steel and cement are important starting hands in the current emission reduction. On July 16, 2021, the national carbon market was officially launched, and the first batch of 2162 electric power companies have been included.

    Petrochemical, chemical, building materials (including cement), steel, colored, paper, aviation, will also be included in the trading system.

    In order to support the national carbon market construction, the eight key industries have been carried out for many years. Under carbon, in context, listed companies’ performance in low carbon, increasingly become important investment decision-making factors, and public disclosure of its own carbon circuit data on listed companies also has higher expectations.

    In the current national carbon market, about 50 yuan / ton of carbon prices, the company has to increase the cost of 500,000 yuan per purchase of 10,000 tons of carbon emissions. The importance of carbon emissions data is self-evident.


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    Shandong Haidia Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Industry Lushan Base Construction officially kicked off

    On September 27, the first phase of the first phase project of Shandong Mingyang High-end Marine Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park was held in Weihai Rushan.

    This marks the formal kitting of the Shangchan Base in Shandong Haimen Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Industry, which has bleged the angle of the energetic in the field of marine wind power.

    In order to implement the strategic implementation of Shandong Haidia Wind Power Industry and Ocean Strong Provincial Strategy, the Shandong to achieve "Carbon Peak", "Carbon Neutral" goal will, this year, Mushan City has grabbed the state’s strategic opportunities to develop new energy development, fully excavating the location Advantage, port advantage, resources, will provide sea wind power as a leading industry, advance planning, scientific layout, strengthen protection, effort, success, success in the province’s sea wind power equipment manufacturing three industrial bases, laying the development of the sea wind power industry Solid foundation.

    Mingyang Smart Energy Group is China’s leading clean energy equipment R & D manufacturing enterprise and smart energy overall solution providing enterprises, and the company has long been committed to the pravage and intelligentization of clean energy.

    As the first landing project in the three major wind power bases, Mingyang High-end Ocean Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park is the important milestone of the Mingyang Group and Loushan City to open up the "Peninsula South" sea wind power. It provides powerful support, and more than 100 billion-level new energy industrial clusters in Rushan blows a collection number.

    In recent years, Loushan City has based in the advantages of marine resources, and puts the maritime wind power equipment industry as a development focus, cooperates with professional institutions, and has prepared the "Planning and Design Plan of Sea Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Industry Base", seized the national approval of the Hong Kong port of Mushanki as a class of open ports. Opportunity, built 2 20,000-ton berth, and increase the investment around the park around the park, deep integration of the new energy technology industry park along the Hong Kong, the Langang Industrial Park, Equipment Manufacturing Industry Park, etc. Development reserved sufficient space and provided carrier guarantees.

    Focus to create a sea wind power equipment industry chain, the lashan city system combed ship sea industries, electronic electricity, carbon fiber, tower tube, main shaft and other related enterprises, precisely draw industrial maps, prepare industry chain investment docking division, for maritime equipment industries The chain brilliant chain is a "homework". Development, Industrial Information and other departments set special teams, and the "one-on-one" tracking service such as leading enterprises such as Mingyang Group, ensuring the first time information exchange, feedback, and solve the needs of enterprises.

    Business, China Merchants and other departments take the initiative to connect the supporting enterprises, carry out industrial chain integration of investment activities, and have reached intention to cooperate with wind power tower, wind power supply, photovoltaic power generation, glass fiber manufacturing. At the same time, Loushan City encouraged Panhai Sunshine and other local support enterprises to actively integrate industrial chains, strengthen key core technology independent innovation, joint innovation, promote wind power equipment procurement production localization, high-end, boost local industrial upgrading, to build urban new old Dynamic energy conversion, regional economy accelerates new engines.

    (Qiang Qiao) (Editor: Liu Yingwei, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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    Ding’an’s first 24-hour "unmanned vehicle management office" put into use

      On May 19, Diano’s first 24-hour "unmanned vehicle management office" is put into use.

    This is the county to deepen the implementation of the Ministry of Public Security to "put the service" reform, facilitate the people to handle the car driving service and handle the traffic violation business. On the morning of the 20th, Hainan Daily reporter saw in the 24-hour "no-vehicle management office" next to the Office of the Office of the Ding’an County Public Security Bureau, here is equipped with two self-service opportunities, the wall posted the machine operation process, The TV cycle playback operation guide allows the masses to easily handle relevant services.

    Although "Unmanned Vehicle Management Office" is launched soon, many masses have come to handle business.

      Ding’an residential accords have been told reporters that their own driver’s license has expired and requires submission of physical examination tables for renewal. "In the past, this business needs to run to the Ding’an Government Center Public Security Center, 5 kilometers away from my 5 km, and now I can solve my ID card in the ‘unmanned vehicle management office’, you can solve it, the distance, the operation is simple, very convenient "It is understood that the business of the 24-hour" unmanned vehicle management office "can be self-help, including the replenishment of motor vehicle license certificates, replenishing motor vehicle card acceptance, query motor vehicle information, motor vehicle access to change Filkery, valid expire, loss, loss, transfer, transfer to the driver information, motor vehicle driver contact information change filing, illegal inquiry, illegal payment, non-motor vehicle file. (Editor: Pan Huiwen, Jiang Chengliu).

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    Student complaints high school holiday less official persuasion: Time sweater is the successful row of children in the mountains

    Netizen Message Screenshot "School’s entire high school National Day is only four days, this is not four days, forced students to return to school, with high three times."

    "The netizen message said that there is no month holiday, only half a day in a week, sometimes it is deprived of some class director, and does not let students go to school, leading to home for a few months. One home. In this regard, the CPC Xuan En-county committee office reply. "The problem you reflect is actually a problem that you are willing to suffer, how to overcome difficulties during school. "" If you are willing to suffer, it is not a problem. If you don’t want to suffer, when it is a problem.

    The school’s management can be scientific, but the school wants to make students learn better, and they are worthy of ideal schools.

    "The message is responsible for the head of the unit," I hope that you will firmly work hard to believe in the future road, and complain, hard work, more tolerant, may your life walk more and better! "Short comments: Good use of online network, not to meet, so that the government function department is no longer far in the horizon, and more like leaving the body, stroking a long-tuned elder, The persuasion, let the "spit" to learn the bitter children can better understand the present, and also interpret the people’s public servants to listen to the people, and solve the people.

    (Editor: Guan Xiyan, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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    Space station construction highlights technology self-reliance (new language)

      Future, foot-on-ground, we must find more universe mystery, starting new brilliant April 29, 2021, is another important moment worth writing in the history of my country’s aerospace.

    Depart from the China Wenchang Space Transportation Field, the South China Sea, the Long March, the B big thrust carrying rocket takes the power of my country’s space station in the core of China. Looking up at the starry sky, the core cabin named "Tianhe" is flying along the earth track, and the Chinese explore the new pace of the vast universe, letting people cheer. The day and core cabin successfully entered the space, and the "space construction" of the China Space Station has handed over the perfect first stick. The sky and core cabins are the largest spacecraft so far, and the first block built by the Space Station is also the most important "building block". It enters the space, marking the China Space Station in the rail assembly construction. The core compartment has been capable of supporting the astronauts to stay in space and live for a long time.

    This also means that my country’s manned space project "three steps" strategy has steadily opened the third step – the construction of the space station.

    Since last year, the Long March 5 b Rocket first fly opens the spatial station construction, to this core cabin launch, my country’s manned space flight truly welcomes the era of space station.

      The completion and operation of the space station will become an important indicator of innovative national construction. In the nearland rail construction space station, it has great challenge and has a rich harvest. After the completion of the China Space Station, it is both a "space of space" of astronauts and the "space laboratory" of scientific research.

    First-class space experiments and scientific exploration platforms, unique and precious space environments and resources will provide a powerful guarantee for scientists.

    The leap of aerospace technology, accelerates human exploration, development, and uses the pace of the universe, driving progress and breakthroughs in the field of scientific and engineering technology, and promoting aerospace achievements in the field of economic and social, benefiting people’s better life. my country’s manned spaceflight is a hard-sized science and technology self-supporting road, highlighting the Chinese wisdom and courage, condense the hearts of countless people.

    After nearly 30 years of unremitting efforts, the manned spaceflight passed the "Shenzhou" "Tiangong" "Tianzhou" and other passenger mission, successively broke through the key technologies such as the world’s round trip, space outages, rendezvous, "space refueling", Lined a solid foundation for the construction of the space station.

    The "three steps" strategy of manned space projects is based on its own conditions, and it is not only the proposal for the future development trend. This allows the China Space Station to adhere to the size, safe and reliable, advanced technology, economic efficiency, and strive to stand in a higher starting point, complete more space science research and exploration.

      The construction space station is a feat of my country’s exploration of near-site space, the success of the core cabin, is a good start, and it is also more challenges.

    Soon, the days and core cabins will first accept the visit of the freight spacecraft and the manned spacecraft; until 2022, the space station is completely completed, and it is also facing 10 high-density launches and high-risk space in the rail built task … Space exploration, the space station is just a new starting point in the future journey.

    For the future, the foot is ground, we must find more universe mystery and create new glories.

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    Specialized documentary for administrative punishment content, has been completed

    Guarantee-revised administrative punishment law implementation to maintain national rule of law unified dignity authority involved in administrative punishment content normative documents have been completed: 2021-12-0715: 27 Tuesday Source: Rule of Law Daily – Rule of Law Network □ Rule of Law Daily full media Reporter Zhu Ningn officially implemented the amended administrative department penalty method from July 15 this year. The revision was the first comprehensive revision of the law since 1996 in the 25th year.

    The amendments to the Administrative Punishment Law are to implement the national government’s major reform decision-making deployment, promote the modernization of national governance systems and governance ability, strengthen the construction of the rule of law, improve the administrative punishment system, and solve the outstanding issues encountered in law enforcement. The reporter has recently learned from the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, in order to ensure the implementation of the revised administrative punishment law, the Ministry of Political Committee fulfilled the re-examination of the filing according to law, carried out regulatory regulations and other normative documents across administrative punishment Special cleanup work. At present, the cleanup work is basically completed.

    "Regulatory regulations and other normative documents involved in the special cleaning of administrative punishment is to ensure the implementation of the revised administrative punishment law implementation, and safeguard the unity of national rule of law, involving the vital interests of the masses.

    According to Liangying, the director of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, the Regulations on the Record Charter of the Standing Committee, this cleaning work is mainly concentrated in three aspects: First, under the premise of the development of the administrative punishment, further standardize the administration The level of punishment, supervising the development of the organs to comply with the legislative power limit; the second is to combine the modified content of the administrative punishment method, simple procedures and other modifications, further improve the regulations and regulations, etc. In addition to the investigation of administrative punishment, the relevant departments compared to other relevant previous laws to comprehensively comb.

    Self-checking work has achieved obvious special cleaning, the General Office of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee and the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the State Council and various provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou, Xiamen Standing Committee, please Regulations, regulations, regulations and other normative documents of each formulation and approved, carefully find the problem of combing and revising administrative punishment law, do not connect, non-supporting issues, and develop a modified or abolished work plan.

    "It is highly valued for this special cleanup, and all relevant parties have attached great importance to it.

    "Liang Ying said. According to the feedback from the General Office of the State Council, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the State Councils have cleaned up all kinds of rules and administrative normative documents 3200 pieces need to be modified or abolished. Among them, 184 parts of the department, 473 local governments, 426 administrative normative documents of various departments, and 2097 local government administrative normative documents.

    According to some local and department cleaning suggestions, the Ministry of Justice has preliminary review, it is recommended to "Regulations on the Implementation Regulations of the People’s Republic of China" Wildlife Protection Regulations on the Implementation Regulations of the People’s Republic of China " 13 administrative regulations such as the Forest Law of the People’s Republic of China "Securities Corporation Risk Disposal Regulations" or to be overtractically considering the issuance of relevant regulations, it is recommended to recommend the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Strengthening Environmental Supervision Law" "State Council The Opinions of Major Scientific Research Infrastructure and Large Scientific Research Instruments To Social Opening of Social Openings "" Some Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Further Improvement of Pharmaceutical Production Circulation Broadcasting "have been studied clean.

    According to the cleaning report submitted by the local people, the 812 local regulations and the revised administrative department laws will be inconsistent with the revised administrative penalty method in 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou, Xiamen Special Economic Zone. The situation is attached.

    Among them, there are 725 local regulations, 82 individual regulations, and 5 economically zone regulations.

    Administrative punishment laws for regulating the revision of administrative punishment settings have expanded the provision of administrative penalties for the development of organs.

    In the previous mention, supervising the development of the authorities to comply with the legislative authority is one of the key points of this special cleanup work. The revised administrative punishment law expanded the administrative regulations and local regulations, the administrative penalties set permission, stipulated that "laws of violations did not make administrative penalties, administrative regulations for the implementation of law, can supplement administrative punishment" "law, administration Regulations have not made administrative penalties for illegal activities, local regulations are implemented for law, administrative regulations, and can supplement the administrative punishment. "

    It is reported that this content has been actively applied to the recent legislative practice. For example, the Shandong Provincial Elderly Education Ordinance is prohibited to prohibit profit lectures training activities such as health, health, investment, collection and other names, and set a warning, confiscation of illegal income and other administrative punishments.

    After the revised administrative punishment, the species of administrative punishment was extended from eight categories to thirteen categories. The current laws and regulations have clearly stated that administrative punishment commonly used in administrative law enforcement practice is included in the administrative punishment method, and the increasing report criticism and decrease Qualification level, order shutdown, restrictions on production and operation activities, restrictions such as administrative punishment.

    Before the amendment of administrative punishment, some local regulations and regulations have been supplemented as management measures in terms of legal responsibility provisions as management measures in some local regulations and regulations. Therefore, after the revised administrative punishment method sets it to the type of administrative punishment, the regulatory regulations will have the case of the penalty of illegal acts and the inconsistency of the upper method, which exceeds the provisions of the upper position.

    At the same time, the revised administrative punishment law will "notify the criticism" "restriction production and operation activities" and "restriction industry", and some normative documents have been given to management measures before this. Article 16 of the Administrative Punishment Law No. 16 "In addition to laws, regulations, regulatory documents, other normative documents must not set up administrative penalties", it is necessary to make a modification or abolition of the formulation. "From cleaning, there are more problems in normative documents.

    "Liang Ying said.

    Following and improving administrative punishment procedures to regulate administrative penalties is an important part of administrative punishment law. It is reported that some local administrative law enforcement regulations are proposed to conduct comprehensive modifications to the provisions of the relevant procedures of the administrative punishment. The administrative punishment method has been revised, increasing the administrative law enforcement publicity system, law enforcement process record system, and improves major law enforcement to determine the legal audit system; at the same time increase the exhibition of administrative punishment procedures, improve the avoidance system, inform the procedures, simple procedures, etc. content.

    Expand the scope of the hearing, will confiscate a large amount of illegal income, confiscate a large value illegal property, reduce the qualification level, order to close, restrictions, and other heavier administrative punishments into the hearing range; and appropriately extend the hearing application period, to effectively solve the hearing The problem is low. By cleaning up discovery, some regulatory rules have a problem of narrowing.

    The revised administrative punishment law stipulates that organizations with legal regulations have organizational public affairs functions can implement administrative penalties within the legal authorization.

    Some provinces found in the cleanup work, the city local regulations in individual zones gave administrative penalties to enterprises with public management and service functions, and formulated agencies to be modified.

    In addition, through the cleaning, it is also found that there is a regulatory rules in practice to confiscate illegal income administrative punishment for illegal income.

    Supervise the implementation of the cleaning plan to ensure the fairness and efficiency of administrative law enforcement, in the cleaning process, the formulating organs intended to adjust the relevant expression and the revised administrative punishment law. The revised administrative punishment method uses "punishment" without using the "administrative punishment" expression, the extension of the two is different.

    In the cleaning, some provinces have 96 regulations use the "Administrative Status" "Administrative Division" and other expressions, it is necessary to adjust the norm. In addition, some regulatory rules need to be revised to "illegal items" into "illegal property"; some need to revise the "fine receipt" to "dedicated tickets". In order to ensure the temperature of administrative law enforcement, the revised administrative punishment method is improved from a light, alleviating, and does not give administrative punishment, and increase the administrative punishment course.

    At the same time, the number of additional administrative punishment methods is increased, and the amount of fines will not exceed the amount of fines. In the cleaning, some local regulations did not specify the upper limit of the additional fines, and the administrative punishment law regulations were not consistent, and modifications were planned. "Next, we will continue to follow into the cleanup work, urge all relevant parties to continue to implement the cleanup plan, guide local and promote the revision of relevant regulations and regulatory documents on time, and effectively protect the implementation of administrative punishment law. Maintain national rule of law unity, dignity and authority.

    "Liang Ying said. Editor in charge: Zhang Meixin.

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    Shenzhen Luohu District Fishing Village Community Service, Shen Zhanzhong

    Original title: Luohu District Fishing Village Community Service, Shen residents praised "Hello, I want to handle the ‘family planning situation", this is my material. "On December 2, the resident Wang Zhengbin went to Shenzhen Luohu District Nanhu The street fishing village community party group service center did not expect things soon.

    "Most of the past do things need to run the street or area, now I am working in the community!" He said happily. Nowadays, the fishermen village is full of civilized happiness. Recently, the reporter walked into the fisherman village, explored the "secret" of the services that the service is rich and efficient, and the residents are integrated.

      431 government service, Shen Yu Village is reported that through government service, the fishing village community has realized the "one station" and Wang Zhengbin handled the "one stop" and Wang Zhengbin. It belongs to this range.

      "In the Community Party Group Service Center, we also have social workers. After the office is handled, the social union will take the initiative to ask the residents need other convenient care services." Shi Qingming, deputy secretary of the Fishing Village Community Party Committee, such as Wang Zhengbin After completing the event, the social workers introduced the free medical service to him, and more porters serving a consultation service for Hong Kong residents. Not only let the residents only run once, but also let them feel care and warmth. The elder service is diversified personalized "You laugh so good, like spring flowers.

    "On the second floor of the Party Group Service Center of the Fishing Village Community, the community’s elderly in the daytime care centers came to the song. The original community is in the guidance of social workers, and everyone is singing, everyone is on each other. They all have a smile.

    After the event, some old people gathered together to watch TV, some of the old people lounged table tennis, some elderly played the chess, some of the old man put the glasses to start the basket … 75-year-old Zhang Zheng Young in hand-made room tells the reporter to the reporter’s method, "put the bottom of the next basket to the knee, and then start with a vertical place, the general shape of the flower basket is coming out.

    "Immediately, Zhang Zhengyu also showed his dexterous craft. In the big and small flower basket that has been edited, it is filled with the old man’s handmade bouquet, and it is extraordinarily beautiful.

    According to social workers, under Zhang Zhengyu led, many old people learn to work with the basket, doing both hands and brain.

      In the health care chamber, there is an old man to experience the massage chair. Social workers slowly help her adjust the gear and intensity; and the elderly experience a finger rehabilitation machine, 20 minutes after the hand relax comfortably. According to reports, in the days of the old days of the Fishing Village Community, in addition to the comprehensive service of cultural entertainment, spiritual comfort, medical combination, there are 68 on-site service content, which can provide demonstration, convenience of elderly in radiation region. Chemical, diversified, personalized home service. The community enjoys a full lifecycle service and the part of the community’s elderly day care center is the resident of Luohu Hospital Group’s Fishing Village. In the city of fishing villages, the warm and comfortable feelings come, there are many residents to see a doctor. Residents Ke aunt came here to see Chinese medicine. "She said:" The Fishing Village is a famous Chinese medicine, and the cost is also cheaper than the hospital. "In addition to this, social medicine knowledge lectures were regularly carried out. Party members experts also attracted a large number of community residents.

      "Fishing Village Society provides Chinese and Western medical treatment services, there is children’s insurance, women’s insurance, psychological diagnosis, medical inspection, and smart pharmacies and other functional districts, providing community residents with quality, full life cycle health management services." Fishing Village The relevant person in charge said that society is also equipped with advanced equipment such as child vision and listening screening. In addition, the family doctor team is also an important diagnosis and treatment force of the social development of fishing villages.

    It is reported that the team consists of "3 + x" model, "3" is the captain’s general practitioner, the team member of the National Nurse, the Association of the Association; "X" is a specialties such as TCM, clinical pharmacists, and family medical assistants. (Reporter Du Shi) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yizhu) Sharing let more people see.

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