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    [Does Tremella Get Fat?]_ Tremella _ Long Weight _ Obesity

    [Does Tremella Get Fat?]_ Tremella _ Long Weight _ Obesity

    In general, eating white fungus does not cause weight gain, because most people do n’t eat a lot. If the body is easy to get fat, and if you eat too much white fungus, you may get fat.

    There should be a quantity of any food, not a lot.

    Eating white fungus usually doesn’t make you fat.

    The content of impurities in Tremella fuciformis is relatively low. In addition, Tremella fuciformis contains richer substituted fibers, which can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, promote digestion and defecation, and reduce trace absorption. On the contrary, it is helpful for weight loss and does not gain weight.

    How much is the trace amount of Tremella: about 200 calories per 100 grams of edible portion.

    Nutrition Facts: Carbonic acid 67.

    3 grams, 10 grams of protein, aunt 1.

    4 grams, cellulose 30.

    4 grams, vitamin A6 micrograms, vitamin E1.

    26 mg, carotene 50 micrograms, potassium 1588 mg, phosphorus 369 mg, and calcium 36 mg.

    Although it is said that eating white fungus does not make you fat, some people still get fat after eating white fungus, which may be caused by the following reasons: 1. It is easy to gain weight, and white fungus contains a certain amountTrace and unfortunate, it is easy to get fat after eating Tremella.

    2. Some people eat a lot because Tremella is good for the body, but every 100 grams of Tremella also contains 200 calories, and unfortunately, long-term consumption will lead to a small amount of accumulation in the body and cause weight gain.
    3, most people eat Tremella fuciformis soup to drink, in the Tremella soup may like to add sugar, if you often add a lot of sugar to drink, you may also get fat.

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    [Ahuatian oatmeal raisin biscuits]_Ahuatian oatmeal raisin biscuits_Ahuatian oatmeal raisin biscuits_Ahuatian oatmeal raisin biscuits

    銆 愰 樋 麗 溯 搯 撯 撢 撢 撢 撢 撢 撁 傇 檇 骞 查 ゼ 麞 餑 掑 掑 氭 桭 銆 慱 阒 阒 擒 擕 鐢 開 楐 湹 幫 擉 擆 啫 閨 倫 會 镨 镉Pretend to be ﹁憽 钽 钽 餗 餗 餗 共 镄 娫 娉 回 ぇ 鍏 ╛ 阒 擕 鐢 間 撂 楹﹁ 醽 钽 钗 钗 钗 Together with the pickaxe 宝 箞 锅?
    Dun board Tuan Guoyatilu  Jing coffin Huang  Tuan  Dusou ヨ Duchanfanren keyword Ren Chuanyueganhuan Cenjianyizan Congsanzanmian Fanmoxiaogou Zuduofenghu  Shiqubianjian Universe  http憋紝鍗村悆涓嶅埌濂藉悆鐨勶紝鐪熺殑寰堝彲鎭ㄣ€傛墍浠ヨ繖鏃跺€欙紝浣犳湁蹇呰鑷繁鎺屾彙涓€浜涚編椋熺殑鍋氭硶銆傝€屼笅闈㈠皬缂栧氨鏉ヤ负鎮ㄥ涓婂叧浜庨樋鍗庣敯鐕曢害钁¤悇骞查ゼ骞茬殑鍋氭硶銆?.Do you want to make up for fear?  娓 ╄Jiang 鍖 栧 悗 最 撤 鈢 Indignant gallium 撹 泲 鍣 ㄦ 悈 鎷?.The World of Real Estate is the same as that of the world 3.闒 嗘  锷 犲 协 鄏 愲 娲 娦 鍧 雧 囧 sleep 4.銷 珲 嘒 阒 collapsed 吕 鐢 版 哦 鍧 囧 睡 5.绛涘叆浣庣瓔绮夈€佸皬鑻忔墦鎷屽寑6.Repenting of the damage caused by the damage to the sorrow. 懇 骞 寧 鬷 屷 屽 凴 鎴 愬 洟 7.鐑ょ洏涓婂灚涓婇珮娓╃儰甯冿紝鍙栦竴灏忕泦瑁呭叆閫傞噺鐕曢害鐗囥€傚皢闈㈠洟鍒嗘垚绾?0g涓€涓?。Do you have a fear? Do you know how to do it? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it? Do you want to go?.What are you talking about? 180% of the time: Do you have a question? Lou Xuanlian?0-25 Utilizers are afraid of rushing to go to the board, and they are preliminary to the superintendent. They are arguing, picking up, picking up, arguing, sorrows, and so on.负浠€涔堝憿锛熷洜涓轰粬浠€曞瀛愪笉浼氳嚜宸卞紕鍚冨憿锛熻繖鏄竴涓幇瀹為棶棰橈紝鑰岃繖涓棶棰橀渶瑕佷綘鑷繁鏉ヨВ鍐炽€備粖澶╋紝寰楃煡闃垮崕鐢扮嚂楹﹁憽钀勫共楗煎共鍏ㄩ儴鍋氭硶鐨勪綘锛屽彲浠ョ湡姝f敼鍙樿嚜宸变簡銆傚幓锛岃蛋杩涘帹鎴匡紝褰诲簳棰犺涓€涓嬭嚜宸卞湪鐖舵瘝蹇冧腑鐨勫舰璞″惂銆?

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    Shennan Circuit (002916): Q3 net profit exceeded 106% of revenue and gross margin improved beyond expectations

    Shennan Circuit (002916): Q3 net profit exceeded 106% of revenue and gross margin improved beyond expectations

    Investment Highlights: The company achieved operating income of 76 in the first three quarters.

    58 ppm, an increase of 杭州桑拿网 43 in ten years.

    5%, to achieve net profit attributable to mother 8.

    6.7 billion, an increase of 83 in ten years.

    4%, close to the upper limit of performance forecast, in line with market optimistic expectations.

    The prosperity of the downstream communications sector continued to rise, the company’s revenue increased rapidly for the fifth consecutive quarter, and the gross profit margin increased further than expected.

    Company Q3 achieved revenue of 28.

    670,000 yuan, an increase of 36 in ten years.

    69%, net profit attributable to mothers3.

    9.6 billion, a 105-year increase of 105.


    The growth was mainly driven by the demand in the communications and server sectors, and the company’s orders were full. The first phase of Nantong went into operation in 2018H2, driving the 2018Q3-2019Q3 revenue to increase by 41% / 54% / 46% / 49% / 37%.High growth trend.

    Q3 gross profit margin 28.

    77%, a record high in a single quarter.

    Q3 gross profit margin increased by 4 from the previous month.

    8 points, an increase of 6 per year.

    With 8 points, profitability has improved significantly.

    Mainly due to the optimization of product structure, 5G PCB, and high-density multi-layer boards continue to increase.

    At the same time, the company’s capacity utilization rate is higher, the first phase of datacom’s ramp-up in production capacity and the company’s smart factory automation transformation have all contributed positively to the gross profit margin.

    Net operating cash flow of the company in the first three quarters of 8.

    4.4 billion, similar to the net profit in the same period.

    R & D expenditure in the first three quarters 3.

    77 ppm, an increase of 50 in ten years.

    66%, the proportion of research and development continued to increase to 5.


    Orderly expansion of production capacity.

    The company ‘s Nantong Shutong Phase I plant continued to ramp up production capacity.

    At the same time, the second phase of Nantong Datacom’s factory has been put into construction.

    In April 2019, the company launched a convertible bond plan with a plan to raise no more than 15.

    2 billion funds for the construction of the second phase of the datacom plant project.

    At present, the project has started construction with its own funds.

    The high-end products of Datacom Phase II positioning server are mainly targeted at high-speed and high-density multi-layer PCBs, and the overall ASP and profitability will be further promoted after production.

    Packaging substrate customers have been introduced one after another, and the production capacity has been slowly climbing smoothly.

    The company maintains its advantages in MEMS packaging substrates, and has gradually introduced major storage customers. The new production line of the Wuxi plant will be launched in June. It is expected that it will take about 2 years to climb the slope. The short-term performance contribution is limited and the potential for long-term growth.

    Core customers have high recognition and are expected to become the top five global leaders.

    In the field of communications, Shennan Circuit has formed a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship with global leading communication equipment manufacturers such as Huawei, Nokia, and ZTE; in the server field, it has established good relationships with high-quality customers such as Huawei, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Seagate, etc.Partnership.

    According to Prismark data, the company ranked 14th in the world’s PCB manufacturers in 2018. Benefiting from high-end communications and semiconductor packaging substrate business, Shennan is expected to become the top five global leaders in the future.

    Upgrade earnings forecast and maintain BUY rating.As Q3 gross margin improved more than expected, the net profit attributable to mothers for 2019/2020/2021 will be increased from 10.



    5 billion to 12.



    600 million.

    According to Prismark, the company ranked 14th in the world’s PCB manufacturers in 2018; benefiting from high-end communications and semiconductor packaging substrate business, Shennan is expected to become the top five global leaders and maintain a buy rating.

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    Yuanlong Yatu (002878) in-depth analysis: Promotional product leader cuts into new media marketing to promote release of performance elasticity

    Yuanlong Yatu (002878) in-depth analysis: Promotional product leader cuts into new media marketing to promote release of performance elasticity

    The scale of the promotion industry exceeds 300 billion yuan, and the scale of competition is highly fragmented.

    Promotion and advertising are two of the brand’s most valuable marketing methods. In contrast to advertising, promotion directly affects sales conversion, with shorter conversion paths and more direct effects.

    With the increase of brand owners’ requirements for promotion, the promotion of promotional products has replaced the direct reduction method, and has the ability of both promotion and brand promotion to be favored by advertisers.

    According to statistics, the size of the domestic promotional products market reached 336 billion in 2018, and the market space is huge.

    As of 2019, there are more than 100,000 gift companies across the country, and the market structure is highly fragmented.

    Deeply cultivated the promotion industry for more than two decades, with solid fundamentals and continuous growth.

    The company was founded in 1998 and is the first listed company in the promotion industry.

    The company has strong planning and design and data capabilities, and can provide brand owners with a one-stop service for connecting and going offline, covering procurement, design and storage.

    It has more than 1,000 suppliers in the upstream and has a mature management system. In the downstream, it has formed long-term stable cooperative relationships with Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries such as Procter & Gamble and Nestle. In the long run, the company has become an integrated platform and integrated industryEndowment of resources.

    In the short term, in 2018, the company newly opened up customers in the financial industry and obtained the franchise business of the Winter Olympics in 2022, which has been the fundamental of steady growth.

    The acquisition of Qianma Network cuts into new media, or benefits from the development of new business formats to improve performance flexibility.

    The company acquired Qianma Network in 2018, cut into the advertising field from the promotion business, and opened the border of marketing services.

    Qianma Network started early in the field of new media. Through external cooperation and self-built MCN, it has rich KOL resources. Each of them has three big data platforms to help it accurately launch from the media. It has more than 100 companies including Tmall International and Red Star Macalline.The brand has established a cooperative relationship, integrated certain resource capabilities in the field of new media marketing, has a first-mover advantage, or benefits from the development of new media ecology and internal performance to release pressure on gambling pressure.

    Investment suggestion: The industry attribute of promotional items is “supply determines demand”, which more closely matches MCN’s operating logic. Considering that the company’s acquisition of Qianma can more effectively collaborate with online and future business, the business growth potential brought by it, we give 2020Estimated 30 times a year, given “overweight-A” rating.

    Risk Warning: The risk of MCN content supervision becoming severe, the risk of worsening 四川耍耍网 competition in the industry, and the expected effects of new media marketing.

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    Poly Real Estate (600048): Profitable sales in the first quarter all increased by more than 20%.

    Poly Real Estate (600048): Profitable sales in the first quarter all increased by more than 20%.

    Diluted earnings in the first quarter of 19 (0).

    20 yuan, an annual growth of 23%, in line with expectations of the first quarter 19 results of Poly Real Estate: operating income of 22.6 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 12%; net profit attributable to mothers of 2.3 billion, an increase of more than 23%, corresponding to zero profit.

    20 yuan, in line with expectations.

    The gross profit margin increased, and the gains from changes in fair value increased significantly.

    Initial operating income increased by 12% per year, and gross profit margin increased by 3.

    Five single to 33%, driving gross profit growth of 25% per year.

    The gains from changes in fair value increased from 300,000 yuan to 300 million US dollars in the same period last year (mainly due to the restructuring and implementation of new financial accounting statements and the increase in the fair value of transactional financial assets), driving net profit attributable to mothers to over 23% to 2.3 billion US dollars.

    Cash in hand increased, and net debt ratio rose slightly.

    At the end of the period, the company’s monetary funds increased by 14% from the beginning of the year to 1,289 trillion, equivalent to 3 of interest-bearing debts due within one year.

    2 times (initial 2.

    3 times), the net debt ratio increased by 3 percentage points from the beginning of the year to 90.


    Pioneer Company to 3.

    With an issue rate of 875%, US $ 500 million of foreign debt is issued, and the issue cost is significantly lower than the industry average.

    The development trend is expected to reach 5000 trillion in 2019, corresponding to a growth rate of over 20%.

    The newly started floor space of the temporary company increased by 51% annually to 9.97 million square meters, accounting for 22% of the expected target.

    Initially the company realized a budget / sales area of 1097 ppm / 7 million square meters, an increase of 26% / 18%, respectively. We expect the company to gradually achieve USD 500 billion, an increase of 24%.

    In the first quarter, the proportion of first- and second-line supplementary soil reserves increased, and long-term investment is expected to increase slightly.

    The company’s new soil reserves in the first quarter were 2.79 million square meters, corresponding to a total cost of 15.9 billion, a decrease of 61% / 68%, of which the development amount of first- and second-tier cities accounted for 78% (74% in 2018).

    The company plans to invest 2,700 ppm in 2019, an increase of 5% over the 2018 plan (2570 ppm).

    Poly Properties intends to list in Hong Kong and is expected to accelerate its expansion.

    The preliminary supervisory board reform approved the amendment of the overseas listing plan of Poly Property.

    The area of properties under management currently exceeds 100 million square meters. Poly Property’s operating income increased by 33% in 2018, accounting for 2 of Poly Real Estate’s operating income.


    The listing of Poly Property is expected to help improve its market competitiveness, accelerate the expansion of the property management business, and continue to advance the company’s strategy of “one main and two wings”.

    Earnings forecast We maintain the company’s 2019 / 2020e earnings forecast unchanged.

    Estimates and recommendations companies currently have a sustainable response6.


    9x 2019 / 2020e PE ratio.

    Maintain recommended level and target price of 17.

    38 yuan, corresponding to 9.


    7x 2019 / 2020e target price-earnings ratio and 31% upside.

    Risk delivery progress was less than expected.

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    Eat bananas properly before morning run can prevent dizziness

    Eat bananas properly before morning run can prevent dizziness

    Dr. Health and Exercise said that for someone who likes to exercise in the morning, be sure to eat something that is easy to digest, such as bananas, raisins, sports drinks with high blood sugar, etc., and exercise after half an hour.

      Because fasting exercise can cause dizziness, even vomiting, “exercise hypoglycemia”, and even TV syncope; exercise immediately after eating can cause stomach pain and even vomiting.

    If you exercise within an hour of waking up, be sure to eat food containing 200-300 kcal.

      For friends who want to lose weight, they may think that they run on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning, and after a night of digestion and absorption, the blood sugar in the blood is low, so that the body can call the aunt directly after exercising.

    This statement is wrong. The body must always call sugar for energy breakdown. The first is blood sugar. If the blood sugar is too low and the body cannot get timely energy, it will produce syncope, which will greatly reduce the intensity of exercise.Less than the purpose of exercise.

    On the contrary, eating bananas and additives properly before exercise can ensure a sufficient supply of blood sugar. Instead, the decomposition of sugar can promote tiny burning.

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    Married and Living: Finding Objects with the Impetus to Find a Job

    Married and Living: Finding Objects with the Impetus to Find a Job

    “Marriage” is a term proposed by the famous Japanese sociologist Yamada Masahiro, which is a general term for activities related to marriage.

    The so-called “married and living people” are a group of people who are looking for a marriage partner with an attitude and determination to find a job.

    They actively carry out actions, have plans, and plan. Once they find a target group that meets their set conditions, they must find ways to join the circle, apply for resumes, participate in interviews, and finally choose the best candidates based on ideal conditions.

      What is a living marriage: “Marriage” is a term put forward by the famous Japanese sociologist Yamada Masahiro, which is a general term for activities related to marriage.

    For example, actively equipping yourself internally, attending makeup, fitness or communication courses; actively dating each other externally, participating in dating dating and other activities.

    Most of the “married and living people” are women. As they get older, they become mad for marriage, and all operate around marriage.

      Are you married


    Getting married is your biggest dream.


    To get married, your life becomes colorful.


    You are willing to participate in various activities that will help you get married.


    Even if you see the opposite sex for the first time, your first reaction is: can he (she) develop further with you.


    Marriage is like looking for a job for you. There are many plans and plans.


    Marriage is the biggest mountain on your head. For it, you think hard and think about a way to make you more likely to succeed.

      As long as you meet some of them, you are a typical marriage live!

      ”Marriage” sister’s diamond ring game is beautiful Xiangzi. The method of “marriage” victory is different. Her ideal target is a male doctor, but her friend’s vision is too narrow, and she is introduced to second-class hospitalof.

    When she was depressed playing computer, her heart lightened up, so she clicked the mouse and searched the website of a hospital in Harbin. Isn’t this authoritative hospital rich in high-quality male doctors?

    You know they are well-known for their high salary and high education.

    Axiang is really brave and has all the strategies and tactics available. She first engaged in self-marketing at the hospital network, packaged herself into a versatile, graceful, gentle and cute best-selling beauty, and then cut in by email consultation.Effectively, Xiangzi actually found her admirer through the “Advertising Post”. Among them, a non-hospital bachelor also squeezed in to follow up: “Our salary is actually not lower than that of a doctor. MM, can you consider it?Consider me.

    “This is an unexpected harvest of Xiangzi Haixuan.

    After careful screening and interview, Xiangzi finally succeeded.

      It is said that in Chongqing there is a small circle called “upper society”, there are some bachelors who claim to be the oldest diamond king, and they want to know some of the opposite sex through this activity.

    Therefore, there is a strict screening process for MMs who enter this circle. They are required to send their resumes and photos to the group review. If most people pass, they can participate in the activities in the circle.

    Do n’t think that this pass is OK, it ‘s just a stepping stone. The next requirements are more stringent: the event requires you to wear an evening dress, but it ‘s not good to have a good figure. You will be asked to take some questions.If you find it is just a vase, then you will definitely be removed from the invitation list next time.

      ”Marriage” sister Adan said that she has participated in several “high society” activities, and every time she found a new face beside a diamond, I don’t see if they have enough sincerity to find a girlfriend.

    However, she is still preparing to go deep into the middle and long-term resistance of this group of diamonds, because she thinks that this is the same as finding a job, and makes every effort to prepare, in the end the olive branch may not beckon you.

    She said she was only 23 years old, but she also wanted to find her hometown. “Although I have a lot of market now and chased a lot of people, but I want to have a handsome, tall, and rich person while I am young and have capital.Boyfriend.

    “She doesn’t think it’s sugar daddy, or find her favorite person through effective means.

      The “marriage era” requires attitudes. Although love can never be found, can we just wait and wait silently for its arrival?

    “Marriage” is a positive attitude towards life, giving yourself the opportunity to approach love and actively recommending yourself.

    So those who are married are the ones who have heard the most authentic voice in their hearts and acted positively.

    Nothing will fall in the sky. If you want to find a good person to get married, you have to find it yourself.

    Give yourself a reasonable positioning, build your own brand image, and correctly find the right direction and path, otherwise, you are causing invalid activities.
    If you want to be a “marriage” family, you must first understand what kind of person you are looking for, and understand where you can meet such people. Only when you do this will your marriageTherefore, it saves both time and economic costs.
      It needs to be reminded that if you do not work hard, you ca n’t do it, but if your intentions are too serious, people with lofty goals often fail, and knowing that only 70% of everything is the best force.

    When a person’s life is rich and fulfilling, a magnetic field that attracts the opposite sex will naturally be generated. The attitude of life is the attitude of marriage. Only when marriage and life are combined properly is your most attractivetime.

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    Decrypt the slimming cream truth

    Decrypt the slimming cream truth

    Many people are famous for the star-speaking mention of those magical slimming creams.

    Can you really wipe where it is?

    Are these slimming products really amazing?

    The senior coach of the middle body Bili Fitness Club, the nutritionist will interpret them one by one.

      Slimming cream is mainly divided into two categories from the composition and efficacy: function one: drainage swelling and edema.

    Promotional introduction, if you see the essence of cocoa in the slimming products, capsaicin, lavender, geranium and other ingredients, you can understand that it is conducive to promoting drainage, swelling.

      Many products contain capsaicin, which is used to clear the bloodstream, stimulate the nervous system, and improve edema-type obesity by promoting lymphatic drainage and perspiration.

      Expert interpretation: First of all, the term “edema-type obesity” is not scientific.

    Obesity is the accumulation of sputum, that is, sputum cell hypertrophy.

    If the edema is also systemic, not local, unless it is caused by certain diseases.

      Healthy women generally have the highest level of estrogen secretion in the first few days of the physiological cycle, storing potassium, sodium, and absorption, that is, storing water, leading to edema, which is normal, using the end of the physiological cycle, edemaIt will naturally disappear.

      The function of “capsaicin” is to dilate blood vessels and stimulate nerves.

    If you have a “hot” feeling, it is the feeling of circulatory expansion, the feeling of nerves and muscles, not the slight consumption of muscles, nor the slight increase in metabolic rate.

      Function 2: Go to the “orange” and tighten the main ingredients: the slimming products such as caffeine have always been the “tight”.

    In the introduction of the product, the cellulite of the human being is unbalanced due to unfortunate storage and release, resulting in a spongy relaxation of the epidermis.

      In order to eliminate the phenomenon of orange peel, it is necessary to start with water-based adults, and the second effect of slimming products is to eliminate these cellulite.

    According to reports, many products contain caffeine and other ingredients can effectively eliminate orange peel, transform caffeine, extracts from ginkgo and horse chestnut can accelerate adult metabolism.

      Expert interpretation: Caffeine can increase heart rate, increase basal metabolic rate, and increase microenzyme activity.

    Because of the horniness of the skin, I want to absorb it to achieve consumption, and the effect is minimal.

      Because the skin can absorb very little, and it needs a certain concentration to produce the effect, usually 5 mg per kilogram of body weight, and how a bottle of slimming cream can contain so many caffeine.

      In addition, caffeine has a diuretic effect, but draining water does not mean a small amount of consumption, and excessive use of caffeine can cause heart rate disorders, loss of protein and calcium.

    To eliminate the orange peel, you can only consume excess candy, disappear slightly, and the orange peel is gone, which can only be achieved through exercise and diet control.

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    Wash your hair once a few days to be healthy

    Wash your hair once a few days to be healthy

    Core tip: Well, it is better not to wash your hair before going to bed. If you want to wash, dry with a dry towel, and then use a hairdryer to dry your hair before going to sleep, so you won’t catch a cold.

    Falling asleep without hair is prone to colds.

      First do a hair quality health test to see if your hair is healthy: 1. Gloss test operation method: divide the cleaned hair and smooth it out.

    Put a mirror in front of you so that you can clearly see the top of your head.

    Make the light shoot down from the head to form a crown-like round halo.

      Presumably: the brighter the round halo, the better the hair gloss.

      2. Toughness test operation method: Before washing the hair, cut a bunch of hair about one inch long, and then put it into water.

      Presumably: the quality of the hair can be trimmed within 30 seconds.

    Poor hair tends to sink quickly when absorbed.

    If your hair sinks straight, then you should pay attention to the care of your hair.

      3. Smooth test operation method: comb the hair from top to bottom with a comb.

    Hold the ends of the hair of a blade, rub them vigorously, and see if the ends crack or break.

      Best: If the comb is always blocked in the same place, the hair in this place is the most fragile and driest.

    The cracking and breaking of the hair ends is the beginning of the fragility of the hair, and it must be timely controlled and treated.

      So, how about washing your hair once a few days?

      Chinese medicine recommends: 1. It is best to wash your head three to four times a week.

    Washing your hair every day will not only protect your hair, it may also cause damage to your hair.

    Because washing your hair regularly will completely wash away the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands, causing the scalp and hair to lose their natural protective film, which is not good for hair health.

      2. People who have worked outdoors for a long time and mental workers can appropriately increase the number of shampoos. In addition, they must comb frequently to promote blood circulation.

      In general, it is best not to wash your hair before going to bed. If you want to wash your hair, dry it with a dry towel, and then use a hair dryer to dry your hair before going to sleep, so that you won’t catch a cold.
    Falling asleep without hair is prone to colds.
      Western medicine recommends: 1. It is best to wash it every other day in summer, so it is more scientific.

      2. Some people who do special work still insist on washing their hair every day due to hygiene requirements.

    But no matter who you are, you should pay attention to the choice of shampoo when cleaning your head. Avoid using too alkaline shampoo, it is best to add conditioner.

      Comb the tangled hair, and slowly comb it from the end of the hair, then from the root to the tail, or even with the head down and from the head forward to smooth the hair and improve blood circulation., Do more with less!

      Shampooing is essentially skin care. You must start with basic cleaning work. Complete cleaning work can remove substances that prevent nutrient absorption, and subsequent nourishing actions can effectively absorb it.

      First, put the shampoo in the palm of your hand, rub it into the palm, and then apply it to the hair. Wash the hair from the root to the end, and let the hair hang down naturally. Use your fingertips to gently massage the scalp back and forth.Rinse gently with running, mild water. Do not use hot water that can cause excessive scalp drying.

      The conditioner has a repairing function, which can repair damaged hair and isolate the invasion of ultraviolet rays. Do not use it more than three times a week. From the scalp to the hair ends, rub it into all parts of the hair and rinse it with water.

    After washing, you can use a wide-tooth comb from head to end of the hair, and wrap the head with a towel to let the moisturizing ingredients of the conditioner fully exert.

      Tips: After washing the hair, use a hair dryer to blow the hair in detail. Tip 1. Use a towel to absorb most of the hair’s moisture until the hair does not drip.

    The purpose of this step is to protect the hair. Hair that is too wet is blown directly and the hair is easily split.

      2. Don’t divide the boundary and bangs (if any) first, use a hair dryer to blow down from the top of the head, and dry the scalp and hair root, the time is about 3-5 minutes.

      3. Separate the boundary and bangs. At this time, the hair at the top of the head will be longer and fluffy, and then the middle of the hair and the roots will be blown.

      4. All the hair is blown to 70% dryness. Insert your hand into the middle of the hair to swell the upper hair. The hair dryer blows to the middle to achieve higher hair fluffy effect. Then blow the bangs in the direction of the bangs. Finally, the overall hair is shaped.Pay attention to the shape of straight hair and curly hair.

      Precautions for hair blowing: Straight hair MM can be used to help straighten hair.

      Curly MM manually rolls out the desired hair tail shape and then blows the hair.

      After blowing the hair, you can spray some styling water or nutrient water to add moisture and styling.

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    Fitness etiquette lets you go beyond grace

    Fitness etiquette lets you go beyond grace

    1 Returning weight lifting equipment At any time, when you are finished using dumbbells or barbells, kettlebells, you must carefully return these equipment to their original positions.

    Remember, other club members come here to exercise, not to “treasure hunt” here.

    Your temporary inattention will cause a lot of inconvenience to others.

      2. Don’t occupy any equipment. The gym is a public community and everything is shared.

    You can effectively perform group exercises according to the plan, exercise-rest-exercise, and repeat these three-point, one-line actions.

      It is necessary to explain what is the number of groups: the concept of the number of groups is defined by the sum of the number of operations and the basis of the length of rest, that is, the number of groups must be determined by the appearance of training.

    During training, how many moves should you do while exercising each body part?

    How many groups does each action army have?

      3 Wipe off the sweat from the equipment Imagine how you would react when you walked up to a certain equipment and prepared to show your strength, but found that it was covered with the sweat left by the previous athlete.

    A little disgusting!

    Either you wipe the sweat yourself, or you switch to another device.

    Of course, you don’t want to be this unfortunate guy.

      In order to make yourself and other people more comfortable to exercise, here is a suggestion for you: If you are sweating during exercise and your fitness equipment is covered with sweat, please wipe the sweat with the disinfectant provided by the gym.

    At the same time, before using, you can also put on your own towel to avoid direct contact between the body and the machine.

      But when you are doing your own super group (referring to continuous use of different movements to train different muscle groups, many studies have shown that this training method can make muscle groups get stronger stimulation), do you notice that other people also needUse the equipment you use.

      Is it a bit too much for you to occupy several devices by yourself?

    When you train another group of muscles, you may want to give equipment that is not in use to others, after all, this is not your own gym.

      4 Learn to limit yourself Considering the ability of the cardiovascular system, in general, a person is best to exercise for 20 to 30 minutes on one type of fitness equipment, and try not to exceed this time limit.

    Excessive exercise can cause muscle soreness and fatigue, enthusiasm for training, loss of appetite, and poor sleep.

    Therefore, after proper exercise, you should take a break, so that you can recover your body and allow others to benefit from the equipment you use.

      If no one is waiting around you, of course you can rest assured and continue to use it, just don’t exceed the physical limit.

    If possible, please fill in your name on the fitness equipment booking use list.

      5 Don’t fall weightlifting equipment Although the gym is not a church, you are also obliged to keep it quiet and don’t fall down from a height for no reason.

      Although general exercise can be done at home, if we can rely on professional fitness equipment, especially for certain body parts for more effective exercise, our goals will be easier to achieve.

    But do you know how to use all fitness equipment properly and politely?

      The first thing we go to the fitness club is to use those complicated equipment to exercise.

      You regulars may have been in the gym for several years, and you already know all about fitness techniques and procedures.

    However, fitness is not as simple as simple muscle exercise. It has more meaning than social etiquette and life.

    Do you understand the etiquette of the gym?

    How much do you know

      Or do you know about gym etiquette?

    If the answer is yes, then the following tips will greatly benefit you and become the “darling” of the gym.

      How to pay attention to the wait equipment?

    Mayakovsky, the most influential poet of the former Soviet Union, once said: “There is no more beautiful clothes in the world, like strong muscles and fresh skin.

    “As a new generation of men, how can you not know the essence of perfect body shape, and then you will catch the trend and fall in love with the gym and run as soon as you are free.

      The gym is the epitome of society, but everyone here has a common goal.

    Mastering the right fitness etiquette can greatly help your relationship.

    Once everyone has mastered these rules, going to the gym is more enjoyable, because there is no reason to be uncomfortable.

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