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    China Construction Bank Heilongjiang Branch to carry out carbon and equity mergers and acquisition projects

    China Construction Bank Green Credit Supported National Electric Investment Group Photovoltaic Power Generation Project. China Construction Bank Heilongjiang Branch of Heilongjiang Branch of the People’s Network Harbin October 28th The first province’s carbon and equity mergers and acquisition investment business, in order to empower the green financial development, support "Long Yue" cooperation, and achieve new channels for "double carbon" target. It is reported that in recent years, the State Drop Group Heilongjiang Enduo New Energy Co., Ltd. has been investing in a number of large solar energy, wind energy, nuclear power generation (hot) projects in the province, and gradually develops to have new technologies, new industries, and new models. Energy companies have strong influence in the region.

    Construction Bank Heilongjiang Branch actively divel the development needs of the company, through banks and silver loan methods, accumulating its credit 15 billion yuan, promoting multi-green projects to build landing. In order to fully support the national power investment group equity M & A project, the construction bank Heilongjiang Province Branch is responsible for the length of the Group’s green energy project, and the characteristics of investment are characterized. Platform tools such as investment consultants actively build multi-level, diverse investment and financing systems, and effectively boost the investment efficiency of enterprises’ green energy cooperation projects for enterprises to innovate design equity M & A programs.

    (Wang Ying, Qin Yichao, Chen Fengyu) (Editor: Zhang Qi, Li Zhongshui) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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    Chongqing Science and Technology Museum Mountain City Academy of Sciences staged "green sonata"

      People’s Network Chongqing November 24th, on the 24th, 25th, Chongqing Science and Technology Museum annually, the Mountain City Academy of Sciences met with the public.

    Different from the past, this event is taken in the way, from scientific research, teaching first-line scientific and technological teachers, environmental experts, architects, and mechanics experts to appear, "Shu fans" bring about carbon dioxide, low carbon life Scientific speech and experimental activities. This event, the Shancheng Academy of Sciences uses the theme of "Carbon Peak, Carbon" as the theme, popularizes the ecological civilization knowledge, advocates simplicity and moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle, and guide the public to enhance the consciousness, environmental awareness, and ecological awareness. Among the activities of science and technology teachers, national high-level science and technology counselor, the National High-level Science and Technology Research Institute, the National Institute of Senior Science and Technology Research Institute, the National Institute of Technology, and Chongqing Jiaotong University Building and City Dean of the Planning College, Professor Dong Lili, the deputy principal of Chongqing Jiaotong University, Professor Yi Zhijian is the title with "Decoison of Carbon Dioxide" "Coffee Carbon Dioxide", "The Desert of the Architecture" speech.

      In addition, the public can view the carbon dioxide science experimental video provided by the Chongqing Normal University Library, understand the carbon capture and storage technology in realities, deepening the understanding of the theme of "carbon neutrality, carbon"; at the same time After watching the example, you will have an experiment, recording a video to participate in the work collection activities, will have the opportunity to obtain 1 custom gift for Chongqing Science and Technology Museum. From now on, the public can reply to the "Forum" to understand the event details in the WeChat public account of Chongqing Science and Technology Museum.

    (Hu Hong, You Ji Yu) (Editor: Huang Ling, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.

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    Chinese Publishing House and Xinhua Daily

      The old site of Chongqing Xinhua Daily.

    After the information picture "Seven Seven things", in the face of the comprehensive invasion of Japanese imperialism, the country and a total of two cooperation have begun to establish a second cooperation, and the national anti-war situation is established.

    In December 1937, the CPC Central Committee sent Zhou Enlai, the resident of the CPC Division, who was located in Wuhan, the Central Committee of the Kuomintang, negotiated with the Kuomintang, and established the Yangtze River Bureau of the CPC Central Committee in Wuhan.

      In order to expand the party’s propaganda, the Yangtze River Bureau decided to create "China Publishing House", as a publishing agency in the form of private enterprises in the national discipline.

    China Publishing House is not joined for institutions, entrusting the new knowledge bookstore for the progressbook under the party’s leadership. The new knowledge bookstore is printed in the form of "China Publishing House published, the new bookstore general sales". The Yangtze River Bureau decided that all books published in the name of China Publishing House, they will send Kaifeng to check, and the daily work is contacted by Chen Zhu Tianhe and Xinzhi Bookstore. Soon, when the Japanese plane bombed Wuhan, Chen Zhu Tian was unfortunately killed, and Lu was as accepting. In September 1938, the Sixth Plenary Session of the Party of the Party was held and decided to revoke the Yangtze River Bureau to establish a Southern Bureau to lead the Party of the Southern Kuomintang Rule District and the Enemy District Party. After the fall of Wuhan in October, the Communist Party of China reported that "Xinhua Daily" moved from Hankou to Chongqing and established Xinhua Daily.

    In addition to publishing the "Xinhua Daily", Xinhua Daily has established a publication department to carry out the party’s publishing work under the guidance of the South China Bureau. In this period, China Publishing House and Xinhua Daily, with Yan’an Jiefang and Xinhua Bookstore, echo, cooperated with tacit understanding, and became an important cultural position of the party in the Kuomintang ruling zone to promote Marxism and the party’s route policy policy.

    An important sign is that in many cases, the same version of the same version of the same version is almost published in these publishers, generally only two or three months of interval, which has strongly expanded Marxism and the party’s route policy policy. Spread and influence in the country.

      For example, in March 1938, the Chinese Publishing House published "Marxnengers in China". In May, the Jiefang Society published the same version of "Marxiens discussion China". In August, I became an imitation, Xu Bing was published by the Communist Party of Declaration, and the "Communist Declaration" was published by China Publishing House in October.

    In 1938, Wu Liping, Liu Yunyi translated "French Civil War" is published by the Jiefang aire.

    The Xinhua Daily has focused on this "French Civil War" in February, and published six volumes of "Lenin Collection" based on the translation of the Jiefang Society.

    Yan’an’s "Liberation" weekly is also printed by the new knowledge bookstore in the name of Chinese Publishing House.

      In addition, China Publishing House flooked over Mao Zedong’s "Turing War", the Party’s Six "Party Constation", Xinhua Daily House also flooked over Mao Zedong’s "New Democratic theory" "the Joint Government" "in Yan’an Literature and Art Symposium "And the party’s" full wind documents "and other books.

      From Wuhan’s Yangtze River Bureau to Chongqing’s South Bureau, Chinese Publishing House, in addition to reprinting the books published by Yan’an, there is also a book written by the Yangtze River Bureau or the Southern Bureau, and the more affected book has "Mao Zedong’s national speech" "Wu Yunzhang anti-war speech" "What is Marxism" such as "What is Leninism" such as Kaifeng.

      The Xinhua Daily published 42 "New Clusters", and the "Pacific War and the World War" and "Struggle" and other books were published in the name of the newspaper. Under January 1940, under the anti-communist climax of the National Party, the Southern Bureau conducted research on the Sino-Central Secretary of China, organized all parties to organize all parties, and the "New China News" "Communists" "Communists" "Liberation" published by Yan’an. The editorial and important articles of newspapers and magazines such as "Military Journal" have been printed into a single page or brochure, spread through the secret issuance outlets and other methods. On Mid Night on February 28, 1947, the Kuomintang authorities closed Xinhua Daily, detained its staff. After negative containing in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, until March 9th, the Xinhua Daily House was released by detainees, all withdraw Yan’an. The social name of the Chinese Publishing House will then be used by the bookstore, Huaxia Bookstore under the living bookstore, and continue to publish some books that introduce Marxist books, which has continued until the late Summary War. (Author Hou Jun Zhi People People Publishing House Review) Editor: Wang Xiaoyu.

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    Demolition of the top of the kindergarten (feedback)

      The reader of this newspaper is published on May 10th, "Kindergarten privately adds safety hazards", reflected in the Mongregor School Kindergarten in Salt Lake City Community, Yanhu District, Shanxi Province, adding a layer and expansion of the movable board room, existenceSecurity risks.

    The city management comprehensive administrative law enforcement team immediately organized law enforcement personnel to investigate the illegal building.

      After investigation, the illegal building reflected in the southeast corner of the intersection of Xueyuan South Road and Yanhu Avenue (Salt Lake City, III), construction of the city Jinxin real estate company.The developer handled the kindergarten "Construction Engineering Planning License" and planned kindergarten building layers of the developers.However, the kindergarten has not been approved by the plan, and the four-story terrace has been built into a light steel watt, which has not been issued, which is illegal.

    On August 8, the Yun City Urban Management Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement team issued a notice within a time limit for the kindergarten. At present, the four-layer illegal construction section of the kindergarten has been removed.

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    The National Health Committee responds to the doctor’s three hospital doctors to reflect the problem of tumor treatment: never avoid

    People’s Network Beijing April 27 (Zhang Wenting) For online hot discussion, "Northern Medical Treatment is not standardized to reflect the treatment of tumor treatment", the Secretary for Health and Health of the Ministry of Health and Health, the Ministry of Health, one side and the North Hospital Get contact, please contact the North Hospital and the doctor and ask the doctor to provide more detailed information, investigating verification for the problems reflected. For the case of clearly mentioned in Qinghai patients, the national health and health committee also organizes the authoritative experts in the National Cancer Center and the domestic sectors to conduct experts and peers for experts and peers for the process of the whole treatment. The comments are considered to be in the process of treatment, the principles of treatment are basically in line with the norms. For problems reflected, such as gene sequencing, gene detection, NK cell therapy, whether there is inappropriate interest exchange in this process, Jiao Yahui said that the Shanghai Municipal Health Committee has been investigated, and now the results of the investigation have not come yet. . If it is found that there is a violation of the illegal violation of interests, it is never guarded, never avoided, will be dealive according to law, it will be seriously processed.

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    @ 黑龙江 省 工 and parents: Let us watch each other, hard work!

    Heilongjiang Provincial Education System, teachers and students, teachers and parents: At present, Heilongjiang Province has entered emergency state, and the situation of the epidemic prevention and control is grim. In the most colorful season in Heilongjiang, the epidemic disrupted our life rhythm, school teaching arrangement and everyone’s original plan.

    The National Day holiday is approaching, and the flow of people is more frequent. In order to better build the campus epidemic prevention and control fortress, effectively protect the health and safety of the students, issue the following initiatives to everyone: We work together to let the campus "quiet" down, don’t necessarily do it. Travel, no gathering, no dinner, strict personal protection does not relax; college students do not have a school, the school is not gathering, no dinner; the primary and secondary school students do not travel, do not gather, no dinner, school training does not participate, maximum Reduce school staff flow, minimize the risk of gathering infections.

    We work together to make the emotions "calm", fully recognize the speed, strong infectious, strong infectious, latent incubation, overcome the luck, and adjust the time and adjust the schedule time and Travel arrangements, slowly slow, stop stop, reasonable exercise, regular three meals, adequate sleep, scientific and rational prevention and control. We work together to make the environment "quiet" to pay attention to the campus epidemic prevention and control, please also give more understanding, help and support, student-oriented, transient thinking, changing participants in the campus epidemic prevention and control Do not do bystanders, watching help, hard work, when the students are physically and mentally healthy, and jointly guarding the stability, safety and peace of mind. National Day is approaching. May the great motherland prosperous, the mountain river is innocent, fireworks are often; I hope that every child is full of growth, riding wind and waves, realizing dreams; I hope that each of us is steaming, happy, happiness and well-being. (Editor: Wang Yan, Zhao Yi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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    Sichuan and Yunyi joined hands with the Silk Road South Asia Channel Cultural Heritage

      The Sichuan Silk Road South Asia Calor Investigation Symposium has recently held in Bijie, Guizhou. In the future, the three provinces will work closely, and join hands to promote the research and protection of the cultural heritage of Silk Road South Asia Channel. After the Silk Road South Asia Calorway, through Sichuan, the Sichuan is referred to in Xi’an departure, and the ancient road in Vietnam, Myanmar is more than 5,800 kilometers.

    Among them, the total length of Sichuan is about 2,000 kilometers. It is mainly composed of Sichuan-Shaandeng Road, the main line of Jinnao and the deputy rival, the Qingxi Road, the Qingxi Road, the Qingxi Road, Shimen Road, and Jinjiu Guangyuan section has been included in the "Chinese World Cultural Heritage Preparation". Under the guidance of the National Cultural Relics, the three provinces have actively carried out the survey of the cultural line of South Asia corridor cultural lines in Silk Road in recent years, and continuously achieve new results. In the future, the three provinces will work together to fully promote the related research and protection of the cultural heritage of Silk Road South Asian corridor.

      The relevant work of South Asia corridor in Sichuan has continued to advance.

    At present, the opening history of the ancient road lines in Sichuan has been combed, the main road route is determined, the change of the change, the history of the international exchange of international exchanges in the South Asian corridor is. Basically completed the Sichuan Golden Culokao, Li Wei Road, Qingxi Road, Shimen Road Dry Road, and the South Asian corridor venue basically penetrate.

    At the same time, it has been temporarily proposed to be prioruous, 5 times, and 17 will be recommended to the application, and the relevant ancient road survey report will also be launched. (Reporter Wu Xiaoling).

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    rare! Yunnan Longling first photographed crown hornbills to enjoy a gourmet image

    People’s Net Maoshan on December 12, on December 10, the management of the Taoishan Provincial Nature Reserve in Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, jointly carried out wildlife surveys with the wood city and township governments. Through 6 days of tracking and monitoring, the national level focus protection wildlife crown rominating birds enjoy the precious image of the national level. "We conducted 4 mountains, and the local stalks were monitored by 6 days of tracking and observation.

    Because of their timid, very afraid of people, always flying in the mountains, trace is floating … After a few more, I am fortunate to take a precious image of a mountain old grace! "Shuangfa, a small photography enthusiast in the wooden city, soil, like wild animals.

    In the past few years, he has always insisted on walking on the mountains of gully, capturing the traces of birds that have fallen from the lens, and now he has taken more than 100 wild animals such as crown rinsing birds and Nitan fish monkeys, bear monkeys.

    The video shows that a crown rhinoceros is squatting on the big branches of the red fruit, and when you want to look at the movement of the surrounding environment, when you use a long mouth, you will sway your head. The big mouth is sent, and sometimes it jumps to another branch, and continues to enjoy the food given by nature … presents a vivid picture of "wild animals and natural harmony".

    "The crown rhinoceros is a bird in the tropical forest. In China, there have been disappeared in many places in our Yunnan. In recent years, as the protection is strengthened, many bird populations are gradually recovering.

    Take the crown rins in Longcheng, indicating that the ecological environment of our Longling is also getting better. "Wild animal protection for more than 40 years, the Secretary-General of Yunnan Province Wildlife Protection Association, Han Zhanxian, said that there is a helmet shape like a rhinoceros in the hornbill, so it is a hornbill. The biggest feature is to like it. Double into the "travel", live a "family" group life, they are a few "one wife and a wife", which is also known as the "love bird".

    It is mainly distributed in China, only in the southwest of Guangxi, southeastern Yunnan and the southeastern part of Tibet.

    Mainly inhabited in evergreen broad-leaved forests, with plant fruit and insects, especially like food, berries, etc.

    According to reports, the crown rinsing bird has been upgraded from the original national second-level key to the national level to focus on the national level, which is included in the "Red Directory of the World Nature League Endangered Species" (NT) Species.

    (Musheng Yu, Yu Yunjiang, Yin Maco) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Share more people to see.

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    Rongping: Chengdu three months playing a project to attract "competition", fight

    On the afternoon of July 21, General Secretary Xi Jinping hosted an entrepreneur’s symposium and issued an important speech in Beijing, emphasizing that it would be in order to enhance confidence, and strive to make the loss caused by the epidemic, and strive for the development of the whole year. One day, Chengdu held a "project attraction" mobilization meeting. This mobilization will also invest in Chengdu in 2020 to promote the "100-day competition" (first quarter) work summary meeting, the bright platform "points", fully demonstrate a city to break the epidemic, and finally the confidence and determination in the second half of the year.

    For the loss, achievement, the consensus of the city is to grasp the industry, grasp the project, and pay investment with greater strength.

    On June 29th, "Chengdu Project Attacks Action Plan" is introduced, and there is a low-key Chengdu high-profile announced that in three months, focus on project attraction, in order to complete the annual economic and social development target task. Chengdu, fight.

    Double label: Demonstration area, Double City July 9 The cloud conference was held, and more than 200 companies across the country participated in the country.

    During the period, Chengdu is the first time to publish 48 listings in the digital economic sector of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle, and 59 new economic new products (information). Earlier, the last day of March this year, Chengdu 2020 new economy new scene new product launch conference announced that the park city demonstration area is the largest application scenario of Chengdu innovation, Chengdu will revolve around the double city economic circle in Chengdu. Western International Portal, major strategic opportunities such as international consumer center cities have prepared the list of the list of opportunities, and actively release the strategic opportunities of urban development. On January 3 this year, the sixth meeting of the Central Finance and Economic Committee made a major strategic deployment in promoting the construction of Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengdu, which clearly requested support of Chengdu Construction to practice the new development concept.

    This grand national mission makes Chengdu’s urban strategic position greatly improved. Building a "Demonstration Zone", singing "Double City" is the most unique and most important city positioning in Chengdu, and is also an important opportunity and optimal path in Chengdu integrates the new pattern of "double cycle" development.

    "Demonstration Zone" and "Double City" are like two sides of a coin, and become a distinctive double label of Chengdu project.

    Built the "Demonstration Zone", further enhance the population and economic carrying capacity, sing "Double City", speed up the strong nuclear function, attract more major functional project priority layout Chengdu, and attract more investors to come to Chengdu " Nuggets. The strategic emerging industry has accelerated, as well as more new growth points, and accelerate all aspects of production, distribution, circulation, consumption, and promote Chengdu more actively integrated into the "double cycle" to create new advantages in the future. In the first half of this year, Chengdu Modern Service Industry Investment Introduction is strong, and the new signing service industry project is 192. Among them, there were 119 new types of brands, an average of one and a half days, and there was a brand first store to enter Chengdu. Transforming strategic positioning into industrial stories, transforming social attention into investment intentions, transforming policy support into investment advantages, this is the project under "Double Label" to attract Chengdu story. Main clues: ecotry circle, functional area March 12 this year, break through the epidemic Yin Yun, Chengdu Tianfu International Biological City 2020 first batch of industrial ecotry projects, including 19 projects, including Jingdong (Chengdu) Information Medical Industry Park The total investment is approximately 12.3 billion yuan, divided into four major sections of innovation chain, industrial chain, supply chain and industrial community, will promote the production of production, life, ecological functional composite industrial ribs and Yeye’s livable industrial new city.

    On July 10th, Chengdu "High-tech-?Uu Electronic Information Industry Park" surfaced, and taught the latest in the national electronic information industry.

    The total area of ??this project plan is 1473 mu, which will become a Chengdu functional area industry aggregation and production city fusion demonstration zone. "Ecological Circle" "Ribbon" is the keyword of Chengdu project. In July 2017, the Chengdu City Industrial Development Conference made a strategic decision for building industrial ecotries and planning construction industrial ribs, which also became the starting point of Chengdu city and economic work. Around the ecosystem and the functional area, Chengdu has played a complete set of "combined punches".

    On the one hand, it is accelerated to promote the "Dongjin, Nanxu, West Control, North Reform, Zhongyou" urban spatial function layout, reshape industrial economic geography, and further clarify the development path of industrial development, speed up the panorama of the focus, focus Industrial chain panorama, key industrial ecological development path diagram, key enterprise and supporting enterprise name, while clarifying industrial chain, innovative chain, value chain "weak lack", pointing from strategic objectives to planning major industries and functional projects, from Industrial chain headers start to grab "Kumen Merchants" to actively integrate the high-end and value chains of the global industry chain with more open vision.

    "Ecotropic" and "Ribbon" bring more quality resources for the city, and directly promotes the innovation and development of enterprises.

    In the new round of industrial change, urban competition and transformation, Chengdu is building industrial ecotry circles and building industrial function districts to enhance urban comprehensive competitiveness.

    New hard core: change mode, turn philosophy on February 11 this year, Chengdu Shuangliu live a "live only one person" hardcore investment.

    On this morning, the General Chengdu Shuangliu District is alone in the conference room, and the chairman of Hangzhou Baba Co.

    Let’s put down the pen, and Yan Li turned his back and his body in the United States and Hangzhou, Xiamen Alibaba Leisuit Fish, the head of the Taobao live, the person in charge of the new Sichuan, Chengdu polar rice e-commerce, Hangzhou enlightened e-commerce The person in charge of the company, Li Ru Moon, signed a relevant cooperation agreement. In this way, but a quarter of an hour, a planned investment of 500 million yuan in e-commerce live industrial park project landed. "Competition" is better than the hero, but also innovation than communication platforms, but also more information, more than thinking, than policy, than techniques.

    To this end, Chengdu (city) counties have held a special training course, and all-round strengthen the professionalism construction of China ‘s nationalization team. One of the key is to break through the understanding of urban industrial forms, focusing on urban strategy to promote the big breakthrough in urban industries, interpret urban industrial chain, innovative chain, value chain with innovative thinking. When the relevant regional positioning, comparative advantage, resource endowment, industrial positioning, industrial chain structure, and preferential policy are packaged. When the company’s value vision, the value demand is sincere, the investment heat of Chengdu continues to increase.

    In the first half of this year, Chengdu investment promotion target task task has achieved "double over half": signing a contract to introduce 168 high-energy major industrialization projects, 56% of the annual goals; industrialization projects actually in place with increase of 152.7 billion yuan, complete the annual goals %.

    The more risky, the more inspected the color, the base color, the more challenged, the more highlights the advantages, and then strong.

    "One hundred days" is actually there is no time limit, the savings of the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development "double victory" strong kinetic energy, it takes long-term, more need to be longer.

    (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia).

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    This newspaper gives the elderly friends, please check

    Most of the victims of collectible fraud are older people. If the criminals, the elderly people like to collect things, but they don’t understand this, they will not distinguish the authenticity, they will attract the elderly with "high-priced recycling" bait. Buy.

    In order to facilitate the final payment of the elderly, the liar will also arrange a special person to play the role of "nursery". In this scam, the contribution is committed to "repurchase insurance + contract guarantee". Under normal circumstances, there is a promise and contractual guarantee for premium repurchase, and many old people finally agree to pay.

    Li Po in the case of Taiyuan, there is no relationship with "collectible".

    One day, she received a flyer written in Taiyuan Zhongzhuo Media Media Co., Ltd. on the way. According to the content displayed by the flyer, Li Po can go to this company to receive a small gift free.

    After arriving at the company, after the company’s successful gift, the company’s sales manager He told her that the yield of the current word painting collection is very large, as long as investment, the future profit is very considerable. In order to persuade Li’s mother-in-law, He also promised to invest as long as the old man invests, the collection company she purchased can help her for subsequent auctions, and the profits obtained are also very considerable. Li Po said that the other party’s speech.

    In the next few days, she took out the million yuan of she savings, purchased the 9-word painting collection of the other party’s sales.

    A few months later, when Li’s mother-in-law needs money, he found that these so-called collection and paintings that she bought back in high prices did not auction.

    Anti-fraud reminds the auction collection, to view auction company with auction qualification, the regular auction company will not charge the seller before the collection is not sold. If you need to sign a collection contract contract, it is recommended to seek a lawyer’s help. The elderly participate in collecting investments or auctions, must go to the professional department, do not believe in telephone, network, TV sales, beware of the so-called "Auction Company" fraud trap, and I have a timely alarm.

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