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    Delivery gathering force

    In the past few days, Xinjiang all overcome states have seriously convey the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region, and promote the implementation of various decision-making deployments in the party congress. Everyone is unanimous, the new blueprint is beautiful, the new journey is urgent, will firmly confident, strengthen the responsibility, unity and lead the party members and cadres and the masses of the gatherings, and strive for new journey, for the construction of new era Chinese characteristics socialism Xinjiang Strive for struggle. On October 26, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture held a video conference and conveyed the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region.

    The Changji Prefecture Party Committee requires that the whole state must unify thoughts and actions to the spirit of the tenth party congression of the Autonomous Region, and condense wisdom and strength to the implementation of the objectives of the implementation of the meeting.

    Party Committee (Party Group) Theoretical Center for All levels should take the spirit of the learning conference as an important content. Party members lead cadres lead their leaders, promote party members and cadres, and ensure that they are covered to every grassroots party organization, convey to each family, do Go to the depths and learn, and the integration will run.

    We must carefully carry out the preaching, go deep into the grassroots, and understand the spirit of the conference and understand. Organizational departments at all levels and party schools at all levels should conduct centralized training of the whole states and cadres in batches.

    "We combined with the national rural revitalization, lead the party members and cadres to learn to learn, and implement the spirit of the conference to the people’s environmental remediation, beautiful rural construction, the ‘toilet revolution", consolidate the main business of the decentralization of the poverty. "Changji Yin Jianchun, deputy secretary-general of the state government, and the party secretary of the state revitalization Bureau, said YIN Jianchun.

    On October 27, Kizilu Kirk Autonomous Prefecture held the county departmental cadres and conveyed the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region.

    The meeting requires that the party organizations and majority of party members and cadres at all levels of the Kezhou should combine the party history education. I adhere to the original primary school, the original tasteology, and in-depth study and discussment, earnestly grasp the spirit of spirit, and understand the profound connotation; Party committees (Party group) at all levels should take special research, counseling lectures, etc. to seriously study, repeated learning; states, county (city) party schools should be in charge, batch, and hierarchy. It is necessary to have a wide range of people’s hearts, carry out gratitude education, and effectively condense the consensus of all national cadres, in-depth and meticulous implementation, and promote the spirit of the tenth party congress in the autonomous region to fall into the ground.

    "We will continue to study the spirit of the conference, contribute to the construction of new era of Chinese characteristic socialism." Wang Junping, deputy secretary of Kezhou Discipline Inspection, deputy director of the Supervision Committee, said.

    On October 28th, Hami City held a party member cadre meeting to convey the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region.

    The meeting requests, through "visiting Huiju" resident team, "National Unity," and national unity networking activities, etc. Will go deep into the grassroots level and deep into the heart.

    Li Chenghui, secretary of the Hami Municipal Party Committee, said that Party organizations at Hami City, party members and cadres will profoundly understand the spirit of spiritual essence, formulate learning programs, refine learning initiatives, and quickly put ideas and action to the party tasks identified by the party. Do not deduct the implementation of landing.

    Villages, counties, communities and townships (towns) in Hami also held mobilization meeting, expulsion meeting, transmitted the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region to thousands of households, and promoted all-year work objectives to achieve excellent results. .

    The majority of party members and cadres preached the spirit of the party congress, listening to the people’s voice, led the urban and rural masses in the process of learning the spirit of the Party Ceremony, Tu Tui Road, and developed.

    In the past few days, all units in the Aksu, all departments convey the spirit of learning the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region in a variety of forms, and effectively transform the learning achievements into a positive action in the development of social stability and Changzhi, with the nail spirit to take responsibility, and fully Ensure that the conference spirit is rooted.

    The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of the Aksu Region held a party meeting and learned the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region.

    Zhu Yingshan, the party secretary of the bureau, said: "Employment is the biggest people’s livelihood project, we will conscientiously implement the spirit of the meeting, vigorously implement the promotion of employment Huimin projects, through solid development, smooth employment channels, implement employment entrepreneurship policies, etc. It is better to get rich, and the color is brighter.

    "(Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.

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    Chongqing Ecological Environment Bureau publicly collects water, atmospheric environment illegal clues

      People’s Network Chongqing on September 6 (Hu Hong) 6th, Chongqing Ecological Environment Bureau issued news, in order to promote the water, the air environment is continuously improved, and the water-related water, gas-related environmental violation, consolidate drinking water source On the ground, the Yangtze River entered the river, the river, the rectification, rectification of the sewage stealing row, strengthening industrial enterprises and yards, under construction site atmospheric supervision law enforcement, the bureau decided to carry out water in the same way in late September The air pollution prevention and control special law enforcement joint supervision helps. To broaden the source channels of illegal clues, it is now a collection of illegal clues to the whole society.

      The scope of illegal clues include environmentally friendly procedures such as unfair peripherals to discharge wastewater, exhaust gas, or exceeded waste of wastewater, exhaust gas; in the protection area of ??drinking water source, new construction, reconsideration, expansion and regulations in violation, illegal setup sewage port No pretreatment, the facility is concentrated to the sewage; the catering waste water is missed, leakage into the urban rainwater pipe network; uses the drum, seepage, crack, cave, private tube, tamper, forgery monitoring data ( Including COD removal), or unfair to operation of water pollution prevention facilities, water pollutants are discharged; through stealing or tampering, forgery monitoring data, open emergency emissions channels, not properly operated atmospheric pollution prevention Emhygase the air pollutants in the form of escape; the yard, the construction site has not implemented dust prevention and control measures, which seriously affects the surrounding environment; other water-related, gas-related environmental illegal activities.

      Citizens can report, number: 12345; letter report, recruitment address: two Jiangxin District Jiarong Road Chongqing Environmental Protection Technology Industrial Park, Chongqing Ecological Environment Bureau People’s visit reception room, Zip: 401120; WeChat report, "Chongqing Ecological Environment" The WeChat public number The "Service" function "Ecological Environment Award" module on the lower right side.

      It is understood that the deadline for the illegal clues is September 18, 2021. Through the trail of the letter and the WeChat method, the report of the "Chongqing Ecological Environment Bureau on Printing and Distributing the Reward Report Measures (Trial) of the Ecological Environment of Chongqing (Trial)" (渝 [2020] No. 73), Gifts according to the regulations.

    For citizen information provided with illegal clues, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau will strictly confidential and protected according to law. (Editor: Hu Hong, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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    Deskundige herinnering: Overmatige bloeddruk kan cardiovasculaire en cerebrovasculaire aandoeningen veroorzaken

      Xinhua News Agency, Hohhot 8 oktober (Reporter Wei Wei) 8 oktober is "National Hypertension Day", het publiciteitsthema van dit jaar is "Bloeddruk moet zich bewust zijn van kennis, naar beneden gaan om de norm te voldoen."

    Hypertensie is een gezonde "onzichtbare moordenaar", wat gemakkelijk is om meerdere complicaties te veroorzaken, pati?nten die worden gediagnosticeerd met hoge bloeddruk hoopt zo snel mogelijk bloeddruk te laten vallen. Deskundigen herinnerden eraan dat de bloeddruk stabiel is, de bloeddrukdaling is te snel in een korte periode, die een herseninfarct kan veroorzaken, en het risico van het toevoegen van de hersenslag.

      Wu Yun, adjunct Director van het hartcentrum van het autonome regio van het People of Mongolia, zei dat het doel van de antihypertensieve behandeling is om de bloeddruk van hypertensie te bereiken, waardoor het risico op complicaties en de dood van een beroerte, een acuut myocardiaal infarct, een acuut myocardiaal infarct, wordt verlaagd nierziekte..

    Verschillende mensen zijn anders vanwege leeftijd, basisziekten en de doeldoelen zijn anders. "De bloeddruk is niet laag en de bok is niet sneller.

    "" Er zijn gevaarlijke fluctuaties in de bloeddruk. " "Wu Yun zei dat de antihypertensieve behandeling zich moet houden aan het principe van" het bereiken van de standaard, stabiele, ge?ntegreerde management ". Onder hen is de standaard het fundamentele van het beheersen van bloeddruk, vroegtijdige voortijdige voordelen voor vroegtijdige voordelen, langdurig Term-voordelen; Langdurige naleving tot gezonde levensstijl en drugsbehandeling kunnen we een soepele druk bereiken; het is noodzakelijk om bloeddruk en complicaties op basis van individualisatie te beheren. Als de bloeddrukdruppelheid te snel is, zal de druk in het bloedvat afnemen en de bloedstroomsnelheid is traag, die hart, hersenen, belangrijke orgaan ischemie, bloedstroomperfusie en cerebrale vasculaire inhoud, kalander, bit, veroorzaakt, veroorzaakt onvoldoende bloedtoevoer als gevolg van andere redenen, waardoor ischemische cerebrovasculaire ziekte.

    Als de pati?nt zelf herebrovasculaire stenose heeft, verhoogt de bloeddruk het risico op ischemische hersenstreek.

    Deskundigen hebben eraan herinnerd dat pati?nten met hypertensie geleidelijk in het doelniveau moeten vallen binnen 4 weken tot 8 weken, en pati?nten met korte bloeddruk kunnen sneller worden bereikt. Wu Yun suggereerde dat zodra pati?nten met hypertensie zijn gediagnosticeerd, het kan een medicamenteuze behandeling initi?ren terwijl leefstijlinterventie. Drugsbehandeling begint met een kleine dosis, voegt geleidelijk doses toe als dat nodig is; prioriteit geven aan langwerkende bereiding, waardoor de bloeddrukfluctuatie wordt verminderd; sommige pati?nten hebben moeilijkheidsgraden, moeten worden gecombineerd onder leiding van artsen, volgens de doeltreffendheid van de pati?nt en Tolerantie, selectie geschikte medicijnen.

      "Drugsbehandeling moet al heel lang worden aangedrongen, kan vandaag geen medicijnen eten, het is de bloeddruk. Als u de volgende dag geen medicijnen neemt, is deze bloeddrukschommeling groter voor het lichaam.

    "Wu Yun zei:" Voordelen om de voordelen van de step-down te krijgen, moet u langdurige naleving hebben op de specificatie om antihypertensiva te nemen, ongeacht of de bloeddruk normaal is, er zijn geen duizeligheid en andere symptomen, u moet zich houden aan het geneesmiddel. ".

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    2018 National Website Platform Knowledge Skills Competition ended successfully

    On November 30, hosted by the Central News Network Office, China Internet Development Foundation, Jiangsu Provincial Party Network Network Office, Jiangsu Radio and Television Trial Association, 2018 National Website Platform Knowledge Skills Competition final ended in Nanjing.

    After a fierce competition, a network of Wu Qian website won the Gui Guan, Vigorously Shenzhen website, Wu Yan Feng website joint team won the second prize, UC team, the Location of Henan website, Zhejiang Laba Site Awarded Third Place. It is understood that the 2018 National Website Platform Knowledge Skills Competition has been "more beautiful for the online home". For 4 months, all local Net Letter Office carefully organized, and the platform platforms participated, a total of more than 2,500 website platforms, 10,000 Many players participate directly.

    Prior to this, the competition experienced all local selection, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Guizhou, Hebei 4 resort area, and Guangdong semi-final, dedicated a fierce, exciting competition, set off a learning business, solid foundation, improvement ability A strong atmosphere. The final final was held in the "One Stop" of Jiangsu Satellite TV. Taking care of competition.

    Bounce, each team has a bamboo, steadily advancement; in the question link, the players compete for the second, doing both the "hand speed" and fight "brain", the topic has just begun, there is already a team began to answer the answer; risk problem The link is more exciting, and the challenge of the challenge will take the corresponding score from the challenge team. It is the challenge to win the corresponding score of the challenge. The scene has repeatedly reversed the thrilling moment; the speech question link, the on-site determination speech theme Although the players played, they did not see the stress, and the wonderful speech won the applause. This event has led to the form of knowledge skills competition, which not only promotes the website platform to better implement the subject responsibility, more encourages and drives website platform practitioners to strengthen political awareness, responsibility awareness and position awareness, and continuously strengthen knowledge theory learning, and improve professional skills. Level, further promotion network synthesis, maintain a good network ecological environment, to build a foundation for the network space of the Tianlang, reach the competition, to promote the good results of the competition.

    (China Net Letter Network Xie Bolong).

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    Baotou City hield een promotieproject van de lente-investering gecentraliseerd ondertekening Conferentieovereenkomst Totale investering van 69,74 miljard yuan

      Op de middag van 3 maart hield Baotou City een gecentraliseerde ondertekeningsconferentie van de investering in de investering in de lente van 2022, en 27 projecten werden online ondertekend en de overeenkomst was in 200 miljoen beleggen. Het is duidelijk dat dit ondertekeningsproject niet-metalen materialen, apparatuurproductie, waterstofsenergie en industri?le keten, handelslogistiek, gebruiksvriendelijke gebruik, moderne landbouw, enz., Groene en lage koolstofeigenschappen, enz., Groene en lage koolstofeigenschappen, omvat. In de afgelopen jaren stond de Baotou City door de strategische positionering van "twee barrières" "twee basen" "een brughead" om het "vier-base tweecentrum, één Highland One System" als de hoofdaanvalrichting te markeren en te introduceren investering om de hoge kwaliteit te versnellen. De sleutel tot ontwikkeling, de kracht van de hele stad om de investeringen van investeringen te begrijpen, en de economische en sociale ontwikkeling is vol.

    In 2021, Baotou City gerangschikt 22 in de top 100 stad 2020, een van de snelste ranglijst. GBP-groeipercentage, vaste activa-investeringsgroei en de groei van industri?le toegevoegde waarde is de eerste van allianties in de autonome regio, waarvan de investeringsgroei van vaste activa% bereikt.

      Aan het begin van het nieuwe jaar, in het aangezicht van de plotselinge epidemie, op basis van het doen van een goede baan in preventie en controle, heeft de Baotou City 500 investeringswerkgroepen, de wereld is 500, China 500, privé 500 en de industrie Hoofdondernemingen, voer alle nationale domein uit de volledige elementen in de industrie keten verfijnde investering. Door de stad is op en neer, wordt het "sterke magnetische veld" -effect van BAOTOU-investeringsbevordering continu uitgebracht: de sleutelindustrie versnelt de bijeenkomst van Baotou, de moderne ontwikkeling, multifunctioneel, modern industrieel systeem in de BAOTOU versnelt de bouw, de moderne economische economische economie Systeem uitbarsting uit ongekende vitaliteit van vitaliteit. (Reporter Liu Xiancing) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu ZE) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

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    The Huanhu Competition is successful "Goodbye" 2021, "Goodbye" 2022

        Affected by the epidemic, the first time, the first time, the "Golden Business Card", the "Golden Business Card" of Qinghai Province, the 20-year-old game experience and a good reputation, successfully established its own brand, successfully set up his own brand. The items have already been recognized by the State Sports General Administration and the International Bicycle Alliance.

    The "overflow effect" outside the event planning, the event guarantee and the event has become the bottom of the game under various factors, and insist on the game.

      At the beginning of 2021, in the Work Report of Qinghai Province, the province’s cooperatives were clearly raised. Since then, every job presses the "start button" and is in an orderly manner.

      In the face of global epidemics, this year, Huanhu is a test of the ability to respond to risk challenges in Qinghai. It is also necessary to make a new challenge and requirement for the competition. The Huanhu Commissioner and the China Bicycle Sports Association and the International Bicycle Alliance finally determined that the Huanhu competition was held in a domestic team. Although this is a helpless choice in the context of the epidemic, but it is an embodiment of the Huanhu. Over the years, Huanhu is continuously established and enhances the status of the Asian stadium. The level of the team is also improved year by year. Therefore, the annual Lake Competition Organizing Committee must ensure that the team’s quality is in many years. The registration team takes into account "old friends" and "warm new friends".

    The reporter learned that after the preparation work of the Lakes this year, there were at least 25 excellent teams abroad and the Huanhu competition organizing committee. I hope to get an invitation and embark on the game of the ring. All of the domestic teams participate, this is the first time in the history of the Huanhu. In the team where participating in this event, 3 international teams, 9 provinces and 4 clubs. This fully illustrates the rapid progress and improvement of China Highway Bicycle Sports in recent years.

    Some professionals said that 10 years ago such a professional event is completely supported by the domestic team, it is unimaginable. It can be seen that behind a few simple numbers, it is reflected in the growth of a event and a growth of a movement. "Hardware" "Software" is fully equipped, and the wheel has "core power" Qinghai has a natural resource, alpine, oasis, and lakes provide a gamous painting in the event, ride in a beautiful picture. Each section is different from each other, and it is said that it is a bicycle track. It is better to say that it is a beautiful ecological greenway. On the experience and foundation of the past, the organizing committee of the Huanhu race pursues the excellence of each detail.

    If security, fire, medical, diet, accommodation, vehicle, venue equipment construction, publicity, etc. are "hardware" of the event, then volunteers pay for events, staff’s hard work, and all relevant departments. The cooperation coordination is the "software" of the event. In the competition, volunteers and security people on both sides of the track, they stood in the savannah in the savannah, the bustling or heavy rain, they were a six or seven hours; when the team whistling, They will reflect such a spectacular scene in the eyes, engraved in the heart. After the competition, the work of the Huanhu Race opened, and 207 vehicles left safely and orderly under the command of the vehicle group. After arriving at the accommodation point, the volunteers serve their employees, the amount of temperature, guidance, take baggage, and make every settlement feel comfortable. There are also some details of "I can’t see", and the behind-the-scenes story of us don’t know, every moment is happening. "Whether there is any foreign team to participate, the Lakes will be wonderful.

    "The Director of the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau Event Management Center said that the value of the Huanhu competition has taken over the event itself, and the competition is obvious to the cultural tourism, economic development, urban construction, national fitness, etc. It is understood. Before the competition in this competition, the Huanhu Competition has released a "survey questionnaire" in the Lake Race, "in the network, and the final survey showed that more than 90% of the people hoped that the Huanhu can continue to hold.

    "This survey shows that the Huanhu competition has indeed becoming the" people’s festival "and has been recognized by the masses.

    "Shen Zijun said. The event is upgraded to the professional series. The next period of the Lake Race has been in the past 20 years, and the ring lake is explored, and the study, from the unity, from the 2002 first event level to 2019 upgrade is the UCI professional series The road to the competition, 20 years of running, providing "Qinghai Program" for the national professional bike event. "The Lake Race is the veritable ‘benchmark’ and ‘wind direction standard", the idea of ??the Chinese bicycle event, is worth learning , Copy, promotion, and extension. "The 20th Huanhu Competition Qiu Fund said, in the second half of the year, some domestic bicycle events learned from the Huanhu game ideas to build a business brand.

      "With 20 years of experience, the upgraded professional series will invite the World Tour, the event is realized, which will better spread the game abroad, let more people see the Huanhu. The value, so future martial arts will have a great improvement on the original basis. "Wang Xianzhong, executive deputy director of the Office of the Huanhu Fair Commissioner.

      Test a match value, which is an important part of the sponsors to assess and identify the event.

    "If you are fragrant, butterfly comes" 7 of the world’s top 500 companies, 11 foreign provinces, also attracted the addition of special enterprises in the province, further improve the brand value and business value of the event. In the future, more companies will achieve a win-win situation with the Huanhu.

      On June 23, 2020, the "Qinghai Province Highland Sports Strong Provincial Construction Action Plan" announced, and proposed the overall goal of the construction of strong high-level sports in the plateau. The reform and upgrading of the Huanhu Race is an important task that helps the construction of strong highland sports.

    "The current epidemic prevention and control task is still arduous. This year can successfully hold a competition, and we have experienced more stricted supervision of the State Sports General Administration to hold a variety of events, higher standards, and put forward new and higher requirements for the event.

    This is of great significance for promoting Qinghai, showing Qinghai, and boost confidence.

    We have reason to believe that the future of the Lakes in the future is more than a year, and the one is memorable.

    "The Director of the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau will say. (End).

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    Set "traffic light" for capital

      The Central Economic Work Conference is proposed on the principle of conducting and grasping the characteristics and behavioral rules of capital, setting traffic lights for capital.

    This image is metaphor, which releases clear and clear policy signals, and the capital should be intertwined and considering the development and the law. After decades of continued development in decades, the Chinese economy has accumulated huge capital energy. Under the conditions of socialist market economy, how to play a positive role of capital, suppressing its negative effects, is a new topic facing our party.

    How to guide capital stabilization and orderly development, healthy and benign operations, is one of the major theories and practical issues that must be correctly recognized and grasped.

      Setting the traffic lantern to boot the capital under the system framework of laws and regulations.

    Containing capital disorderly expansion, not do not capital, but to develop orderly in capital.

    Whether it is state-owned or private, domestic and foreign capital is an important part of my country’s socialist market economy. While promoting my country’s economic development, it should eventually serve the people’s better life and improve the people’s well-being. Light red light, clear rules to define the bottom line.

    In recent times, for the problem of platform monopoly, competition and sequence, the stock market cut leeks, insider trading, control market, etc., strengthen anti-monopoly and prevent capital disorderly expansion to play a series of combined fists, which fully reflects the party and national protection The attitude and determination of the legitimate rights and interests of the market.

    By tangible hand, it is promoted to the economic and social development overall situation, promoting scientific and technological progress, prospering the market economy, facilitating people’s lives, participating in international competition, rather than competing with community traders to compete for the last copper board.

      The green light should give full play to the positive role of capital as an important production factor of market economy.

    Encourage capital compliance and development, use the rule of law of the rule of law to deepen reform, promote effective markets and better combine for the government, further enhance investors’ integrated and stability, create a good market environment, further stimulate various market subjectivity . Socialist market economy is a great creation, and there are various forms of capital in the socialist market economy. At present, all departments must unify our ideological understanding to the spirit of the conference. We must always adhere to the two unswerving, from building a new development pattern, promote high quality development, promote common prosperity, pay attention to system, correctly And grasp the characteristics and behavioral laws of capital, help the economy, health, and sustainable development.

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    Sichuan Miarchi is put into use in September this year

    Campus Environment. Mianzhu Municipal Head Media Center is an example of the construction project of Mianzhu Junior Middle School, Sichuan Normal University, one of Sichuan Mianzhu City, Sichuan Normal University, is currently struggling to win the second, perfect and cleaning work, ensuring that September this year put into use .

    In Sichuan Mianzhu, the outer wall of beige and red makes the teaching building more dynamic, green planting and architecture in the campus. On the playground, the workers were busy cleaning the weeds of the corners of the corner; more than ten workers were laying asphalt, engineering vehicles were rushing back; electrician carefully examined, testing … "Currently, the entire campus The construction has basically completed, and the workers are stepping up the construction of office buildings, teaching buildings, canteens, student apartments and the details of the road. "According to Wang Xiaoyang, the construction manager Wang Xiaoyang, after the end of the decoration project, will also be in Mianzhu City Under the cooperation between the bureau, the Housing and Construction Bureau, the design unit, the supervision unit, etc.

    In order to ensure the quality and safety of the project, the Mianzhu Municipal Education Bureau specializes in the site representing the resident construction site. The whole process is involved in construction construction. Every day, there is no interview, do nothing to check, do a good job in entering the raw materials and various project acceptance, once found timely feedback For the construction side and supervision to ensure the quality of the project. In terms of materials materials, the school all use the national A-level environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and harmless fire, and ensure the green security of the campus. It is understood that this fall, Sichuan Mianzhu will be officially put into use and plan to recruit 10 to 12 classes.

    School implementation of grouping schools, sharing seamlessly duting to the education and teaching resources of the Sichuan Normal University Basic Education Group, and build a Mianzhu educational brand. At present, the Sichuan Normal University Basic Education Group sent a management team to the Sichuan Mianzhu, and docked in education and teaching management, and cooperated with the Municipal Education Bureau to carry out the recruitment work. (Shen Pear) (Edited: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia).

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    The Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission was sent to the provincial state-owned enterprising supervision team to openly recruit

    Original title: First! The Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission was held in the provincial state-owned enterprise Jiyun Inspection and Supervision Team to further strengthen the construction of the Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission to send the provincial state-owned enterprise discipline inspection and supervision cadres. The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission and the relevant provincial state-owned enterprises are open to the public recruitment of Jiangsu Bank. The Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, and the discipline inspection and supervision team of Zijin Property Insurance Co., Ltd. was stationed in Jiangsu Provincial Rural Credit Cooperatives, and sent to the Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. Discipline Inspection and Supervision Monitoring Group, which was stationed in Jiangsu Transport Holdings Co., Ltd. The discipline inspection supervision supervision supervision supervision supervision supervision of Jiangsu Province Guoxuan Group Co., Ltd. This is the first recruitment activity launched by the Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission. Deepening the reform of the discipline inspection and supervision, and is a major decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee to strengthen the party’s leadership and promote the comprehensive decision-making deployment of strict treatment from severely developing the party. As of the end of 2019, Jiangsu Province is a state-owned enterprise to serve the discipline inspection and supervision team and the establishment of the Office of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, and the provincial first-level disposal supervision is covered, and the surpass supervision "probe" is wick.

    It is understood that the Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission is open to recruit 31 disciplines, including 11 business backbone and 20 young cadres (see each company website recruitment announcement). This round of recruitment will adhere to the principle of open, fair and fairness, focusing on a number of political qualities, and reviewing people with strong investigation business, better assisting the provincial state-owned enterprise discipline inspection and supervision team to perform supervision and protection implementation, and promote the improvement of development. Promote provincial state-owned enterprises to provide strong discipline security from the strict governance parties to the depth development.

    Have you seen your heart? Intersection reporter Gu Min (Editor: Xiao Wei, Zhang Xin).

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    Liao Wenjie disadvantaged:“Home country is heavy,But not enemy chest,You are too disappointed.。”

    The people who are down-through are you!xN
    “uncle,Is this the reason you kill your mother and brother?,for……that power?”
    Mira princess muttered,Although I guess my mother and my brother killed the mother and my brother.,This is also the reason why she hates the queen.,But when the truth is spread,Blood is presented in front of the front,I can’t help but feel deeply stinging by the royal family.。
    “On the one hand, for power,at the very beginning,I personally don’t have this thought.……Ok,I admit,I have the idea of becoming the king,Main cause or the queen is too bad。”
    Liao Wenjie smiled:“You should know the power of Visbanian ore,Sufficient to break the world military balance,It is a treasure that everyone is very long.,But the Queen prohibits mining it.,Reason is……Protect the natural environment。”
    “Just because this?!”Miramis is incredible。
    “certainly,No ambition,Unable to make the country’s strong king,Can’t fight for the king of interest,No known king qualifications。”Liao Wenjie ruthlessly。
    “excuse me,I am inserting a mouth.。”
    Lu Bang II kneades Conan’s small head:“I think the Queen is correct.,Weak national strength with the Kingdom of Visbania,Even military weapons import from friendly country,Is not a way to hold ore,Since this,Sorry does not exploit,Continue to maintain neutral gestures。”
    “Yes,National strength of Visbania,Dreaming, can’t stand the ore,The fate of this country is only divided by big national melons.,Military base,Become a battlefield for international interests。”
    Liao Wenjie nodded,Follow:“So have you heard a sentence?,When the one who doubts that your home has a wide range of killer weapons,You’d better have。”
    “This is the sorrow of the small country,Queen is decided to wait for death,My decision is to fight back,She presses me for half a year.,This country is really can’t wait.。”
    Liao Wenjie stood up,Pull out of the waist M92F,Pointing to the unbearable Mira Princess,Domineering side drain:“Kius、Kyle,last chance,For me……”
    A gun coming in the distance,M92FPistol is blown,Liao Wenjie,Uncomfortable look at the roof:“hateful,I dare to bother me to find fun.,You’re dead。”
    at this time,Putting the maid’s peaks, no two sons launched,With the ball hit people holding Liao Wenjie’s hand holding a bomb remote,A force……
    Liao Wenjie entered his arms。
    “Why do you hit me??”
    “Ah this year……”
    The peak is not a smile,Hold the arm of Liao Wenjie,And press the palm of his remote control,Blinking:“Uh,Suddenly I felt that the Boker is good and handsome.,I am in love with you.,Can this reason??”
    “Be a child,Beautiful。”
    Luzhou three times,Step-by-step charge,Side slender table,A slider kicks the Liao Wenjie waist position,Self-confidence makes it coma。
    Liao Wenjie let it open,The moment after the Treatment and Luzhou III,One foot will fall into the ground。
    Three all do not work together with their faces,Liao Wenjie is gave up,Lubang III for the failure of slippery,Indifferent road:“monkey,What do you want to do?”
    “Oops,Dirty the Earl’s shoes are dirty?,I will help you wipe it.。”
    Luzhou III forehead,Smile and scratched,Then he took the sleeve in Liao Wenjie’s whiteboard shoes.。
    Be very selling。
    “啵 啵 啵 啵~”
    what,Whiteboard shoes……
    Why is a white board?,Shoes?
    watch carefully,The color of the pants is not,Only handmade custom suit jackets are tasteful,Solitrate the identity of the Earl。

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