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    Co-create an open platform for the new highland Long Triangle open platform for the first linkage cooperation

      Can foreign doctors can’t come directly to the patient? Can foreign people directly participate in China’s vocational qualification exam? On the 7th, in the 2nd China-Middle Eastern European National Expo and the opening ceremony of the International Consumer Product Expo, the Changdao Open Platform Linked Cooperation Forum was held in Ningbo. Around "How to Open", the participants have conducted a brainstorm. This is the first meeting of the three provinces, the city’s trade district, the development zone, and the overseas economic and trade cooperative area to discuss the opening platform across the provincial and domain linkage cooperation development path. Since 2018, under the national strategic guidance of the Yangtze River Delta integrated development, the three provinces and one municipal business executive department has been close to the establishment of the Yangtze River Delta Development Zone Collaborative Development Alliance, the Yangtze River Delta integrated investment cooperation development alliance, long triangle The Test Area Wishelin Cooperation Alliance and the Four League of the League of the Long Triangle Free Trade Test Area.

    The three provinces are focused on the opening and integration, boldly practical self-employment test area linkage development, and strive to carry out industrial interactions in economic development zones, actively explore the collaborative path of enterprises and overseas economic and trade cooperation areas.

    At the same time, the three provinces, one city, jointly promoted digital reform, Hall and county cooperation, the joint cooperation of the Yangtze River Trade Test Area and the linkage cooperation between the Yangtze River and the Delta domestic and foreign parks and the development zone have achieved positive results.

      On the forum, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce and the Anji County Government jointly built a new era of Zhejiang (Anji) county practice "two mountains" concept comprehensive reform and innovation test area strategic cooperation; Anhui, Zhejiang Free Trade Test Area Linkage Development Cooperation Framework Agreement; Anhui Eddy – Zhejiang Pinghu Economic Development Zone Cooperation Project, Cao Haiko Chuangfei, Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and CNC Agricultural Park Cooperation Project, and 8 Asian Cooperation Center (Fighting), Tamon Raffi Industrial Park Project Station project.

      The Forum on the Shuzhou, Shaoxing, Zhangzhou and Lishui, Hongzhou (Zhejiang) Free Trade Test Area Linkage Innovation Ceremony, launched the "Cooperation of the Zhejiang Bureau of Commerce and China Construction Bank as" going out "enterprises" Zhejiang, enterprises, "comprehensive service platform, the forum also released the" 14th Five-Year Plan "of Zhejiang Free Trade Development.

    (Reporter Shao Qiaohong Trainee Reporter Ren Mingzhu) Editor: Daiyi Festival.

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    Chinese craftsman 嵇 嵇 贵 贵: Porcelain Tuli Spring Festival

    One of the representatives of Zhao Xi Gui "Spring Flower". Xinhuanet Wu Jiawei photo "The ancient artists who do ceramics must worship the wind of the gods. In the modern society, there is still a mysterious force in the furnace.

    "嵇 嵇 贵 said that ceramic production is actually a comprehensive art, which is valuable in its style, unique quality. In 2013, Zi Xiyi moved his ceramic studio to Hangzhou Xixi wetland.

    In the quiet and elegant space, she and students continue to explore the future of ceramic art.

      For the inheritance, Yuxi is your own understanding: "Inheritance is never bored in the old. Just take the kiln green porcelain, the Eastern Han is burned out. Over time, new equipment, patterns, techniques continue to appear, future generations We can determine which origination it belongs to.

    "She believes that porcelain art in the new era should be integrated into this era technique. As the only national inheritor of Yue kiln ceramics, Zhejiang’s shoulders are responsible for Zhejiang blue and white porcelain and Zhejiang Yue kiln ceramics recovery work." Restore and Not the same as a thousand years ago.

    "In the face of the inheritance of Yue kiln ceramics, Zi Xi Gui Choose" another way to do a way ", non-stop application new era, element, techniques, so that the ancient porcelain produces the tumbling with the times. She does not repeat, not repeating I’m. In 2014, China Institute of Arts Institute of Arts officially opened the traditional technological technological research (Yue kiln green porcelain flakes) direction, and hired a graduate mentor in this direction. This is the first time in history As a separate direction, it is included in the graduate enrollment catalog. Today, this major has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents, and they are using their own hands to make new generation ceramics art tomorrow.

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    2021 Vitality Xingning Shopping Festival opent om de consumptietransformatie en upgrading te bevorderen

    De openingsceremonie-site.

    People’s Daily Nian Zhu Xiaoling Photos Nanning 18 juni (Zhu Xiaoling) 17 juni. De activiteiten doen er alles aan om de transformatie en het upgraden van consumentenmodellen te bevorderen, waardoor de consumentervaringen van hogere kwaliteit worden gebracht. 2021 Vitality Xingning Shopping Festival is een van de meest onderscheidende platforms die het bedrijf, diensten en merkontwikkeling van Xingning District tonen en gedurende 3 jaar worden gehouden.

    Tegelijkertijd lanceerde het winkelfestival de live "live band", de verkoopbron onder de reislijn en de tweewegafvoer van de online-regel.

    Bij de openingsceremonie, Liao Wei, lid van het Permanent Comité van Xingning District Comité, zei staande plaatsvervangend directeur, dat het in 2021 het jaar van het "14e vijfjarenplan" is, promoot Xingning District de belangrijke trekkracht van Consumptie als economische groei om de levering van hoge kwaliteit te innoveren en nieuwe behoeften van nieuwe markten te cre?ren, een meer redelijker en meer internationaal bedrijfsgebied cre?ren, de servicegaranties verbeteren, continu vrijmaken van binnenlandse vraagpotentieel en constant de vitaliteit van de regio verhoogt.

    2021 Vitality Xingning Shopping Festival met het thema van "Mooi leven carnaval", inclusief "Mooi feest" "Mooie veer" "Mooi ‘eten" "Mooi uitzicht" "Mooi leven · kaartactiviteit" "Ontmoet een goede live-uitzending" zes activiteiten, Via e-commerce, warenhuizen, huishoudelijke apparaten, catering en andere online activiteiten, voldoen aan het publiek om te eten, drinken, spelen, muziek, aankoopbehoeften, de sense en geluksindex van het publiek.

    Als het jaarlijkse consumptiefeest, valt Vitality Xining Shopping Festival zich bij Nanning Sanjie, Nanning Impression City, Nanning Ware Store, Nanning Parkson, Xingning District, Taiwan Winkel, Huishoudelijke apparaten, Communicatie Store, Auto, Catering en Andere handel in de handel, samen Een consumptiefoostfeest gedurende 1 maand, en help de verbruiksupgrade van Xingning District tijdens het verbeteren van de invloed van bedrijfsmerk. (Editor: Zhu Xiaoling, Ye Bin).

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    70 years behind the change of image Tibet: Ten moment

    May 23, 1951, signed the "Central People’s Government and the Local Government of Tibet on Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet Agreement" ( "17-Article Agreement"), marking the theocratic "Kingdom Lama" has become history. On this day, it is the new starting point for Tibet.

    Seventy Spring Qi lightly, how many hard of sweet. After the peaceful liberation, Tibet’s social system to achieve the historical leap, take the socialist path of development. From the head of a decade in the 1980s to this century, the CPC Central Committee has held five times on Work in Tibet, make major decisions and plans to work in Tibet. Since the party’s 18, the Central has held the sixth, seventh working conference on Tibet, on the basis of successful experiences on the formation of a new era rule Tibet strategy of the party. 2019, Tibet’s historic eliminate absolute poverty.

    70 years of vicissitudes, 70 years of magnificent. 70 years ago, Tibetan society sustained and rapid economic development, people’s living standards have markedly improved, basic public services overall progress in tackling poverty comprehensive victory, the Frontier vigorously promote rural revitalization and orderly implementation of ecological security barrier increasingly solid, fine traditional culture is protected and development of the Chinese nation stronger sense of community.

    Central support, national support, hard work of people of all nationalities in Tibet, Tibet for 70 years developed into a place of years of history in the development of the best, the fastest time since the peaceful liberation.

    Looking back, a contemporary history of Tibet, is an all-round economic and social development, the history of all-round development of human development; a contemporary history of Tibet, but also a political system, social development, economic and livelihood historic leap leap history.

    In the new era, we embark on a new journey.

    70-year-old New Tibet, is a more high-spirited morale, vibrant vitality, creating a brighter tomorrow, meet a better future.

    The first moment: the signing of the "Agreement on Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet" ( "17-Article Agreement") May 23, 1951, "the Central People’s Government and the Local Government of Tibet on Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet Agreement" (referred to as " "signed), marking the theocratic" seventeen-Article agreement Kingdom Lama "has become history.

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    Probiotics to prevent new coronal pneumonia? Mosquito can spread virus? Truth is here

    Recently, probiotics that improve the intestinal function are grouped to treasure. Probiotics can be planted in the human intestines, and withstanding gastric acid, bacteria, which are beneficial to human health, such as bifidobacteria. Professor of Public Health School of Nanjing Medical University, Department of Standing Director, China Nutrition Society, Tip: After food residue enters into the intestinal fermentation, probiotics can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, by regulating the intestinal flora, improve intestinal micro ecology, and then let Our body better absorbs nutrients. Under our intestinal mucosa, there is a large amount of immune cells, probiotics through the stimulation of intestinal immune cells, and stimulate the immune system against bacterial violations. If probiotics in the intestine are more beneficial for preventing intestinal infections. At present, there is not much recognized probiotic strains in academia, and many of the so-called "probiotics preparations" sold in the sale, there is no sufficient evidence to show suspects for treating diseases, promoting health, and hotspots. Although the research and development of drugs and vaccines currently for new crown viruses is being carried out, as of now, there is no vaccine and special medicine for new crown pneumonia.

    There is no research or clinical evidence that probiotics can prevent new crown viruses.

    The human body’s own immunity is really important to prevent virus invasion. I want to improve immunity, I need to pay attention to nutrients, strengthen sports, ensure sleep, work and rest, ensure healthy lifestyles. Some experts say that during the epidemic, you can strengthen diet nutrition, eat more foods rich in protein, vitamins, and mineral elements, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, eggs and milk, etc., to ensure sufficient sleep, try not to stay up again Strengthen physical exercise, carry out indoor physical activities. In addition, maintaining a good mental state and pleasant mood is also an effective way to improve resistance.

    Is there a special medicine for treating neoguanponic pneumonia? .

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    2019 Network Review Blue Book: Mainstream Media and Commercial Platform Realization Fusion Development

    China Network December 31 (Reporter) December 30, ": China Network Comments Development Report (2019)" is released in Beijing. Blue books pointed out that there is a large difference in the development model and logic of mainstream media and business platforms, and there is also a large difference in communication content, agenda settings, and discourse systems.

    With the advancement of network space comprehensive management, the commercial platform actively integrates into the main melody. The mainstream media actively enters deep cooperation in commercial platforms, and various media platforms have gradually entered the status of collaborative development. 2018 "two sessions" communication, Tencent and People’s Daily client, Xinhua News Agency, etc., to carry out cooperation, providing technical and platform support for mainstream media content products.

    During the "Two Sessions" period, the video live broadcast is a new record of China ‘s network platform video news. Baidu Joint People’s Daily, CCTV, and Economic Daily and other mainstream media, build the "two sessions" news topic information flow pages, set "two sessions", "two sessions", "two sessions", "proposal proposal" and other content sections.

    At the same time, mainstream media actively settlement to the third-party commercial platform to play the advantages of business platforms.

    By the end of 2018, in addition to broadcasting frequency in Weibo, the aggregated news client is lower, the coverage rate of self-places such as newspapers, broadcasts, television, and self-construction clients, and on Weibo, WeChat, aggregation news The stationary platform of the client, aggregated audio client, and aggregated video clients exceeds 90%. According to the "2018 National Party News Fusion Report" released by the People’s Network, there are 12 centralized newspapers in the 377 Party report and 33 provincial party newspapers, and 332 prefecture-level party newspapers.

    According to the data, the website has the highest opening rate of the website, is%; the number of WeChat public accounts, the opening rate is%; 74% of the party newspaper builds its own client (APP);% of the party newspaper into the aggregated news client;% The party newspaper opened the official Weibo account.

    On December 28, 2018, the 40th anniversary of the 40th anniversary of the celebration reform and opening up by the China Internet Development Foundation,, etc., the 40th anniversary of the 40th anniversary of the ", the four-year short video collection", the exhibition, the exhibition, the exhibition, will invite, Central The mainstream media such as Guangwang also covers the person in charge of the commercial platform and production agency of Tencent to discuss the role of short video in positive energy communication, summarizing the exchange of short video creation, promoting mainstream media and business platforms in short video fields. "Network Review Blue Book: China Network Comments Development Report (2019)" is jointly released by the Zijin Media Research Institute (Beijing) University Zijin Media Research Institute (Beijing).

    http: /// Opinion_23_.

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    Party representative style Wu Xinwei: uses a solid innovation service, Chang Zhuzhu integrated development

    Furong South Road – Hongqi Square – Changsha, Zhuzhou and Zhuzhou Business Circle Area.

    Zou Lin’s self-service service, "加 加" "" After receiving the phone, the community network has a warmth of "running leg", and the first time is the first time. "It is the fundamental responsibility of the party committee government." Wu Xinwei said that in the whole district, the three-way model of "orders, timing, and respondents" is implemented, and the "grid whistle, department report" mechanism, It is possible to effectively understand the management tasks and service functions that will be borne to the grid, and implement "people walk in the net, and do things in the language".

    The people have called, and there should be a policy. The "hurry" problem is the key to the next and future of Tianxin District, and Wu Xinwei is in the heart. "Since the beginning of this year, we have highlighted the" three, five, eight "key work for further serving the masses."

    "For the old, young, the third type of population, Tianxin District created" Tianyi "government pension people brand, and the" National Third Batch of Elderly Service Demonstration Demonstration Demonstration Demonstration Demonstration Units " The project, 12 of the houses of rural children, providing rehabilitation training for 303 disabilities and autism, and completed 52 non-barrier-free renovations of 52-family disabled families. For degrees, park spaces, toilet, retaasses " Five "Construction, Tianxin District completed the primary school, 5 of kindergarten, 10,200 new degrees; completed a parking lot, 10,510 new parking spaces; 462 new medical beds, 626 pensions; Block, 46 new toilet linkages; 156 high-rise residential installation elevators are completed.

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    Premier League synthesis: Three stroning wins

    Xinhua News Agency, December 11th (Reporter Zhang Wei) Premier League ranked 3rd Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea wins on the 11th, thus continued to maintain formation on the standings in the standings of 38, 37 and 36, and the three victories All is inseparable from the penalty.

    The defending champion, who has been ran in two consecutive rounds, Wi-Wolf. The wolf’s striker Xemenne came to the end of the first half, and the two yellow cards were connected, and the less than one person gave Mangcheng more difficult to play with a more determined defense.

    However, after a long VAR (video assistant referee) involved, Mutnio was identified by the handball, Sherva passed the handball, the 66th minute of Sterling presiding into the ball, with the 100th Premier League of the individual Going to help Manchester City break the deadlock. Manchester City eventually win 1: 0 wins, Liverpool will take the Aston Villa, who is the same score.

    Villa’s performance is not good, successfully curb the powerful Liverpool, but Sarah is protected into the restricted area in the confrontation of Minshen, the referee sentenced the penalty, and the Egyptian personally fed.

    Chelsea’s victory is more difficult than compared with it.

    In Stanford Bridge, Leeds is leading a leading point in the 28th minute of Rafinia. In the 43rd minute, Mentat took front of Alonso under the restricted area, and the blue army will score the score.

    In the second half, Chelsea rely on Rudyge creation, Ji Nio’s penalty of the penalty of 2: 1, but the 83rd minute Leeds parked in the frontcourt, the exquisite cooperation, from the teenage Gelhat shovel equal score . At the end of the terminal, Rudyg was kicked by the other party in the penalty area, Chelsea won the ball again, if Nieno was a 3: 2 lock win.

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    Veteran "species" sweet life

      From the Guangdong Zhaoqing City, Deqing County, Guangdong Province, is a representative brand of Guangdong’s dominant citrus. Every winter, I will send a sweet taste for everyone. Retired soldiers Xu Junwei homes to start a business, over the years, he has greeted difficulties in the way of planting tribute, he is more frustrated, and dedication for the development of the characteristics of the hometown.

    Today, he finally got a harvest. (Cao Bin Lingpi Meng Ting / Wen Zhang Yuxi Liu Wenjie / Figure) Unique quality and long planting history, pregnant, rich deqing citroen. Xu Guanwei’s planting base is located in Wanggang Village, Maudi Town, Deqing County, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, and local households have traditions of planting. Xinhua Net (Liu Wenjie photographed) Xu Junwei retired in 2003, returning home in 2013. At that time, the Deqing Tong Cites was encountered by the disease, and the industrial development was heavy.

    In order to brighten the "gold medal sign" of Deqing Tong, he decided to participate in agriculture, contributing to the reaches of Tonggong and the renewal of the industry.

    Xinhua Net (Zhang Yutu) Xu Junwei set up an ecological agricultural company, through breeding pig, cattle, fish, and chicken to provide farm-friend fertilizer and financial support, explore the "breeding" "breeding" model, Develop stereo cycle agriculture. Xinhua Net (Zhang Yutu) is not long. In 2019, a pig swept sharply of Xu Gunwei, causing him to lose nearly 500 pigs, the company’s fund chain breaks.

    He biting his teeth, selling other livestock to make up for the loss, but still insisted on raising the citrus. Xinhua Net (Zhang Yutu) did not have farm fertilizer, Xu Junwei, brain, innovation, choosing peanut fertilizer, not only solving the land kicking, plant yellowing, etc., but also makes the tribute more sweet.

    Xinhua Net (Zhang Yutu) adhering to the green organic, follow the natural planting concept, Xu Junwei did not have the number of hanging fruits of the fruit tree, not more controlling the tree. In his opinion, the fruit tree is like raising the child, careful care, carefully managing, can thrive. Xinhua Net (Zhang Yutu) is in the hard work of Xu Guanwei, the fruit is full of branches, and the "Feng Jing" is sent. Every morning, Xu Junwei and the citrus farm have a fresh tribute, sold in various ways to five lakes. Xinhua Net (Liu Wenjie photo) With the arrival of the harvest season, Xu Guanwei has entered the busiest moment in the year.

    This year, Xu Junwei’s tribute planting base has been close to 180 mu, and the estimated output can reach 600,000 pounds. Xinhua Net (Zhang Yutu) Tongzi is rich in citrus, skin thin, delicate meat, sweet and juicy.

    Xu Giri, introduced that in mid-November, the average sweetness of Tonggong in the base production has reached 11-13 degrees, and the sweetness can reach 14 degrees in full maturity, and some fruit can reach export standards.

    Xinhua Net (Zhang Yutu) is hard to pay, and there is a return. In Xu Gunwei, the Congcong Industry is gradually returning to the level of the peak.

    Now, almost every day to receive merchants come to visit, will accompany the tourists who come to the park to pick, for some old customers, Xu Junwei will send fruit to the door.

    Xinhua Net (Zhang Yutu) Xu Junwei also uses digital marketing tools such as e-commerce, expands sales channels, and mobile phones have become his "new farm". In order to help the mandies and farmers improve their lives, he does not retain its own breeding experience and technology to others, and hire local people to work, lead everyone to start business. Xinhuanet issued (Zhang Yutu) "After the tribute, my living conditions have greatly improved.

    "Xu Guanwei said that his favorite place is the rural and the most enthusiastic career is agriculture.

    Nowadays, the gap is welcoming the harvest, and Xu Junwei has also made a sweet life yearning with his family.

    Xinhua Net (photo of Zhang Wei).

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    Shanxi Province State-owned Enterprise Leading Cadres Warning Education Conference Held

      Original title: The province’s state-owned enterprise leading cadres warning education conference held Lin Wu to attend and speaking, Blue Fandan Hosting, Sanfo, hosted on November 16, and the province’s state-owned enterprise leading cadres warned the summary of the Education Conference.

    (Reporter Shi Xiaobo) November 16, the province’s state-owned enterprise leading cadres warned education conference held in Taiyuan. Lin Wu attended and speaking, he stressed that he emphasized that we must study and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC Plenary Session of the Party, and in-depth implementation of General Secretary General’s Important Discussion on Temporary Party and National Enterprise Party. At the spirit of the important speech, profoundly learn lessons such as a series of corruption cases, and do not provide important support from stronger party governance political responsibilities, leading to protecting state-owned enterprises to do strong, providing important support for all-round promotion high quality development. Provincial Committee deputy secretary, governor, Blue Fanda, presided over the meeting.

    Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee attended the meeting. Wang Yuchang, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the director of the Provincial Supervision Committee notified the typical case. Lin Wu pointed out in his speech that the province’s state-owned enterprises are the medium-sized column of Shanxi’s high-quality development. In recent years, the provincial party committee has always adhered to the comprehensive leadership of state-owned enterprises in recent years, and continuously promoting the comprehensive development of state-owned enterprises. It has created a new situation in the province’s state-owned state-owned enterprise reform and development. He emphasized that it is necessary to keep a clear and firm, profoundly understanding of national enterprises, corruption is the inevitable requirements of consolidating party ruling, building a financial foundation, optimizing business environment, purifying political ecology, is to prevent management of business management risks The premise and foundation, more consciously enhanced comprehensive from stricting the party to the support of the party, in-depth development of the party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption struggle in the field of state-owned enterprises, and building a clean corporate, clean and honest.

    In his speech, he said to the case, in case the case, it is pointed out that state-owned assets belong to the national and people, the benefits and value of state-owned assets are also in the country and people. The leading cadres of state-owned enterprises, representatives, managers, and caregivers, must strictly abide by the laws and regulations, to ensure the value added value added in state-owned assets. Leading cadres at all levels, especially state-owned enterprises, should profoundly learn lessons such as corruption cases, especially those in the field of state-owned enterprises, especially those who have corrupted cases, in view of the search, self-analysis, and other contractions, know the fear, save the fear, keep the bottom line, always keep refused The politics that corrodes will never face, constantly tempering the political quality of loyal and clean.

      Lin Wu emphasized that the spirit of Important Speech at Xi Jinping at general Secretary of Xi Jinping at the national state-owned enterprise party’s construction work conference, one to adhere to the party’s major political principles to state-owned enterprises, one to strengthen the national enterprise system of the country-owned enterprise reform, Effectively integrate comprehensive and enterprise development, corporate governance organically integrated, and continuously improve national corporate governance capabilities and governance levels.

      First, we must adhere to the "two maintenance" as the highest political principles, and resolutely implement the decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the provincial party committee on the development of state-owned enterprises, improve the implementation of major work leadership mechanisms, major decision-making and deployment mechanisms, important matters to supervise accountability mechanisms, Implementing the three-year action plan of national enterprise reform, and promoting the major reform measures of state-owned state-owned enterprises landed.

      Second, we must adhere to the party’s leadership as an fundamental guarantee. Effectively integrate the party’s leaders into the company to govern each, embedding enterprise party organizations into the corporate governance structure, continuously improve the corporate governance system, so that the party organization works role to institutionalize Satisfactively. Third, we must insist on strengthening the supervision of "one hand" and leadership as the top priority, highlight political supervision, strengthen the organism supervision of the top, deepen the reform of state-owned enterprise supervision mechanism, and through discipline inspection, audit, national-funded supervision and other supervision power. We will improve the "three major" matters decision-making mechanisms, strengthen state-owned capital penetrant supervision, and effectively transform the supervision efficiency into governance performance.

    For the provincial state-owned enterprises, it is necessary to achieve a five-year political inspection, three-year comprehensive audit full coverage, the annual financial audit is fully covered, ensuring that power is subject to supervision, and the standard is run. Fourth, we must adhere to the "three do not" integration as a strategic goal. Seriously investigate and deal with the problem of malfane duty, serious investigation and deal with corrupt problems such as enterprises, related to transactions, insider trading, interest delivery, and strict investigation and punishment of central eight The item stipulates the spiritual and harming the interests of employees, strengthens the restrictions and supervision of the power of state-owned enterprises, and effectively enhance the resistance immunity against corruption.

      The five must insist on creating a clean company as an important starting point, carrying out the effectiveness of major event internal control mechanisms, strengthen market supervision, and urge industry self-discipline, and cultivate outstanding corporate culture.

    It is necessary to strengthen the non-public party construction work, promote private enterprises to promote the spirit of Jindi, integrity and legal operation, and focus on building pro-cleaning independence relationships, and promote honesty to become the core competitiveness and persistent development of private enterprises.

      Lin Wu emphasized that the province’s state-owned enterprise leading cadres must remember the admission of General Secretary, General Secretary, always not to practice the party’s initial mission, consciously be a leader of strong enterprises, with high-spirited posture and excessive hard quality Renovation in the era.

    We must firmly believe, loyalty to the party, "two big in the mind", "the big people", and practice "two maintenance" in practical actions.

    To serve as, establish a job, deeply grasp the two aspects of our province’s industrial transformation, strengthen the crisis awareness, play a unique advantage, and actively participate in all-round promotion of high quality development.

    It is necessary to pursue enterprises to have a party, and we have to continue to deepen the reform and innovation, and continue to improve the management level, promote the comprehensive "survival line" in an all-round way, and strive to achieve the "development line". It is necessary to pay sincerely, clean and honest, honest, self-respect, self-discipline, and build a protective net to prevent and resist privileges, use clean officers, diligent and clean government actual actions, truly guarding the loyal guards of state-owned assets.

    At the meeting, Lin Wu specialized in regulating specific requirements for the management of leaders of provincial management enterprises, emphasizing the research and formulating constraint regulations on integrity and enterprises, and practically strictly set up discipline and rules.

      In the host meeting, Blue Fanda pointed out that leading cadres at all levels of the province, particularly state-owned enterprises, should comprehensively implement the general discussion of General Secretary of Popping on the comprehensive discussion of strict congregation of the party and in the national state-owned enterprise party building. Consciously put the ideological and action to the spirit of the conference, especially Lin Wu secretary. The speech is, with a high-grade group series of corruption cases as a mirror, earnestly reflect on the problem, deeply reflect on, deeply analyzed, and the three, rectified to the position. It is necessary to adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership of state-owned state-owned enterprises, and promote the development of the state-owned enterprise party building to the grassroots, expand the departure, deepen the use of "three do not" integration, and accelerate the construction of clean enterprises. We must be brave as a government and enterprises to enter the company leaders, always maintain loyal and clean political nature, firmly reform the modern enterprise system reform, enhance the level of governance and governance, and firmly move the state-owned enterprises to do strong, The position promotes the new and greater contributions to high quality development. Before, the collective watched warning educational film.

    The meeting was held in the form of a television phone. The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, the provincial government, the provincial government and cooperation, the relevant responsible comrades, and the provincial law inspection two long attend meetings.

    The relevant departments of the province are mainly responsible for comrades, members of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, the Secretary of the Provincial Management Enterprise Party Committee, Chairman, General Manager, Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the Provincial Discipline Commission, the main responsible comrades, relevant central government Responsible Comrade attending the meeting in the Provincial Landscape.

    Provincial management companies, members of other leadership teams of the central government in Jinjin participate in the meeting.

    Municipal, counties (cities, districts) set the venue. (Reporter Yang Wen).

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