can,Need to be demonstrated!

    Now explode this news,Hohoo has prepared,Jin Yang has prepared,I can’t sing.。
    But you have to die.!
    Time Gao Biyi is also soft,So suddenly hesitate to get up。
    “Lord house,Nature is the blessings of the world。But the world needs of Bigren,Not a woman’s benevolence!If you can quickly accept Jinyang,Incorporate Xianbei Military Elements,Last war,I don’t know how many people have to die.!
    Jinyang is deficient,I will inevitably call the city,This can save us a lot of strength。
    Waiting for the Jinyang army who defeated the internal affair,We will go to the city of the city.,At the same time, promise to open the grain,This way, some people still want to be embarrassing,The following people do not agree!”
    Listen to Zhang Wei’s voice,Gao Boi nodded。This person is worthy of the bureaucrate of Gao Yue’s year.,Can,Part-time job and two roles of guards,And I have been in advance, Gao Yue must be cleared by the Gao Ocean.。
    “You are a long time when the soldiers of the Custard.,future,Let the fish sit in this position,You have to do things around me.。”
    Yang Su can be very strong,But Yang Su is unique,Gao Baoyi is not there,Play but better。Li Delin is almost the same as Lu Shuwu,No big idea,Some fine things are noticeable。
    Zhang Wei,Be in harmony,Strategy,The small calculation is even more free.,Suitable for the side of the school。
    Besides, he is itself a born。
    “Xie Lang!”Zhang Wei is not humble.。There is a daughter blowing a pillow,He is not worried at all.。As long as your own silly daughter doesn’t suddenly become smart,Then he has been very safe.,Can live to life。
    “Leader,Bring two people next tomorrow, let the main public look,There are some things in my heart.。”
    Zhang Wei suddenly took out the words that did not have a brain.。
    “Li Jiahe Cui’s Point,They know a lot,Aphids do not get Jinyang,Let’s talk about it.,They said it。”
    In ancient times,House role,Not only the promotion of productivity,Social toxicoma,Which aspect you look at you?,But how is it again?,Two people are very important。
    The first one is the inheritance,The second is the improvement of farming technology。
    Fine cultivation concept,It is the master of the Jin Dynasty to study and promote it.。
    Nothing in these people at the time of agriculturalists,Climate、Land production、Agong of agricultural disasters, very deep research!Which year will send a disaster,Where will locusts run?,In fact, it is not irregular.。
    Sometimes the court does not know,But does not mean that the family doesn’t know.。
    They still have to hoard,How can I make this important information easily?!
    Just like Gao Biyi, I said that Li Mutani chatted in bed.,this era,Everything is the family,Beautiful sister,Including wealth food,And even the knowledge and information of the company。
    After the winter,Jiancheng’s core Taicheng,Just caught in a crazy atmosphere。The Jingkou banned army that should be opened is late.,Let a lot of sense of smell, people have noticed that the situation is not good.。
    On this day,The Queen’s Controversi,Chen Guo Emperor Chen Bao first,The whole city is three days,All entertainment stop!
    These are all people who can see in Kangcheng.。
    There are still things that people can’t see.,Slowly expand under the countertop。
    Inside the hall of Taicheng,Tooother,Looking at Chen Hao and Cai Jingqi in front of the water,Holding it in hand is Zhou Rang’s book。
    When you are young, you will be beautiful.,Nowadays, it is also big.,In addition, I haven’t maintained everywhere in the South of Chen Bawang. After all, Chen Ba is not two years.,Now look,The face is not too big to have a general old woman.。
    “Zhou Guo,Be sure to declare war with Qi,Then I went to Jiangbei to let me return.?”

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