Liu Ye has anger in his eyes,Shouted angrily:“Don’t——!!!”

    Several pools of blood ooze from the quagmire,Four shirtless teenagers,Including Liu Ye,Everybody got a shot。
    When Liu Ye woke up,The bullet wound is about to split,He sees himself in the mirror,The pupils are bloodshot,Can’t fade for a long time,It seems that a couple used to gag on the street together,The blood of the friends who are sleeping and sleeping is stored in their hateful eyes。
    Hear a cough,Liu Ye looked over,I saw someone in a wheelchair“master”Push open the door with a cane,Light words popped from the corners of his wrinkled mouth:
    “You kid can’t die here,Follow me from now on……remember,Live out the lives of your little brothers,Live a life!”
    Six hundred days later,Paris France,Sacred Heart Cathedral。
    Liu Ye covered his beard’s mouth,Fire four shots in a row with a pistol equipped with a silencer。
    “I returned you these four bullets!Say!Where is the lord hiding?!”

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